Friday, February 28, 2014

A Message From Blessed Mother: 3/29/1992

This message was given to Visionary Barbara Matthias while she was hosting me and my husband and his family in her home at Santa Maria, California,  on 3/29/92.

I saw the notes in pencil, as Barbara always writes down in pencil what Blessed Mother shares with her in her visions.

I asked permission to write down what Blessed Mother had said.

I wrote this, copying word for word, with a pen. And then when I went to work, I typed it up on the word processor. My first husband and I did not own a computer...or perhaps we did and I just don't remember.

Here it is, Her message, exactly as it was, on that day:

I am a Mother of Deep Appreciation and,  I come to you today in great Love and Compassion.

My main theme today is to thank you, My Chosen Remnant for your Deep Faith and Trust in Me and My Son.

I urgently desire you to continue on this strong Path up in Faith in ways which My Son and I will direct.

One way in which I desire you to walk in Faith is to be faithful to the duties of your Life knowing that Our Jesus and I are guiding you.

I am touched so deeply by your strong Faith that tears of Joy are coming from My Eyes. Do not be concerned these tears are tears of Joy. Thank you.

Let your faith grow and grow ever so strongly that you will not even realize the degree to which you will be used in My plan because of your Faith.

Each of you have an important part to play in My plans, and I will reveal to you what you are to do for Me.

Be faithful to what you do for Me and you will be richly blessed.

Some will be used as Prophets, some in a healing ministry, and some in intercessory prayer. Others will be called to suffer for souls.

In which ever way you are used know how very much Jesus and I love and appreciate you and your Faith.

Blessed Mother gave Her Blessing

P.S. Please apologize to the others for their having to finish up on dinner for you while you were having your vision this afternoon. (ed--this is a personal instruction to Barbara Matthias in the P.S.)


This is also when two other things happened--
1) I was told by Barbara the name of my Guardian Angel is Laetari. His name means 'Joy'.
2) I went to confession at the church across the street in Santa Maria, California. He was the monsignor who ran the church. During confession, for my penance, he asked me to pray for him! This is the second time in confession a priest has asked me to pray for him.

I enjoyed being in the Catholic Faith very much for the time I was actively participating in it.

In July 2012, ever since I discovered the truth of the 'inner workings' behind the scenes at the church, I stopped participating at my former connection.  (I discovered the Jesuit Agenda, and I stopped going to services. Although I pray in my heart, the same as ever, and instead of Rosaries, I heal others with my prayerful intentions and meditations with every form of healing that I know in my heart. I still enjoy the Rosary very much, and if I had more time I would say it in my meditations too. I prayed it every day from 1987 to when I became a mom, I think, those days flew by so fast I might have missed some and it got more 'spread out' than daily. So that would be almost eighteen years. I still meditate and pray but I send Reiki Healings too.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I have a Special Devotion to Blessed Mother, and I have since 1990 when I had my pituitary surgery. I also have developed a Special Devotion, without realizing exactly when it happened, to Her Son.

P.P.S. She asks me to share with you my favorite song at the moment. I am shy and she is encouraging me just like you would encourage a friend to go up and sing karaoke!

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Peace <3

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Pink You Stink!

Recently at a local nightclub, a young asian woman was beaten to death by two latinas. There were very few witnesses who came forward to describe what they saw, but there was plenty of cell phone video. The cause of death was traumatic brain injury from blows to the head.

There is rumor of gang involvement.

Today we are going to discuss the dark side of the Gaia experiment--that is, while on surface of the planet, the harm women do to each other, and their children.

It's ugly.

I see it as the most important focus of healing for us all as we transition to a Galactic Society.

Here are some examples that are personal that I share:

  • I walked down the street as a preschooler to visit my best friend, Jackie, who was two years older than me. I wore my favorite new pant suit. I looked beautiful, and I enjoyed looking my best. 'Pink Pink You STINK!' she said when I got to the front door. The words stung like a knife, and shocked me out of my state of centeredness and joy! I had no concept people could treat each other like this! I immediately burst into tears and ran the rest of the way home. (later, as adults, Jackie told me she didn't want me to get conceited, so she teased me on purpose the whole time we were growing up. It worked. I am one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. )
  • My youngest sister is very persistent. She also knows what she wants. Although I had yarn ties on the outside of my drawers in my dresser, I also had perfect memory of how I had arranged the items in the drawers within. Although she and mother would swear up and down that she didn't get into my things while I was away at school, and they would show me how yarns would be tied--because of what was inside, I knew! I grew up with deception as the norm, and favoritism of my sibling, too.
  • My sister later grew up to be a 'Queen Bee', the popular one who made other kids' lives miserable, like in the movie, Mean Girls. I used to watch her and say, 'you better be nice to those bused kids from the inner city.  They can't help it that they are poor.' and 'Be careful because one day all of this might come back in your face.' Sure enough, the last week of sixth grade, all the children turned against her, and she was shunned. The only people who accepted her were the poor inner city kids who rode the bus. There were two. My sister took it so hard mother made her miss the last two weeks of school. In Junior High she kept the same circle of friends, and made fun of the bused kids. I kept my mouth shut.
  • Mother is very into being Sicilian. She smiles at everyone, but she has a temper and a sense of 'justice for her kids who have been treated unfairly'. One day years later, in the alley, she ran into the leader of the group against my sister, Holly J. Mom cornered Holly, and gave her 'a piece of her mind'. She told Holly that she is going to 'rot in hell' and that --oh, I don't recall--but lots of things that made Holly run and cry. Mom denied it. She denied ever saying things like that at all to everyone but the family, because mom's reputation was 'nice' and Holly's well, wasn't that good at all. No one would believe Holly. Ever. If she said what mom did.
  • I once went to the home of my boyfriend's best friend, a woman, who 'wanted to cook italian'.  It was an ugly home that was rented where she lived with her friends. I had an apartment that was available to the graduate students and faculty at UCSD--it was subsidized. She had a cat. I am deathly allergic to cats. So as the night progressed, I got sicker and also a chill because she didn't heat the house.  She was super sweet and gave me a sweatshirt from her college. I got to where I couldn't breathe. I bet she had rubbed the cat with it. I felt like she was competing with me and trying to make me look bad; in fact, her food was terrible. He broke up with me later that week; they both had worked together behind my back. To this day I say 'they deserve each other'. He broke up with me because his friends said 'I am too nice'.
Has anything like this happened to you?

Studies have shown that when girls fight, it is non-physical and actually MORE damaging because they destroy the victim's reputation. 

Where is the source of the anger and hostility towards one another?

It is from a belief in 'lack'--lack of suitable mates, lack of beauty, lack of friendship, lack of LOVE.

If mice are left in a cage with no food source, they will cannibalize.  They will eat each other.

Rats do it too. 

The way I see it, and this is my own interpretation--women have been cooped up on surface Gaia, a feminine planet, with the masculine energies so WIDELY OVERPOWERING the Divine Feminine for so long, that the women on the planet turned against each other.  

Just like the mice.

Except they attacked each other's souls, each other's psyches, and each other's reputations...

Some of the meanest people in the hospital have been the females. The cardiac surgeons are 'like men' and are exceedingly cruel in their words to the cute young anesthesiologist. I had one make me do critical care in the O.R. for three hours in the middle of the night after the case. At the beginning, she wouldn't let me line the patient because there was 'urgency'--although the lines would have helped me keep the patient safer under anesthesia. But on the bed, ready to go to the ICU at two in the morning, the surgeon wants 'lines'. So I a-line, I central line, I float the Swan. And I stayed as her prisoner until five a.m, titrating the drips until her patient 'stabilized'.  This patient was too sick for an ICU nurse, in her opinion. She wanted anesthesia to keep them alive.

I had to work the next day.

Yesterday I totally 'lost it'. I touched a nerve in my soul that made me see red and want to call the whole Ascension thing off and have the planet blow up. I thought someone was talking to my Ross and He wasn't telling me about it.

It's on the internet. I know who he is. You don't. And there was a lot of news.  How could he talk and not mention it to me? Besides, who is he, and who am I to love, if he acts like this? I am not one to 'control' him, but I very much would like a chance to explore being Twin Souls with one another...

The reason for my concern is that in the Higher Realms 'people cheat'.

The appreciation of beauty somehow combines with the We Are One in Joy energy to make kissing total strangers 'okay', even if you 'belong' to another, and nobody cares.

This is a big draw for 3D men and some of the women, but not me, with my long-distance Galactic relationship with my Twin Soul.

I called the Galactics on the carpet on this one. I said, 'as long as I am on Gaia, I don't have to buy in to Galactic culture, and this is IT! I draw the line HERE! Otherwise I abort everything we have all worked for. End of story--my free will wants to have everything blow up and turn to NOTHING in the Galactic Central Sun, including me. Otherwise the pain to witness my Twin Soul with another without my free will blessing it is too great for me to suffer.

I was told 'you slept with Ashtar. And a Sirian.'

They were right. I needed those few times before I knew Ross better to help me get 'on track' so I would be ready for him. At the time we were 'promised' but he was there and I was here, so Ross had given me the okay to meet someone on earth, Ito if I wanted or whoever, because he understood what it was like to be alone. He cared for my well-being and my happiness. Ashtar told me his 'wife' had given full consent before because of the important healing that was involved between us. So I was on the receiving end of that Galactic 'way'.

So I thought about it.

I found Ross and I talked to him about the pain. About how the Galactic misperception that 'all is Illusion' sort of doesn't 'appreciate' the depth of our suffering, particularly us women. I made it clear that I am too early in my own healing to even consider it, sharing him. All I want is a chance to heal my heart.

The Galactics were totally blindsided by my reaction.

Ross was so nice. He says that in the future, I will be with him, right next to him, in my little dress. 
I looked at the ground, and didn't look him in the eye.
He said, how about if we hold hands on camera, and everyone knows we are affectionate and we belong to each other too?
I looked up, and felt a little hope. I said, 'can there be footsie, too?'
He paused, smiled, and said yes, there can be footsie, too.

Our women have been under siege for so long--there are physical atrocities against women, particularly in times of war, there is financial tyranny against them, having once been chattel...and there is emotional turmoil they have for one another.

No one likes to talk about this.

But I am, here and now, in order for the deep and very blessed Healing to begin.

Not all women are unsupportive--in fact, everyone has their own circle of friends to support them in times when someone steals their husband, or anything else...

It's just that, it never should have come to this state at all.

Skunk is the totem for Reputation.

It is important in the overall plan, one's Reputation. After all, it is something that you can 'take with you'.

Funny how the stripes of skunk are dark and light, just like the Yin and Yang in the Tao.

Focus on that balance within your hearts today.

May the hearts and souls and reputations of everyone on Surface Gaia begin their healing right away.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Covenant Of Love

Today I woke up with a desire to clean the bedroom with all the junk in it.

My hopes were dashed as soon as I returned home from dropping my boy off at school--he didn't feel well. So I had to turn back and get him.

I was calm and inviting. I knew he wasn't that sick. He just wanted to be home with me. Days like this are few. I took him to the store to buy produce and bottled water. He asked for a cup of hot chocolate, and I bought it.

I made lunch for us. It was leftover soup from yesterday.

As soon as lunch was done, I put another kind of soup--from scratch--in the pot. It needed all day to make.

The tax people called. I needed to go in to the office to straighten something out.

There went my day... I thought to myself with disappointment. Every time I go by that room, I feel dread! But I am to busy with my schedule to 'catch up'. It's been that way since I moved in, since before I became a mother!

Surprisingly enough,  after the appointment, I just started to clean 'a few things'. Next thing I knew it was incredibly healing as I went through more and more of what was now my past that was stacked up in that room.  My son looked through all the old photos as I worked.

I saw the insanity of the court proceedings over the custody of our boy, and the panic and dread I felt at the time were like a million miles away.

I saw an old article I had once wanted to write on Hunter's Syndrome, a mucopolysaccharidosis. I threw all the old notes away. It felt good to release it. Having presented a poster on it was enough.

