Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gaia News Brief 17 July 2015

Happy Anniversary

Today ninety years ago, my Grandmother Lucille and Grandfather Gilbert  were married.  They had four living children, and lost twins when my grandmother slipped and fell on the ice when she was eight months pregnant.

It was in New Hampshire.

I recall their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  It's the only one I have ever been to.

My mother's parents were married just as long, but they did not have a party.

The Pistis Sophia

I finished it today. There is much to think about in there. What means the most is the inscription Ross wrote to me in the cover, and how I was guided to find the book.  I'm going to reflect on what I have been reading for a long time.

Ross gave it to me on June 17.  It's the day before my would-have-been Twenty-Eigth wedding anniversary, had I stayed married to my college sweetheart.

Ross picked a good day.


I don't read the news. I only buy it for the paper to line Harry's cage to catch the bird poop.

I hope I spell this right, the name.

A FB thing went by about a week ago. It showed a man being tortured and raped, and the caption was basically,  it was 'Hiliary and Obama's fault'.

I have read Cobra's 'Little Red Pill' from cover to cover, and read every hyperlink to the very end. The whole thing took me several hours, and I am a very fast reader. This I couldn't put down, it was life-changing for me.

The news report comes as no surprise to me.

I know who Hiliary and Obama are, and what they do, and why...because I read this piece, every little part that was available for me to read.

It also doesn't surprise me one bit that someone would post what the horrifying picture of a man being raped and tortured on Facebook.

It's all part of the plan.

You have a choice to take the blue pill or the red pill same as me

The Crystal Store

I tell you, that place is getting busier and busier each time I go. I used to be the only one in the store.

I miss it.

Today there was the mother with her kid, looking for green candles and stuff to bring abundance. The cashier said, at checkout, 'Boy you are REALLY going to MANIFEST, aren't you?'

I felt the energies the whole time in that woman--desperation, ego, control, and pride at her ability to buy the stuff she needs to manifest and solve all her problems the same way they most likely began--through her willpower and ability to control--all yellow chakra issues.

I kind of avoided her.

Then there was the woman with the horrible energy at the crystal display. I was polite and almost offered to help her find one that was suitable for her--but just said, 'Hello'.  She jumped and was defensive and avoided me like the plague.

I was relaxed as can be, and at home.

I bought a pair of Larimar earrings. They were a good value--I know my Larimar.

I buy Larimar to make sure it goes to a 'good home'...I don't know why but I am very defensive of this crystal, and I want it to go where it is appreciated and loved...and not harnessed to 'do work' for somebody like 'Miss Manifest'.

It's hard to explain...

Distance With Love

Today we have yet another message from Creator Writings on boundaries and unconditional love:

I had a similar conversation with someone yesterday.

Today I acted on a difficult decision I made yesterday and slept on last night:  I brought Homer back to the pet shop.

He had been lonely since IZ died.  And was starting to climb up on top of the water bottle and try to find a way to lift the roof of the cage. I had about twenty pounds of heavy things on the lid--a converted aquarium--to keep Homer 'in'.

Homer wasn't cuddly. He didn't enjoy my attention at all once he grew up a little. I would have kept him just for the bird, but clearly he wasn't happy because he was trying to get out. He wasn't tame. And he was never going to be 'pet material'. Fancy rats are bred for their disposition. With the pet store feeder rats--you can get lucky but other times it's hit or miss.

I made the decision to buy a hamster or something that enjoyed cuddling as a roommate for the bird.

I am keeping my word on this, too. The snake only ate one of the five mice I got in exchange for Homer and the three very small rats I got from the store last night that Cecil didn't eat (they were black hooded, the kind that scares Cecil).  So the other four are going back before my son's basketball game. I'm not even keeping them overnight.

I LOVE Homer. And the little babies. I LOVE them unconditionally; at the same time, I set the boundaries for what I am willing to tolerate for my family. Anthony has a very strong dislike for rats and mice.

Why not find something for the bird that brings joy to our bird, Anthony, and me?

Homer is very happy right now. He and the babies are in a cage with lots of other rats just like them. Perhaps it is a matter of time before they are eaten by some pet snake who is hungry.  Right now, they are in the place that is best suited for them. Rats are social creatures. So I let him go, and I let the little baby rats go...

It was time.


A reader asked Carla today, 'Who is this Ross? Is he a Spirit friend? Is he a lover?' and I smiled to myself at Carla's gentle reply:  Ross is my Soul Twin and he is Disincarnate. We have been together many lifetimes.

My answer, if I may add, is 'All of the above!' (he laughs--ed)

How can that be?

How may I love Carla and not have a body in the flesh?  How can I love my Princess?

Have you ever seen the movie, 'Ghost', in which Patrick Swayze is in love with his wife, Demi Moore?

Have you ever seen 'The Sixth Sense' where the husband visits his wife after he is dies unexpectedly?

Carla can see and feel and enjoy me as I am, in the same way the little boy in The Sixth Sense was able to 'pick up' on those who are on The Other Side.

(taps the Pistis Sophia--ed)

I am something like all of these.

I highly enjoy it.

Our relationship strengthens with every day.

For Carla is a medium.  Carla has done 'the work' on herself, and raised her vibration.

It is time for Carla to know who I am, and that I love her.

For Carla and I it is kind of like this short clip:

Now it is time to go see Anthony at his game.

He is playing basketball with his team.

I wish you all much happiness and Light on your Journey to the reunion with your Twins, just like us, that you may sing together with love and delight, just as these two volcanos do here...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The 'Lava' Twins.