Friday, July 10, 2015

Irritation--Gaia News Brief 10 July 2015

An Invitation

If you are of the persuasion that the Lightworker Experience is all about 'positive' online 'inspiration', I invite you to skip this article.

If you are open to the angst of a Lightworker who is grappling with the Veil and chomping at the bit to go UP to the Higher Realms--'Back Home'--whether the Vibrations of the Higher Realms come here to surface Gaia, or 'whatever', I invite you to peruse the document and leave whenever anything makes you not resonate with it any more.

Own It!

Creator Writings said yesterday, 'If it is part of you, OWN it! and if not, say, I'm sorry and move on.'

Here is what set me off:
  • Imagine now that within the space of your heart, which you have allowed to expand and open to infinity, that you are in the middle of a vast circle containing jewels and crystals and gemstones of the utmost clarity and color, each one exquisite and unique in its form. Choose one now with me and save the rest for another time, infinitely using this meditation/journey with each exquisite jewel in your circle, whenever you see fit, as you see fit, ever expanding in number and quality and infinite possibilities.So now you have chosen a jewel from the wide circle of jewels before and around you. Allow yourself now to enter into the energy of it, to feel it surrounding you, engulfing you, inhabiting you, transforming you. See yourself as it, within it, it within you, with infinite possibilities of creating with and from it…Ask this jewel what gift/ability it is representing, a gift that you are now ready to recognize and own and use for the benefit of yourself and in service to all. Since you are now ready to let it reveal itself to you, ‘the sky is the limit’ as to how much you will receive as to its qualities and make-up, purpose and form.What does it feel like? What does it look like? Sound like? What form does it take? What purpose does it serve? How can you use it to bring more beauty to your world, to all? Let it dance and sing and talk with you and get to know it. You have now opened up to it and have set your intention to discover and welcome this new gift/ability.And the form and manner of delivery of this new information will be dependent on being open to receiving it in whatever time-frame and pace that is in the highest and best for you and in service to all. Now that you have opened to receiving it, let it materialize in whatever form and time-frame that is in the highest and best for you and all, and be completely open to it.Feel the change and transformation in you as you open to this new gift. It was always there. You are now ready to receive and exhibit it as a result of your recent shift in vibration and clarity. Play with it. Create with it. Explore it. Merge with it. Expand with it. Be it. Become it. Then go about your day coming from that perspective, that reality.You have just expanded and opened to a new aspect of you. Watch as your whole world and perspective changes and shifts as you acknowledge and live in/with this new gift/ability. It is a long-awaited part of you being revealed before you as you welcome it to come into your view and reality.  (From this link, July 4, 2015, by Fran Zepeda:
Compare it to this, written March 14, 2015, as told to us by Ross:
  • Today Carla was brought aboard the habitat of Ashtar. There Carla found a horse, a beautiful brown horse, and Carla, quickly forgot about us, and ran to ride bareback on that horse!

    Only the horse could communicate with Carla by telepathy. And he took Carla up to a very high place, with a ground about the size of a living-room floor, that was visible, surrounded by thin air.

    He told Carla to jump. Now Carla doesn't like heights. But she trusted. And she leapt, only to discover it was like walking on glass--see through--but solid.  She stumbled on something.

    He had her take a look.

    It was a TREASURE CHEST! Filled with gold objects. He had her take a look, and asked her to take anything she wanted...

    Now, Carla is not like other people. Carla wouldn't jump in or participate. Carla had to find out FIRST who that treasure belonged to, and by her taking it would anyone be hurt or sad because it was missing?

    The horse reassured her this was in Spirit, it was a Lesson, and therefore, no one would get hurt, it was OKAY...

    So gingerly, as if something was going to bite that was inside, Carla carefully examined the gold.
    She was working with her intuition to find the piece that was 'right'. All of them were different.

    She found one about five inches in diameter, flat, about the thickness of a quarter. It was solid gold with a face on it, one that Carla couldn't read. She struggled to make out the design and understand the significance of what she had chosen.

    Now next time you meditate, I want you to go to that box, and select a piece out of it that is for you. It is safe to take it. The treasure box will never empty. But only take ONE.

    I want you to discover, just like Carla will be working on the next few days,  what importance this gold piece is for you.

    No two are the same in their shapes and sizes. Some are jewelry. Some are like crowns, some chains..just about anything you think of that is made of gold is within.  
    I ask you to share your answers here in the comments section as you find them. Please be patient with the 'verify yourself' portion of the submitting the comments process with this blog. Carla will approve them in a short time.   Thank you for always listening...

Ross preceded 'Mary Magdalen' by almost four months with this exercise that a handful of people did, and promptly forgot--a few shared--but that was it.  My gift was a timeline splicer. I use it every single day.

In my meditation, with the crystals, I took the black diamond one--a long double point--and I used it to erase this 'source' of channeling from 'Mary Magdalen'.  In my other meditation, I went soul to soul to Fran--who is a marvelous channeler of other beings of Light--and I said, 'Fran, I am deeply hurt and disappointed' by this.  I also told her and showed here in Spirit my soul and my task, and asked her to stop.   I also took every possible Aspect of me and put it all under my one oversoul--so it won't feel like I'm 'jumbled'.

Yesterday I was angry at both my Higher Self and my past incarnation...and I asked for the ability to be 'on the team' and if my Higher Self (who I am at night when I sleep) okays these channeled messages then WHY does it bother me so much during the day when I find out?

My best friend said, 'Perhaps the channeled message is for those newly awakening, and it is not for you to give them the higher spiritual learning yet?'

I don't know.  But I distinctly remember ASKING right before I fell asleep for 'clarity' and to have things 'make sense' by the time I woke up, as I don't LIKE having parts of me doing this and that without my conscious knowledge of it. The last time my HS did something like this, that was sexual, with a girl--and with Ross doing 'stuff' with her too, according to the 'dream/meditation' shared with me by the 'recipient'--I totally FREAKED OUT and it actually broke the friendship.  I don't care what 'galactics do' as long as I am here stuck in this body, we are going to play by the rules of those societies on earth so as not to offend anyone, especially me.  It's not a free-for-all, it's a delicate balance of souls, and I don't want anything to affect my equilibrium as I focus on my Purpose, Here and Now.

Ross, my guides, my HS, and Mary Magdalen, as well as Creator, have been SILENT SILENT SILENT.  So this is a lesson.  And when I came to a conclusion on how to write this, Ross gave me a brief, quick kiss on my mouth.I had mastered the lesson enough to find my way out of the quagmire of energy I had built up in resistance to this beautiful message which frankly, is plagiary.

Lord and Master St. Germain, who is the Twin Soul of Meline Lady Portia LeFonte--says basically, 'everything goes' and 'don't hang on to things'.

Therefore, in my assessment, my Consciousness going through the experience of Incarnation and Duality as it is, is nothing more than this bouncing dot telling us what words to sing. (I know this song theme is awful--but it's the only video I could find to show the bouncing dot...

Here is another 'bouncing dot'--it also doesn't really 'show' much, except how it keeps moving from one scene to the next--until the end:

To make it clear, my Consciousness is 'veiled' because I am incarnate. I know many of my past lives. I carry with me the clear, very clear memories of them too. Emotions are inseparable from these memories, for example, the experience with the loss of Ross in our last incarnation make me cry just like it was yesterday.  

I seek a VOICE and I want to be heard. 

Very few people even hear my voice, to be honest. And for those that do, I am indebted to you with gratitude and filled with love for your being AWAKE enough to know the difference between a channeled message and the real thing.  With each passing day, I feel and walk and talk more and more like an Ascended Master, and in my photograph I took of myself yesterday, for the first time I could detect it. 

My sorrow is that what good is an Ascended Master when everyone is busy living their own lives? And having their own experiences?

People would rather pick the jewel from Mary Magdalen as Fran channels her, than from Ross himself...

Ross has another name--if I used it you would think I'm 'touched in the head'--we agreed a long time ago, both of us, to use my nickname for him with the public. It is from when we were kids in our past life together, in order for you to get past his name, and get to know HIM, and us, which is highly more important for your own soul growth and development.

This is not a 'Freak Show' or 'News'.

This is 'Your Ascension and You', 24/7, 365, for as long as I am breathing to help you find your Way Home.

This Lacks The Energy Resonance

Time to complain some more. Are you still with me?

If you were Gaia, and someone who makes a lot of money in the 'spiritual growth' sector wrote this:,  what would you think of it?

Would it touch you to have some guy who has a website and offers classes and readings to speak for you?

Or would you rather speak for yourself?

In the presence of Gaia incarnate this fellow would start sobbing and fall to her feet.  And stay there, in total shock, for a long time.  He would do MUCH more, than  pay her lip service with a message like this. 

It's a drop in the bucket, as far as She is concerned. 

She wants her world back. She wants governments to stop the insanity of 'politics' and 'war'. She wants abundance to go from Her straight to her people--without currency.  She wants PEACE in all things. She wants her animals and people to live in harmony, and for the killing to stop.  She wishes for everyone who is incarnate for the life experience--animal, vegetable, and mineral (as well as Galactic incarnate)--to have a fair chance to create the life experience they wish, the one they agreed to do in their pre-birth contract--with NO influence from the party of 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart'.

Gaia is at the end of Her patience with the whole 'rescue' of Her.

But what can she do? Leave? There is no other choice but to wait. And to grind her teeth and tap her feet as the suffering continues...year after year, decade after decade, without people waking up.


Carla had a long day. Yesterday she did anesthesia for eleven surgical cases. She did all her paperwork, and drove to the babysitters. Anthony and Carla ate cheeseburgers at Sonic drive through, and said, 'Happy Friday' to each other at midnight.  The cherry limeades were delicious, late at night.

Carla has today off. Anthony just awakened. At his school he has an outing to the beach. Carla would like to go.

I think she needs it.

Lightwork, and being a member of the Lightworker Community on earth, has its ups and downs for her. 

Being at the mercy of all of us up where we are with the Ascension thing--you can see how Carla stopped yelling at Ashtar and me about 'hurry it up' a long time ago because it go her no results--takes its toll on her heart.

Although things are moving 'in a big way' for the overall picture of what is involved, knowing who she is, which totally had her freak out for two weeks once she learned, and we had to have a special 'intervention' just like you do on earth for a loved one, with the little folding chairs and the circles and the Carla could ask of us, 'Is it TRUE?!' and get an honest answer from the family.

So Carla is taking a break. Just for today.  From her responsibilities as a soul--to me, to our family, to Ashtar, to our Mission, to Ascension, and to all life on surface Gaia.

Everyone needs a  little rest and relaxation.

Even me.

I am going with Carla to the beach. And I am taking the time to explain EVERYTHING that Carla needs to know, for what comes next.

Carla is ready.

I have prepared her. And you can see by what she has written, Carla is close to being 'there' in the 'readiness' department too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla