Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2 July 2015

Ross' Promise

This morning Ross told me I would have a 'day filled with fun!'.

It got me out of bed and to work on time, LOL, bless him.

Breakfast was nice with my half-asleep ten-year old. I arrived to work, and was told someone would 'shadow me' for 'learn anesthesia', a nurse who is new to the department and is going to work in the OR.

My heart sank. There is nothing more aggravating to an anesthesiologist than to have someone hanging around and watch you while you are setting up for your first case. I asked politely for some time alone to set up, and thereafter she would be welcome to stay.

The room was tiny, and I never got a chance to sit for the whole case. But she saw how I worked, and her boss is the one who selected me to do her anesthesia for her when she had surgery about five years ago.

With a brief gap, I submitted my billing slips (on Wednesday the billing company picks up our packets). I filled out my timesheet for the computer project. And I made copies of my new license to give to both places I work, and to my billing company.

Did you know the state of California charges nurses--an estimate by a Respiratory Tech--fifty dollars for their license to renew? For an RT like him--it's two hundred fifty dollars to work in his specialty. And for me? over eight hundred dollars for two years of practice of medicine here.  And the little plastic cards look the same for all three fields of healthcare! For the price you would expect perhaps mine to play a tune and shake when you press a corner of it!  (When I got my first license in 1997, it was like three hundred dollars and lasted for I think three years).

One of the reasons I am very AGAINST licensing Reiki practitioners is for this system to take root into our Reiki Practices. First comes the license, then the regulation, then the hoops to jump through to keep it. For example, one year I needed to complete twelve hours of pain classes--all doctors had to, it was mandated by the board...

Back to the fun!

I was in a case for six hours straight, with no chance to eat. I asked a colleague who wanted to go home--would she mind giving me ten minutes? She didn't want to. Her mother was flying in from Iran. My colleague had to cook. The dishes were ready, but she had to hurry to 'go cook the rice'.

Yes, this was what I was told when I explained to another doctor, a mother of two, I was hungry and I would like to eat.


I smiled and said, 'That's no problem, I just was really hungry and hoping to have a fruit from my locker across the hall. I can wait.' while in my mind I thought, 'with the right rice cooker, you can set the timer and have it ready when you come home and it will be perfect all day!'

She let me eat.

I came back for another forty minutes--with gratitude for a carrot and six strawberries I didn't bother to wash because I was in a hurry LOL.

The OR charge nurse wanted to slam me from one case to the next with no breaks. 

I kid you not.

 A NURSE and a MOM sees I have worked straight from nine until three, but because 'the surgeon is waiting' she wants to have me go do a two hour case without a meal.

I put on my shit-eating grin, and said, politely, 'I have been in the OR all day with this long case. Another long case is due to follow. Would you mind if I had ten minutes to eat a sandwich please? Or at least have some juice?'

They couldn't say no.  Not when I ask like that.  It's like my telling the surgeon 'the blood pressure is seventy'. That will get the attention of anyone in the hospital when you say something like that. All conversation will stop.

As a matter of fact, when the not-the-best-fit-with-the job new RN totally missed both the arrival of my patient and my report to PACU, she asked me to do it again. I explained how I have been working for six hours, I have ten minutes to eat, and I must start a new case. I can't repeat myself and stand around. It's all written and the other nurses will fill you in.

SUSAN ran to me and slipped a KIND bar into my pocket. Nurses are the BEST.   She knew the new RN was really trying, and overheard. She moved with her heart, and I am thankful.

I ran downstairs, ate a small salad as fast as I could. I rushed upstairs and was told the higher call than me, first call, was going to do the case. I could go home!

Mama Flor!--I had thought of her for three days. I ran into her at the parking lot. She introduced me to her husband and to photographs of her new grandson Andrew. She is going to babysit him. Her daughter works at my work. Flor was the person who cleaned the OR's for years and retired last year.

I asked about Chico and Oro, her two dogs. Sadly, both had passed unexpectedly. She has a new chihuahua, Rocky and she says, 'he looks like a cow--he is all black and white spots like a dairy cow'.

In the car, I called the massage place where I haven't been although I'm a member.  There was an opening. I took RN Laura's advice, and booked ninety minutes. I also did a little shopping too, at the discount store nearby. I got one summer dress, two linen beach coverups (linen feels really nice!), and one summer robe. A little tote bag, too.

Now I'm stalling...and writing...LOL

Spirit News From Where I Sit

Today's Creator Writings answers the questions in my soul after reading the part of the Pistis Sophia I read during my long case. About the purpose of fear, the reason why it exists.

I also have a huge BLOCK. Actually two of them. I have NO spiritual guidance whatsoever in two important departments--1) what to do on my birthday when I have the day off and 2) where to go on vacation in August.

I've had a lot of 'wings clipped' sensation this year. I adore travel, as you know. I also have places where I could stay for free, with friends, internationally. It's time to go to France again, and I'm due!!

But with work, I am not allowed to take an extended vacation in the summer, 'so that the others may enjoy their families'.  So everyone ELSE gets two weeks, and I get one.

You have to do what you have to do, you know?

I also lost Anthony's passport. I think I slipped it into a Starbucks bag when boarding the flight to Vail (why I bought it I'll never know--I left mine at home--I think it was for ID). Mine is up for renewal, and I have to sort out his situation. I don't think I can leave the country anytime soon.

My heart sank yesterday when I opened the invitation to another family event. I love everyone, and I want to celebrate. It just happens to be on the one open weekend I had hoped to leave town. The last time I had the bug to go to San Diego for one night--just me--I realized I had a commitment on Sunday in the morning before Anthony came home from his dad. A family thing. So I couldn't go.

I talked with my mom about why this invitation out of the blue? And how come no one asked for a date?  Mom is right. Family is family. I will enjoy seeing my loved ones, and Anthony absolutely adores his cousins.

I am really STUCK with my yellow chakra. I feel TRAPPED and I want to GO and DO and ACT. I can't. Due to 'obligations and commitments' that part of me that says, 'what would I like to do? what would I enjoy?' just is about to flatline on me. 

I am not a pushy person. I am a pushover. I let other people get their way. I have to with my family of origin to keep the peace.

So when I came HOME I didn't know what to do with myself. I just lay on my back, talking to Ross, and not really getting any answers.

Then I figured it out. When I looked on the computer for things to do for your birthday that are fun, one jumped out at me:  let your husband plan something for you.

I've already bought my birthday present. It's from my four husbands--they planned it together. It's a very special piece of crystal that was hand-delivered from the other side of the world to the owner of the local store.  I bought it in the short time on Monday when I was permitted to drive home before coming back to work. I'd seen it two weeks earlier and couldn't stop thinking about it.

I knew that my men were planning something. I didn't think it would be a surprise! So I am going to let Anthony 'listen to Ross' and let me know what is in store for me.

Life is too short to work on your birthday.

And for the trip?  I'll take cues from Ross on that too.


Carla is due for bed, and Carla is fighting it.

There is a struggle at work, with a bunch of cliques. There is the Vietnamese clique, who is working outside of the hospital at the same surgery center and not telling anyone.  And there is the Middle Eastern clique who gets the best cases and the most money.  As you can tell by her extremely high vibration, Carla is not a member of any of the cliques.

Carla feels it. And during her massage she felt the sting of all the rejections at her work.

Today, Carla had the fate of her entire hospital, and the means of shutting it, in her hand.

Why might she have so much power? you may ask?

Because Carla has the certification for the use of echo in the heart room. She started the heart room. And she is the only one with privileges to do this study out of all the anesthesiologists in the hospital. She was proctored by the cardiologist, and got the ability to or the 'privilege' to do this in the cardiac cases.

Well, even though Carla hasn't done a heart since 2010, the others did not have the proctoring. The state is looking all through that heart room (luckily, Carla has not been in it for five years! keeping her safe--that's how Source has Carla's back).

So Carla was given a proctor form, and needed three cases from her friend who works in the heart room--to sign he was 'adequate' and submit them to the hospital for the records to be complete.

Carla told the anesthesiologist what was up. And he filled out the forms. Carla later signed them, and gave them to the people in credentialing.

But she knew, and felt vindicated, and UNDERSTOOD why it played out the way it did.

So next time you are scratching your head, and wondering about the snub--remember Carla and the five years it took for her to understand everything, and to come out on top.

There is no way to know or realize from your perspective, how things 'tie in' and 'fit'...but from up here? (he snaps his fingers-ed) it's a piece of cake.

Now...what kind of birthday cake, what flavor, should I get for our Carla?  Hmmm....(LOL! I 'sense' it's just a show because no matter what he is going to get me HIS favorite, VANILLA! LOL--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the birthday girl whose birthday is the seventh day of the seventh month... (and who is blushing, Ross! --ed)