Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gaia News Brief 14 June 2015

Ross' Prediction

Yesterday at work was brutal.  It was the first day or 'Go Live' of our new electronic anesthesia record. I walked in ten minutes early, and there was no anesthesia cart in my room! The never happens!  I can't prepare anything--no meds and no airway supplies--without it.

Apparently the people who had waxed the floors overnight had switched equipment between rooms, and the anesthesia technician had to switch everything, including the anesthesia machines--back.

My anesthesia machine wasn't even checked! This is something--a machine check for safety--that is always done at five in the morning by the tech...

The first case I couldn't log on to the new computer system, even though I am the 'point person' because there is a 'glitch' that seemed like it was only for the class and practice--but it wasn't. I had to ask for help.

I got the rest done quickly. but my surgeon was like, 'hey, what's the delay?' and I was like, 'DUDE! If you only knew!'....once he realized what was going on technically with the computer system, he was happy.

And when he saw later that a facility-based computer specialist was placed in my room to see how the application was 'used right' because I am so good at it, he was glad and realized just how fortunate he was to have me in his room that day, instead of someone who is less accustomed to the system.

I had a brief lunch (half a sandwich leftover from home, and a yogurt) and finished his lineup of cases. Then I had a switch to another room, with what I hoped was my last case.  But at eight p.m. as we were closing, I was told I had to do another case back in my first room.

It was a case that normally takes twenty minutes.

After one hour the team still couldn't find the organ that needed to be removed, due to intense scars inside the body.  The attending surgeon asked for help from another surgeon! I told the front desk, 'Look, this is going to be very involved...it's not the usual. Please have whoever is still here and scheduled to stay late to come relieve me so I may go home.'

My relief had a birthday party. His family was at a restaurant. He was already dressed and ready to go. He asked me 'for a favor' since the party was rescheduled from today due to his work assignment.
He said, 'I will pay you back'.

The birthday party was for his niece. He is childless.

I confronted him, and said, 'My son needs to spend the night at somebody else's house--this is the favor you ask. You ask for your niece's needs--she's an adults--to take priority over my ten-year-old kid? I'm sorry, I can't do that kind of favor. You are higher call than me. This is unfortunate but it is what it is.' (there were at least two more hours left in the case)...

So he came.  He showed me the picture of everyone in his family waiting at the restaurant, and said, 'Things happen.'

The Magic From My Team

I experienced this directly twice yesterday:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/07/13/signs/

My surgeon's Bose speaker ran out of battery. So I showed him our 'low budget speaker' where you get an empty suction canister and put your cell phone inside.

I started with Pandora HipHop BBQ--but it didn't sound right.  So I switched to Taylor Swift station, as she is more pleasing to a wider group of people in the OR.

This song came on:

I almost started bawling--it was around six p.m.  This is MY song! It helped me get through my worst trial...and I shared with the group by text at their concert how I had my boy in trouble--serious trouble--and how this song helped me through. Would they please play it?  AND THEY DID!!!

This link from Creator Writings was the second-most 'saving' thing I've ever experienced, and I 've bookmarked it too:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/completely-unique/

So anyhow, back to the long day that was predicted by Ross--I read my teams the riot act on the drive home.

I asked 'how come I create crap? What's the deal? My vibration is HIGH, I think good thoughts, and it's one test after the other like I don't understand!'

I asked, 'Is there someone trying to put me in my place?  Or am I doing the karma for others?'

I sensed an 'energy shift' in Ross that made me realize yes this was indeed the case!

I went on a HUGE rant at this point.  I didn't incarnate to take away other's karma for them.  I also said the concept is 'not right' and 'I don't buy into it'--challenging Ross head-on, saying, 'I think it's a load of crap!' (I flashed a picture of how he died)

It was the first I've ever felt Ross almost get angry with me.

I told him, 'How am I to know if taking away Karma for others is truth or a lie with all the religious systems in place down here? Everywhere you turn something is being said to manipulate you into behaving to support them and their system of control!'  (I flashed a series of pictures of 'good' and 'bad' religious imagery across all organized 'religion' like a movie on YouTube)

His energy eased.

He saw my point.

I said, 'You died a horrible death, and I'm sorry. You accomplished what you did--and it's because of your energy, not what happened to you. It would have been the same had you not died, in my opinion, because of your very high energy.  I'm sorry for what happened, and I love you no matter what. I accept if I am wrong about this too. How am I to know, here under the Veil, what is true?'

They they started with the energy that changes my attitude--and I laughed inwardly--how everyone messes with my energy and has their 'finger in the pot'; I can't even hold on to my complaints with my team working on me like that...I couldn't even remember what I was angry about. It's that strong what they do.

I added, "I am exhausted and I don't know how much longer I can hold on.'  There was more but I forget. And I asked to be held, as in this incarnation I have never, ever been held enough...

Ross held me. So did Raphael, Michael, and Merlin. I felt tremendous energy flows as I neared the babysitter's house.

Anthony was hungry. It was past ten.  He asked to go eat. We tried Sonic.

Teens smoking outside their cars were loitering there.  The energy was of drugs and super negative/low vibration. We couldn't go. I drove past the place. I didn't know where else to go.

Ross' song, 'Pompeii' by Bastille came on that very second. I knew this was from my team, this 'redirection'.

Another street wasn't far, and Denny's was on it. I asked Anthony if he'd like to go?

We went.

We were seated at table 33! Ross' number!

We had fun. We created to games out of the nutritional information while we waited--'Sodium poker' and 'Calorie Blackjack'. It was fun.

Can you believe the nicest restaurant in Disney California Adventure--Cathay circle--which is just like club 33--has Frankenfish--farmed salmon which is undoubtedly GMO...and DENNY'S has the Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon for like, eleven dollars?

I kid you not!

And we shared a banana split, me and Anthony--taking what we wanted, but leaving the rest.

I had dibs on the vanilla scoop, Anthony on the chocolate. 

Ross had to tell me to stop, because I was enjoying it and eating past when I was full.

In a brief 'redirection', my day and my hope in my ability to co-create--was restored. 

My team heard my cry, and I am grateful.

Today I start at eight. Ross wanted me to write this, and then go to work. There isn't much time...


(he just smiles, a very warm, expressive smile, and is quiet--he wants you to know it is true what he did for me and what all teams can do for you--when you ask from your heart and accept either way the consequences of your asking.--ed)

I like that song too, by Rascal Flatts.  I am going to let Carla get herself and her son ready for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Docs