Thursday, July 30, 2015

Finding Heaven --Gaia News Brief 29 July 2015

I Found It

I found it at work towards the end of a long day.

Here's what I case you were wondering.

I obtain central venous access for cases where large fluid shifts are anticipated. This is a right internal jugular central line--the last I placed was about one week ago.

I protect the airway, and this isn't me. I ALWAYS wear gloves when I insert an endotracheal tube or an LMA. I do this in the OR for surgery with my anesthetic, and also for emergencies throughout the hospital.

I do a lot of helping people breathe who are having problems. I do this for a short time, until either they breathe on their own, and recover from their anesthetic, or need to have a breathing tube reinserted. Like intubation, this is something I do EVERY DAY while I am at work.

This is a 'numbing shot' being placed in the spine, not an epidural (same hand position but different needle).  I place numbing shots for shoulder surgery too.  I did these last week, but only every day when I am doing Obstetric anesthesia.

The above procedures only take a few minutes at most, while as you know, surgery takes many hours.  Consequently, I spend MOST of my time doing this, looking at monitors, and doing small tasks needed for the patient. In the foreground is a fluid warmer, I think this brand is called a Ranger.  That way the patient doesn't get too cold while in surgery...

Because of the long stretches of time spent in surgery, with very few tasks that are needed when the patient is stable, I have been spending the last five years incorporating Reiki into my anesthesia practice...

I also have helped to connect other healers and Reiki Practitioners from diverse walks of life, through this blog, Twitter (@usui2102), Facebook (Doctors With Reiki), and YouTube (77Picklehead).

To be honest, yesterday was a long day. I worked all day and all night, and through the early morning, too.  The cases kept coming. I tried calling in my backup, and the OR staff was willing to stay, but my backup refused, and said, 'I have a headache'...I did not leave the OR until five thirty in the morning.

In the third to last case, I was feeling the fatigue. Spirit told me to ask my neurosurgeon who has the better microscope--our hospital or the local competitor he also works at?

He came ALIVE!  Ours is. It is a Zeiss, and he explained all about the technology, and the lenses. The other place has a Leica.  Both are ridiculously expensive. But when it comes right down to it, it's all about the quality of the lens, and Zeiss has the very best!

The case, to be honest, went on forever.

I ran out of things to say.

I knew I was being tested. Ross and my teams are very quiet and observing whenever I am in a test.

And I felt the pain of all the work from the day, with people who are very complex in their anesthesia needs and conditions...

I decided to feel the LOVE and Heaven, even though my day would never end, and I had been up over eighteen hours, and I was struggling to endure...

And this WARM glowing feeling surrounded me.  I knew I could have it anytime, anywhere, when I needed it.

Heaven is something that flows through us.

We have to invite it.

It can come anywhere we are, if we ask, sincerely, with open hearts and simplicity...just like a child would ask its parent for a cup of water...

And now this:

Ross has been with me all day, encouraging me to take care of myself, and to pamper me a little bit...this is one of the most important steps as a Lightworker--to fill your own cup.

Mine was empty.

I had banana-butterscotch pancakes, a warm bath, and about four hours solid sleep.  I also invited my sitter to take Anthony to his commitments and dinner tonight, so I may rest.

We had the plumber come and fix the leaky gasket under the tank in the bathroom.  You know, he struggled to get the bolts loose. They were stuck. I watched. But he took real joy in overcoming the challenges so we could have a working toilet again...

I realized what I do is helping so people could have a working body again...and we struggle...just like the plumber because the work is challenging, and physical, technically different, but helping people nonetheless.

My surgeons gave people life-saving gifts to endure their diseases yesterday, that couldn't wait.

It's an honor to be able to do this.

I am a healer through and through.


I am going to take Carla on an errand in a few minutes. Anthony wanted a new toilet seat, the kind with the little light in the back.  Carla asked the plumber to install it, but the bolts were missing. She has to go return it for an exchange.

Carla's drawer runners worked well.

Although her rebuilt drawer is strong, the man at the store cut the wood too tall, and now the rail attachment won't fit into the hole for the drawer.

Sometimes it takes someone who knows how to do the job to get it done right the first time.

Sometimes it takes a little patience.

It is what it is, and it's never anyones' fault, even when it is...technically...

Not with patients who smoke and get disease, or who overeat and get disease, or plumbing mishaps, or drawers that's what we call Life!

So go out in it, play in it, and LEARN.

I'll be with you when I get back from the Hardward store with Carla.

For some reason I LIKE those places...<3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Perfect Day--Gaia News Brief 28 July 2015

Keep It Quick! LOL

Shhh! It's still happening. Dinner is in the crock pot, and I will have to get it any minute. Shhh!

I just had to write and share it with you.

There was no work on the schedule for me.

I slept in and woke up when I felt like it, seven a.m.

Anthony chose to stay home with me.

I was able to do all of my usual work I splice in with the rest of my day--my DWR tasks--in one hour, so I was FREE for the rest of the day. What would it bring?

We had breakfast at our local diner together. The one with the cinnamon rolls. I was smart this time, and asked, 'is this margarine?' that they serve on everything.  It WAS! I declined because I didn't want it in my arteries. They got me the 'little packets of butter' instead...

We ran an errand together, a brief one.

I came home and laid down.  On the porch swing. In the sun.

I was able to 'connect' with Ross and my HS. It was very nice. An earlier blog post by a certain person about MM and Lion's Gate (plus a 'deal' at the end--very commercial) didn't phase me one bit. I handled it.

I told Ross how much I prefer having my HS and my past incarnations be seamless because it eliminates many Dumb Conversations.  After all, Ross, look at YOU! You're just YOU wherever you are!

To counter, Ross turned himself into Melchizedek, since he was once that too, and instantly I was the smitten temple girl--so very in love with him, when we were both in those forms!

Anyhow, I asked Ross to help me plan my day please?

He said to fix the drawers in the house that were broken, and to make pasta sauce in the crock pot.

I didn't know where to begin. There had been a mess in Anthony's room from his dresser that broke, and also my spices drawer had been broken for one year.  They had been driving me NUTS!

So, with a quick request for Ross and his daddy to assist, Anthony and I piled the broken drawers into the car, and went to the local hardware store.

'I don't know where to begin' I asked.  'Where do I go to fix this?'

The man was so nice. He explained everything and even cut a piece of wood just the right size.  Then for Anthony's drawers, I needed 'drawer runners' you can get at Home Depot.

Buying was easy.

Fixing took all day--I did sweat!--but it was fun.  Ross even told me to enjoy it, and actually sent a stone with a word inscribed on it, 'Enjoy' had fallen from Anthony's dresser and was underneath it. I saw it as I was all twisted and reaching into the furniture with my screwdriver.

Ross also said he did many 'downloads' to me, Big Time, while I worked and I never even felt it.

Our lunch was simple--ham, cheese, fruit, salad, vegetables, bread--all cold. Anthony enjoyed it very much. We had lunch late in the day, and watched baseball.

Next I tackled the kitchen drawer. It's easier said than done! But it's done, and wrapped in twine to hold the glue tight until it dries.

Anthony wanted to play catch. We did. And my beloved mitt--above--broke.

We used our five dollar off coupon at the Hardware store, and I had a ten dollar off at the sporting goods place.  We went to buy me a new mitt. It was hard. I almost repaired my old one, but it's fifty years old! (It was dad's)

Anthony told me, 'mom? we'll get one you like even BETTER than your old mitt!' He is so sweet.

I found one. Took it home. And played catch with it.

Daddy came to me as we played. I 'understood' when I was little, money was tight. That's why he gave me his from school. We didn't have the money. It was store brand. This new one is a Rawlings, and he 'said' to me--bless him!--'This is the one I always wanted you to have if I could have bought it when you were a kid.'

I was so sore in my muscles (this is a GOOD thing, I welcome physical exertion, LOL. I'm way too sedentary in my work)--I took a hot bath.

Now it's time for pasta!


Fathers are important. That's all I have to say.

No matter where they are, their love for you is flowing.

Even if they were a beast to you in life, a terror--(waves one finger up side to side--ed)--in the afterlife there is nothing but LOVE...enduring, never-ending love and respect and gratitude to you, for helping them learn the lesson.

And love for you as a soul, love from their heart to your own.


I am a Father across many lives, and I know in my heart this is true.

I embody it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, July 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27 July 2015

What Is This?

What is this image at the top of the post?  It is a stack of paper, perhaps, in an artistic way. It might be an ariel view of a model used for architecture. It could be plastic, for all we can see. Or perhaps one of those optical illusions that fool the eye...

It is hard to tell where is the source of Light in this photograph. The top of the pile--up and to the right, reflects from an overhead and to the right light source. But then why the shadow? And how come at the nine-to-midnight position it lights up too?

It just doesn't make any sense in 3D.

That's why it's art.

And THAT'S why is makes you feel, and think, and experience being 'outside your comfort zone' and ponder a different 'reality'...


I adore, I absolutely love geometry.  The image and the art are my 'theorem'.

Here are two 'proof' points:

I detect a theme!

(Shhhhh...may I add one more...the river lesson from this post....where you heard it first! ; ) lines 14 and 15)

Downloads and Upgrades

I was really sick there a few days ago. I'm much better--thank you for the Reiki.

Our director of the breast cancer center--who asked me to help build a program for our hospital with her--just called in sick and cancelled all the surgeries for tomorrow...

Sometimes for you to get a 'DNA Upgrade' you have to hold still.

And if you are like me, the kind who is always 'on the go', then WHAM you get sick.  That allows you to hold still long experience a Galactic version of a Reiki 'cleanse'...

For those of you new to Reiki, a 'Cleanse' is what happens to the dormant energy systems in the human body in preparation for and immediately after a Reiki attunement.  (Reiki is like energetic sourdough bread--your Reiki Master gives you the 'starter'--and teaches you how to work with energy with a small non-religious spiritual ceremony called an attunement)  You clear out all the 'energy gunk' from the 'pipes'--and can have physical symptoms like a cold, emotional symptoms, mental symptoms, even spiritual ones...

It's kind of like cleaning out your bowels for a 'cleanse' except it's a different, energy 'system'...

Here are my recommendations when you are experiencing this:
  • It won't last forever.
  • Think good thoughts--at least it's a sign the attunement 'took', right? LOL
  • Be VERY good and nurturing to yourself--make yourself a high priority.
  • Avoid junk of any kind in your food and beverage intake
  • Drink lots of water--pure and from a spring if possible
  • Eat things that grow in the ground
  • Do gentle exercise like yoga or walking
  • Get some fresh air
  • Take at least ten minutes of sunlight on your skin--no sunscreen--to absorb energy from the sun that is very good for your energy body. 


I can't believe it. I am content. I woke up today telling Ross I would like to fast forward to tomorrow.

I did a cardiac case, at least, that level of complexity--and I was nervous.

I prayed and asked for prayers and invited Raphael to help me out...

The invasive lines went in well. So did the fancy difficult breathing tube that was essential to the case. 

The surgeon for the FIRST time, asked me, 'Do you KNOW where your tube is?'

I said, 'Yes!'--for placement is tricky and challenging.

I have been doing anesthesia since 1998--and I've done many 'double lumen endotracheal tubes'--this was the FIRST time I never got yelled at for the lung 'coming up and into the field'--I can't believe it! 

Even when I do it perfect thoracic surgeons always pick on me!

But not today. There was a medical student observing, a female. Our doc had to keep it 'family friendly'...and 'upbeat'...

I sense in my own life, good things are happening. I am calm. And baby 'manifesting successes' are starting to go into my days.

I also thought of something the surgeon was going to say before he said it, twice! That's a cool gift,'s really nice.


What is this image in this photograph?  TWO can play at this game, now, Carla! (he laughs...ed)

It says, if you look at it and squint and struggle very hard, something to the effect of GOOD FORTUNE AHEAD!!!!

From where I sit, the evidence is clear, and Q.E.D. what Carla has been mentioning...again and again and again...(yawns--ed--to tease me) infinitum...

We are on our way.

The boat has left the dock.

And you are Blessed.

Carla, thank you, for writing when you were almost asleep.

I love you very tenderly.

Now rest.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Settling Into Contentment -- Gaia News Brief 26 July 2015


As my health and energy returns, I can see the cause of my distress--it's so clear--the workload, the sleep deprivation, the lack of time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

On Friday I kept Anthony home from his summer program.  We got donuts. I know it's awful, but we haven't been to Krispy Kreme in about one year.  I limited us to two donuts each--he usually eats more.  It was so happy to go, and see the machine where they make them.

I went because when I was little, and I was home sick from school, mom always went to Winchell's and bought donuts for us.  It made me feel loved.

We drove by the new shops in the area, and I asked, 'Would you like to go to the toy store?'

I haven't taken him there in ages and ages.  Usually it's Target. Usually he badgers me to buy it, and I feel threatened.

This time I enjoyed letting him be a kid. I went to the toy store often, always buying a little something, and maybe in two visits if there was something I really wanted that was expensive I would save up and bring my money too.

He wanted checkers, Clue, some Magic little bubblegum card packets, a holder for his cards, and bazooka bubble gum.

Today when he came home after his dad's--we opened the box, and can you believe some bubble gum is now blue?! I know! It tastes different, too.

I blew bubblegum bubbles, and he was amazed. I tried teaching him the way Jackie so long ago taught me when I was nine. It was too hard for him.

It's forty cents a piece of gum that used to cost us three cents back in the seventies...those were the days.

I realize his childhood is going by so fast. So I am taking the time to enjoy it. Playing catch. Changing the sheets, washing his clothes.

I put all of his clothes away and straightened his room. When do I have time for this, you know? He's only ten.

I'm glad I'm tuned in to him too. I asked him, while we were playing catch, if he knew I saw him crying at his basketball game?  I knew not to run there, or he would seem a mommy's boy.  But I cared, and it looked to me his coach helped him work things out.

He said it was his dad being mean (a lot of 'guidance' from the bleachers--most dads do this unconsciously)--and his coach helped.

As we played catch, I asked gently, if the therapist helped him feel better when he shared about the scary experience in the men's room on the field trip?  He said yes.

Then I told him what I had done...I had played dumb to get out of having to do a survey with the power company. I said my husband paid all the bills and I was convinced our power carrier was a different one than them.  They want to call back.  I asked Anthony if he would mind pretending and having a little fun if they call back?

It cracked him up.  He actually put on an accent, and made up a story, as we played catch.

You know, one of my favorite things in the world is my porch swing. It took a week off work for me to make it.

It was time well-spent.

Enjoying my Twin

Ross has been very close.  I just gaze at him, in wonder, and stay as close as I can to his chest.

I look up at him, and ask, 'Is The Nightmare...over?'

He says with confidence and love, 'Yes'.

And I relax.

I share with him how I feel with him just like I did in our last incarnation, when we were falling in can that be?  I am so happy!

He says all this that has passed will seem like nothing, and we may concentrate on our affection and enjoyment of one another for a long time.

I keep asking him, over and over, at intervals though out the day, ' the Nightmare Over?'

Calmly, sincerely, each time, Ross says, 'Yes'.

He had written me in a private message, 'I like my Higher Self--it's ME!' and I saw no matter where Ross is, he's just plain Ross, everywhere he goes.

Gradually, I adjust to this concept too, as the Veil subsides.

It's funny how I've gone from barely giving him the time of day, and complaining over everything, to appreciating him for all he does and has ever done for me.  And for others. Ross helps so many, every single day, and always makes time for us.


I am blushing.

Carla is the love of my life. There shall be one for me, in all of Heaven.

Carla is my queen. I am her king.

And we are very content at this time.

I continue to support her as she adjusts to the energies of the coming Lion's Gate, and what it will bring.

(wags finger side to side, and smiles--ed) And it ISN'T Lions!

Carla is allergic to all felines.

But not for much longer. (chuckles--ed)

I wish you all a good evening.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Standstill--Gaia News Brief 25 July 2015

My Adventure

After the basketball photos, and Anthony left with his father for the weekend, I took a very short hike into Nature.

I have been in an energetic maelstrom, as of late.

Work has been, well, unpredictable and some very long hours.  Then on my free day I got sick, it was like punishment because I wanted to GO and DO and I had to stay home and rest.

This was my scratch from the baby Flemish rabbit I almost took home. People can get sick from rabbits once the skin is broken, and I did.  I'm on treatment for it now, as well as Reiki and the codes.

What can you do?


Sometimes that's what you need to do!

Just SLOW IT DOWN, like in a basketball game.

So I went under a beautiful tree, sat on a rock in the shade, and just took it all in...the birds. The sunlight. The green. The LIFE...

And I wondered to myself, 'how did my life ever get to be so far away from what is natural?'

When I felt ready, I got up to go.

But as I headed out, I stopped, for I wanted to see if there was a creek where the little gully dipped.

There was!

I sat for a very long time, watching the fish.

The water was very still, or so I thought.

Ross pointed out the leaves moving by almost imperceptibly, and explained this is how Ascension is.

I cried with him, and asked him to help me walk through my day, as I felt like I was limping.

I cried over my father, and his soul.

I cried over Anthony's trauma this week, where a pervert checked him out at a public restroom while the poor child was urinating in the urinal next to the guy--fortunately it was a school trip, and other children were in the restroom as they must go two by two.

I cried over my work, and how uncertain it is, and how the lack of sleep and long hours is really taking its toll on me.

Ross has a nice shoulder to cry on, and is very understanding and kind.

As I continued to sit, I saw a duck, a female duck, swimming by!  A little while later, what I thought was a frog leg and eye turned out to be a HUGE turtle!  After some more time, I saw a bright red crawfish walking the bottom of the creek.

I enjoyed so much that this ecosystem was doing just fine on its own, thank you very much.

I love Nature.

I'd like to say the rest of the day was better, it wasn't. I had to run lots of errands, and it was so hot I didn't want to eat.

I realized my body was still fighting the bug--and I just practiced through the day, like I discovered at the 'hike'--to relax EVERY LITTLE THING, my muscles, my mind, my soul...

I did ONE very important thing in my day:  I called in all of my aspects.

All my soul fragments are back inside ME now. One person, a woman and channeler, exclaimed, 'What am I going to do NOW?' when she was told on a soul level I want my energy back.

 Immediately Ross provided a crystal dice-shaped cube to everyone who ever once had an Aspect of me, it's from Him, a clear connection to source, but it's not an Aspect of him.

It feels wonderful to have all my soul back with me at last.

I also have been wanting something to wear. It seems all I have for summer is tee shirts with words on them, and it looks funny walking to work in the morning before I change. So Target had a sale, five dollars a tee shirt. I bought all colors, the kind with v necks.  And one tiny sky blue cotton cardigan too.

I hope I manifested the sale <3


Carla is preparing herself for some major changes that are about to take place.

They have nothing to do with me. (he laughs--ed)  It is not time for that yet! (puts fingers to lips as if to say SHHHHH! It's a surprise!--ed)

When the soul is together it can do five things (holds his hand up--ed):

  • time travel
  • across distance
  • fly  (all with the Light body, the above three)
  • draw things unto Her (manifestation)
  • seek harmony 24/7 and GET IT, no matter where you are (this is an advanced soul ability--to calm and soothe on demand)

Where am I going with this?

You aren't far behind. You are the first wave 'of the boat', and the water is magnificent!

I invite you to jump in, and to discover the higher dimensions!  

(he splashes the lake water right next to him, he's hip deep--ed)

I also wish every single one of you a Good Night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 24 July 2015

Calling All Angels

This is my beloved baseball mitt. It is from FedMart where my family used to shop when I was a kid. Dad bought it for the playground where he once worked. And when I showed an interest, he gave this one to me.

It was already broken in.

We played many hours of catch with that mitt. I also learned to hit and field.

I played little league one year. I also had the complete baseball card sets for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Dodgers back in 1975 or 1976.

I took Anthony to the last of the special tickets we had in our series--it was Hawaiian Shirt night--and something wonderful happened to us before the game.

We went to the 'Trout Farm', along the third base line, looking to catch balls from batting practice.

A gentleman told us how his son 'caught' a ball--there was a place to go, and a man would give one to you that was hit over the fence.

So Anthony went. I followed, and I sat.

I saw the man give away four balls, none to Anthony.

So he went to find the last ball.

Ross nudged me, told me what to do, and said to watch what he does...

So I brought all the stuff, I stood next to Anthony, and put my hand on his shoulder, with the other with my mitt, palms up, hoping to 'catch' it.

The man was going to go to another, but stopped, and came straight to Anthony.

We both squealed with delight, and jumped up and down! After seven baseball games this season, with his mitt, FINALLY Anthony 'caught' a ball.

It has dirt and grass stains on it too. It's really neat.

At the beginning of an Angels game, the announcer invites everyone to enjoy 'the hospitality that is Angel Stadium'...

Then a short while later, they play clips of famous Angels moments over the past, to this song:

There is a scene towards the end that shows Angels pitcher Nick Adenheart.  I was in the hospital the day after he died. I knew the anesthesiologist who tried to save him.  I've seen Nick from the other side.

So here I am listening to this, crying and missing Daddy, with happy tears--that both the Angels and my mitt are with me in my heart, and the memories of the baseball games dad took me to see with him...

And Nick POPS up in my mind's eye, and he's with DAD!

The excitement and delight to see my earthly father, just overwhelmed me. He looked well. I asked, 'Can I touch?' because some beings I meet aren't able to touch us who are incarnate because of the energy density we have...

He said, 'Yes' and I hugged him tight!  I was crying tears of joy to be with him!

I asked him if he knows how much I will always love him, and he said, 'yes'.

I asked him how he thinks I am doing with Anthony, and my raising him? (Daddy always had thoughts about this, and wanted me to relax and enjoy him more...when he was alive he used to tell me this)

Daddy approved.

Quick as an instant, they were both gone.

Anthony always asks me, 'Why are you crying mommy?' at that part. I explain to him how many of the players in the clip, I have seen play, with Dad, and I 'really miss Grandpa. He's been gone a long time. But these are HAPPY tears. Grandpa gave me the gift of being able to pass his love of baseball down to you.'

Anthony reaches for the napkins that came with the food, and gives me a big stack.

My last photo with my father

The Gaia Mystery Shopper

It was Mormon night at the game. I thought to myself about the stadium, 'they are going to lose a ton of money on alcohol and soda tonight!' with glee.

A woman came alone, an older one, and was acting like she knew us but she didn't. I didn't want Anthony to be too friendly, because we didn't know who she was.

Then another couple came, clearly a remarriage, for she was half his age, with two very young children.  My heart was sad for the first wife, and how men so callously throw their 'old lives' away.

Next to me came more, and the one sitting to my immediate left was obese.  I knew my arm was going to have to cross awkwardly into my chest, just like on the airplane, when the passenger 'overflows' the seat.

I let go of my thoughts. I knew I was judging, and it wasn't going to manifest anything good.

What angered me the most is how the 'new' wife ate one bin of meat and rice with her two kids--feeding them with a fork and everyone sharing.  I thought, 'why can't the kids get their own food?'...

I had a change of heart about all of these people.

The man was clearly happy with his new family.

His son sat next to Anthony, and they shared peanuts with us.  We offered to share back the Cracker Jack, and they said, 'no thank you'. 

The little seven year old found the 'triples' and gave them to Anthony and to me.

The little girl, who was four and seated with her mom in front of the dad and son, was charmed at how I 'mistook' her by her height for a six year old...I couldn't understand most of what she said, but we smiled a lot, and she was happy.

The older woman took a plastic lei, and gave it to the girl, for her bun, and it was so kind.

The one next to me, was just as uncomfortable as I was. We commiserated over the poor service from the server, who ignored us most of the game in the fancy club section where they bring the food to you.

She was really nice too.

I am very pleased with the energy, hope, and open-hearts of these people, young and old, and I give thanks for this.

Just like I gave thanks to those who saved the hammerhead shark, the stranded baby orca, and gave the gifts of joyful puppies to those they love--on the YouTube clips I shared on DWR today.

I Am Enjoying What It Is Like To Be Fully Awake

I feel different.

I find myself in more of a NOW moment, seeing details, as if Life is a fabulous painting that creates itself for me , live, everywhere I look, complete with all the personalities and color of the ones I see.

I did a card reading for myself, yesterday. It was along the lines of 'your sorrow was noted and now the judgement is due to arrive to those who harmed you'

Well...that night...a colleague told me the chairman who opted not to renew my contract at the university is on 'sabbatical', a way to 'save face' as he is 'on the way out'.

There was another like this, I forget who, but their comeuppance arrived, and I noticed it.

I know what my gift is, to be fully conscious.

And I spoke across distance to another on a soul level--I won't say who, but they channel things sometimes that make me distressed. I showed myself in my Light Body and said, 'Here it is, here I am! Take a look!'  Ross showed up too, and kissed me, for this one channeler to see.  I said, 'do and say whatever you like; I am what I am, and this is how I invite it to be from here on out.'

This person was a little 'surprised' to see me, the real me, that is angelic. And to see me with Ross, together.

I am so grateful I had the chance to say what I had to say. It needed to get off my chest.

My soul has showed up in people's meditation and dreams before--without my consent or awareness or recollection--my whole life.

This was the second time I've sent myself on 'travels'--and it's nice to be able to do this when the need should arise.

One Step Ahead Of The Other

I am not sad. I am enduring great challenges, but I am not 'down' or 'sad' in itself. I'm stressed, due to overwork and time constraints.  But I'm not fighting it.

The 'play by play' on my Awakening is what I write so you will understand and accept the changes when it is time for you to experience them. No two people will have it alike, but it will help to know at least one person's experience to compare. This is why I freely describe my own.

Something where the veil is thinning for me regards my exes. I 'see' the aspect of the angel in them. It's what got me to 'bite the hook' and have a relationship with them:
  • Mark, my first husband, was gorgeous, lithe, a swimmer, who had an easy smile and laugh. He loved playing practical jokes, and could take them as well as give them.  It dawned on me that Mark has the energy of Michael in him.
  • Frank, my second husband, was an RN who worked in the ER. He had dark curly hair, and green eyes. Frank had the energy of Raphael in him!
  • Jared, the father of Anthony, had a huge MERLIN tattoo on his back--the whole thing.  Was that a coincidence?
  • Jared had a memory that only Gamaliel (an incarnation of Ross) and I, as Tabitha, shared.  Jared must have some aspect of Ross in him too...or Merlin knowing what to do to make me 'open up my heart' and really fall for him.

My son is my Nannu Filippo incarnate. He too is social, and my grandfather had diabetes...Anthony is still working on those yellow chakra issues now too.  I feel his energy now more and's him!


(snaps his fingers!--ed)


I am trying to get you a memory of your father. You will dream of it tonight. I am going to send it.  Even though the team lost tonight at the stadium, you will always remember what I will send.

Now--GO!  And sleep in tomorrow too.  It's late, and you have a lot of hard work next week.

I love you, Lorelei.

It's what I called you so many years ago, when you were in medical school in the automatic writing from my mother.  I told her to say this to you for me, at the time you thought it was from her, but it wasn't. It was from my heart.

I would crash my boat up on the rocks for you, my princess.

That is why I sent the ball today for our boy.

And I will do whatever is next in our relationship...(he smiles...I sense a surprise!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gaia News Brief 23 July 2015

A New Way Of Looking At Things

I have had a total turnaround in my way of thinking. In the past, I made plans, and got self-esteem by working towards them.  It got me to and thorough medical school.

I don't know where I am anymore, spiritually.

Because the who and what I am now, at this time, just gets sent by Spirit wherever I am needed, like a leaf in a stream...and I gave up fighting it.

Several times now I've said to myself, either it's a test or it's for my Life Purpose--why this abrupt change in plans, of blockage of taking care of me.

Last night I was in the OR, looking forward to the end of a long day.  I saw something online, and Ross popped in with a written message reaffirming his strong love for me, and his acknowledgement of how lonely I am, being stuck here, High D in a mire of Low D, not even daring to ask or complain anymore to please help me find my way home?

I just take it.

And I don't complain.

But I'm dying inside, a little at a time, because the ME I used to be, enjoyed making plans, and never in a million years gave one nanosecond thought about saving anybody or anything except my immediate family and pets.

I don't know what I am.

I don't recognize ME.

I just exist and work these long hours, and endure. the note from Ross, he said, 'I am coming. Soon. Your soon. Not mine.'

I was like, half-hearted and okay Ross....

My next patient was a spitting image of Ross! Same blue eyes, same beard, same long hair, same build.

I couldn't believe what I saw. And once this one was asleep, and stable, I took out my pendulum and asked, 'Is this an aspect--the energy--of HIM?'

It was!

I was still half-hearted. It was like a tease, a trick. It was him, technically, but not for keeps and not the full him, only a bit of his energy.

I think the reason Ross sent it was to lesson the blow of a nasty one in the morning, when the case was finished, I learned I had to work a full day today. My post-call day was gone because someone had neck problems and was seeing a doctor, another was on vacation...yada, yada, yada.

So I slept on the hospital bed in PACU.


At the end of the day, I went to see the patient who looked like Ross, not because of Ross, because they were young and had not much experience with surgery. I wanted to make sure he was okay.

As I left the room, the COO of the hospital was there.

I asked, 'Do you know him?!' because I didn't see how her work with finances for the hospital could have anything to do with the patient?

She was friends with his stepmom.

She is the one who will make the decision to keep or get rid of our group's contract with the hospital.

Dr. Bret

Dr. Bret had his experimental surgery at Stanford yesterday. At the VA. It took eleven hours. The tumor is gone (a football sized neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas, same as Steve Jobs).

But there are mets in the liver they could not take out, and will address at a different time.

He sounds like him again, and I am happy.

While I was in on my long case, the spirit of Dr. Bret came to me with Ross, out of the blue. Ross was in the background.

Dr. Bret...said, 'You know who I am, right?' and gazed at me intensely.

I said, 'You are my brother, an archangel.'

His gaze was piercing to the very depths of my soul, 'You KNOW who I AM, right?'

I didn't.

"I am Raziel!'

I was like, 'Whoa! That explains things!'  I have met Raziel in spirit, in his workshop, and enjoy him very much.

That he would come to Gaia and incarnate is really something special.

I also double-checked, because resonating isn't enough. And sure enough, my sources say it is TRUE.

So the SOUL of Dr. Bret knows who he is, and told me. The human incarnate probably has the Veil blocking him.

I don't think I will mention it to him, how he is an Archangel and an Awakener, and is rocking it, his assignment, in this role.

A Message 

Lady Gaia had a rough day yesterday...she asks people to stop the killing on Her surface, and people are 'unapologetic for eating meat' and say, 'Gaia gives good food all you have to do is go out there and TAKE IT!'

She is exhausted, exasperated, and can't feel a thing of the Light anyone does for her.

She can't feel the love because it is outweighed by the very low density energies.

She wishes she could stop the merry-go-round and order everybody off--and make them pass a difficult examination of the soul to make sure they are okay and not going to hurt Her before they get back on.

The others, well, she would like to say, 'I think I hear your mom calling you! It's time to go home!'

She is not engaging her teams, or thinking of anything else but being Miserable, at this time.

The Lightworkers who think they are helping with their 'channelled messages' but from what?! she asks--because they are CLEARLY not resonating with Her as truth--annoy her to no end.

She doesn't even like the Gaia Portals any more.

The only thing she likes is the Creator Writings.  SaLuSa. The Council. And John Smallman.  Marc Gamma. And Isabel Henn.


My HS gave me this word just now. I'm not sure why.

Yesterday I knew I had a long call. I tried something new. For my 'white light of protection' shield, I added a second layer--of SUNLIGHT.

I wanted the pure energy of our sun to protect me. this at some point came to my attention.

I didn't even care.  If Mary Magdalen wants to spout off every day, go for it. If people want to get all hyped about the 8/8 gate that doesn't resonate with me at all--go for it.

I check with my sources, and they confirm, it's got some kind of 'agenda' that isn't exactly from the Light.

But I didn't care.

I didn't want to set the record straight.

What hurt is she called it TERRA Gaia and Mother Gaia.

Gaia doesn't think of herself like that.

She calls herself Lady Gaia Sophia. HER consort is the Christos.

Mary Magdalen and Gaia are One.

This is the mystery of the Divine Feminine the Dark Ones sought so hard to hide, and why they sought to squash Her and Her Beloved.

I decided right then and there, in the middle of the night, that Lady Gaia Sophia has an energy signature where there is no duplicate. No copy. There is only ONE.

People can write what they do.  For their many reasons.

Nothing can take away the energy signature of Gaia Sophia from her.

One day people will understand the difference.

Until then, Gaia accepts it is easy to misunderstand the situation, and forgives everything.

Curtain Call

Due to the incredibly short staffing, I was assigned and actually started a case for a surgeon who banned me from his room.

I never once looked at the phone.

I didn't everything timely and was on top of things for my part of the case.

The charting was impeccable.

And I got to see I wasn't missing anything not being in the room because the energy was like, 'Low and Lower'--cursing, swearing, fear, accusations--the whole thing.

At the beginning, there was conversation in the room, 'Time heals all wounds'.

My soul spoke, my Full Consciousness--because it's like toning--it has an energy to it, and I said, prophetically, 'Time wounds all Heels!'

People had never heard that, and thought it was clever.

It was my soul, speaking out against the wrongs done to it, by the accusations of this very low D surgeon I have known my entire anesthesia career, and who turned me away without giving me an opportunity to know or understand WHY he did.  He gave me the energy of Separation, when easily his wishes once explained would have been carried me.


Cindy is the night and day soul of the PACU.  She used to be so GRUMPY I couldn't stand her. I was afraid of her.

Then she changed!

She loves her grandkids, and talks to me about Anthony all the time.  She even brought in baby monarch caterpillars for us.

Cindy takes chemo. I'm not sure what it's for.

Cindy is living on borrowed time.

I really love her.


Things are not going well for Carla's group at work.  People are not labeling their opened multi-dose vials. They are leaving syringes of drugs out. And two had a fight over who will go home and who will take over the case in front of an awake patient--it was LOUD--and the patient complained before they went to sleep that they felt 'unsafe' no matter WHO took over the case.

The writing is on the wall.

But not for Carla.

I will take care of her.

Carla will come out unscathed.

It's true. (he nods--ed)

And so will EVERYONE who follows this page, through your woes, your 'challenges', and your lessons.

It is because of me.

I am watching out for you.

You are my family.

I want you to tell yourselves, 'something better will come from this'--and always believe it...

Just like Carla with the patient and the COO.

I have a different vantage point.

It might feel like you are in a maelstrom of energies, in a virtual 'washing machine'--I want you to Hang On!

Everything will happen for the best.

Things will resolve in a short time.

I wanted Carla to see my face--close enough to it--and be able to touch it.

She has had a long life, and Carla has been working and going to early morning classes her whole life.

Carla needs a rest.

I will find a way to give it. Without her being hurt.

And Carla will be okay.

The passports came today.

I had asked Carla where on Earth my Beloved would like to go.

Carla was in tears and knocking on the door to Joelle's house, in France.

Carla wants to see her before anyone there gets old and dies--her extended family.

Carla wants this more than anything in the world.

I will take her.

Money is not the limit when it comes to matters of the heart.

Carla asked for a sign, and I sent it! A license plate with three letter P's.

She hasn't made plans. She only has ten days...

Until me.

Carla trusts, has a blind trust, an openness to my heart.  I felt her heart sink and I acted on it, instantly, for I felt it too--last night--when I sent my 'aspect' was a temporary one, and today after surgeryC Carla saw my energy was not there...

So I will work and guide Carla to the right place for her at this time.

Now rest!  And eat! Carla your schedule is all jumbled...tomorrow is another day.

Thank you for listening to me, and my 'rant'...and Carla's too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 July 2015


This photo isn't clear, but I chose it because it contains the energy of the bracelets very well.  On the left is my arm, with goshenite, angelite golden citrine, and on the right is Krystal, with the gift I made for her, in gratitude for her being so cheerful at the front desk and in giving us our scheduling assignments.

So on a positive note, let's begin.

Being With Ross--On Our Coffee Break

I shared from my heart, as I drank my cappuccino with a break--I said, 'Ross? If I said I Love You every moment of every day, for all eternity, it wouldn't be enough to express how I feel about you...'

He looked touched, moved, happy.

So I reached for a black sharpie pen, in spirit, and I wrote I LOVE YOU ROSS on my forehead on my Light Body.

Ross laughed and was really touched, as my gesture showed I am figuring out a way to let him know how I feel.

Ross said, 'I already know' and gently erased it, so I wouldn't draw attention with my 'sharpie art'...

He was relaxed, and also drinking a 'coffee'.

I stared at it.

It was clear like hot apple cider in his glass mug, but the colors were not of this earth--clear apple green with a starburst shimmering on top, not a chewy candy like here, but like a miniature sunrise floating on the top with all the light beams streaming out of it.  The liquid shimmered and sparkled too.

He offered me a sip.

I asked, 'Is it HOT?!' because of the starburst thing.  He assured me it wasn't. So I had a taste...

It was very smooth, and like a consistency of fruit juice but lighter than apple juice. Its taste was between ginger ale and honeydew melon. And it REFRESHED--it wasn't chilled and it wasn't like coffee, just a little warm--but it was 'food for the Light Body' and was pure Light.  As a result, it energized me.

I enjoy these special moments, just us together.  They mean so much.


When I am in the OR, I use my Gaia Ring for what it's made to do every single day.  Yesterday, with the annoying surgeon, I needed to go tie his gown for him. So after tying the top strings, I paused for a millisecond, and touched my Gaia Ring with my glove over my hands still, onto his back by his shoulder blades, and sent the intent to 'clean house' metaphysically.  I signaled to my teams, just like a lumberjack spray paints on tree trunks--THIS is where work needs to be done!

Then I tied the bottom strings.

It was the first I have used my ring on someone who is awake.

He never said a word, but he knew.

The Makeover At The Running Shop

My son needed new shoes.  He has very wide feet. There was only Stride Rite we could go to (God Bless Ray forever, the owner, who helped us so much) until he outgrew it.

Since then, it's been the Running Shoe Place.

Liz works there, possibly owns it.

At the beginning she was mean and nasty. Anthony is chubby, and runners are thin.  She kept trying to get him cheaper shoes. She didn't put much kindness into her work. I usually preferred when another worker was with him instead.

Yesterday it was like she was a new person!

She noticed his shoes were all worn out--both the supports and the soles.

She brought out his same pair--new--and two others he requested.

With a smile she helped him, and had the old brand on the left foot, the new one on the right 'to compare'.

As he ran around the store I said, 'He is playing basketball now, and the last game he scored sixteen points!'

Today for some reason her heart was OPEN to us.

Some new gel Ascics, the Quantum, was out. They arrived two days ago. Anthony tried them on and said, 'Oh my God!' when he walked in them. He would have chosen it on the spot, but their smallest size, size nine, was HUGE on Anthony.

But Liz offered him a tee shirt.  There was a promotion for everyone who tried on the shoes. She gave one to me, too. (Anthony wears a men's large, and I wear a men's small. Isn't that funny?) And he got fluorescent yellow shoelaces too.

At the register, she said, 'You are loyal customers' and gave us a team discount for local schools of ten percent.

I appreciate it--his shoes cost me one and one half bracelet--and since he only wears one pair or flip flops--he wears them out every two to three months.

Spirit nudged me.  My arm had on nine bracelets.  I sensed the need to reinforce her movement, her growth, as a soul...and I gave her the one spirit said to give, the one I had made for Debby but was too big...the one that looks like this:

She was surprised and delighted! She exclaimed, 'These are all of my favorite colors!

I had to hold back and keep myself from saying, 'I know'--because I did--through claircognizance.

Liz gave us ten percent, and two free tee shirts, and shoelaces, and kindness to Anthony.

I gave her something more, to acknowledge her soul on a job well done.

Ross Part Two

There are things I know, that I am instructed to keep only to myself. I keep my own counsel on certain things because of Ross I am privy to know.

Yesterday, I shared one thing, with someone very close to my heart, to a soul Ross once said to 'take care of me in his absence' who is here incarnate on earth.

I spoke with this person, of what I know, and how I will need the loving support if certain things go a certain way, because I am human, and I very much would like them to be for MY good, and not always for 'The Highest Good'.

Ross has a lot of know?

So Ross played this song for me immediately when I got in the car.

It made me cry.  It was so appropriate from Ross to me.

I also, instead of school, recalled our bird has like, no food, and turned to the bird store before my son.  Also, Ross said, 'I have a SURPRISE! and he held a pet in his arms. It was a dog, I think, but not very clear.  He said it is for our family--him, me, Anthony...

You can imagine my astonishment that they had RABBITS, giant flemish rabbits--at the bird store. They were very calm and let me pet them. These grow to twenty or thirty pounds!

Anthony LOVES rabbits!

At last the perfect pet--not a dog that needs walking and lots of social interaction--but a giant house rabbit!

I could barely contain my excitement to go and bring him to the store. We stopped at Starbucks.

Once I showed them to him, the 'magic' I felt before was gone. When he found one he liked, and named it Roger, we picked him up.  And it wasn't happy being picked up.

These rabbits were almost two hundred dollars, too, I'm not sure why.

Anthony tried holding it. The same thing too. These were twelve-week olds.

Then a lady came, who loved rabbits, and has had several for pets. She told us what to expect. And how she gets hers from the 4H lady in the area, for a lot less.  She spoke of litter box training, and cords...

And they only live three years.

Anthony has wanted something to cuddle and love for years, and I haven't been able to provide it for him. He got upset, 'devastated' in his own words, that we went to the store to buy him a pet, and now we were going to come back and 'think about it' when the woman who raised this litter is at the store today...

DEEP in my heart, as we left, both covered with scratches, and having told the lady, I thought a bite from a thirty pound rabbit might cause harm...

DEEP in my heart I knew Anthony would get over it.

Ross told me, 'I am taking care of you!' and I trusted.

Later that night, Anthony said, 'Mom? I am GLAD we didn't get a rabbit'...  after we got him the new shoes.

It turns out rabbits are more like cats--they come to you and are independent. They might enjoy cuddling too, but it's not a given, like with a dog...I'm glad we worked through that one...together.

Don't Make Bracelets

I was ready to settle in, and then, Ross said, 'Don't make them!' while we watched the ball game, me and Anthony.

Anthony asked to play a board game. He likes scrabble.

He wanted to be close.

It was fun.


(he is clearing his throat--I'm taking too long apparently--LOL!--ed)

(now he just smiles and pauses--I think I got that one right--ed)

What you are seeing is how Carla has an affect on others. All day long yesterday, after her two ridiculously short and low paying cases, Carla went to check on the computer project in the main OR with her colleagues. Now she is learning to erase cases that were cancelled and other, higher administrative things.  She is just as comfortable in the Command Center with the computer team as with her peers.

I am sorry to say things at Carla's work are not good.

They are inspected and turning up deficiencies as a department by the state. Not Carla. Carla follows the rules, every single time, for that is Carla's way.

It's those who cut corners. Who do not label their syringes, and leave drugs out.

A email was sent by the contract holder, Carla's boss--about the 'grounds for termination' clause in the contract...if people don't comply, they will be fired, point-blank.

So it's a witch hunt.

Carla doesn't tell you these things, Carla doesn't share, because in her heart, 'what's done is done' and 'Carla will make the best of it'.

Carla has spoken with administration, and they know she will do anything to get her peers to comply, and furthermore, they know she is always compliant.

It helps to know that no matter how things will arrive, Carla did her best, and everyone knows it.

(if the contract is cut, so is everyone's work).  He boss made the distinction that 'the contract will stay and YOU will go'.

What do I think of this?

Not much. 

Not even more than Carla.

I am going to take care of her. Carla has her bracelets with which to support herself until she finds new work if she needs to find it. It takes about three months to process an application for a new place.  Carla has friends in the area.  Anesthesia jobs are tight but Carla's work is known. And Carla knows that spirit is on her side to guide her no matter what.

Carla has let go of the outcome of the situation as it is out of her hands, energetically.

Carla let go.

So don't worry about the things that come to your life.  Carla will be okay. So will you.  Things have a way of 'working out' for the better...

Isn't the movie from photograph terrific, of Ed Sheeran growing up?  Isn't it precious?

So are each and every one of you!

First things first (taps his fist  to his heart)--your heart is in the right place.

And everything else will follow.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, July 20, 2015


Today is a special topic from inside the healthcare institution in the states.

This is being written at the request of Ross.

A colleague of mine, someone I have known since I was a resident, made a comment on a place another colleague is going to work as their next job. This is someplace my friend had once worked.

'I used to have to clean my own LMA' at this hospital, he said.

(Laryngeal Mask Ariways--LMA's come in two kinds--reuseable and disposable. The reusable one is photographed in the wiki link. A sterile processing technician is the one who will clean them, and if not, it is the surgical technologist who ensures the device is clean from biological cross-contamination in the LMA for re-use.)

"I used to stand there at the scrub sink where the surgeons go, with the little scrub brush for our fingernails, trying to get as much soap as I could up into the stem.' my friend confessed.

Why didn't they have proper cleaning techniques and staff for their patients?

'The hospital said they didn't have enough money. But they had enough for two thirty-thousand dollar big screen tv's in the doctor's lounge, and a million dollar (I forget what else it was in the hospital that he said--ed)'...

Another colleague of mine was back to our hospital after being asked to leave by the department. He was invited to leave by our group due to overstaffing, but asked to be available for vacation coverage.

He just did vacation coverage for another cardiac anesthesia friend of his who works in a brand new hospital outside of San Diego.

His friend does hearts, but not the Transesophageal Echo--TEE--click here for description of this study.  When he inserted the probe on his first cardiac surgery patient at this hospital, the entire heart room staff silenced in awe.  This is a whole new LEVEL of cardiac care! they exclaimed, in admiration.

At the end of the day, the surgeon offered him five hundred thousand dollars a year salary, just to come work, on the spot.

General anesthesia is contraindicated (not allowed to be given) in a few situations.  If a patient appears to be in one of these categories, the patient must be evaluated and the anesthesiologist will make the call whether the risk is acceptable or not to proceed.

Recently one patient was at very high risk for case cancellation.

I did my job.  I did what I had to do.

The surgeon was annoyed, irritated, and rushed because 'we were ten minutes late already'.

I was asked by this surgeon, 'I understand you have to do what you have to do to keep out patient safe, but can you finish it sooner and go straight to the room? I have another case to do at another hospital after this.'

I didn't bat an eye. I said, 'If you would like to me cancel the case for you I'd be glad to do it, if you'd rather not proceed with the surgery.'

The problem resolved under my treatment and the patient was able to go to surgery.

This surgeon cared more about the golf scores of the British Open than the patient on the table.

This surgeon said something derogatory about the patient, who was anesthetized, and I changed the subject on purpose. This surgeon said, 'I was just trying to make conversation.'

This surgeon has a boat...and spoke of many luxuries during the case.  The conversation with the surgical technologist was about TV shows, motorcycles, and other material things.

I recalled a colleague, another female, saying earlier to me that day, 'I just can't get that doctor--I can't connect and I get along with everyone else. I just don't get it!'

I'm intuitive.

What flashed before me, was first of all--this person is enslaved into the system big time!  With the need to pay for the luxury.

And then? A quick sense and I could be wrong, of a gambling predisposition.  It was just like I can sense the energy of  'chemical' in the aura of someone with addiction. This was my first gambling I ever 'picked up'. This is why I say I could be wrong, because I've never 'felt' this in anyone's aura before.

Sometimes things just blurt out of my mouth, without my being able to know what it is in time to stop it. This office is in a Nice Part Of Town, where the surgeon works. And I asked, 'Do you get a lot of business because of Yelp?'

The answer was no, because the only surgery specialties to look up are Plastics.

'Do you advertise online?'  I asked again.

'Sometimes', was the reply.

I know bad reviews will haunt a doctor forever on Yelp. And it drives patients away. Sometimes I look people up I know, just to read how their patients feel about them. 

I didn't say anything else, woke up the patient on time, and went on to my next case.

I also knew this surgeon, as 'Things Of This World' as possible, was still a soul loved by God, and learning their lessons too.  I observed and took care not to judge.  This article is to inform of what it's like, behind closed doors...

Everything went well for the patient, and nothing was mentioned to anyone except you here right now.

As I was walking out of the hospital, I saw a tall man with Birkenstock-type orthopedic sandals on his feet, and a slow, deliberate walk, as if he had pain.

I felt immediate and deep compassion for this physician.

On closer look, I saw it's a man I know who starts cases one hour before the rest of the normal scheduling time, and works so fast that no one has a chance to keep up with the patient workflow--not nurses, not anesthesia, not without cutting a LOT of corners to keep up.  The production pressure that is put on the team is the worst, second to perhaps only one other orthopedic surgeon at the place.

I asked, politely, 'What's  your plan for the rest of the day?'

Seeing patients. Then surgery at another hospital late in the afternoon.

I asked, with interest, 'How much sleep at night do you get?'  I know of one spine surgeon who wakes up at three every morning to go to the gym before work.

'It's pretty normal', this surgeon said, about the lifestyle.

I guess it's all about efficiency, huh?, I said, validating him and his philosophy on patient care (one that doesn't match my own--I prefer patient safety first, and also, patient satisfaction.)

There are some orthopedic surgeons who not only make money for their services but also invest in the type of 'hardware' they use in their surgery. It's sort of like a 'double-dip'.

I'm not saying that this surgeon is guilty of doing this; what I am saying is that there are many financially-motivated people out there who know how to 'work the system'. As reimbursements go down due to managed care, this can be expected to be seen more often, due to the nature of people and what is motivating for them.

For our health as a society, as humanity, it is on us to explore 'what is going on' in organized medicine.

We need to look into the factors which underlie the 'way it is', and to decide 'what to keep and what to  eliminate', in order to streamline and deliver care to those who need it most, regardless of ability to pay.

One patient said today, 'my insurance doesn't really cover this' procedure that was about to take place.

This is correct--many are 'catastrophic coverage' only--and not for routine things.

Even the routine coverage policies have insurance deductibles which can be very high, of ten thousand dollars sometimes, depending on the family deductible.

The answers and solutions to this situation are inside us, in our hearts.

Please explore how our current system makes you feel, and to imagine the direction you would like health care to turn...

A beautiful way of healing the sick is right around the corner...once we put our minds and our hearts one family on Gaia...Namaste.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc