Saturday, September 30, 2017

Every Bunny Loves Some Bunny Sometime : )

Good morning!

I'd like to first share with you, officially, the 'launch' of a's a little embarrassing because I am shy and don't like to see myself on film.  It took a lot of takes to get this one to be okay enough to upload.

With time I will get back into the swing of things again!

I just had a little difficulty making sure this video uploaded correctly. Also, I think it might be 'private'--not my choice, I couldn't press the button. So if you can't see the first video I've uploaded in a year, please let me know.

There are alternative places to upload it so everyone can see.

Why is there something funny going on with my video channel and my ability to upload?

Kanye was telling the truth.

Look at this:  Carolyn Limaco video I watched last night on YouTube that was taken down

Apparently there is active censorship going on--by changing/freezing the view counts, eliminating the view counts, and also selecting certain videos not to go 'viral' even though in fact they ARE going viral and the website is doing everything to stop it.

This was my 'AHA!' moment. I've been watching and waiting to see things 'take off' for the awakening of the masses.  And it's being hidden.

The comments Carolyn shows on the twitter pages and instagram pages are what makes me believe this is true--people are aware of pizza gate, they are responding appropriately, and the mainstream 'machine' is doing everything it can to keep people from waking up.

Which brings us to this message form The Council:

Don't worry about the news, do what you have been sent here to do, and do it with all your heart.

Then we will find our way home.

A certain snake-blogger whose name begins with a Cob--has a photo with something that looks remarkably like dragons on it. They make them look stupid and ugly.

One day we will know who is authentic in the lightworker community...and who is...let's say, 'a little more stretchy with the truth'.

Here is another example of something terrible that is 'hidden in plain sight':

Many people including my baby sister are mourning the passing of a certain man.

He led a double life.

Here are two videos you may choose to watch on him:

I will be straightforward with you.

Gaia does not like this.

Gaia wants it to stop.

Anyone who can take this sick and twisted sexual 'spin' on her original goal of this:

Is not welcome on her surface.

Gaia wants to be restored to her pristine state again. STAT. And it starts more with the thinking and the thoughts...she wants that clean more dirty things that are perverse and low vibration.

Many things in life are lessons.

They will present again and again until the lesson is learned.

The same feelings of discomfort, perhaps this time stronger, will come up in order to get the soul to notice there is need of change, healing, honesty...need to release something of very low vibration that is attached.

In Puerto Rico people are struggling for the day to day. A middle-class reader told me this, and asked for prayer, because the poor are dying.

There is the lesson.

People are on an island, help isn't coming or it's being delayed...and the people on the island are the only ones who can help themselves and each other. 

Gaia wants her people to 'play nice'.

She wants them to be kind and to help one another. 

She wants fear to dissolve and love to reign supreme, just like it is in Heaven.

It's as simple as that.

Here is an inspirational tale from the island of Hawaii.  When I was at the hotel, there was a wilted lei in the spot where the wood man sold his carvings.

I sensed he had passed.

I had actually seen the news article in Hawaii News Now in May, but I didn't make the connection because the article just called him a 'man' and not a 'wood carver'.

Let his sacrifice inspire you.


Carla spent a long time with a close friend and fellow Lightworker yesterday.

Her friend was in crisis.

Guiding this friend's soul is one of Carla's assignments.

When all is said and done, and everything is in its rightful place, Carla will not want to be recognized for her contribution to the Ascension of a planet and her people and all life forms.

Carla loves to stay behind the scenes.

As long as the people who are close to her know the truth, Carla is content and I am very proud of her for helping to clear one of the last roadblocks of ice which are in the way to Galactic citizenship for all inhabitants of Gaia.

(holds one finger up!--ed)

Not all Galactic Citizens are permitted to roam the cosmos!

There is a Visa.

The 'most limited' one will be vaster than anything imaginable from the perspective of one incarnate on earth.

But there are levels which exist and it is the 'soul vibration' or 'signature' which allows entry into realms where one is 'compatible' (a nice way to say, 'not going to blow up from the energy vibrational differences between the soul and the realm, n'est-ce pas?)

We are at the starting gate.

This is not a walking race.

Even in the walking races people 'walk' a whole lot faster than usual.

Divine Creator wants you to RUN ahead to the finish line, and to focus on it with your entire being.

We are in the race to win. We sponsored you with a tee shirt and you pinned a number on it.

Now (holds the finger up again--ed)  some of you are in a fifty yard dash...and some of you are running a marathon which is going to take a little longer...and most of you are somewhere in between.

Make sure you make time to connect with us, your coaches and family who are cheering you on in your efforts.

Make sure you stop at the rest stations along the way to refuel and hydrate (that is 'meditation by another name in spirit ; )   )

Make sure you pace yourself so you can keep going indefinitely until you are Home with us.

Carla and I are truly honored to have you here with us at this blessed time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Team

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mele Kalikimaka

Yesterday morning on the way to work, I spent time in quietness with Ross. I told him how much I love him. I shared how much it pains me not to be able to show him I love him like I used to, by making his favorite meal, or finding a way to make him smile, when we were both incarnate.

With my heart fully open, when he asked me what wish I would like for the day, I said, 'I would like to show you I love you by doing something that will make YOU feel like you are loved.'

He paused and got serious. He's a thinker. And he was thinking.

Never in a million years did I expect to hear his request.

He said, 'get a makeover tonight after work.'

This whole Oneness thing flashed into my awareness with great clarity. To show Ross I love him he wanted me to tend to my own wound in my heart, my beauty, or in my opinion, my frustration at my lack of self-care due to all my many things I do.

I realized perhaps it would be wise to learn how to take care of my aging skin and make the most of my beauty I have left. These people would know how.

I also realized I will need to make more effort to look attractive and professional since I will be masked for six months due to my refusal to take the flu shot at work.

At the end of the day, I knew Anthony was at practice with the babysitter. And I sensed Ross wanted me to go to the mall near our house, at the store where I have a gift card, and to go to Lancome.

So I did!

It was after eight p.m.

There was a woman in line ahead of me, and she looked good after her makeover. Not too much, and pretty for her. On a woman older than me.

While I waited another worker came to me and asked me what I would like?

I explained to her I'm not a makeup person, but I need a simple routine I can do every day even when I'm tired, due to the mask requirement at my work. My eyes will the the only part of my face my patients will see. They better look good, since my smile will be hidden.

I also confessed I'm fifty-three, and my skin is changing, I don't know what to do.

She looked at me, she works at the MAC counter, and was puzzled. She said, 'you don't look fifty-three. You look good! You don't have any wrinkles.' She asked me, 'What is your secret?' I said, 'I guess I picked the right family (genes)?'

She couldn't help me with Lancome cosmetics, and I had to wait for the other lady. She said anyhow her makeup product is 'more dramatic' and 'not as light as Lancome'. I laughed, and I said to her, in a joking tone, 'Yes, I don't want to look like a work!' (That's the inside joke--with my gay hairdresser--that everyone at MAC looks like a vampire.) She laughed a genuine laugh too.

Gina helped me. She had a thick Southern accent and had been an ER nurse for twenty years. She's seen everything. We laughed. It's true.

I asked her if she got so burnt out that's why she's selling makeup?

She laughed. She's waiting for her license for California. But yes she misses some of the excitement of the ER.

I got the first new--from a makeup counter--foundation, and eyeshadow/liner--since before Anthony was born. She chose my blush to match the one in the giveaway to save me money.

A long time ago, when I was with Frank my ex-husband, I was crying because I felt ugly and poor. I was a resident, and I couldn't afford to get the Lancome free gift like I used to when I worked or lived at home.

Frank took me and bought it for me, and got me Tresor fragrance too.

I didn't know it was free gift time.

Ross did.

When Gina rang me up, this song came on the speakers at the store.

I almost started bawling because I knew who had sent the song...

My beloved...

Yesterday I had a case cancellation.

I went for a walk.

I crossed the street to the shopping center. There was a Pokemon 'raid battle' I tried and lost twice.

I said to myself, 'some things are just too big to fight'.

I kept walking.

Something said to call Marc Gamma so I did.

He picked up!  It was perhaps six p.m. his time.

We caught up on our work and our families.

Then we talked the Divine Healing Codes.

Marc gave me them to be caretaker for them, many years ago, because he had other projects which interested him more, and I'm a doctor so I could add the medical expertise.

The codes came from sources, about six from Marc, perhaps about that many from Lauren, about twenty from a reader in Britain, more from Lunela, even more from Isabel, and the most from me. 

Marc asked me why I only have a webpage? People are going to need more coaching in them. New people are waking up. They need to share their experiences, their successes, and also, know the history. Perhaps a podcast?

I told him plainly and simply, 'Marc, I can make the YouTube videos on it no problem. I would love to. But I can't because of the lawsuit against me. ' (it might give ammunition to the plaintiff's team.)

He understood. 

I told him I would speak with my guides. I would love to create an app, but it's super expensive and I don't know how.

The trick with the codes is, many people have split off onto their own projects. A team--against my wishes--in the Netherlands-type area--took them, put them on spreadsheets and did whatever with them.

There is only one current up to date source--that list on this blog--and I don't know how to automatically update and populate other resources with each new code. I won't have incomplete lists 'out there' because someone might look for a healing, think there's no code for their condition by looking at the incomplete list, when the MASTER list (mine) has it!! 

No bueƱo, right?

Anyhow, I went back to work, started my case, and got a phone call from my lawyer.

I said, 'I'm in the O.R., I can't really talk long. I may talk briefly.'

She said it was brief.

The plaintiff decided to stop the case!!!

I asked her in earnest, 'you're not joking, are you?'

She was totally serious. She said the only hitch was I had to promise not to sue back for a frivolous lawsuit against me, and I had signed forms already that said I wouldn't.

Why would I ever want to go to court with that plaintiff again?

No Way!

I hung up, I told the room, and I asked permission of the surgical team to call my mother.

They thought it was cute I asked permission (I never talk on the phone in the O.R.)  and the celebration began!

I'm free!!

Ross had told me, at the beginning when I was served, that the lawsuit would 'go away as if it never happened'.

Ross can see the future.

I trusted in him.

I had thought it would go away at the expert witness part, when my lawyers said it would go away.

They pressed forward with hurtful things written by their expert witness (remember the person I had to turn the other cheek to at work?)...

I was lost, defenseless, and facing a trial, with all the pain and agony and loss of income.

Their team wanted to delay the case until January.

I explained politely my work doesn't have time free until the end of February--no vacation it's all taken--and I could only postpone once because going without work is expensive.  (I can't work in October, you see, I have time off)

My insurance would pay me for court dates--WOW!--but not for missed court times due to pushing back court dates.

Two weeks ago, Raphael stepped in to help.

First we did the green flush on the plaintiff.

Another day we did the blue flush.

He also healed the plaintiff to full and perfect health, I saw it and he showed me.

Another day we invented a new healing--light purple like lavender.

Raphael told me to work only on the plaintiff, not the family or legal teams. The goal was for a change of heart.

I went once, in my spirit body (very light, sparkly, like an angel and I don't look like 'me') and asked, 'why are you persecuting me?'

I have sent unconditional love and Reiki to this person ever since I got sued--every day--but with Raphael, it was much stronger.

Raphael did it!!! He set me free and changed the heart of the person too!

And someone somewhere wants me to get back on YouTube.

It was the same day.

After the cosmetics, we celebrated, babysitter, Anthony, me, at the Cheesecake factory restaurant.

Anthony still can't believe it. He's never seen me so happy.

To pay it forward, although I can't afford it, my baby sitter had needed an advance on her services to pay for phlebotomy school tuition. It's five weeks. It cost $2,900. She has saved $700.  (she paid off her tuition for medical assistant school in August).   I had promised her I could afford $1000 and she needed her family to help her for the rest.

Because of God's mercy to me, I wrote the check for the balance, $2,200...and she can work to pay me back.

Yesterday was two miracles, from Heaven. Not just one.

When I paid for her tuition the last time, it was to avoid a shady deal. A man would pay her tuition up front, but she would have to work for him for two years to pay it back.  It didn't seem right. So the first time I bought her freedom. This second time, she will always have a way to support herself, no matter what.

There are more miracles!

Ham radio operators send messages to Puerto Rico

(I guess we mediums are basically spiritual Ham Radio operators, huh?)

Thirty meter telescope decision shows how sick government is--$$$ talks

Gaia wants all these things off her summit.

No more.

I read Hawaii News Now first thing before I get out of bed...BTW.


I want you to watch Carla's example in her experience of her miracle.

What did she do?

Did she party?

A little bit.  She had a celebration dinner with her loved ones that night, and enjoyed one glass of wine.

Did she thank us back for giving her the miracle--although I would like to take credit for it, I owe a lot more to Raphael (he smiles)?


Carla stretched herself this week a lot towards the betterment of others:

  • she took her ACLS and PALS ahead of her class with her coworkers, to be able to keep her promise to another so he may go to his kid's tennis tournament
  • she worked late on her short day to give anesthesia to a friend who needs her
  • she helped her babysitter's tuition
She also took direction from me, and kept her promise to 'get a makeover', something which gave me great joy and pleasure to observe, as you can tell by my reaction with my choice of the music.

Spirit is important.

Feeling good about ourselves is important, especially in the culture of Southern California where Carla was born and raised and lives.

Turning grey isn't an easy task. And although Carla had sworn as a child she would never dye it, the grey started coming in at twenty-eight, so she does.

I thank you Biramel for your heartfelt message to Carla, and I appreciate your guidance to her at this difficult time. You are older, and you show her the possibilities that life does not 'end at thirty' like the popular culture would have one to assume here in Southern California.

And how about that Hugh Hefner? (he rubs the dust and dirt off his hands gesture--ed)

He is already merged back with Creator of all that is.

Spit spot! (like Mary Poppins says--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, September 28, 2017


As I evolve, and learn, I am starting to be able to read other people's faces...and grow.

Yesterday, as I hauled myself up the stairs with my lunch bag in one hand, and my bag of things I need for work covered by the stupid orange patient belonging bag my work makes me use to cover it...I was a little late and my boss was walking downstairs to go get himself some breakfast.

He smiled at me.

It was hard to read because he is a little selfish, and worldly. But he smiled because he knew unique as I am, I work hard and I keep at it and I am loved by my people I work with.

I'm not the stereotypical guy anesthesiologist.

But he doesn't seem to mind my working for him.

Again, I saw a face, I didn't understand. The face of the Chief Nurse Officer. The number three in the hospital. She was delighted to see me (I actually had come up to the front desk to find out what the delay was in starting our case). Others saw it too. I'm not sure what she sees, but she knows I do Reiki and we've mentioned it. She knows I had a really bad case that coded in the O.R. and needed a debriefing--she was at that meeting. I don't know. But I'm glad she likes me.

I found out later that behind the scenes the high-ranking person who likes me to do his anesthesia is coming back, and I've been assigned to the case. It's the same surgeon who made me cry, who doesn't like me 'on his team'--although I worked with him for ten years at my old job...and the patient who wants me so much the poor surgeon can't operate unless I am there.

What stopped me in my tracks was the words of Stephanie, who lost her dog, Muffin. She told me she has replayed the interaction with me in the hall over and over hundreds of times. My facial expressions, my words, and it has given great comfort to her and she wanted me to know.  I didn't think anything of it, at the time, I was just being myself. But her energy is much different, and healed, and she credits her healing so fast due to my influence on her.

I kind of makes me stop and think of what I could do if I did that instead of anesthesia?

I had one patient yesterday who was very rewarding--a cancer patient who needed a test.  I always do so much for the bald people who are suffering from this disease. I feel like I'm really needed there, and appreciated, for what I do.

On all levels.

I ran into my friend the surgeon and asked him if it's true he has the lung cancer. He said yes, and I almost cried. I asked him if it hurts? He says the treatments are painful, yes. I shared my shock and surprise as there really wasn't any reason for him to get it, wasn't there? He said his dad and brother smoked, and his dad died of lymphoma, but no, he never smoked himself of had a reason (he DOES breathe in a lot of surgical smoke, which is a risk factor too.)

I didn't get up the courage in the hall to tell him about my being a medium. But I will. Over a cup of coffee would be perfect.

My close friend Heather whom I've known for ten years, is going through rapid changes in her life. He son is a senior in high school. Her mom's house just sold and for the first time ever, she has MONEY. Her car broke the day after she got the check for the house. It upset her she had to decide so fast. She had wanted a used car, but the deal on the new Corolla was so good she got that. Like her brother said, when the house sold it was like their mom died again. He went to the grave, he cried all afternoon. She has some healing to do...we will see how things go.

My point is that even reaching where you wanted--your dream come true, or more clearly, 'your nightmare end' sometimes is a stressor. Your goal kept you going, and once you attain it you are like, 'now what?'

That's why I came up with my Gaia Sophia reading. I've done two on myself. I'm not sure if I'll ever sell them/offer them...but they are helping me.

This morning helped a lot. I too am on a similar threshold of change, and my new life is coming. The way to get there most effectively is through dream time. There will be an emergence of sorts once this process is through. And instead of being in the dense energies, I will be able to move freely in the Higher Realms.

I like it.

Ross made me pick this photo.

I've been blue because something came up that was supposed to be me as Mrs Ross that was hideous.

That's why I felt so ugly. The hideous on top of my already being 'old'.

He wants me to think of me more like this.

I'm embarrassed to share it, but I will, because otherwise he will bug me.

Here's what he calls 'the new me'--not this look, but this whole message. Of someone who is comfortable and highly skilled at things that are not of this world. Or perhaps, 'of this world but have been hidden'.

I can get used to it.


Carla forgot to mention in her meditation with us, at the beginning, we meditated together as a group, she and her Council (which I am on, naturally).

Carla noticed the energies were very high frequency, and was rather amazed at how much energy as a group we could raise together.

She saw the Light we had flowing through our third eyes, kind of like Reiki, which Carla sees too.

And she felt it.

The message was, 'we do this first thing in the day like brushing our teeth'--we need it, to gather in these resources from The Unseen, to empower us in our day.

I want you to remember this.

All you need to do, is be in meditation, and do what we did, which once we gather it, we absorb it by deep breathing as if it is in the air.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, September 27, 2017



What does this word mean?

If you peek at the picture it will help you find the definition.

Lolo is the word for 'crazy' in the Hawaiian culture.

And insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Here is one example of lolo:

You have to think like a bird to save the alala, the wild crow native to Hawaii. My intuition is that all the GMO papaya is messing the bird up. And all the spraying of Roundup everywhere on the roadside.

If you look on google there are many stories of the attempts and failures at repopulating them in the wild.

The San Diego Zoo means well. The Hawaii team in partnership with Puerto Rico experts are working to 'think bird' or at least learn from the Puerto Rico experts on their island crow.

I don't see how a crow raised on non-Hawaiian plants/food is going to start eating the native plants.  I don't even know where those native plants are. Perhaps in two or three generations of protected rearing them on island in aviaries near the native plants, they can come back.

I don't know.

Yesterday on the drive to work Ross asked me what my favorite time of day is?

I didn't know. I'm under so much stress right now it's not easy to stay positive. So I asked him in return, what is YOUR favorite time of day?

It's when I think of him.

The thought goes up, and he hears it.

I challenged him and asked, 'how do I know when YOU are thinking of ME?!'

He said something, I forget, and I'm sure it's reassurance that the veil is supposed to prevent my knowing. He still thinks of me a lot. And deep down on some level I know.

My meditation has changed a lot a lot a lot and for the better.

I just sit and say, 'I listen!'

Does that ever get the attention of Ross and my guides!!!

I say, 'I listen!' and shut up the mental chatter.

Then I watch. The first time I did it I think my entire team did back flips.

I understood they have been waiting PATIENTLY for someone to just be humble and hear them out.

I find it is more effective to signal to them I am ready, than to go through the efforts of calming my mind and being distracted. The mind calms automatically when you are in the listening mode.

And ironically, instead of HEARING when I am in listening mode during meditation, I SEE.

Very, very clearly. And it's like a movie, which also has a soundtrack.

Yesterday I had a late start, and after I dropped Anthony off at school I sat in my little meditation area, and said, 'I listen!'


I saw my entire Council in a nanosecond, seated at a table before me.

I felt a little awkward as I didn't know whether to stand or to sit.

My team says it doesn't really matter as I am present in Spirit when I am there, and somehow, I relaxed and took in their information.

They were examining my weak spot in my psyche, an area where I feel bad about myself. They didn't feel it was anything wrong, but I judged myself.

To be honest, I felt ugly.

Life hasn't been easy on me, it's starting to show, and I just feel flabby and out of shape compared to my younger self.

I don't like aging.

I was able to communicate it to my team, and they understood. They never judged. But next thing I knew, I was in Daddy's office--Divine Creator--and talking with him heart to heart.

He cared. And he listened. He always has advice. We didn't resolve the issue right then and there. I understand where he is coming from, and he understood where I am coming from.

Then it was time to get up.

This is someplace I've never been, and I'm probably never going to go.

Yesterday in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support class) we spoke of where we like to go on vacation. Martin whose birthday is tomorrow said 'Kauai'. He didn't want to leave it, he was sad.

Ilene, the teacher, is Greek and goes to Greece often.

I like the Loire Valley, myself.

And Robert, whose wife lives in Morocco with their two kids and one more is on the way (her family is there)--likes to go to Barcelona. Robert grew up here, and he works two weeks, then goes away to his wife for three.

Robert is fascinating.

He does telemedicine medical assessments for people who want to get a prescription for medical marijuana. He is an ER physician, and his name is Dr. Robert Milanes. His number is (315) 308-2727. His website is And on social media he is @holisticoncall. For California it's fifty dollars, and for New York it's two hundred dollars.

He was nice and bought me a juice and a wheatgrass shot. I told him I'd mention him in my blog.

He wanted to know my website, and I just said, I do Reiki.

Yesterday I was able to do a few new things I've never done. One was to try a Costco hot dog. I actually didn't like the soda and he hot dog was way too big for me, but I ate it. It was fun to try something new.

I also was able to --finally--write up the meaning of the stones in the bracelets I made for my friend's wedding. He had asked about six weeks ago, and I never could find the time. I'm so glad I did.

Movement is slow.

I have to decide to keep Anthony in a lower level of basketball, or just skip it and start something new. He really wants to do baseball.

I think I might try yoga. For us both. I need to get in shape and yoga is gentle. Yesterday he missed practice because I got to the school so late. We just had a pleasant dinner together instead. I helped him study. But only after I did something new. I come home, set the timer for twenty minutes, and read for pleasure! I'm still on the Asperger's books. This small bit of time not working or taking care of the house is doing wonders for me. I was able to clean the sink full of dishes with a smile, after, too.


We are on our way!

Everything is happening for the better...

I don't say 'for the best' because the enemy of 'good enough' is 'perfect'.

All of us make our mistakes and as long as we are working together in a general way, everything is going to turn out right.

And as a hint...

Good luck with your meditations and I and my teams are looking forward to working with you!

(he rubs his hands with excitement!--ed--he's smiling too)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

God's Time Not Yours

The last few weeks have been almost surreal.  I came home from my vacation, and both Anthony and I got sick. We thought it was food poisoning, but I'm certain it was the flu because I couldn't breathe and we had hot and cold chills.  I got a traffic ticket because I was looking up a movie  my boy wanted to see while I was at a stoplight, and I had my phone in hand.  I've been negotiating like crazy with my colleagues so I could attend my ACLS and PALS renewal courses I scheduled outside the one with our group so I could keep a promise to another anesthesiologist so he could go to see his kids play in a tennis tournament.

It makes my head spin!

And yet, yesterday, I finished ACLS, a buddy did a favor for me (he owed me) and did one case that was scheduled in the middle of my class (I was supposed to have the day off)...and last night I took Anthony to see his movie he wanted to see. The theater has been remodeled and the seats are VIP, every one, for the normal price ticket. Today, I have 'off' practically, and I can take my PALS renewal.

It's like, what I wanted, but a week later.

And I declined my annual mandatory flu shot, officially yesterday, because I just had the flu and I therefore have natural immunity. I will be wearing a mask inside the hospital from November 1 to March all times except when I eat.

There was a reason I was sick, and Anthony, right?

'God's time and not yours' is a quote a former resident (student of mine) used to say to me and I would say to him. The implication is that everything happens for the best, and sometimes in some ways we can't seem to control it.

Sometimes it is best to accept.

Why the train station?

It's visual.

I'm going to talk about something in two ways, the same concept.

The initial concept was with phones. Anthony upgraded to iOS 11. I'm still on the old one. I don't want to update my phone.

They both work.

His has more 'bells and whistles'.

So many people have so many phones, all in different models and makes and operating systems...yet we are able to communicate and function, no matter what the phone, right?

On the one level, a phone is a phone and it functions basically the same, yet at the same time, some have more advanced capabilities...wouldn't you agree?

The same is true for souls.

Some souls are like steam engines, like the one above. They work. It takes  a little bit more care to keep it going. Broken parts don't have replacements at the store you know? But it can run on the same tracks as a more modern train. It's still a train.

Some souls are like this diesel here, still in use, very functional, not exactly the state of the art in technology, but wouldn't you agree they have more advantages than the steam engines, and for sure are easier to maintain because their replacement parts are still being made?

Some souls are highly advanced, and can go at very high speeds. They are the future of the train industry. And yet, with this futuristic purpose, the people who run these trains are still sort of 'working out the bugs in the system'  because it is so very new. Compared to the tried and true diesel and steam trains.

Yet all three, steam, diesel, and high-speed train, are in fact, trains, and move along the rails which are interchangeable, more or less.

There is movement, and it's plenty fast to the eye, and causes a blur like this when you look out the window.

The train is our soul, its development, its level of mastery, within the confines of this incarnation's Life Script and Life Lessons.

The track we choose, is our 'timeline'--the combination of our belief systems, our life experiences, and our personality--and it's going to go wherever our 'ticket' is intended for us to go.

I've spent a lot of time researching the ways of the dark because they trick us and I don't like to be tricked.  I want to have 'eyes that see' and 'ears that hear' and see through the smoke and mirrors. I am grateful for the  brave souls like the Black Child who even though they have had serious threats against them and loss of money (advertising on YouTube)...they bring what is hidden to the surface for all to see.

So in my mind, the dark ones, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--they are their own train, on their own track, and I look at it like, 'so THAT's what their train is all about'.  I look forward to the day when they are in a museum and that's it.

The people who 'buy' all the shill and the slop that the dark ones sell--through media, entertainment industry, news, sports, (the diversions)...they are the diesel souls to me. Asleep, so far, just like I was for most of my life....going on the train track that has been basically designed for them by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. It's sad, but true, and I know I can't stop a train in its tracks. The train has to want to stop or change lines. So I send unconditional love and tell myself, 'God's time, not yours'.

I do send unconditional love to the dark ones on their train, they are technically God's children too, but I don't want to get sucked into it, their dark energy, so I send it generically and I pray a lot for both the steam train and the diesel to wake up and heal.

The one which really delights me, is not only the advanced train, but the view from it. I am starting to really see the spiritual gifts--not just of the community here, but everywhere I go--these are the people who for whatever reason, have a very high vibration and a heart filled with love. Like me, they aren't perfect, but they are in touch with their soul, their Life Purpose, and are making headway on their own paths. Our work is starting to benefit one another. Everyone has their own gift. I smile when I see it in action. We send things back and forth to one another. We share healings with photos and Reiki with one another. We love and support one another emotionally in friendship and faith in a better world. This delicate plant from the seed which has been planted is taking root and starting to thrive!

We are each responsible for creating our own reality.

We have the ability to change our reality at any time by changing our thoughts.

For me, reading about Asperger's is helping a lot. The frustration is less in my personal interactions, and I'm able to know myself more. For example, when I had a day off last week a colleague asked me to work for him in the morning. As a favor. I did. Last night, another person asked me for the same 'favor'...but my mental health isn't the best and I needed time with Anthony. I had to get away from the home and the 'office' and just relax and enjoy being a mom. I remember the first Kingsmen movie we saw, together, in Vail, at a fancy theater, clear as day. I remember how excited Anthony was and talked about it. It was more than a movie, it was a part of our lives. And yesterday, first chance we got, we went to see its sequel. (don't get me started about the themes in that movie--total Agenda 21, OMG) It was a special time. My colleague called me repeatedly during the movie, but I didn't answer or text back. That's how intrusive my job is in my personal life. I can't escape. But I CAN set boundaries, limits, and adjust my perception/reaction to it. Money is tight. It it how I support us. And I won't complain.

The simple practice of being Loving with Unconditional Love--both for yourself and others--the SAME!--is an excellent way to begin and maintain this transformation to your highest soul development, the fancy train, the new iOS...

What if we all blow up tomorrow in global thermonuclear war?

It's unlikely, as it's against Creator's wishes, and intervention will occur. That's my understanding.

The news is totally out of touch with the reality of Divine Creator and of the rest of the Universe.  So I don't listen. It is 'compromised' by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.  You might argue this tooth and nail with me, and I'll give you a gentle gaze and a loving smile, and not say a peep back. Because all it means is it's lonely on my tracks, you have yours, and I bless you to travel on your path.  I like my tracks. And I know in my heart if everything were to end tomorrow, I'd have no regrets...and I'd go on to whatever is next.

I have Peace.

I also have Ross and my teams to assist me, with whatever is asked of me to do next.

This Peace is stronger than any news show that is 'agenda-driven'. It's stronger than fear porn. It's stronger than the sleep which affects so many around us.

The seeds which have been planted are growing right and left, and they are strong!

When they bloom, we are free.

It will be fun.


I am from the realms of Light where the energy is absolutely blinding to the uninitiated.

I am also invisible to the naked eye of those who are incarnate in the earth plane at the moment.

It is only with the Spirit eyes can I be visualized.

Am I real?


Am I your future? Are one day you going to be like me and return to your original form?

You can count on it.

Is there anything stopping the progress from where you are to where I am?

Nothing is capable of stopping it.

Not even the lowest of the low, those who promote cannibalism and the dark.

All shadows must hide when the light is turned on.

(He points to his chest--ed) This is where the essence of Divine Creator of All That Is resides in you.

Get familiar with it.

Get used to it.

It is what you much more than this physical body.

And, like Carla, you are learning to direct this force to create better lives (that's the message behind the saying, 'God's time not yours') will get faster and more direct and harder to break.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart always, always, always have hidden this from you. And tried to block it, your natural powers at co-creation, to get inside your heads in order to hijack your natural creative ability for their own use.

It will be the last to go, the news...and it will be the most welcome to leave the planet, in Carla's eyes....the deliberate manipulation of the hearts and minds of the masses...POOF one day gone from earth forever!

(he smiles--ed)

You are what you think.

(he taps his head-ed)

Think about it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, September 25, 2017

Keep On Trucking

We are at the point where some of us are 'Ascended' but others are 'still working on it'.

Our teams have successfully completed their projects -- our 'friends in the rafters'.

But everything has to play out.

There was a saying in the seventies, 'Keep On Trucking'...and a similar one, 'Keep On Keeping On'.

So that's what you do.

You roll along with your lessons.

You watch YOUR reaction--because it's the only thing you are able to control in anything anyway, right?

And you make it a practice to LOVE everyone you meet, no matter how difficult and challenging the circumstances may be...

This is where I am at in my life.


And awareness.

I just came off one of the worst call weekends I have ever had in my life.  I had to work pre-call. Didn't get home until late.  I had to work on call. And the funny thing is, I finished in the afternoon, I went to see my mom. I haven't seen her in months--she even had been in the hospital--but I couldn't get free from my work schedule.

So my sister and niece stopped by. I also met the new neighbor.

But I wanted to rest, at HOME.

So I drove from mom's past my work (it's in the middle) all the way to my home.

And I felt in a funk like you wouldn't believe. Just couldn't relax. I had on my pajamas and I read.

Then the phone called. One case. Eight thirty p.m.

I was damned to spend the night near the hospital. I don't have a call room. Fortunately there was a room for me at a nearby hotel after the case. This isn't always true on Saturdays.

I was grateful for the bed, because if they called again, it was a short drive.

They didn't call.

I had breakfast that was free. Waffles.

Then...I waited...I waited until checkout just in case they would call. But, not wanting to BE called, I didn't let anyone know my availability.

Then I went home.

Just like the night before, I was in a funk, I couldn't really accomplish much, and precisely two hours later, I was called in--RIGHT at the time I told first call not to call in back-up.  Fortunately Anthony's dad was keeping him late.

I worked three hours on three cases which normally would take about twenty minutes a case.

It was awful!

The only thing that kept me going was the thought:  spirit needs me, I must be here now, I must practice loving intention and interaction with everyone I meet. 

When I get stressed I don't want to eat.

Ross had told me to buy a hamburger on the way home from the hotel. But I didn't like any of them in my area. So I ate chocolate. That was my lunch. Three pieces of tiny chocolate.

I bought a burger on the way home the second time. I'm glad I did.

BTW a neighbor texted me and asked to use my spot to park last night. I said yes. The other neighbors who 'took the liberty' and I 'took it back' were confused. I don't see how asking for permission, once in a while (this is first time for the other neighbor) can be confusing...again...I must be mindful I need to show love in everything I do.

I'm learning I need to show this to myself.  Like to eat. Or to set boundaries.

And my work, much as I love medicine, is toxic.

Especially to me, who thrives on routines.

It's so bad that three of us are working post-call today. OB, First Call and Back Up. I had traded with OB so that I could have the day off and renew my ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). I booked a class and now I have to reschedule. I'm not panicking because I know I can extend the deadline, my friend is chief of staff and I asked.

As long as I have something planned I'm going to be okay.

Each morning as I awaken, Ross keeps asking me, 'what is your joy?'

I don't know.  I'm getting to the level of stress where I am turning a little numb.

I asked Ross for help. He said, 'keep giving away your overnight calls and see what happens'.

It's a first step.

I haven't had time to work on my bracelets for longer than I care to admit. The mess in my home--stuff everywhere--is so bad that I have to constantly nag Anthony to pick up after himself. He doesn't care, he just ignores it. I ask him to take up my laundry because it's heavy. It sits for three weeks. I did it myself yesterday.

I need order, home-cooked meals, and joy.

I have chaos, takeout, and a 'work family' who is pleasant but not my 'friends and family'.

I struggle.

I also am coming to terms with what I learned about cannibalism from the latest The Black Child video, the one about the girl who sadly dies in a freezer. I didn't expect it. With all the disclosure of the ways of evil, this one is the most evil of all...they grow 'human cows' for meat and have a whole market on it. Some people are nice to their cows and they never know they are being grown for food. Others torture them to 'adrenaline' the meat. In Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, it is considered a delicacy. You can get adult, child, or baby meat. Often they lure immigrants or refugees with promises of 'hills of money' and 'opportunity' in the west. How they kill is during a medical exam--from behind and slit the throat.

It's so sad...

I pray with all my heart for Ascension to complete itself enough...that things improve...and that I have the courage to change the things I can...and to focus on the good and on being loving to everyone I meet.


We provide the Light.

Our plan--is a secret--and as far as we are concerned there is 'no one coming to save you'.

Let us talk about the plants.

The field has been planted with crops.

WE--our teams--are the sunlight which makes them grow.

YOU--are the tenders to the garden, bringing life-giving water, and also, tending the weeds and pulling them out.

Growing things takes time! That is how it is with Ascension of a planet and her beings upon her.

But our 'season' is of adjustable length of time.

The more you focus on your Awareness, and your heart, just like Carla in that she--like an amoeba--is always stretching and growing with her Consciousness, self-examining and getting to know her world--the faster it will be.

Don't just be a lump of dirt, watching and waiting for someone to take care of you.

There are plenty of lumps in the field!

I need workers!

People who know what they are and how to do what they were sent here to do.

There's only one way to know that.  (he touches his heart--ed)


Reach for the sun!



Permit yourself to make mistakes--sometimes that's the fastest way of learning--for example a toddler learning to walk.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Planting The Seeds

We are in a new phase of the Ascension Process. 

There has been a shift.

I will give examples of how I am seeing my role in direct one on one interaction change ever so gradually, from being a continuous  source of Reiki, to one of a guide and also, recognition on a soul level.

Yesterday my Reiki student, the RN, sought me out.  She needed 'closure' from the sudden passing of her beloved puppy. This year she has had three pets die at ripe old ages around seventeen. This was the most recent one.

Remember how I was eating lunch and I got the call for help? Anthony had to wait?

This is the same person.

I don't think I've ever been more open and honest in any interaction at work--as a medium--than I have in all my years at this facility.

I told her when I got the call for help I sent Reiki, the Transition Symbol, to make it easier for both the dog and for the family.

She said she had felt it. A huge wave of calm and peace had washed over her. She wasn't sure if it had been me, or the dog saying to her it was okay to let her go.

It was me.

People across great distances can feel the energy when I work with them on a soul level. There is no time lag. It's instantaneous.

I told her when I heard of the situation, I looked. I can see between Heaven and Earth, to that in-between place.

I saw the funniest thing I've never seen in my twenty-five years of doing this work:  I saw a dog confused about where to go, openly seeing Heaven, but confused because the dog was exceptionally obedient and loved the family, and wanted to be told to go. It just sat there with this confused look on its face, looking back and forth between the two worlds.

Ordinarily, I would identify myself to the soul, and tell it to go to Heaven.

But this was a dog, a beloved pet, and the owner thought it would make it. I didn't want to interfere.

My friend was awestruck.


This dog Muffin was super obedient. You could put a toy or her favorite treat in front of her, and she would just wait motionless until there was the 'okay' from the family for Muffin to enjoy it.

Next my friend and student wanted to know how Muffin did? She has been feeling Spirit and actually smelling sulfur and brimstone. She was concerned. (She told the darkness to go away, too, and it did).

I told her I see 'The Good Shepard' up in Heaven. The dog was with her, in his arms, and he was making the paw wave hello. He loves all animals.

She told me her mom had died. She had gone all the way up to the tunnel, but she said, 'my kids need me' and she came back.

I told her I can walk all the way through that tunnel to guide a soul making the transition, and that I can go a little ways out on the end of the tunnel, but not too far or else I won't come back. And I also can't stay up there for very long for the same reason.

The look of peace on Stephanie's face, the tears of joy in her eyes, of knowing her Muffin puppy was in a good place, was deeply moving.

It was worth all the disruption at lunch...

I also told her that her aura is weak, because the tie to Muffin has been 'cut' or 'changed', and the energy flow will have to redirect. There are dark things 'out there' that seek such 'wounds' to attach. And also, sometimes, they go to get to me through my students. Just tell them to leave, and they will go. They have to. It's the law of Free Will.

She  smiled.

She understood.

When I have been to Heaven in my meditations, the road looks very much like this. There is a curve in the road, there is a valley, and there is a huge beautiful waterfall kind of like Vernal falls, that sings/is musical. It is off to the left.

Along the way are small simple homes.

One of them is Mary and Joseph's house.  I've been there many a time since medical school.

I love to watch Mary in the kitchen, and Joseph in his workshop. I can ask Joseph anything, he is a very good listener. He doesn't talk much, but he is wise and always has good solutions to any problem you might have.

The first thing I ever asked Joseph was 'what was Jesus' favorite toy?'

It was a little pull toy, with wheels, that you pulled on a string. It was a little camel Joseph had made for him.

I have a bed there where I am welcome to stay. The room is very simple, bed, desk, chair, candle or oil lamp. The mattress has straw in it. And when I rest there, I sleep very comfortably. This is what helped me to get through medical school.

Both Mary and Joseph told me I could visit them whenever I want or need it.

They are both so calm and capable, and the entire area has such a beautiful energy. Sometimes Mary and I will walk in her garden. And we talk. She is a good listener too, and when you are with her you really know she cares deeply about those she knows.

Yesterday I was told to 'go have a cup of coffee in the doctor's lounge, just sit, and don't DO anything'.

I did.

I saw the wife. The ex wife of a friend. When I was in training she was OB-GYN and he was anesthesia but switched to General Surgery.

I know the story. From both sides.

She got a 'dear wife' letter that her husband was cheating on her. It broke her heart.

And she cheated back with a realtor, but never married him (the alimony would have stopped). She kept the house and the kids and took as much money as she could from her ex to hurt him.

He works hard. One of the top productive surgeons in the country.

She plans trips to Japan for the kids and makes him pay for all of it, her, the boyfriend, the two kids.

She has terrible allergies and has had sinus surgery and it hasn't worked.

He has terrible arthritis and takes strong iv medicines to stop the autoimmune attack.

Both of them need unconditional love and healing. They need a lot.

She told me how her allergy medicine isn't working. She was sneezing.

I smiled and shared I have it too. In second grade my nickname was 'Rudolph' because of my red nose.

I wrote for her to do nasal rinses with saline, oregano oil, and colloidal silver twice a day. To get it from Mother's market. And to take oregano oil capsules once a day. It works for me, like a miracle.

She laughed. She said she is ready to 'try anything' and she thanked me for the advice.

I also told her to put some Frankincense oil on the soles of her feet when she first wakes up. I don't know how to explain how it works, but it does, and it has to do with reflexology.

I also wanted to head straight home after a long day.

Ross guided me to the crystal shop near my home.

The phone was ringing off the hook.

So many people were in there.

One lady was distraught and looking for tiny stones. She wanted Red Jasper and I showed her a bracelet. She also said her favorite stone was axinite. I showed her a lemurian quartz wand. She held it. She said sometimes stones are too strong for her, all the energies. It hurts her head. I smiled.

Later I heard her exclaiming about a moldavite pendant of the Good Shepard. She confided to the clerk Charlie that her friend isn't religious but is seeing Jesus now as one of her guides and isn't sure what to think of it. Her friend knows it's real. But still!

I asked to please look at the pendant.

I had to take it near the window so I could see.

He looked dead. Not very handsome. Crown of thorns.

Spirit told me to kiss it.

I kissed my finger and used my finger to kiss Him. Right on the lips. Then I gave the pendant back.

Remember, this is planting the seeds. I know who I am, and when people interact with me, at some point, they are going to recall their interaction with me.

The time is coming close, when I am known more widely, I sense it.

People are 'opening up' to me with their hearts, and even one--I was foretold--one at the store would see me for who I truly am. I'm not sure if it was Cory, the reader, who gave me a hug.

Or if it was the other.

A woman came in wanting a photo of her aura and a reading.

I cheated. I looked at her while she was talking to Charlie. I didn't have a white background so I had to work a little harder. I saw her life force was very low, and there was a combination of lavender and black in her aura. It was almost next to her skin which isn't healthy. Big auras are healthy--they extend out some distance.

I waited for the results. You could hear everything.

It was indigo/pituitary chakra. I was spot-on. And as the reader told her she had a gift to 'sense things' I felt her energy go up.

The whole time I was sitting on the floor and figuring out which crystals to buy. I got a rhodochrosite sphere, polished black tourmaline with almost white ghostly chatoyancy on the other side, a beautiful chunk of polished Merlinite, a tiny but gorgeous malachite with actual crystal specks on one part (raw), and a lemurian quartz wand with a notch in it.

When I rang up my stones the woman looked at me with a funny smile. More than just seeing someone in scrubs buying crystals. She knew something...and it made her glad...

During my visit I also overheard the Russian wanting astrology from Anthony (different) but face to face, not on the phone. Because it involved 'large amounts of money' and she was afraid of phone tapping. Hmmmmm...

Anyhow, I work today. It's time to go. Many trips to make on the way to work. I had hoped for a nine o'clock start but someone moved something up to seven.

Plant the seeds.

In the Higher Realms YOU are 'Highly Known' too.

Enjoy the time which remains where 'nobody knows you'.

A hero's celebration is coming soon, one like at the end of Star Wars IV.

Everyone will know you for your efforts with Ascension.

Ross waves hello but he doesn't want to make me late for work. He is in good spirits and has a wonderful, gorgeous smile.

When Ross is in a good mood, and excited, it is very difficult to resist his joie de vivre.

He has some party up his sleeve, and much as I don't like them, this one, through him, I have a feeling I am going to really like it a lot. He wants everyone to have fun. He just has this 'way' about him I can't explain it.

He says, 'it's Love and it is contagious!'

I think he's right.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Flames

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Value Persists

Yesterday I had a long day in the O.R.

While I was working I was putting on my gloves like usual, on and off during the cases.

At one point a glove got stuck on my ring, and I pulled really hard.

It took a diamond with it.

One of the tiny little ones in the halo near the main stone.

I was sad.

There was a gap like a missing tooth in my beautiful ring.

I carefully checked the others to see if any were missing there too.

Then it struck me, missing diamond or not, it's still beautiful. It's still the one I was excited to get. 

Furthermore it can easily be fixed. Perhaps even strengthened so it won't happen again?

Around five o'clock last night I felt a shift.

I felt normal.

For those of you who know people on the autism spectrum, there is a profound feeling of being an outsider and outcast with shame and guilt your whole life.

Try as you might you just don't fit in and you can't understand what to do in social situations, unless you have learned, through trial and error, how to 'fit in just enough' so as to avoid detection but never enough to enjoy the give-and-take energy and conversation of others.  There's always self-editing and self-doubt that gets in the way.

Yesterday I realized I could enjoy the company of others in the O.R. Being in their presence, asking questions. For example, I asked an orthopedic surgeon, would you ever want to be ninety years old?

He paused.

He laughed.

He said, 'No way! I wouldn't want some young orthopedic surgeon doing this to ME!'

It was fun.

Fun is in the air.

I 'sense' there is going to be a gigantic party.


I keep secrets.

I have kept many secrets for a long time.

Here is secondary confirmation: 

THAT one is an SOS because some 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Hearts' ship is SINKING!

Right on time!

Ross wants you to think of this when you think of the dragons who are coming.

There are ancient civilizations who have had the privilege to witness them.

With their own two eyes!

To me, Dragons are part of everything I see, write, say and do...



Carla and I are both delighted to welcome you to 'what's new' and furthermore, 'what's next'.

I gave Carla a secret message yesterday, with all the excitement that filled my soul! 

I told her we were ninety-five percent complete on our project.

That was early in the morning.

We had bumped up from eighty percent to ninety percent the day before.

You figure out the rest.  (he smiles with pride and excitement and delight--ed)

I will be here for you our faithful readers in all of this.

I know who you are and how much effort you put forth into awakening yourselves with this project.

You will be thanked.

And now, I invite you to enjoy ring side seats to the greatest event of all history on earth.

Even bigger than me (his historical story/figure, etc--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple