Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gaia News Brief 16 July 2015


There are signs of my own increase of vibration by leaps and bounds--and I have to stop and take note of it.

Three things recently happened that would have driven me up the wall and probably had an emotional outburst--and nothing HAPPENED!

Here they are:

  1. The dead rat I found right before leaving for work--we had smelled a funny smell in the house, and couldn't locate it. We weren't sure if it was the kelp roots we took home from the beach or what.  My son needed some towels to go on a field trip. I went in the laundry room, and there, in a trap, was something about two days dead.  It didn't faze me! Not a 'blip'! I looked for a couple empty bags by the trash can, put it in, and brought it to the garbage.   My focus was on things that interest me--and rats don't--so I 'invested' as little emotional 'energy' into what happened--it was like putting broken glass into the dustbin. I never get worked up about that.
  2. 'Mom? I forgot my phone!' Anthony exclaimed on the way to school.  No problem! We'll turn right back--I heard the words coming out of my mouth, and not one 'blip' on my emotional 'radar'. I just DID WHAT I HAD TO DO.  I could tell Anthony was surprised by my lack of reaction (I was late to work again--not really, but not as 'early' as I would have liked). He appreciated it. I clocked it and it added an extra six minutes to my commute. No biggie.
  3. Crunch crunch crunch crunch--the Ice Chewer in the Nurses' Lounge. I ate a meager dinner that was the second half of my lunch at six. A Surgical Tech lady was engrossed in her texting, and absentmindedly lifted her cup of ice to her mouth, and in rapid fire always four crunches--chewed her ice.  She didn't stop.  I am very sensitive to loud chewing and chewing with the mouth open; I will get up and change seats in a movie theater over the loud popcorn chewing. For the first time, I realized 'it is what it is'--this is how she enjoys herself, she's done this all her life, and it's not worth getting worked up about it or giving dirty looks or asking her to stop.  I am intuitive! I could TELL every other person in the room besides her--there were six--was cringing at the noise, just like I was. Did I say anything? No. I realized I didn't LIKE it.  And I didn't stick around.  I finished my lunch-dinner and left to do what I had to do.

You might want to go over some of your old 'triggers' to 'having a fit'--and see just how much they 'trigger' you now-- ;)

The Chocolates

I ate the first half of my lunch, a Noosa mango yogurt, a tiny sandwich on Hawaiian roll, and one half of a vanilla blueberry KIND I left to go to my next case...I thought, 'I sure wish I had something sweet! Something chocolate!'

The next time I was in the Nurses' Lounge, after my  other case--guess what?

On the table was a box of See's Chocolates!

I took the piece closest to me, and it was my favorite, Bordeaux.

I manifested it.


When I was at the GI area, I recalled how a nurse who I had done the anesthesia for an emergency case when I was on call, wanted to thank me with a gift...but didn't.

I thought, WHEN is that friend of mine going to do what he said he would do?

I knew he had meant it.

He texted me two days later, and asked if I would like to see a play. He had two tickets he would buy for me.

I asked my niece. She could come. I mentioned it, and my friend offered to buy an extra ticket for Anthony. 

I was thrilled. Now I have a special treat with my loved ones--a nice meal and a play--from a generous and kind-hearted nurse.

I think I manifested it too.


Today I had some time to just talk with my Beloved.

I asked things that I suppose might have been silly, but he is kind.

I asked if he is really Ross in all his Higher Self and Incarnations and everything?

Or is Ross just some imaginary carrot to get me through the Illusion?  And if it is, then I would stay, because I love him so, and would never leave.

How does it work? Who is who?

He showed me his energy signature.  It was like a small piece of shiny fishing lure type non-earthly silver 'metal', lightweight and easily fits in the hand, like a sort of bar code that looked like a still photograph of a graphic equalizer with the tiny little bars...No matter what incarnation, that frequency is unique to him.

Well what about my own?

They fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Well what about all the lessons and Ascension and Growth? Our energy matures--this has to be reflected--what if it make it so we don't fit???

The unit he showed me is very much like this Saguaro Cactus flower, except it's flat.  In the center are the two energy signatures that unite and create a disc of shining 'metal'.  Around the edges are the 'growth', just like the petals.

I teased Ross and said, 'I'll race you!' to make my 'side' bigger than his!

He laughed and we are One--my growth helps his petals out too. And the unit is like it is alive and moving a little in a spinning really fast too.

The Coyote

I turned the corner, by my house, and one of the residents of the assisted living was standing in the middle of the street taking cell phone pictures of the hillside.

Was it the flowers?


It was a very fat coyote sitting at the top of the hill like he owned the place!  And the lady was appreciating it.

A few minutes later, I pulled into my garage, and asked myself, how much time for fun have you had today, Carla?

Waking up. Rushing to work. Working. Getting food for snake (he didn't eat--they are with Homer), feeding pets, watering dry plants, unpacking the organic farmer's box...

I realized why people eat chocolate is because they don't have a moment to think!  Tonight, Anthony is with his father. I am going to enjoy a bath with my little Japanese bath packets which duplicate the spa bath pH in several natural hot springs on the island.

This is my 'fun'.

I look forward to making bracelets...when I get the chance...

Life REALLY is speeding up.


Carla is growing. And she is very astute.  There are several moments today, where she totally saw through the veil.

And Carla enjoyed it.

She saw like a Galactic--to the kernel, the truth, the heart of the situation. 

Carla did not 'fight' to 'get her way'.

It is what it is is a statement that is made that is not a sign of resignation.

It is preservation of the energy.  Not only does this new Creator Writings support it-- yesterday's blog post raised the topic also.

Carla has a little vacation time coming soon. She can't seem to plan it, to commit. It's not for three weeks like in the past...she has tried time and again to find 'something right'--that is, something which resonates with her highest good, and this for Anthony.

Carla saw through the tricks on all the websites trying to get you to book a trip (Only Two more tickets left!) and thought, 'If it's not meant to be, it's okay; It is what it is, and I'm not being pressured to purchase something.'

So she invited me to help her with her planning.  This is the second time today Carla invited help from us 'up here' to 'where she is'. The first was with Archangel Raphael to help her with her ultrasound and blocks earlier today.

Carla, the Veil is thinning left and right!

I hope you enjoy the process of Awakening into your Consciousness further...

I'll always love you.  (shows me the spinning flower disk thing with his hands) no matter how we fit.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins