Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gaia News Brief 12 July 2015

Ritual Cleansing

This is a Fire and Smoke Cleansing Ritual in Jakar, Bhutan.  The Devout RUN through the fire to cleanse themselves of sin.  (At first I thought it was immolation, but it isn't, it's okay). And if you look closely, everyone is smiling as they run.  This cleansing is welcome.

In the short time since July 7, I have been undergoing a cleansing of my own.  I didn't understand it, the 'purification', and I'm not sure yet if I'm 'done'--but I do have direction from Spirit on what to write, and Ross is going to help me as I write this. We are going to write this together.

Yesterday, Ross was very close to me, and gave me lots of emotional support.  I shared with him how embarrassed I am to be not one soul, but scattered pieces over many incarnations and aspects all over space and time.

He said he loves ALL of me, every little piece, the same...

Ritual Abuse

In my immediate past life I was a 'kitten' in an organized system of Ritual Abuse.  I remember my 'job' or 'assignment', and I didn't think anything was 'wrong' with it because this is what I was raised to do. I died at nine by asphyxiation from a 'client' who enjoyed being very rough.  His hands were around my neck, my soul went up, and I recall thinking to myself, 'What a stupid life that was! What was the point of it?'

It was a very wise and calculated decision on the part of me/my Higher Self to gain intelligence on 'them' and 'their ways'.

My subconscious picked up on it for the first time when I was sixteen--I was in a workplace where I went downstairs to the tunnels where they had a break room at my first job, and I knew in my bones something horrible and dark was going on there--and to keep away from it, whatever it was.

It wasn't until I was forty eight that I read The Little Red Pill Kauilapele posted from Cobra, and my eyes were opened to the Monarch method, which is very much like MK Ultra but is used to created kittens like me.

I read everything, nothing 'set me off', and I had no clue I ever WAS a kitten as I read it.

It was only through meditation and past life review I was able to see what had happened to me.

Monarch is named Monarch because the system has a component that is inherited by the offspring, just like with the monarch butterflies and their 'instinct'.

What I am trying to say, and I feel is not going very well but I keep trying, is that a little bit of THAT programming from my past life still 'sticks', and the last few days have been like trying to scrape the 'barnacles' off the hull of my soul.

I was very entrenched in that system. I had sex with everybody. Male and female, young and old. The only thing they had in common was they were very rich and powerful in the organization of Those Who Do Not Have Their Best Interest At Heart.

I was raised to make it a game, and only very few ever had access to me.

One of my first memories of Ross, is when he first saw me in that past life 'doing my thing', he fell to his knees immediately and sobbed uncontrollably, and I wondered with my child's heart 'what was wrong with him?' as I remotely viewed the situation.  He had his two guides in spirit on either side of him, and they supported him with the realization of what I had done to accomplish this goal for the Light.

What HE may have known at the time, but I didn't, was my 'game' was a lethal one.

If a 'client' didn't make me climax, they were killed.  They died. And I didn't care.  It was like I had 'won the game'.  The people who 'kept' me would go and do something brutal to them right in the room. And I don't remember that part. All I knew is when my clients were happy I got a lot of stuffed animals. I only knew one room. I never saw the light of day. In my whole brief life.

Well, HOW does Monarch programming work? It's trauma-based.

And they get you 'alone'--as a soul.  You feel cut off from God, from Heaven, from your parents, from anything loving and good to support you.  The only relief from the torture is when you do what your trainers want you to do. Then it eases up.

What is coming up is the very real pain and feelings of abandonment from my Higher Self for sending me to that place.


My soul is very sweet in nature. With this last thing that 'set me off'--a channelled message from Fran Zepeda that was plagiarizing the work of Ross and me-- I SAW for the first time my heart going 'Angelina Jolie' in 'Girl Interrupted' on my Higher Self and my past incarnation as MM.  You don't GET to be that way, dark and uncaring and cruel, like Angelina Jolie's character,  without a lot of trauma and Ritual Abuse.

That's what tipped me off.

What You Need To Know

I am recovering from my programming in a past life, because my work is complete. My ASSIGNMENT in this life, was to be employed at and take down --energetically--several companies that have a high percentage of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart running them.

The things I see, and know, the 'clues', show me how to get in and 'do my thing' with my ring that is infused with the energy of the Seal Of Solomon.  Ross gave this to me with shaking knees some time ago. And I use it, use it, use it, this ring, every single day.

So you don't need to know about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart, or Monarch, or MK Ultra, unless you have a burning 'nudge' in your heart 'to KNOW'--and perhaps you are sent to work on something like myself with my assignment.

What you DO need to know is that all of us to some degree are comforted by the Veil.  While we are under it's influence, our 3D life 'stories' make 'sense'--and we are who we are, making our way slowly but surely through our lives...

When the Veil lifts, and the Truth is known, it can be just as disorienting and painful as when you step out of a dark cinema on a hot summers day and blink at the sunlight, and tears come as your eyes hurt from the bright light.

It happened with me when I read The Little Red Pill. I learned that all of my 'religion'--which I had been faithful for most of my life--was based on a dark underbelly of corruption and lies.  What I had once thought was one of the 'holiest places' in the world--underneath in the 'tunnels' there--lies the headquarters of the church of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

So I stopped 'tithing' and stopped going to seven-thirty mass every week.

That truth was like a 'whoa!' and I was sad, very sad, to be tricked.

Getting the Veil lifted on the media was easy because they are so blatantly obvious, it's like, 'Duh'...

Getting the Veil lifted on my first job, the place I loved so much, was sad.  I couldn't believe the symbols I saw, and the rituals that were incorporated in the rides. It's like everything is built to give honor to the god of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. So I've cleared and cleared and blasted with another who has that gift--and on Tuesday I blocked all of the magic in the rituals which are built in to the rides and attractions so it doesn't 'go anywhere' or 'honor' anything.  I also saw how the joy of families 'trumps' the dark underbelly of this place (it has it too!)--no one ever needs to know or appreciate the work I have done at this location. It can stay what people believe it to be, and that is a good thing.

Getting the Veil lifted on what a soul is, and who I am--that was more painful.  I don't want to be a part of anything. It's so un-Southern California to be a speck of a Higher Self. It's devastating not to 'call the shots' on your Consciousness, your existence, your reason to live.  There were messy revelations of Ross and I--our past--I had to heal from them. And I still don't understand why I have the memories of MM, but she goes and channels elsewhere.  I feel if I AM connected to her, it would make more sense for it to come through me. Or at least to run it by me first, so I am okay with it.

What I do know is I saw her sitting in a folding chair, with her council, having her chain yanked Big Time...I cannot put a muzzle on her. But her teams have instructed her to the risks and benefits of her actions, with the risk to me being worse than the benefits she hopes to accomplish by her actions.  She stopped with the MM and Y channellings--at my request to Source a long time ago. But these have been from her. And they really, really set me off because I don't know WHO I am--I have her memories and she has expertise in gems like me and she uses Ross' words from 3-14-2015 in HIS meditation.

Long story short, as I was falling asleep, I asked Source for what I wish to happen on Gaia, and for Her People, for the Highest Good. And I asked for PEACE with my whole situation with my cleansing and purification and my relationships with my HS and MM.

And MM came to me. I faced her. We are similar, but different. Ross was there.

She said, 'I give you my Kingdom.' very short and terse with no love in it at all.

I thanked Her and said, 'I have no interest in your Kingdom you can keep it all to yourself!'

And I ran crying to Ross, and buried myself in his arms! I cried out to him, 'See? She has no concept of the pain she has caused, and she did not even apologize in any way!'

Then Ross held me.

My Bracelet

Yesterday my energy was very low, and I was floundering. No only is this going on in my spiritual life, but in my work my group is being threatened to have its contract broken with the hospital.

There was an emergency meeting, and I had to attend. I also missed out on going to Anthony's game. I got lost on the way to the basketball court. Jared was angry I called my friend and fellow team mom Aimee instead of him. I explained I was driving and Siri didn't understand his name, and I was lost.

Jared was kind, and understood. We exchanged Anthony at a local Starbucks, I kind of got lost finding that too.

But I ate and enjoyed somewhat the hard boiled egg in the 'Protein pack'.  They aren't as offensive to me any more.

So I asked, once I was home, would Isabel like to make bracelets with me?

She said, 'let me get my dinner first'.  So as I looked for my stones, I knew I needed Andalusite. Lots and lots of Andalusite.  I have to admit, when I make bracelets, often I don't KNOW the meaning of the stone. I get this feeling from them, and know I need to use them. Looking it up now, Andalusite has the following properties:

Andalusite can be used to promote viewing the different faces of ones character and ones emotional, physical, and intellectual being while allowing one to remain grounded and unbiased about the results.

It encourages one to look at issues rationally by helping one to see the various sides of a problem or situation. It also helps one to realize that self-sacrifice is 'okay', but never required. It provides a message that in order to gain access and awareness in the kingdom of spirituality, one must only focus full attention upon the intent.

It is a stimulant to memory and recollection, promoting expertise in allegorical interpretation and providing for clarification of material from ancient texts. It awakens the inner knowledge allowing one to connect to the ancestral awareness and to access knowledge from he spiritual plane via channeling. It assists in facilitating clarity in the messages received and in enhancing the understanding and appreciation of same. 

It promotes the chivalrous aspects of ones character and encourages moderation in all in things (including moderation).

If further helps one to recover when 'thrown' out of balance by circumstances or individuals, facilitating advance in re-alignment to the centering and to the balancing of the self.

The Andalusite is the small brown rondelle that connects the other stones. I have lapis blue howlite hearts, very expensive designer quality clear quartz cubes, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Lava, and Onyx

It started working immediately as I put it on. Isabel could notice I was so low, I couldn't make eye contact, and I wasn't my usual self at all. She knew I wanted to be in her presence, and just like seeking the shade in the summer, to get 'out' of my 'spiritual space' and heal. It worked.

I also made this bridal bracelet for a woman I know at work, who asked to buy one (she has no clue my asking price, or the spiritual wallop I pack into my energy work--so I told her it's my bridal shower gift to her.)

This one is based on Malachite to open the heart, and golden-lip shell heishi.  There is a little bit of Russian Serpentine, Mother Of Pearl, and a small amount of angelite. I have Goshenite--which is good because it makes it hard to tell 'little white lies' when you have it in your aura.  And Grossularite, a form of garnet that is green. At the focal part, from left to right as shown, is Iolite, Black Onyx, silver, Larimar, a very expensive ten-dollar bead of designer quality green quartz, green Tiger Eye, Emerald, Mother of Pearl, and Iolite again in a different shape. With the designer quality clear quartz broiler at the tip, the effect is the shape of a heart. It also has two freshwater pearls by the tip.


Yesterday Anthony wanted to play baseball more than just playing catch. So we went to a field. Ross told Anthony which one. I was glad because there was a bathroom not far away, and there weren't many people there.  Ross told us how to exercise. Five laps jog-walk about the entire field, after warming up with catch. Then I pitched three buckets of balls to Anthony. I never hit him once! LOL He's fast at jumping away from my wild pitches!  We would go to the outfield and pick them up, and do it again. Then Anthony pitched to me. I hit. Only one bucket. And I can hit far--my father Richard taught me technique and I bat just like him.  Anthony was impressed. Then Anthony did three buckets just pitching with me catching. And a victory lap around the bases. I'm sore, but happy, to have used my body. We are both needing to get into better shape. The Andalusite helped us make better dinner choices. We had sandwiches from the grocery store, I only ate half. And we had grapes for dessert. We each had a glass of milk with ovaltine in it, and then lots of ice cold water to drink.

He just woke up, and said, 'Mom? How come when I wake up I always see you at the computer?'

He will want breakfast soon. Ross told me what to cook--the spinach feta sausages. They are for dinner but Ross wants them for breakfast.


Life flows on.

Take heed of what Carla warns you--about the pain some may experience when the Veil starts to lift.

It can be very disorienting, and upsetting, to learn  of the trickery, lies, smoke and mirrors that have been used to hide you from Reality (in a Higher Sense) of who you are as souls.

It is like Carla with the snake analogy--realizing she was just one tentacle on the octopus and there were many more doing their 'lives' along with her Higher Self in 'parallel lives', instead of one 'snake' on its own making its way through Life.

Our lives up where we live are DIFFERENT.

In so many ways, I just can't count them.

Or make a list of them for you.

What matters, (fist to the chest -ed) is the HEART.  What is inside the heart is the same for all of us. And we are happy to know you will be waking up to this too, as the Veil begins to dissolve.

Imagine what it is like for Carla, to understand her past, her Purpose, her Mission/Assignment, and the fact that she is 'linked' to ME, as her Twin soul...Carla has done an excellent job of documenting it as she experiences the awakening process.

Carla has prepared for this, emotionally, mentally, and physically. With her work, with her home, with her being a single mom which is no 'cakewalk' I may add...

Imagine what it is going to be like when the Veil lifts on those who have no inkling of Spiritual Life!

Imagine the pain, confusion, and total pandemonium it will create--worldwide.

To know the LIES and UNTRUTHS which have been put in place by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--to their ADVANTAGE!  To know as a global populace we have been tricked!

Now you know YOUR mission.

To help in any way you can, when the wave of Awareness hits the shore, and washes away every lie in that the HEARTS of the people experiencing the confusion, disorientation, and pain, have a place to go...people in your work and homes will have Someplace To Turn...

Imagine how people react to the supernatural--to seeing a ghost--in our time.

Imagine how they will react to something MORE than ghosts (waves his hands as if to say ghosts are nothing--ed)...

Imagine how they will react when there is NO turning back or hiding under the covers--for ALL is Truth!

Now for a change in subject...yesterday I had Carla draw whatever she wished with her new drawing set of graphite pencils, the artist's kind. All of them look the same. But there are numbers and letters, H, B, and HB, describing the hardness and softness of the pencil.  There are also erasers and blenders int the kit. Carla learned to make 'smooth', 'lines', 'crosshatches', and 'scramble'.  What Carla drew was an elephant. But it was not all on the page. Only the front half of the body. Carla wanted to draw a baby elephant. But she felt hurt from her Higher Self and MM--and chose instead to draw a tree, and bushes. She also drew a lake, with the elephant right at the water's edge, trunk poised up as if it had just chose to take a drink.

Carla isn't an artist. But art is very healing for the soul.

Use the pen. Use the pencils. Allow yourself to create, once the pain has hit.

It takes a lot of work for the butterfly (not a Monarch one! LOL) to emerge from the chrysalis. It takes a lot of spiritual strength and grit to 'get the job done'.

All of you are grown too big and are cramped in your 'old casings'. It is time for the Spirit to emerge, in all its glory, and in this, you are set to achieve what you have been sent here to do.

P.S. About Carla and MM, who is her incarnation. Carla is the original source of energy, and is a full incarnation of her HS,  Sophia-- they get along just fine more or less. MM, who was once my wife, and Carla has all her memories--is a tiny bit jealous of Carla. For Carla is incarnate--she has the trump, the ace, for her wishes predominate that of anyone who is not incarnate--and Carla is EDUCATED which was not possible when she was MM in MM's time.  MM was under MY social standing, and Carla, as she is, walks on her own two feet, supports herself, and is known for HER work (along with me, as 'partners' and 'friends' and 'romantically linked').  As St Germain alluded, many of the Ascended Masters are eager to 'jump the gun' and 'start teaching' in their own way, as they once did at their own time. And they as a whole, including MM, are excellent.

Carla knows it was her HS guiding her in the creation of her bracelet. Carla asked for help, with a cry from her soul, and her HS gave it, with both hands open.

Both MM, who is Carla's incarnation and not the other way around, and her HS, to whom Carla almost embodies in totality at this Gaia Sophia, yes Gaia, that is her name--our Carla as you know it.

Just as 'Ross' is a code name for myself, whom many know and revere as 'someone else' by 'my other name' which is more popular, 'Carla' is a figurative for the likes of 'Gaia Sophia'--(he taps the Pistis Sophia, and then gestures his hand sweeping out in an ark, level, and palm up, as if to say, 'everything you see'--ed)

Just like myself, 'Carla' is more than you think.

And between us both, Carla shines even brighter than I do.

I say this not because I love her, but it's the truth.

Carla shines brighter than me.

Carla is well-trained and highly educated, and accomplished what is required to guide you home.

You are in good hands.

Creator knows it.

Now Carla--go and make some breakfast!  (he smiles so warm and bright---ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins