Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Perfect Day--Gaia News Brief 28 July 2015

Keep It Quick! LOL

Shhh! It's still happening. Dinner is in the crock pot, and I will have to get it any minute. Shhh!

I just had to write and share it with you.

There was no work on the schedule for me.

I slept in and woke up when I felt like it, seven a.m.

Anthony chose to stay home with me.

I was able to do all of my usual work I splice in with the rest of my day--my DWR tasks--in one hour, so I was FREE for the rest of the day. What would it bring?

We had breakfast at our local diner together. The one with the cinnamon rolls. I was smart this time, and asked, 'is this margarine?' that they serve on everything.  It WAS! I declined because I didn't want it in my arteries. They got me the 'little packets of butter' instead...

We ran an errand together, a brief one.

I came home and laid down.  On the porch swing. In the sun.

I was able to 'connect' with Ross and my HS. It was very nice. An earlier blog post by a certain person about MM and Lion's Gate (plus a 'deal' at the end--very commercial) didn't phase me one bit. I handled it.

I told Ross how much I prefer having my HS and my past incarnations be seamless because it eliminates many Dumb Conversations.  After all, Ross, look at YOU! You're just YOU wherever you are!

To counter, Ross turned himself into Melchizedek, since he was once that too, and instantly I was the smitten temple girl--so very in love with him, when we were both in those forms!

Anyhow, I asked Ross to help me plan my day please?

He said to fix the drawers in the house that were broken, and to make pasta sauce in the crock pot.

I didn't know where to begin. There had been a mess in Anthony's room from his dresser that broke, and also my spices drawer had been broken for one year.  They had been driving me NUTS!

So, with a quick request for Ross and his daddy to assist, Anthony and I piled the broken drawers into the car, and went to the local hardware store.

'I don't know where to begin' I asked.  'Where do I go to fix this?'

The man was so nice. He explained everything and even cut a piece of wood just the right size.  Then for Anthony's drawers, I needed 'drawer runners' you can get at Home Depot.

Buying was easy.

Fixing took all day--I did sweat!--but it was fun.  Ross even told me to enjoy it, and actually sent a stone with a word inscribed on it, 'Enjoy'...it had fallen from Anthony's dresser and was underneath it. I saw it as I was all twisted and reaching into the furniture with my screwdriver.

Ross also said he did many 'downloads' to me, Big Time, while I worked and I never even felt it.

Our lunch was simple--ham, cheese, fruit, salad, vegetables, bread--all cold. Anthony enjoyed it very much. We had lunch late in the day, and watched baseball.

Next I tackled the kitchen drawer. It's easier said than done! But it's done, and wrapped in twine to hold the glue tight until it dries.

Anthony wanted to play catch. We did. And my beloved mitt--above--broke.

We used our five dollar off coupon at the Hardware store, and I had a ten dollar off at the sporting goods place.  We went to buy me a new mitt. It was hard. I almost repaired my old one, but it's fifty years old! (It was dad's)

Anthony told me, 'mom? we'll get one you like even BETTER than your old mitt!' He is so sweet.

I found one. Took it home. And played catch with it.

Daddy came to me as we played. I 'understood' when I was little, money was tight. That's why he gave me his from school. We didn't have the money. It was store brand. This new one is a Rawlings, and he 'said' to me--bless him!--'This is the one I always wanted you to have if I could have bought it when you were a kid.'

I was so sore in my muscles (this is a GOOD thing, I welcome physical exertion, LOL. I'm way too sedentary in my work)--I took a hot bath.

Now it's time for pasta!


Fathers are important. That's all I have to say.

No matter where they are, their love for you is flowing.

Even if they were a beast to you in life, a terror--(waves one finger up side to side--ed)--in the afterlife there is nothing but LOVE...enduring, never-ending love and respect and gratitude to you, for helping them learn the lesson.

And love for you as a soul, love from their heart to your own.


I am a Father across many lives, and I know in my heart this is true.

I embody it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins