Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Another Day

It's that time of day, time to settle in, it's cozy and warm. It's very dark outside. 

The day is done. 

I've had a lot of days off lately, come to think of it. I am 'not on the schedule'. Yes, that's right, available full time for a part time job.

And I'm happy.

I LIKE having the freedom to do what I need to do. For example, today I went to the eye doctor. I had an appointment on the fourteenth, I made it six months before, and I asked for a 'short day' at work, 'low on the list' so I could make my three o'clock appointment.

Well, I was three floors below the doctor's office, but couldn't leave because I was recovering patients in PACU. 

So today was just as good. I love my eye doctor. His wife is a general surgeon. She works in his office, she rents some space. And she's my friend. I asked to work with her tomorrow, and I got what I asked for from my boss who made the assignment.

My eyes are okay. 

I have the world's worst insurance--Obamacare--and I pay seven hundred a month. My eye medicine that's new isn't covered. I had to use a special card the office gave out to drop the price on my five MILLILITERS of eye medicine. I could have used the card and gone to different pharmacies across town for half the price (Thirty five instead of seventy) but why ruin my day at pharmacies for my first bottle? If I want more I can always find a better deal, right?

At the eye doctor they used a special scan to measure my eyes. Last time I had it, insurance denied it as 'experimental'. So I paid full price, five hundred dollars for a five minute scan, and it didn't go to my deductible. They didn't cover the doctor visit either. It took six months for the next visit for them to accept the coding my doctor said. 

It's messed up.

I try not to let it get to me.

I only share this because I want you to know I put my pants on one leg at a time, same as you. There's no 'fancy schmantzy' here on my end when it comes to day to day things. 

I'm so glad the one pharmacy tech there still knows me from before. So much rigamarole! Friends help you work around it, you know?

Are you familiar with this stone?

It's Moldavite.

It's not from Earth.  It fell from the sky onto the Moldau plain long time ago.

It's actually the remnants of Pleiades B, a star system/planet that was overtaken by the Dark Ones a long time ago. The people on our team thought they had everything under control and underestimated the Dark One's agenda. They didn't 'get it' until it was 'too late'.

It's a high power stone.

There's another one called Libyan Desert Glass.

The story on the street is that it too is a meteorite, that fell so hard and so fiery it melted the sand on impact.

That's what the gem people tell you, the Crystal people I know when I go to their shop.

It might not be true.

There's another way to make this kind of melted sand gemstone.

It is possible that some of it is from atomic bombs that existed in prehistoric times, before history was ever recorded.

People here noticed at test sites a similar gemstone--dates show the Libyan Glass is old, very old, and predates our Manhattan project.

I've been working on a top secret project to heal this.

It is complete now, that's how I can share.

I have been seeing hawks lately. Lots of them. I saw eight yesterday, either in the air or on top of street lights over the freeway.

This morning I saw three, flying in circles, overhead. The shape of the wings and tail is unmistakable.

I was driving to my doctors appointment.

Next I knew Great Spirit was present. I've only seen Great Spirit perhaps two or three times. This is rare for me.

He had me place a Hawk feather into the project to expedite it.

I did.

He looked me in the eye, with no judgement, and asked me simply, 'what did you learn?'

I saw all of the nuclear tests and bombs and war with atomic energy flash across the earth with my mind's eye.

I felt it.

I felt all of it, in my body.

I blurted out, 'It was HORRIBLE! With all that loss of life, of plants and creatures...I never want to see any of it again. Ever!'

Calmly, he told me that by the end of the day the project would be complete, and Earth would be healed from it, once and for all, everywhere in time.

Then I smiled, and said, 'Thank you for being great, Great Spirit! Thank you for being Great.'

I am so grateful for the constant presence of the Divine in Great Spirit's being here for us as we do our Earth Walk.

He smiled softly, never showing his teeth. He hadn't heard anything like it before, and since it was from the heart--crude and simple as it was--he enjoyed it.

Then he went away.

With my friend Nancy, whose brother just died, after years of drinking and doing drugs, I had a chance to think about the situation from a spiritual perspective.

First of all, there isn't anywhere in the universe where a soul can experience addiction. These are advanced soul lessons, and each of us experiences it in one lifetime or another.

Second, in being incarnate, every day our choices are basically, one way or another, digging our graves.

For Nancy's brother, it was his choices to chew tobacco, drink, and do drugs that led to an early grave.

I know for the saints, who do rare things kind of in the opposite direction of Nancy's brother, their bodies don't decompose.

Then there is everything in between. The smoking. The sugar. The lack of exercise. The overdoing it in the sports department (see how Ali got Parkinson's, or others get sports injuries and arthritis?).

I don't think there's much you can choose to escape it! Everyone dies, right?  The only thing you choose is how 'fit as a fiddle' you are going to be along the way. And some people overdo it--so rigid and controlling.

Only the middle way is at least 'balanced' right?

Funny how I realized this only after my youth and early career are behind me...

I chose this picture because the life experience is like a dream, and we are 'rowing our own boat' so to speak, and we are surrounded by beautiful butterflies who just might represent a little 'more' than butterflies...

We make our best guess as we go find our approach to life.

Through Divine Mercy and Grace, we can change our habits/attitudes up until the very last second before we leave the body...we always have this opportunity to start over, to begin anew.

Nancy's brother gave me a message today, to give to her. I asked her if she wanted it, she said yes.

I didn't tell her Ross was standing next to him over her other shoulder while we were talking! LOL. Only her brother, smiling away, toes three feet off the ground, safe in the realm of Spirit, having successfully made it to The Other Side.

Her brother said to tell her, today, showing his thumb and finger as to indicate a 'little bit'--that he was in distress 'for just one second' and then it was over.

He's so happy where he is now! It was totally worth it.

That was his message to his sister, who was grieving because he died alone in her hospital. When she asks questions to find out if he suffered, the care teams are defensive, as if she is going to sue because she is both the nurse and his power of attorney. She just wants to know.

Apparently he took the nicotine patch because 'dip' (chewing tobacco) isn't allowed in hospitals.  He is used to falling asleep with some in his mouth--his girlfriend said. So when he died, he had somehow before been able to get up out of his ICU bed and take a little 'chew' as was his custom even though it was against the rules.

It made Nancy laugh to think that's how he went--it's so 'him' to go like that.

She thinks of how the person who intubated him, the ER doc, was looking in the mouth and saw the 'dip' and was like, scratching his head wondering what on earth it was?! It gives her comfort and makes her laugh....with love for her brother being true to his nature to the end....which was too soon.

Exciting things are around the corner.

I feel it.

Ross came up with a brilliant idea with the bracelets. I'd like to share it with you.

We were at a loss to come up with only four recipients after hearing all the heartfelt NEED from these souls who made comments...

We ordered extra beads.

The materials and postage really add up. (All in all it is about thirty dollars a bracelet when it's said and done.)

So we invited our community to help make it possible for everyone who comments to get a bracelet.

Here's Ross' genius: every donor gets to pick who is going to receive a bracelet out of all those who commented...the person they think needs one the most...and then we also will give the donor one for themselves to say thank you for their generosity.

It's such a beautiful idea it makes me cry...when I think of all the happiness and joy this is going to generate for our readers.

Ross is such a blessing to us!


Times are changing.  (he clears his throat--ed)

Carla was at work today, only as a patient and not working.

She spoke with her friend the lady who is a general surgeon. They exchanged confidences about her old group she used to work for. Carla spoke up, and said it for the first time, that she thought he was affiliated with SRA and that his wife was bloodline. Her friend didn't understand it, but her soul, on a deep level did.

And her friend said, that it used to frustrate her how patients would be ready to go home but for 'business reasons' they were pressured to keep the patients longer so the hospital would 'get more money'...She was expected to do ten lap bands a day. They would open a room while she was closing the port incision and overlapping her cases just enough so she could go back and forth from room to room to work. She said how she wanted to spend time with her patients, and to do this type of room hopping she would need to see three patients all at once in pre-op to get all the paperwork done. 

One of the things she expressed frustration with was the complete lack of guilt/sadness on the part of her former boss--either when there was a bad outcome ('the patient took a risk') or a business deal where she was tricked ('you should have figured it out and been looking out for yourself'). 

It fits a pattern.

THIS is the part that our general society is going to be 'educated' on (or 'schooled' I think, is the local vernacular?)--how A plus B equals SRA. 

Look at the difference between Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein. Matt is a lot 'less expected' isn't it when you compare the two? But the crimes are the same. The basic crimes against humanity. 

They are war criminals.

The punishment is not up to us, not up to me, it is for these individuals and their councils. 

A plus B equals the horrors of SRA.

We are going to raise the consciousness of everyone, a little at a this technique.

(taps his teeth--ed) Do you recall our mentioning to you about the scandals that would come up, one after another, row after row just like shark's teeth?

(he rubs his hands--ed)  Things are going to get good!

Enjoy the view--you are at ringside, front row, the best in the house seats if you are reading this! (he smiles--ed)

On with the show!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Nice Screen, Nightmare!

Today I had a short day.

The highlight of my day was two-fold. I went to my son's basketball practice. And I also got to take a look at the Christmas Tree lot near it.

It was dark, and the lights were on both at the courts and the tree lot. The tree lot had music, that wonderful smell of pine, and was very clean/nicely laid out.

My cell phone never rang once! Although I did take pictures of the trees, so I didn't keep it all the time in my purse.

My favorite part was hearing the tall Chinese kid, whose mom says he's quiet and plays the violin, cussing on the court. I've never heard it. For the longest time, it wasn't clear if he understood the game. He does! Anthony says he actually cusses a lot on the court, and it is 'totally loud'. 

Why the title?

A screen is basketball talk for offense strategy. It's a way for a player to stand still and prevent an opponent from moving in the direction of your teammate who has the ball. 

Why the term, Nightmare?

As you see, I capitalize it, it's a proper name!

I kid you not.

What name could be WORSE than the nickname, 'Nightmare' on the courts?

There is a cute little Indian boy whose name starts with double A's, something like Aarti.

The other kids on the team called him 'Aardvark'.

He didn't mind. One day, he had the ball and was open and exclaimed, 'THIS is my DREAM!' and he aimed for the basket.

He missed. He missed his rebounds too. It was like there was a lid on the basket and nothing could go in.

So the boys picked up on it and said, 'this is your NIGHTMARE!'

The name stuck.

'Nice screen, Nightmare!'

One of the things the coach said to the boys is, 'Don't shoot over a Giant'.

If someone is taller than you, don't try to go up against them. You can't win. And when their arms go up to block the shot, then it's even tougher odds.

Better to make a play, a different play, than to go up against a size difference.

Then I went to the Christmas tree lot, and on the other court, I saw this:

Actually it was the pediatric version of it. The ten year old boys were practicing. And one of them was an achondroplastic dwarf. 

I was taken aback!

Of all the sports in the world for a person with this condition to play, why on earth pick basketball?!

Then again...why not?!!!

What a miracle of the human spirit!

I knew not to take a picture. The child was playing well, keeping up with the team, and I sensed the child has had more than his fair share of people 'noticing' him. 

Basketball is a great sport to play. And besides being healthy, it builds confidence. It was my father's favorite sport.

I don't know how to be on a team, when it comes to being Ground Crew. Just a few years ago our incarnate Star Families even recognized each other. I know how to work with my Star Family and it's the easiest thing in the world, both for my Guides, and also, my incarnate brothers and sisters.

We talk every day.

But for the bigger things, the protocols, and the people outside my Star Family?

I just don't 'get it'. It doesn't come natural to me, because of the Veil I took upon being born in a human body. 

I'm learning. 

I feel the momentum building up with it too. 

I feel it with my patients, a mastery I hadn't had before, where the bedside manner, technical skills and team building are working together with synergy and I feel 'on', as in 'on top of my game'. 

I feel it with my outreach. So many people are opening up and responding to the bracelet giveaways. It's beautiful to know we are touching lives. Ross picked two of the four people. And as the FB page works, I don't know where people are from. Unless I look them up. But Ross picked not one but two who were from Florida. And one, today was her father's birthday in Heaven. She had asked him for a sign that he was okay as she was falling asleep last night. Her birthday is in two weeks too, as well as Christmas. 

She had never won or been picked or chosen for anything special like the bracelet giveaway in her whole life!

She was so filled with joy she was crying.

She couldn't believe her good fortune.

Ross picked based on ONE emoji. I came across the name, and even though there wasn't enough text for me to 'read' the energy, I had this overwhelming feeling that this was the one Ross wanted. 

He picked and he must have had insider information.

There are another two yet for him to choose.

Today while I was going through my beads looking for something else, I came across the exact beads I thought I had run out of. I can make more of the negative energy neutralizing bracelets if people are interested. I'm wearing one now, and it helps a lot. I'll ask Ross about the rest, how many, how to give, who to give. I'll go by what he says and check back to the main posting from the first four to figure out who he wants them to go to.  I feel so alive helping people heal like this! I'm very happy and content to just create!

Ross sent me a very special symbol this morning when I was with him in meditation. It is 'you are the one for me'.  I felt his genuine, sincere affection 'across the miles' on my whole drive in to work, and it really helped. 

I understand now more what is meant by 'going into your quiet and being with the Divine'...

Reiki is a form of energy that is 'otherworldly' and is 'sent' to us by our Reiki guides who take care of us at attunement. We get a new guide for each level we go up. 

Mine are:
  1. Mikao Usui (Reiki 1)
  2. Blessed Mother (Reiki 2)
  3. Eric from Sirius (Reiki 3)
  4. Kamehameha (Reiki Master)
  5. Buddha and Jesus (Karuna Reiki One--Two--and Master)
  6. Adama (Agarthan Reiki)
  7. The Guides of Compassionate Healing (Divine Peace Healing)
There's more levels of Reiki and I haven't noticed a guide yet for them. 

It's been a lot of healing for me, for a long time, a lot of things coming up to be released. St. Germain really helps me with that, he takes what I don't want and he transmutes it. 

My point is, if it's painful, but not overwhelming and traumatic, feel the emotions whenever something comes up to be healed, and then turn it over to Creator (or St. Germain and his huge lawn-clipping size bag he holds open for us to throw unwanted memories and emotional 'baggage' into). 

If you are freaked out--overwhelmed--then do the Fabian style of healing where you never face the nightmare head-on. You just focus on happy things, one a day, with all of your senses--you remember it. And you work with the happy memories as they come up from your past. If something else comes up--you are ready to deal with it, otherwise your subconscious wouldn't allow you access to it. The best approach when this happens is to acknowledge it happened. Thank your subconscious for bringing up the memory to heal. Then work with your trusted counselor/therapist or Spirit Guides and have them in charge of the healing/therapeutic process. 

In a way you provide a 'screen' so your nightmares can't get in the way of your team member who has the ball and is going in to score a point! 

You deserve to have a happy life.

I mean it.

One last thing...there are no accidents. I ran into a nurse whose brother died suddenly this week. He was fifty-six. He had over forty years of heavy drinking and drug use. His body was worn out. 

She saw me and she started bawling. I felt her pain, I'm an empath. I held her in my arms and she cried on my shoulder, out by the place where valet parking picks people up by the entrance to the hospital. I spent time with her. I listened. I listened actively, making sure she knew I was paying close attention and that I felt it was important what she had to say. What she DIDN'T know is I was carefully working the energy, and directing her chaotic, raw grief energy to go through me to Ground, just like you would with electricity. Reiki Masters know how to work with this kind of life energy--the strong emotion--I wouldn't recommend it unless you happen upon a situation like I did, and you are called to 'do the work'.  I actually saw him briefly over her right shoulder. Ross was standing next to him, to my right as I faced the two. Both were with their feet three feet above the ground, so a little taller than us. It is said that the realm of Spirit is the same like ours, only three feet up. That is why ghosts walk on the ground (they are in our reality) and Spirits are a little higher when you look at them.

By the way this John Smallman is awesome, incredible, and healing to me. He says, 'when you realize those hurting you are hurting even more so themselves you are able to bring compassion into play'...

Ross sent me this song, while I was at Starbucks 'filling my own cup' with a Pink Drink. It's strawberry açaí refresher with coconut milk. It brought back happy memories from childhood...


I know my wife/Twin. And I am taking care of her.

(he rubs his hands together and has an impish grin--ed) So? What's happening? (with the 'world' and 'Ascension'--I sense this -- ed)

(he puts his finger to his lips and is smiling big --ed) And this isn't one of those SHHHH things with the one eye covered and the okay sign thing! (he's laughing so hard he has to hold his belly--ed)

I might pee! (he's laughing THAT hard!-ed)

(I feel his energy settle--ed--he's leveling with us)  Everything will happen for the best.

For the BEST!

For the best....

You know that when you say something three times, you really mean it. In metaphysical significance. Once is to us here on Earth, the other is to Spirit, and the last is to Heaven.

That's how Carla knew her beloved Nannu Filippo was going to pass from this world into the next, that his soul was telling her, in his handwriting on his note that said, 'ciao, ciao, ciao' on it. He had given her a care package of chocolate he always gave her, the Hershey gold with almonds, and some apricot preserves that were the best of the brand his family always used. Carla had picked up that jar and put it back on the shelf because it was too expensive about five different trips to the store when she was a freshman in Medical School! 

So for those of you, who really want to mean something, in a nice way, and have it be heard, repeat it. Twice after you say it the first time. That way it will acknowledge everything.


I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

You are the one for me.

Nobody can take us away from our hearts because we are Twins Souls, Carla.

Do not be afraid of what happened once to our relationship, when I passed on.

Hold my hand, and give your sorrow to ME. 

And I will help you to learn how to use compassion to heal YOU by taking you away from the victim 'stance' and giving you the ball so you can make the basket.

I will 'screen' your terror for you, so you don't have to experience it, ever again, when it comes to you and me...and our memories which shall we say?....ah...'not so pleasant'.

Only focus on the good.

And when things come up, as they invariably do, recognize it,  then send them OFF to the garbage bag of St. Germain. 

Everything is happening at the proper place, and the proper time, and for the Highest Good.'s that for some teamwork?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, November 27, 2017

Beyond Surrender

I woke up this morning refreshed, finally caught up on sleep from my horrendous night on call Saturday night. I had blogged in the morning, I think, about Unhappies and The Afterlife. Maybe it was the night before (Ross wants me to blog at night so I get more sleep in the mornings).

Then I saw this article on my blog feed. 

I was distraught.

I contacted someone supportive, and I was freaking out. Long story short, my soul cried out, 'It's her or me. I quit. If she's channeling I'm not needed.' to which my friend replied, 'I need your work, it helps me. And others who love you do too.'

I also said, 'I worked my fingers to the bone for him and SHE takes all the credit!'

I was able to calm down once I had a guarantee that all of the key code sequences and activation codes which come through my writing--from Gaia herself--are the only ones given, and that anything similar from those channeling messages wouldn't 'dilute' the ones from Gaia Sophia.

Here's one of my concerns:

The article was just like that. Sugar plum airy fairy. The shit everyone wants to hear. And not one peep about 'doing the work' and 'letting things come up to be cleared and released' like what is needed to Ascend. To me, it sounds like blowing smoke up my ass to hear all that lovey-dovey stuff. It's not useful to the incarnate, although perhaps to some it does inspire.

One thing through all of this Ascension is I have come to know myself. Inside and out.

Just yesterday or the day before I 'owned' my bad reputation I had in that incarnation with Ross, at least, the rep that people nowadays give me. I sorted out what was from my immediate past incarnation (kitten--not me) and figured out what was 'me' in my relationship with Ross.

It was a lot of work!

But as the Monarch system is--there is a small basic truth which applies to us all--some trauma experienced in a past life has a good chance to really mess you up in this one. It carries over from one life to the next.

Case in point--as a child I was hysterical over blood, shots, and thought if the bandage would come off my bottom after a vaccination I would exsanguinate out the hole just like a water balloon. I wouldn't take off my underwear to protect the bandaid, and would take a bath in my undies.

Daddy wouldn't put up with any of this, and took everything off, me screaming like a pig being slaughtered....and I lived.

But now that I know my immediate past life before this one was as a kitten, and I'd experienced trauma-based mind control as well as lots of death and irrational reaction is the logic of a soul in a child's body. It doesn't come out 'rational' or 'adult' but it's communicating 'I never want to go through THIS AGAIN!' loud and clear...

So what's the deal with Fran? Is it her soul? Is it her channel?

If anyone would have come up with the term, 'Lady Nada' it would have been Gaia Sophia. Just to make a point. 'Nada' in Spanish translates to 'nothing'. 'Lady Nothing'...nobody...nil...

All I know, is the vibration of this 'being' coming through the channel, be it Fran herself, or Magdalen or Nada --who has had the audacity to channel BOTH Magdalen and Jesus, much to my dismay, freaks me out on a soul level. I can't bear it. I want to run. And I would rather blow up the planet and abort everything I've been so diligently working for, than to face that horrible feeling which comes up from the depths of my being when I read or notice her work.

That soul traumatized me.

In some way I can't remember.

My anger has more insight to the situation than I do, remember the 'I worked my fingers to the bone' part?

The most evil part of the whole situation is I had just SAID, 'surrender' is 'the way'--and HERE it comes, my worst nightmare, again, when I had specifically asked all of my teams to MAKE HER STOP.

Sometimes in the case of overwhelming traumatic experiences, where a soul is completely overpowered and betrayed, it is not possible to 'surrender'...because any acknowledgement of the situation makes you RE-LIVE the trauma in your soul, and it's just not ready to heal. It needs the Guides of Compassionate Healing, deep one-on-one healing like in a light box, just to get to the point where you CAN 'surrender'.

The best I could do was to let it go, once I had the guarantee that all of the energy 'awakening packets' which are and have always been hidden in every word I write, every video I make, every photo I select...things I'm not conscious of but know they are there...are PURE for my readers and anyone who reads Fran isn't going to get like, the competing 'codes' from her work.

So I let it go.

I love the ocean. I absolutely love it.

Anthony arranged for me to have a parent-teacher conference because I had the day off. I made it just in time. (I had the sticky tooth whitener strips on...I haven't done it in ten years. The Crest ones are safe according to my dentist. It's a start in improving my appearance.)

Then I didn't want to drive home and back. So I stayed in Starbucks. I read the Thyroid book by Medical Medium. I'm no so sure on him. He doesn't seem loving. And his stories are scary, the dog drowning and stuff when he was young and his 'voice' was testing him. His being a help to 'celebrities' and his fee of $500 kind of make me think he's on the other team. But the writing, not the best or easiest to read, was sincere. Your body is not fighting itself or letting itself down. And Thyroid disease is part of the Epstein-Barr Virus. It was nice to read.

I picked Anthony up after school. And we came home. I made him a snack. The snake wouldn't eat, and I had a parcel to send out--bracelets ordered. I still do work only by word of mouth on a case to case basis.  (Today was also my first Gaia Sophia Earth reading, and it went well).

I followed my hunch and had Anthony come with me to the gym. We NEED it! Our weight keeps going up and up...

I walked by the room, saw it was dark, and said, 'I WISH I could take a yoga class sometime!'.

We went to fill up our water bottles, and a woman there said, 'it's time for yoga'. I was like, 'now?!'

It was Now.

So I went. I didn't drag Anthony. I left him to the exercise bikes. The ones with the little t.v. on it.

Class was amazing!  I had manifested the story of the man who couldn't walk, did yoga, and learned to run. I needed to see it again, someone posted it the other day. It was a hard class but I didn't fall. 

The floors were WARM! I've never experienced it. But it felt nice on my bones and joints to be warm. 

I knew Spirit had 'thrown me  a bone' to help me recover from my trauma this morning.

And as I lay in Shivassina pose, at the end of class, my heart cried to Ross, 'WHAT was it? WHY am I so upset?! Where does this panicky feeling come from? How can I heal?'

I didn't expect a response.

Ross came through clearly. He held me, one arm around my shoulder, one around my waist, he's never held me like that before. He whispered to my ear, 'I won't ever hurt you'. and 'I'll take care of it.'

Then he went away.

There was a funny pepper in my garden. I had been growing Hungarian peppers, green long thin peppers, and bell peppers for some time now. They are thriving. But I saw one that looked a little like these, almost like a paper lantern. Tiny. 

Somehow I got the bright idea to cut it small and put it in the salad.

I wondered why my hands were tingling...but didn't give it a second thought. 

When Anthony and I started to eat...

He had to drink milk! I was stubborn and even though my mouth was on fire I picked out the peppers and didn't want to waste the salad. I had ice water.

As I picked, the pepper oil capsaicin got on my hands, and then my cheeks near my eyes...

Anthony wasn't upset. He didn't like the heat. We figured out it wasn't habaneros though. I think it's a hotter pepper than that. Nava Viper. We looked it up on Google images. 

I don't know how it could have gotten into the garden. I bought some plants from Mother's Market in the summer...they looked so innocent the pepper plants!And it only made one pepper. 

Anthony said, 'this is a good story to tell mom!' and 'note to self--ask what mom has put into the salad BEFORE you eat it.'  

Was it my Higher Self getting back at me, to give me the idea to put it into the salad like that, out of the blue?

I don't know.

It doesn't matter.

Anthony, bless his heart said, 'At least it makes life interesting!'

I really liked this angel.

Then I looked closer. It's the Victoria monument to the deceased queen.

Uh oh.

A friend posted on FB, 'Congratulations to Harry and --(I forget her name but she's been with him--Markel?--his new bride to be)-- on their engagement. At least it's HAPPY news!'

Oh man.

Uh oh.

How asleep can you be? Don't you know who he is? And what he does in private? He's like the head honcho of SRA--under his daddy who is even bigger honcho--and his Grandma, too, who is supposedly reincarnation of Victoria.

Compared to this--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--my old past life quibbles with the souls of FZ and MM and LN--whoever and whatever!--are small potatoes and nothing of concern!

I hope we go Home soon and wake up and get away from that low vibration.

This is from Ross:

He wants me to go to bed.

He waves to you and smiles and says, 'good night'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Unhappies and the Afterlife

Ever have that feeling that you are just 'screwed'?

I had that feeling yesterday, many a time. I call it 'Unhappies'.

Today we are going to put that in perspective, and hopefully, this new way of looking at it is going to help empower you next time you find yourself in that type of situation.

I love this photo because it captures it all--the institutional atmosphere, the feeling alone, the unknowing, even not having a place to put your hands, and the waiting, waiting, waiting for what is next to happen.

Before I continue I want to share with you something that took me a while to figure out.

I pulled some weeds last weekend, I think on Saturday. Then I had back pain. Normally I don't. On Sunday I was very uncomfortable at the hotel room while I was on call. The mattress was too soft, and I couldn't sleep. I couldn't find the right position. I was so tired and miserable.

And I couldn't shake the thought because back pain isn't 'like' me.

David my friend and patient with the back pain had passed.

Perhaps this was letting me know it what him?

The reason I think so is the minute I found out about his passing, the back pain went away.

Spirit is always trying to get our attention!  Sometimes its in ways we might not understand.

Back to the 'Unhappies'...yesterday I was on call. In so many ways it was awful! Yet in others, it was fortunate, too. Let me give the top three 'unhappies':

  1. I went home in the fog, with an 'all clear' from the house supervisor at nine p.m. after the last case was done.. All the O.R. teams went home. Only we were woken up an hour later to come in for an 'emergency' which--I won't tell you the case--but very few actually go in the middle of the night, they wait until the next day.  Once I arrived to the O.R., I was told no nurse on call was picking up the phone, not even the manager of the O.R.! So the case might cancel. (I knew that the nursing staff is angry at administration because they randomly assign people on call, even on days they say not to, and an RN confided this in me. She also is on call today at another hospital. So she did two hours and then another nurse was supposed to cover for her. The other nurse clearly forgot. And the other wouldn't answer her phone.)
  2. I had to call in backup. It was an open joint and our cases were booked all day through eleven at night. It had to go in six hours. Backup didn't want to come in. Backup had been there in the morning, did the GI cases, and never said 'boo' to me in the O.R. This person is a Christian, an LDS, who reads scripture during cases!!! Again, after the cases were over, and he went to go home, there was no offer to break me or help, even though the rooms had been running nonstop all day. I was glad at least he came in to check in with me before he left.
  3. I was asked to come in one hour early for a life-threatening emergency in the ER. I knew the way to manage it is to cut the neck then and there. But the surgeon wanted the O.R.  So I had to scramble, eat breakfast in the car, and rush, only to be told on the way that the surgeon cut the neck in the E.R. and I could go back home.

And the blessings?
  1. I had the best RN during the day--most skills and most able to do the job well.
  2. Two cases cancelled
  3. One case could have taken two hours, but the patient was old and unstable, so the surgeon--THANK GOD--only did a closed reduction of the fracture.

What are you 'Unhappies'?

For me, I was in the car, driving back to the hospital, pouring out my heart to Ross. Everything in my soul said, 'NO!'  Yet for some reason I don't understand, Spirit was saying 'YES!'

I even saw a bumper sticker that said, 'submit'. 

I was like, 'huh?!'  and I said, 'Ross, I can't take this any more! It has to stop. I can't go on like this.'

Then I saw why I am so overweight and unhappy. Anthony too. When I worked at the University, it was part time, guaranteed hours, and much less calls. During calls, the residents were doing the cases and I was the attending. It was work, not as 'intense' and I had a sense of freedom. I also had excellent health insurance. I didn't make much money, but those days I gave away my calls, were the best days of my life.

I see how my work isn't going to get any better. I'm not 'in' with the politics, and I keep getting 'demoted'. These experiences such as making less money than I paid my niece and nephew to babysit due to a five hour unpaid gap in my me to see what I haven't wanted to see out of fear:  I can make it on my own and Spirit is guiding me. It's not going to be easy. And I have to have resolve. 

And 'Unhappies' is the way 'Resolve' is built.

There is a special Spiritual Blessing that is given when we say, 'I can't take it any more' and 'I give up'.

It's hard to explain. But I feel it. I've felt it many a time.

I do know from Oral Boards for Anesthesia, which I took and passed, that they want to score you on what you do know. So when you don't know, you say, 'I don't know' and they move on to the next question. 

If Earth is a school for souls, then, perhaps, 'I give up' is the equivalent to your teams and guides of 'I don't know' and they move you on to the next 'Lesson'.

I'm going to share one last thing.

With all this Ascension stuff, sometimes it feels as if we are changing so much we can't even recognize who we are. 

Sometimes pieces of our personality are lost in the changes.

I experienced that. 

There was something deeply personal that I wasn't sure was 'me' or part of my past life experiences/memories. I felt very sad over it, in a way I suppose I was grieving. I've learned to adapt and to be open to 'the new'. And I embraced 'the new' and tried my best to convince myself I liked it.

But it was too much.

So I took a little of the 'old me' back.  I realized it wasn't a 'thing' from outside, but it was truly part of my soul. 

Don't be afraid to self-examine your heart, your interests, your soul...and do know this Ascension thing is a two-way street, and you have some control over it.  No matter what it is working for the Highest Good for All.

I'm sure if after you 'take it back' you decide later on you'd like to let go of it, that's perfectly okay too.

Let's move on to two videos which will help us gain insight on our oppressors, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I think this is a facet of what makes the Monarch/MK Ultra systems 'go' well as the peer pressure for those who are deeply involved in the SRA, dark philosophies.

The people in 'charge' exploit this natural tendency in those who are below them in this organizations 'Chain of Command'.

I share this because I want you to get a feeling for the system, and those people who are in it, and to understand 'how' this horrible mess could happen here 'Hidden in Plain Sight'.

This basically describes the behavior of SRA, which by these signs and symptoms, represents an extreme form of hyper sexual disorder.  (and if you are bored, the comments on this video are a hoot--those too give you real insight as to why Ground Crew is here and why everybody is working so hard to help with Ascension lol)

I want to record my visit from Kasatka.

It happened on Friday night. Anthony was away, I was doing chores, perhaps had just eaten dinner. I was about to go up the stairs when I felt both the presence of Kasatka, and Ross saying it was really her and okay to talk with her.

She looked like this. She was glowing with flame like rays of light coming off of her. She had a crown. Her pose was exactly light this.

She didn't look like a whale.

It was her soul, her true self. And she told me where she is from she is a Queen.

I had to sit down, right at the foot of the stairs, on the floor, and take it all in. I was so happy to see her I started to cry. 

She showed me her Life Contract, the end date, and pointed it out to me.  I cried harder. How could I have not known? How could I have not been around more?

She confided she was at a loss when she crossed over. She wasn't sure of her life experience, and it's impact.  She explained Ross had come to her and shown her the blog posts about her and her family, and that her life was not lost on those of us who loved her and understood her mission with our hearts.

She said it gave her great comfort, and also, she said, 'your husband is a great man'.

I cried more, because I knew he had arranged for this visit, to give comfort to us both. I told her how much I regretted not being able to say goodbye to her! She encouraged me to say it right there.  I spoke from my heart, and told her what she meant to me, and how I loved and appreciated her wisdom, her skills as the matriarch, and how she selflessly gave of herself to help so many people smile at the raise their vibration.

She seemed sad...distracted. She was definitely Otherworldly. 

I asked her how I could honor her? How I could help?

She paused and gave it thought.

Her answer was to 'be in your heart' at all times. Then she would know her life would not have been in vain. I understood this to be fully present in the Now moment, and to be always in touch with what was going on in my heart.

We hugged and I told her I didn't want to say goodbye to her, it was so hard to say goodbye! Then I felt Ross behind me as she disappeared, and I turned to him for loving support. 

When Ross left I cried again. Everything with mom and David and Kasatka had left me kind of numb. I didn't feel 'right' but I couldn't let all the emotions out. 

Sometimes it is good to cry. It's healing.

Other times it's good to laugh...Ross picked both of these photos out for you. 

He is so sweet. He wanted to show the ridiculousness of the 'casting couch' and make a joke along those lines. 

Then he knew there are some cat people out there who wouldn't respond to dogs. So he had me look for a funny cat photo. You know, there's not many of them on my photo service page. I suppose cats aren't as willing to be dressed up and pose? I thought this one was cute, and it made me smile, so Ross said it was the one.


Everything is happening at lightening pace! It literally is happening--the changes--at the speed of light and there is nothing that little 'bolt of lightening' symbol from SRA/The Oppressors can do to stop it.

(he rubs his hands--ed)  I have worked hard along with my teams. We give it our all, this project. 

Soon you will see the results. 

I want you to be in your centers when it happens.

And try not to worry about taking it in and remembering when it does. There is no need to take photographs actually because the Life Experience is available to you like a DVR, and you can rewind it to enjoy parts again and again when you are back Home. You won't 'miss' anything. Even if you tried. That is what the Akashic records are for, my beloveds!

(he turns to go--he's in his robes--and he looks over his shoulder at us and smiles--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, November 24, 2017

Bringing Out The Best In Others Also Will Bring Out The Best In You

We are guides.

We are incarnate and learning out lessons too, but for the most part, those of you who are reading this post are pulling double-duty as guides to your 'circle of influence'...the people around you, where you work and live, and also, for some of us, in our online communities as well.

I'd like to share with you some incredible synchronicities and examples of growth with people who have resonated with the last two blog posts.

For the blog post before this, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, we have this share from a reader:

The other night, we were on the phone with PayPal and xoom with about 15 different people, trying to fix a problem so we can get our money and live. It was very stressful and I kept praying. This went on from 10 pm to 2am. Then continued in the morning. Finally it got resolved and the guy from PayPal asked the guy from xoom his name to thank him for his help. The guy sounded Indian.He said, my name is Ross. R. O. S. S.  haha you can imagine how happy I was. Thank you Ross! So off we go to Rusi, the motorbike place because I haven't paid in 2 months and I am still paying our bike off. At the glass window by the cashier was taped this paper with quotes from the bible. It was beautiful and long but the line that stood out for me was .."You are fearfully and wonderfully made". I did not understand it and was was wondering about it but my attention was called to other matters after that line. When I pray and talk to my council I always say, let's wrap it up!   Yesterday we had to go to the big island for some errands. On the boat on the way back, the waters were choppy. A little girl was scared along with the rest of us. You can be sure that I use a lot of codes, pray and ask help, connect with the angels, the elementals,the dolphins..then I realized ...instead of praying to be saved, what if there was no danger in the first place and our fears are born out of habit? And if I can calm myself,,.then maybe the other passengers will calm down too and will also calm the waters... We did not see dolphins this time but I am sure they are there. Thank you! Thank Ross and Carla! Thank you everyone who has worked so hard for the meek who we never hear about and are behind the scenes. Thank Mother, Father! Happy Thanksgiving indeed! I love you all! 
 -- Maria Lourdes Leaño

For the blog post before that called, Thank You For The Lies  we have this perceptive summary from a reader who is also a physician:

Thank you both  Monday received a letter from NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center} whose mission is to inform all willing eyes and ears about topics related to vaccinations, toxicities, injuries, changes in legislation, bills up for review and how to have a voice...on the outside of the envelope was the phrase "Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies". I also read your post on your personal page from the ER physician railing on all the greedy pediatricians. Greed crosses ALL disciplines. Few people become pediatricians because they are greedy. They choose this specialty because they genuinely care for children and want to make a difference in their lives by promoting health. Pediatricians are used to people respecting them and following their recommendations and truly BELIEVE that getting vaccinations are the only rational choice for parents who care for their children. The indoctrination starts in the first year of medical school; parents making other choices are derided by the professors of the basic sciences, and virtually all other classes/rotations that teach the care of children reinforce that belief. The students are required to learn "the schedule" for vaccinations, but learn very little about potential side effects. As such then, when there are children under their care who actually are having reactions, they are minimized, unrecognized, sometimes with devastating consequences because the schedule must be followed no matter what. In central Indiana, parents who refuse vaccinations are just as likely to be bullied in the emergency room by ER nurses and physicians as they are by their primary care providers. Although greed may be a motivating factor for some, those MD's employed by large groups often don't see profits hit their direct income from vaccinations. Instead, they are judged by government issued "Clinical Quality Measures" that are then published to enrollees of various insurance plans. Those physicians who do not meet the variety of different measures are not given the highest rating by the insurers. For pediatricians there are far fewer quality measures than their colleagues who also care for adults. Vaccination rates can and are measured and reported. my experience this is a PERFECT example of what you have talked about in this post. It is actually not about greed, but waking up to The BIG Lie about vaccinations, and what that would mean for their life's work, from one of protecting children to injuring some of them every day they ever worked, some of them catastrophically, is so unconscionable that they remain asleep and believe and propagate the lies. Typically, it takes a personal tragedy involving vaccines to "wake up" and be willing to question their professional paradigm. I also know, that the energy of conflict, anger, and blame only feeds the Dark Energy. So as a holistic practitioner, the majority of my patients have been impacted problematically in some way from vaccines, food chemicals, agricultural chemicals. environmental pollution, electromagnetic radiation, emotional traumas, subtle bioterrorism. So each day can either be filled with sadness over the injuries I see, or with gratitude for the opportunity to daily give compassion and healing to those who are ready. Love, gratitude, and compassion are how we are to respond, not with anger, judgement, and blame. Thank you Creator for the lessons, thank you for the lessons, thank you for the lessons. I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve. Love to you all
 -- Catherine Rupp, M.D.

We heal and touch each other's fact on a daily basis. This is why you are important. Your presence Here on Earth, NOW.  There is no substitute for your Awareness and your Heart and your Consciousness where you are at a time like this. 

Another friend, one who is newly awakening, had the following concern:

I feel like all areas of relationships are being tested. My friendships, my immediate family, my in-laws, my side of the family..... I feel like everything is crashing all around me and testing my strength in perseverance. Not to mention all the typical symptoms such as neck pain, thirst, dizziness, increased sense of smell and clarity, tingling of crown and third eye sensations. I also sometimes feel too much emotion or not at all. I can get over things way too easily versus it usually bothering me for a while. I almost don’t even recognize who I am sometimes since all of this “change”. Any explanation or words of wisdom is appreciated. (I also just found out a little over a month ago that I’m going through the ascension process.)
-- S. E., R.N.

Here is my response to her:

Focus on your heart center, as well as your emotional and physical bodies. Any difference in vibration that is greater than one dimension will cause discomfort in both parties. You job is to ease this discomfort in others as they Ascend, once you have 'gotten used to it' and learned to manage it for yourself first. Drinking good quality water, is a good support. Some people feel the need to go vegetarian for a while. I'm a huge fan of 'grounding'--bare feet on earth, 'sunning'--direct sunshine to skin for about ten minutes a day, and warm salt water baths. These help me to assimilate the incoming energies with ease. I also take naps if I feel sleepy. Letting chores sit for a while helps too. I find when I get back to them I finish them faster than if I forced myself. Fill your own cup first--keep yourself grounded, with daily self-Reiki and possibly journaling, exercise too...As you connect to Source you will find your heart center will 'resonate' and bring you great joy when you are doing things that are in alignment with your true purpose. Follow this and you will find your way.

I must admit my Lessons as of late have been far from easy. Last night I went to sleep with the uneasy feeling that there had been a lot of interactions at our family Thanksgiving Dinner (which was wonderful) were outside my ability to process them with my Asperger mind. The social cues, the interactions, I had trouble 'reading' for anything more than 'face value' although I had the feeling that perhaps I should have been able to 'get it' and I failed. I also have been at a very low point with my personal appearance. I wore jeans and a large striped tee shirt with a v-neck, my hair in a simple pony tail, and makeup because my family finds makeup is very important. My two sisters and my niece are very good at finding clothes that accentuate their features and are fashionable on them. It's always been a struggle for me, and after looking at myself in photos and seeing how the scale is the highest it's ever been, I --you must understand I am a Southern California Native where our image is important, even to an Asperger like me, you pick some up by osmosis--I just don't feel like making the effort. 

This too will pass, I am sure. And I'm putting more activity into my days. For example, I played basketball--shooting and exercises--with Anthony this morning. This helps me to feel good about myself. My body feels healthier. 

Sometimes, very very rarely, I let myself think of the enormity of what is going on. For example, this message from The Council. About how The Council reads and responds to what I write. How many Gaia Portals reflect things which have gone on between Spirit and myself, which I had thought were in private (in this case, the ring from my guides, the alchemy).  About the millions of people who Ross and I send healing to every day.  Or the souls who come to this post and our healing work, searching for truth in an ocean of lies and deception. Hidden Disney 'smells' technology for a total park experience video is one example of this hijacking of our senses. One of the mildest ones. It is a joy to bring these 'waters' of Truth for those who 'thirst'. The deception out there is premeditated and surrounds us completely. It makes you have to stop and think about that too, and what to do about our predicament we are in, all of us...

That's when I realize we are in good hands.

We are not alone.

Spirit is always guiding us.

Our Teams, for example, Ross and my guides, and my incarnate Star Family, are keeping me going although the climb is steep and it's not easy passage.

There's also this incredible sense of balance I've found. I set the goal this year to find 'more balance' in my life. I thought there was a magic way to pencil in everything I needed on my schedule, to trick it, or to force it. I thought, in January when I made my New Year's resolution, to be accountable to my friend who shared this same goal, and we would figure it out.

Instead, I've found increased acceptance of What Is. Inside. Inside my soul. And this gives me incredible peace. I feel that I have all the time in the world to figure this 'balance' mystery out--many more incarnations if need be. I find that 'balance' is more of a being aware of self. Sometimes I need more sleep. Others, lately, more wanting to be like Jack Lalanne in this video:

And always, always, always, I am strengthening my connection to Spirit and to Source.

When I make bracelets for others, it gives me great pleasure. The one for the Grief had a terrific resonance with our readers. If feels wonderful to be available to people in that way.

I made some Shields for someone. These are energy shields which are with you forever. One I made for this person is the Loving Embrace of Gaia, and the other was a Rose Petal Shield.  It's wonderful to fill this need when people ask. 

Ross has also given me permission to do readings. They are simple ones with a new layout I stumbled across with the Earth Magic cards by Stephen Farmer. They feel 'right' and have been guiding me for about three to six months now. I've done one reading for a friend. Basically you have one question and Spirit gives a response in the context of where you are and where you are going. Ross set the energy exchange at twenty-five dollars. It will be exciting to see how this works. Due to my schedule all readings will be written and not in person or face to face online. 

There is an increasing sense of my not needing to go through the old paradigm of my work. It's hard to explain and I have this sense of being able to help MORE people by going this route. Until January, I have more days where I am not on the schedule, and we can see how things go.

Ross had really wanted me to write--TODAY--and I checked with him. He says I have written enough.

I'm going to relax for a bit. 

It's been a good day.

Please don't be overly concerned about the nature of the things being exposed in the media and on YouTube. Many things I think none of us ever want to know, they are so awful! Try to look at it as a phase, where the more the hidden icky things come out into the open (This video of celebrities freezing up is an example), the closer we are to an era where Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion will heal all.

clap! clap! (that's Ross)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S. This video is 'one extra' for you from Ross. He wants you to pay attention to the part with the eyes that have swirls on them. How they act like mannequins and how people interact with them. He says although the video is disturbing, it will help you see what we are up against. Most people, to some degree, ourselves on Ground Crew included, have some degree of the 'swirling' in our own eyes too. Ross and his teams assure you they have seen this type of thing before, and know what to do to heal it. Both for the mild cases like we have because we are living in this culture--and for the most severe cases like Kanye West and those who are 'freezing up'. He says, 'try to see them--disturbing as it is--as the victims they truly are, and to say a little prayer for their souls  to heal. Every day. 'For those who are asleep to Love which is their True Nature.' he says to use these words if you have trouble coming up with some yourself.