All of the old receipts I sorted through. The more recent photographs too. As I am a single mother, whenever there is a 'photo opportunity' I always buy or else there would be no pictures of us together. My latest one is us in ski caps freezing in the rain in front of Alcatraz.

I threw out all of the parenting class notes--my ex and I had to take them by order of the court to learn the art of 'co-parenting' and all non-essential legal files. I felt FREE!

Then I found it.  The letter of non-reappointment from the University. That was a harsh time.

I saw a letter of recommendation from an OB-Gyn that was glowing. She said my care for her patients was 'unparalleled'.

Then I saw two letters of recommendation from people who--through psychometry (I don't know how to spell it, but it's when you pick something up you are able to read their vibration in it)--had orchestrated my leaving my position.

I was shocked.

Then I found an old copy of The Covenant Of Love.

And I remembered...L, my best friend from my fellowship who was on staff here with me now, the one I went out to dinner with every week...the one who had tried to get me to slander my residency program director over dinner at a very expensive place on Christmas Eve where I was L's family's guest...L who was in diversion and also was diagnosed bipolar, but I loved her anyway...

L had asked me if I saw Blessed Mother. She had said she was starting to see Her, or had a friend who was seeing Her, or a picture that seemed to move or something. She asked me to help her know what to do...

I trusted her.

And I gave her this. It's from Barbara Matthias, a visionary who is medically proven to have states of 'religious ecstasy' where she sees, hears, and touches Blessed Mother. Barbara is my friend, and the first time I saw Blessed Mother myself was when my husband's family made the trip to Santa Maria to visit her. I was kneeling next to Barbara. I saw everyone praying for their requests to Her, taking energy, and I humbled myself and wanted to give pure love from my heart to Her. How empty She must be with everyone taking from Her! So on my knees, for about forty five minutes, I focused on Love, love of Our Lady, Mary, Blessed Mother... I found I enjoyed this Devotion very much.

Barbara had her hands up in front of her, and I decided to copy.

After about ten minutes, the thought crossed my mind, I wonder where I am touching her?

Then instantly I heard Her voice, as clear and bright and sunny as you might expect, laugh and say, 'On my tummy'.

We have been talking together ever since.

Barbara was given this Covenant at an earlier meeting where she visited my in-law's house. I had arrived too late for the visions, but we ate dinner. This was about one year before. I had asked so many questions! What is her hair like? What are her eyes? What is her voice sound like? Does she have a sense of humor? What is she LIKE???

When I had arrived at my in-law's house, I had an overwhelming feeling like--Barbara is SEEING God!!!

At that same moment, Blessed Mother had said to Barbara, 'Here comes my girl!'

Here it is, in its entirety, The Covenant Of Love.
Be sure to fill in your name in the blank, if you wish to make it.

I _____________________ agree, from this day forward, to give my love and all the powers of my love to the Merciful Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I render unto Them complete surrender and submission, not for gain or for the approval of men, but out of pure and holy love for them. I agree to let Their love and mercy guide my life. I agree to let Their love encompass my being so completely that it takes away all fear and doubt.  I further agree, out of pure and holy love for Them to spread the love I feel and have deep down in my soul to all people everywhere. I agree, out of pure and holy love for Them, to let our mutual love transform me into the child of God that They desire me to be. I agree to let this mutual love make me forgive and forget all the past hurts of my life and to move forward with Them, ensured that Their love will completely take care of me and that my love for Them will please Them and bring Them closer and closer to me until we are eternally united in that kingdom of love which is called heaven. AMEN.

It worked! I was able to clear through all of those painful memories today--with ease and with confidence. It totally worked!

What's more--I had no idea when I made this covenant in 1992 where I would be today as Reiki Doc!

Here is my favorite verse:

There is no fear in love;
but perfect Love casts out fear
because fear involves torment.
But he who fears
has not been made
perfect in Love.

1 John 4:18

I keep the Covenant and this verse together. In my opinion, they match.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Let's Get Healthy--Why Not Begin Today?

Today we are going to go over some vital resources so you can learn more about yourself and your energy.

Your health is a result of the energy of your vibration, your aura. Enhancing the aura can sometimes cause imbalances to right themselves so much that actual symptoms might reverse!

So let's begin!

Know Your BioType System:
Take the quiz, and learn about yourself. It is fascinating. I appreciate that the BioTypes are related to the Endocrine glands, and in fact, these are also related to the seven chakras.

Fire It Up!
Kundalini Yoga is an excellent way to 'tune up' your inner organs, your fitness, and your energy system. I enjoy working with the Ana Brett, Ravi Singh team. I download instant videos and do the workouts in the call room when OB is slow. I also have DVD's I follow at home. Be sure to check with a physician before you begin an exercise program if you are not accustomed to it, and always follow your body, not Ana (she's super fit! way more than anybody!) Yoga is supposed to make you feel better!

Kundalini Yoga demo by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh

Use Sound Healing to Tune Your Chakras UP!
Jonathan Goldman is a pioneer in the world of sound healing medicine. Although there is an app for the phone, you can also listen to his 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up on YouTube for free:

Seven Minute Chakra Tune Up by Jonathan Goldman

Heal Gaia and Yourself:
Although this meditation can be done any time you wish, on Sundays it is most powerful when we coordinate across the globe with others to meditate and combine our intentions at the same time. We do this once a week.
Please note--from the link above--that the 'eeeeeeeeeeeee' tone corresponds to the Crown Chakra, and the 'eeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah' sound corresponds to the Crown Chakra-Heart Chakra combination. 

Weekly Liberation Meditations from the 2012Portal website

Here's the countdown to the next weekly meditation in the right hand column: 

Stay tuned for more!

Happy Chakras!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Illuminati Symbolism--Turn It Around!

It is quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and swims like a duck...

Today marks a very important change in my way of looking at things.

Not far from my home is a center for Illuminati 'Religious' Practice. It is located on a site that was selected from over five proposed locations in order to suppress the Laguna Beach Vortex and is actually much much stronger for it's nefarious 'purpose'.

This place is well-known, and many people unwittingly gather there for recreation with friends and family.

I grew up going there, and it was my first place of work. I had no idea until July 2012 what this place really was.

There are a lot of funny round ears when you go to this place.

It has taken me all of this time to liberate it, and claim it for the Light.  Slowly, Spirit guided me to do small clearings over time, when I went to visit it. We worked together. Now, it is clean, and what has passed is now history.

This morning at the parking lot at school I saw the emblem with the funny round ears on a trailer hitch. I looked at it and thought, 'wow! it's over now! The Light won! Victory to the Light!' and 'I guess that's a symbol now of conquest for the Light!'

I laughed.

God bless Byron Katie. That woman is a genius with her philosophy to 'turn it around'.

Why not take the most offensive Illuminati symbols, and look at them as 'historical interest', as something you would find in a museum like the Gettysberg Address? Humanity has been FREED from all that oppression!

I liked it. And I gave thanks for a victory well-deserved and much appreciated by everyone and Gaia as well!

Then I went to the store. The clerk who once had on the Illuminati button that disturbed me (and I blogged about it )was there. We looked at each other, remembering what had passed. And I smiled a huge grin, full of Light. And he bagged my groceries without a second thought.

The Victory of the Light is at hand!

I can feel it!

Can you?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

My Dream: Setting The Turtles Free

This dream happened right before I woke up. That is when my messages from Spirit are most clear and accurate.

I was walking around the back yard of my house, not the present home I live in, but one I apparently had been living in for some time. 

I was startled to find a pond like the one above, with a fountain and lotuses. It was filled with turtles that were healthy and happy.

To my horror, I saw an empty two-liter plastic bottle that was half-filled with baby turtles. There was a terrible stench, and they were not moving. They did not look good. There was no label on the bottle.

I ran to the kitchen and got my kitchen shears. They cut anything. I opened it up, and they turtles came to.

I gently picked them up and put them in the pond, one at a time. All of the other turtles were happy to have these trapped ones back.

I had the vague sense I once had placed them in the bottle for 'safekeeping', been interrupted, and completely had forgotten I had both them and the pond!

So I apologized to the turtles, and I gave them lots of extra food. 

They were happy to be together at last, and with full stomachs too!

Then the bottle still felt heavy. And I looked. Inside were snakes of all ages and all sizes. 

I was not afraid, but I had no idea where to put them! They were not poisonous. I set them free in the woods at the edge of the yard.

Someone present told me the name of one, and that it was rare and worth a great deal of money. I knew they would be okay when I let them go. 

The snakes didn't thank me, but I could tell there were glad to go and be snakes and not be cooped up in that bottle. 

What does Steven Farmer have to say?

Well, he has 'tortoise', not 'turtle', but here we go:
When you're feeling pressure from a number of fronts--pulled this way and that by the demands of modern life--it's very easy to succumb to a false sense of urgency, feel out of balance and fragmented, and be in a constant state of tension. You can become forgetful and have difficulty sleeping. You may even attempt to stabilize and center yourself by resorting to the use of substances or activities, hoping they'll make you feel more at home in your own skin. Meanwhile, your mind rushes ahead from one thing to the next, while your body tries to play catch-up. The technological web consisting of computers, faxes and television--plus the noises all around--creates a constant assault on your senses. Exhausting isn't it?

First, recognize most things that you treat as emergencies or crises are merely inconveniences. Then slow down! Move a little bit slower than your'e accustomed to, and practice breathing slower and deeper every opportunity you get. This in itself helps you align with your internal rhythms, rather than being in a state of continuous reactivity to outside forces. Spend time in Nature and take off your shoes and socks. Putting your bare feet on the ground allows you to only experience your solid connection to the Earth. When you do, notice the difference in how you feel, and see if your mid isn't at least a bit calmer. It may be challenging at times to do any of this, but it can be done. It just takes your clear intention and willingness.

Here is what he has to say about 'rattlesnake', not 'snake':
The foundation for compassion is an awareness that suffering is a natural part of life, whether through the empathic appreciation of another being's pain or the experience of having suffered oneself. And which beings haven't at times felt the pain or sorrow that is an aspect of living on this planet? The deeper you go into the soul of another, the more you can feel what they feel, yet paradoxically maintain a certain distance or objectivity.

A true Healer must heal from the heart, no matter what technological, logistical, physical or shamanic tools they use. The experiences that your'e going through now or have just completed are all a preparation for you to open your heart to the suffering around you and do your part in alleviating it. You'll find that you're increasingly being asked to offer your time and energy to help heal others--including not only people, but also animals, plant beings, tree people, and ultimately, our Earth Mother. Some of this healing power exist between races, ethnicities, and other species.

You'll notice more and more how often your hands will spontaneously feel energized, experiencing it as heat or a tingling sensation. This is the Power of Spirit working through you. Allow it to guide you in whatever the focus of your healing is, whether simply placing a hand on the shoulder of a friend, or more extensively and directly involving yourself in another being's health.

(Source:  Steven D. Farmer, Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracles Cards)

A daughter of a reader does a cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Monday, February 24, 2014

Advanced Poison

I have been home, sick, for the past two days. Yes, sometimes I get run down, and I catch something, but not as often as I once did before I learned how to take better care of my health. Reiki and diet is a big part of it.

Tonight I watched TV.  I hardly do.

Tonight it was America's Funniest Home Videos, the animal edition.

Every couple of videos it was time for a break.

I saw the commercials. I can't believe how over the top they are on their marketing.

I talk about the Direct-To-Consumer ads for the medications.

I saw Phil Mickelson with his psoriatic arthritis. I saw a man with Prostate Cancer Recurrence recommend the immunity 'vaccine' to target his cancer cells. I saw that one about three times.

There was also life insurance for the elderly. Two women at a bingo game discussed it with another. They were talking about a friend who could not play because she was in debt over her husband's funeral expenses.

So we take people running into things and laugh at it.
Then we watch the commercials for things that are very serious and expensive with a lot of side effects.

As the announcer reads the side effects, you are flashed images of a granddaughter learning to ride her bike, of a father playing at his children's birthday party, of all the things a person would do anything, pay any price, or suffer any side effect to enjoy. 

You can't put a price on it--freedom from financial tyranny.

You can't pay for poisons as 'the antidote' to the poisoning that is done to us in what we eat, what we drink, and what we breathe.

We can't die without feeling guilt for making others not able to play their bingo unless we have a policy--that will cover our expenses!

Where is the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion? These are the qualities of the balanced heart and mind that are working together.

All I see is fear, and the mind, and conditioning through neurolinguistic programming of the advertising industry (research the roots of Madison Avenue sometime, and learn who all the ones that set it up were and what they had done before!)....and a lot of money being spent on commercials in the hopes of even more money coming from us to them.

The one that made me laugh the most was a tie--the 'pain relieving brace at no cost to you' with the nice lady on the phone with full makeup smiling and taking the senior's order, thinly veiled insurance 'wallet biopsy'-and the lawsuits against drug companies for serious complications from those medications that I had seen advertised like the others ten years ago!

I see this:

  • slow kill through food, air, and water
  • enhance the slow kill with artificial sweeteners, tobacco, and alcohol
  • chemtrail to keep people low on Vitamin D and too sick to organize
  • bombard the masses with every etheric scalar wave technology--low frequency, etc etc etc
  • have dependence on cell phone use and set the microwave frequency to a harmful one when another safer one could have been chosen
  • encourage poisons of alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs by making it cool.
  • have parents 'indoctrinate' the children into eating habits, smoking patterns, etc.
  • time the slow kill so that the elderly become 'what makes the medical industry go' as they develop the diseases of the heart and cancers, etc just around the time they are not able to work.
  • get as much revenue as possible through the entire process
  • charge money for a burial 
  • make people buy insurance for everything under the sun
  • tax them just enough so they are always in need of money and that causes stress to enhance the slow kill process
  • ridicule anyone who questions the system.
It's ugly.

I don't like it.

It is my hope that one day others will see what I see in this scheme too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Inside Look At Healthcare Today

I was in OR 6. My friend, the Physician Assistant Heather, had some news to share!

Last we had talked, she had concern about her autoimmune disease. She had terrible pre-eclampsia and had to be delivered emergently at thirty weeks' gestation. He little one is now eight months old, but developmentally six months old. She was concerned about her ability to conceive and carry a child to term for the next one. We spoke candidly. I shared how I have an antiphospholipid antibody, anticardiolipin antibody, and how reproduction was a serious health concern for me too. We talked about GMO's, high fructose corn syrup, and other ways to modify the diet to increase health. I shared about Reiki, and she was open and excited to learn more. Well, she got rid of dairy in her diet, and suddenly felt much better! It turns out she conceived too! She is now eight weeks along!

As we spoke, the surgeon, Dr. Ray, overheard the conversation. He shared that he had a son die twenty-four hours after birth. This was back in 'the old country' and the boy died of 'hyaline membrane disease'. There was no treatment for it. 'They didn't have anything'. (here, back then, the child would have been given surfactant to help the lungs mature, and the boy would have lived.)

Dr. Ray left his homeland, came here, and trained to be a doctor all over again. Just so he and his wife would never go through that again. He is one of the hardest workers I know. I've known him since 1996.  He amputated my grandmother's leg before I ever met him--that was in 1995. So there is this closeness. Not only had I never known about his loss, his sharing helped me understand why he is so overwhelmingly HAPPY over his new granddaughter. He got one 'back' through his five other kids that made it.

There is also something amazing about him, too. His native language is Aramaic. So all these years I have worked with a surgeon who has the accent Mary, Jesus, and Joseph would have had if they learned English! He says 'Mary' in Aramaic is 'Abe Miriam', and Joseph is 'Joseb'. Water is 'Mee-yaa'. That was so cool to me, because all of my life I wondered what they would have sounded like if I had spoken with them back then and there.

The scrub tech next shared that he had lost a daughter at fourteen months. There had been multiple pneumonias, and there was only so much they could do at the Children's Hospital. Her care had been excellent.

I stared at him, looking him in the eye, in complete shock. This is the one who never seemed happy, who is smart as a surgeon but didn't like books and joined the navy and found his way into the O.R. career that way. I've known him for five years, and although I had intuition about the heartache, I never had known the cause!

That night, I worked late, and got a small 'ditch-the-lettuce' salad from the cafeteria. Try it! You take everything you enjoy--in my case beets, cucumber, and garbanzo beans--add a little dressing and enjoy. The cashier is the one who had just been on postpartum when I first started working there as an OB anesthesiologist. She had some difficulty in the labor, but everything seemed okay. Not more than three weeks later, her child died of sudden infant death syndrome. I've always admired her for coming to work, and having a smile for everyone after a painful loss like that.

She's not the only one in food service with heartache from loss of a child. The chef has a son who is of age, and for reasons that are not clear to the family, the son has left the home and cut off almost all contact with the family. There are mental health and possible drug use factors in the situation. But his family is struggling with being in a constant state of 'hoping for the best but preparing for the worst'. His son left the house with a backpack of books so he won't be bored. And about six weeks ago, he called and asked the father to 'get his things'. He was living under a bridge. There were the books, quinoa, organic foods, green tea, and vitamin supplements...even a folding chair. His father was surprised to see that his son was clearly able to cook and take care of himself...and thanked God that his boy was not hungry on the streets.

With the O.R., and also after the cafeteria, I was deeply touched. Compassion filled my heart for these people who go to work and help others every single day, and bear the burden of their own loss, keeping it hidden from even their long-time colleagues.

What better way to help others than to have faced loss and struggle in their personal life?

So I gave Reiki. I gave Reiki to their Guardian Angels for the Highest Good. For a safe pregnancy and healthy child. For healing from loss and a joyful reunion in Heaven with the infants lost. For the angelic watch and protection over the prodigal son.

I worked nineteen hours yesterday in service to others with my anesthesia skills. It was an unusual day.

I worked on people from their thirties to their nineties. I worked on people who had insurance, and ones that could not pay (didn't even have Obamacare). Three had life-saving surgery. One had traumatically amputated something in a work accident. One more was seeking relief from a lifetime of pain that was only going to get worse with time.

They are my ohana.

I worked with our teams--two of them switched out--having worked twelve hour shifts.

One patient could have died on the table. They were of very high risk.

Another had an unexpected EKG finding that was also ominous, but due to the nature of the condition, had to go to surgery to save their life.

Everyone did well.

I slept on a gurney in the recovery room.

It was uncomfortable, but what else could I do? I could have been called back in if another emergency arrived to the hospital and needed an operation.

See that picture at the top?

That was my dream. And that dream is shared by just about everyone that works in a hospital. The education requirements, and licensing examinations, and competition to even get in to the training are  challenges we gladly undertake. We are lucky to be able to live our dream with our work, every day.

Health care is rapidly changing. There are politics, big business, and public concerns in the media every day. All of these news articles have a common element of distrust, fear, and the energy of separation. It puts doctors and nurses and other workers into a 'them' category, while the 'us'--the readers, subject them to scrutiny and make light of any 'defense' from those being 'discussed'.  Money is a polarizing issue--the public things because of the expense of insurance and health care, the hospitals and workers are being made rich in the system. That is how it looks from the outside, looking in. From the inside, looking out, there is a different picture, of increasing costs of doing business, and rapidly shrinking compensation from third-party payors. The expense for installment and updates to an electronic charting system in a doctors office, and the risk of even MORE expensive HIPAA violation fines, is daunting. The patients are getting more risky to take care of, as well. There are epidemics in just about everything--from 'super bugs' to obesity--with sometimes the health-care worker being put at risk. I saw one needle stick injury and one scalpel injury to surgeons in two days. I hardly ever see needle stick injuries, but they happen, and there is risk to the healer of catching a blood-borne infection in this way. (I have had three, personally, two were in my training years.) One of the injuries I witnessed was the newly-discovered and much welcomed pregnancy woman I mentioned in the first paragraph. Those anti-viral medications to take 'just in case' to decrease risk might affect the developing baby...

So this article, is on the 'essence' of the healer in today's health care system, and the focus is on the healer's heart.

You should know about this.

That's why I am writing 'from the inside' so you can have balanced information to make your own judgement about 'what is right' and 'what is wrong' with health care today.

Until Reiki and other modes of energy healing become more widespread within the system, I will continue teaching and healing, one patient at a time, on colleague at a time, and one blog post at a time, to make things better for all of us, together, as one, here on earth. We have more in common that might be thought.

Love Is The Solution For Everything...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This is in rebuttal to this article:
Can you find the Goddess Energy in it? Look for the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. When you see the energy of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in anything you read or hear, you will know it is from Source. Further, it will resonate with your heart center as Truth. Anything else? Well, that's up to you  to interpret. Make sure it passes the 'heart-focused energy' discernment test before you accept it as truth. There are many 'partial truths' out there. Be smart about what you read before you accept it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happiness Awaits!

Many Lightworkers right now are experiencing hardship, difficulty, health problems, and delay.

There are strange dreams. The loved ones who 'communicate' with us on the other side might seem 'distant' or 'hard to perceive'.

All is not lost!

There are two pieces of advice for us from Blessed Mother:

  1. Each day that passes brings us one day closer to The Event. (this is a time when the control of surface Gaia, which is being steered right into disaster, will be taken from them and placed into the capable hands of those here with us who are committed to deep restoration and healing of her surface to return it to its pristine, healthy, condition, an 'Eden' if you will.)
  2. While we are here, we are lucky to be able to feel the rain and the sunshine. It is a very spiritual gift of all riches just to be alive, and to experience Gaia directly with our own senses.
She asks us to 'please pardon the dust' in the energy as the Event draws closer day by day. The movement of Energy as we approach the awaited time might be unpredictable, unusual, and 'different' before 'it is all Clear'.

She invites us to imagine a world filled with all of our dreams united into one healthy, abundance reality that is filled with Light. It is a world that is overflowing with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion for everyone.

No one will go hungry.

No one will be afraid.

No now will be out on the streets with 'nowhere to turn' as they are presently Here and Now.

Healing will begin with all of the new technologies that were suppressed.

And when we heal, Gaia heals.

And when Gaia heals, we heal.

Even our diseases we thought were without cure in this lifetime!

It will take some time between this moment Now and our desired planet--but it is totally assured that we are 'getting there a little closer every day' and 'there is no turning back'.

Take heart in your trials and tribulations. They are temporary, just as the redirected traffic paths when they work on the matter how much 'carmaggeddon' press on the 405 is predicted, usually things turn out all right for everyone involved because of the mutual cooperation of the inhabitants of Los Angeles.

And if Los Angeles and those crazy drivers can host an Olympics with their drivers and the traffic on the road from all the visitors, it is a miracle that can happen anywhere in time, any place on the surface, and it can happen again!

She looks forward to your mutual cooperation at this time of transition. It is indefinite exactly when it will begin and how long it is going to take, so 'please pardon our dust', as Heaven would say, 'we are improving something for each of you, your well-being, and your Light.'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Yours truly

Ohana from the Pleades

Ohana from Arcturus

Ohana from Points Distant

Ohana from Orion

Ohana from Sirius

Ohana from Polaris

Ohana from Lyra

We love you one and all--we are united as One in all Creation

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cops And Robbers

Last night my boy had terrible dreams of robbers and kidnappers and tape on the mouth.

He wasn't hurt, and actually another thief helped him escape.

Guess what? I was two rooms away reading about Alcatraz escapes. It was all about the very things he dreamed, including the of the guards had been taped over the eyes and the mouth and taped to a tree.

I did that once when I was a kid and mom was reading vampire stories...In the morning I told her I had the most unusual dream and I described it.

As it turns out, my dream was page for page what she had read.

Isn't that awesome? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Good thing I wasn't reading Lady Chatterly's Lover! LOL.

I'll be careful what I read next time. Only happy things, or factual ones.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Peaceful Focus Symbol

Some new Reiki symbols have come our way! Apparently, according to Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection, many people are getting symbols of one kind or another through meditation or in their dreams in these times.

I like to think of it as a gift from Source.

For lack of a better name, I have called these symbols 'Galactic Reiki'. They are Sirian in origin.

The first one was given to me by Lauren Obeng. It came clearly to her in meditation and she was guided to share it with me. It is a Sirian form of CKR.

The next symbols came in one at a time. Sometimes they were during meditation. Others just came out of the blue. Each one has a purpose. And some have a name as well as a description. Including Lauren's symbol, there are ten in all. (It is not time to share them yet, but I will when it is guided.)

The eleventh was given to me by Katharine.

I reflected on this symbol for quite some time, about two weeks. The first half of the name came in, but something seemed 'missing'. Today the other half came in. I think you will like it, working with this symbol. Remember to picture the color green in your mind while you are using it. It is excellent for self-reiki and for giving reiki to create peace and harmony around you.

Here is the video:

Everyone can use it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Love Is The Solution For Everything

Please look carefully at the photo of this child kissing its 'baby'.

There is an energy to it.

I want you to feel it.

It is the energy of Unconditional Love.

Love is the Strongest Force in the Universe that exists.

Love is stronger than hate.

Love is stronger than death.

Love is stronger than loneliness.

Are you ready? Let's move on together...  you have the power to create your life...

Love Yourself:

  • You are flesh and blood that is combined with Spirit. Honor this connection to Source.
  • Honoring spirit requires quiet time relaxing in nature and doing something you enjoy, even just for fifteen to twenty minutes. (Surprisingly, some of my most 'spiritual' time is my commute to and from work each day. I turn off the music in the car, and pray.)
  • Your heart has a 'mind' of its own--it is a direct 'connection' to Source/Creator/The Divine. It's not very loud at first. This is why we honor spirit in quiet time.
  • Think good thoughts--here is an example of the daily thinking Masaru Emoto does. Please note he gives thanks for things he wants to have happen in the past tense. This is not because of the Japanese language. This is because Masaru Emoto knows it is a powerful spiritual tool, to pray for what one wishes to experience in the past tense:   When I wake up in the morning I sit up and I settle down. Then I gaze at a glass of water pre-placed at my bedside. For about thirty seconds I verbalize my gratitude by saying 'I thank you, and I ask you for a nice day today.' Then I drink half the water. Next I think about what I need to do during the day. With the feeling of success that I imagine upon completing each task, I say to the water, 'Everything went well and I thank you." Then I drink the remaining water. By doing so  good information is sent not only to the water but to the moisture in the surrounding air.  It is possible to resonate with both the water in the glass and the moisture in the air. I get up and I go to the bathroom. After relieving myself, I say 'thank you' to the flushing water with my feeling of gratitude.  I then take a shower. The shower water includes chlorine, and it is not good for the skin. Love and gratitude is necessary to improve its hado (energy in the water). This is especially important for those who have skin problems and might not be able to install a shower filter. It is a good idea to tape the words 'thank you' and 'love and gratitude' on the wall of the shower room to improve the hado of the water.  When I have some time in the morning, I try to go for  a walk. Basking in the morning sun brightens my heart. While I walk leisurely, I think of positive things.
  • Exercise strengthens the aura. Light, gentle movement is enough. Try to get some activity in your schedule every day. If you are busy  like me, park your car farther from the entrance to the store. Don't take the elevator, take the stairs. Stretch in your work day. And do what you love to do--for movement--when you have the time.
  • Certain things weaken the aura. Educate yourself about them. Some topics are high fructose corn syrup, conventionally grown food, and GMO. Others are more easy to understand, but take a life change--hard alcohol, recreational drugs, tobacco, gambling, loud music, violent entertainment, and gossip have an energy-weakening effect. 
  • A weak aura is prone to illness and negative energy attachments. (this is a subject of another blog post, you may look it up using the search box.)
  • If you have been denying yourself something you want, find a way to give it to yourself. Being self-sacrificing is not healthy for you in any way. Love Yourself First.

Love Others:
Aren't these two bears simply adorable? That is how you look to Source--simply incredible and full of love and joy and creative energy from Source. Source cannot love another more than you! 

This is because we are One--all of us are connected to Creator. Some might have it be more easy to see than others, that is sure! Sometimes I look at their behavior and ask myself, 'what are they thinking?' We do not become a doormat or a pushover when we acknowledge our common 'spirit' that we have in one another; instead, we refocus our gaze to look past all the 'not so great' behaviors to the core of 'source', and respecting both parties'  common connection to Source, we then act from this 'perspective'.

Every individual you meet is actually a mirror of some part of YOU. It will help you see what kind of energy you are sending out, and how your personality is. They are your Teachers. 

In a way they are giving you a wonderful gift by being Present with you just the way they are; it gives you a choice on how to interpret that 'lesson' and incorporate it into your daily life. 

You in turn, are a Teacher to them.

Gather Together For Strength:

Have you ever seen an old couple who were getting up in years? His hearing wasn't so good...and her eyes were terrible! Together, they helped each other make up for their weaknesses. He helped her to see, and she helped him when he couldn't hear.

When we gather with like-minded people, our spiritual ability increases. Our auras strengthen. And we share our 'pieces of the puzzle' in the big picture of Life by being exactly who and what kind of person we are! It can be over a cup of coffee. It can be with friends to take a hike or enjoy some aura-increasing activity. 

What is recommended at this time by The Resistance Movement is to meet with the same group of people, be it a large group or a small one, every Sunday to share the meditation for the Weekly Liberation Meditation. Together, our energies combine and increase the energy of Gaia for the better!

These meetings should be in person, if possible, and do not need to be long in duration. Together you will create a support system for each other for the time of The Event. (when Gaia gets restored deeply and completely).

Look to the top right hand corner 'count down' for the meditation. I do the YouTube one, which is called Meditation number two.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Mai With Much Love

A true gift is from ourselves, from our heart...little did I know how I would give a gift like this today...

My friend Mai has a birthday sometime around now. She doesn't like people to know. I bought a card, and I went to visit her.

I remember thinking there should be some gift I should bring, or put into the card, but spirit said, 'nope, this is fine, just bring this.'

As I sat next to her while eating lunch with her and her lovely daughter, Linh, I thought, 'well, what they say is true--sometimes our presence is a present.'

Mai gets up and walks around. A lot. She's busy. Spending time with her is like spending time with a blur, but our hearts are close and I have gotten used to it.

I shared today the story of how Nana Angelina crossed over, and how I assisted her, and Mai had a tear in her eye. She didn't know I help people to cross over to the light, and that I have for twenty-two years. Mai is spiritual. She is okay with it, my being 'different' in this way.

Linh is surprisingly open-minded in her spirituality too. Today we talked, when Mai was away, about Illuminati. It turns out that the YouTube video I most recommend to explain their connection to the music industry has been pulled. The whole channel. Because of 'multiple copyright infringements'. Funny, it made the channel look more 'right' and YouTube less so for bowing to corporate interests instead of airing the truth...

Then she asked, since she knows I can see spirits, if there is anyone 'around her'.

I looked, and to her left shoulder was an older lady who looked like her Aunt Kim, whom I have met.

Linh was confused. "Is this my father's mom or the one who raised my dad?" she asked.

I didn't know there were two moms. Apparently the father had a baby with another woman who was not his wife, while he was married. The wife and the father raised it. This love child grew up to be Linh's dad, and Mai's husband. And he is a colleague of mine, whom I have known longest of all of them. And I never knew!

I looked to the spirit, who wouldn't say exactly who she was. But the family resemblance was strong, so I insisted it was whoever was related to Aunt Kim. It was the woman who had raised her dad, a woman she had never met. She had died of tuberculosis. Apparently when she had died, her 'son' was present, and she kept looking at him, and had tears running down her face. She had loved him.

'Was there any advice on how she died?' Linh wanted to know.

'Don't smoke'. I heard and shared. Linh said that her 'grandmother' had breathed a lot of second-hand smoke from her husband.

The 'grandmother' said she loved Linh very much, and was with her every day. She is also blessing Linh's new business venture.

Linh asked why her 'grandmother' was so very strict?

This came through as a thought-picture. The grandmother was concerned the son might have inherited the 'tendency to have sex without control' from his birth mother, and kept a tight rein on him to make sure he turned out right. He did. A concert pianist and a doctor.

Linh was also wondering is 'anyone else' was there? As she asked, I noticed the presence of an elderly Vietnamese male over her right shoulder. It was her grandfather, her father's father.

He explained that he had fallen in love with two women, and had sought comfort with the mother, never intending her to get pregnant. With the war it was very turbulent times and they were difficult on everyone.

'Where did they meet?' Linh asked.

At a bar.

He also said he was not able to show favor to his son, because of the delicate balance with his wife raising his 'love child'. He had to always reassure his wife that 'her babies were the best'.

Linh asked if the birth mother died in childbirth?

The answer was no. She lived. And she had watched the boy growing up but he never knew who she was in the village, that she was related to him.

Mai came and sat next to me. She caught up with the family story, and was totally confirming details, and enjoyed how the truth was coming out at last, on why her husband is the way he is, and how he was raised with so little affection.

A beautiful woman with facial features like this came over Lihn's left shoulder. The hair was jet black, and pulled up in a single barrette up the middle, and very long hair to her waist. Her face was stricken, with huge eyes, and I felt her energy as if she was stepping forward in spite of herself. The other female figure stepped back.

I am not worthy to come here!!! I felt her thoughts of fear and shame. She started to pull back.

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I didn't want to lose her. She was in trouble as a soul, with her heart. I called Ross, and he came, quick. She looked at Ross, who gently held her left arm in his right hand, at the elbow. She calmed down.

Here is her story:  She loved the father. She didn't know he was married. She loved him with all her heart. When she got pregnant, the truth came out, that he had another. She looked at her options--to be a beggar or a prostitute with the child? To have him be shunned as he grew up? With no future? Or to give him away, the only thing to do to save their honor--of all three of them--the wife, the husband, and herself. She watched him growing up, and she knew she had made the right choice, but it was difficult. She chose his welfare over her own. She never had another man. She never married. But those were different times. She lived a quiet life and she kept to herself.

She also came very close to me, with an object in her hand. She wanted to give it to her son. It was wrapped in cloth and string, a rectangle about one foot long and about eight inches wide. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I had to ask what it was?

It was a doll for her son to hold because he could not be with her.

It was a handmade doll of cloth.

I could tell it was her heart's longing to be there for him, and give him the affection he so badly lacked while growing up. Mentally I accepted it, and handed it to Mai.

Mai listened with interest. Again, there was a tear rolling down her face. She said she had heard that the mother was a very close childhood friend of the 'grandmother', the woman who raised her husband. She always felt that she did not die in childbirth, and that something was not right in the stories that she had heard.

The birth mother explained that Mai was especially chosen for her husband. She is a real woman who is loving and PRESENT and worries for his health. She is not some dreamy person. She gets in his face and lets him know how she feels (for his health, for example, his diet and his medicine) and there is no denying he is LOVED by her, he KNOWS it unmistakably in his heart. This was to make up for his childhood, which was not so pleasant.

Then the birth mother reached into her heart, and showed me a flower. It looked like a small sunflower, but was orange. It was a spirit flower, and she pinned it into Mai's aura. I struggled to describe what kind of flower it was...

It was a lotus. she said, very clearly.

And she went away.

We had been doing the mediumship a long time. So long in fact that all three of us had to go use the lavatory! We were back in the 'normal world' again, and I gave thanks for the messages that were shared with us by Spirit today.

Sometimes a mother's love is the most beautiful thing of all...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. as it was time for me to go, Mai whispered in my ear how her husband will be glad to know the story of his origin. The amount of peace I felt in the room, between Linh, Mai, and the 'love triangle', humbled me and made me give thanks for the gift I was able to assist the communication with, for all of them.

Spirit was right.

Nothing in the card! But not empty handed. It was filled with Blessings, Love, and Light...

Key Points From The Cobra Announcement 2.17.2014: What You Need To Know

Good Morning!

Yesterday some Intel was released by the Resistance Movement. 

Many of you have no concept of what the Resistance Movement for the Liberation of the Planet IS...
or who Cobra is, or any of the work that has been going on 'behind the scenes' for some time now.

That is okay.

There is a time when I was like that too.

Now is the time for us to help each other.

I write this for those of you who are interested, who are curious, and who have a burning desire to UNDERSTAND what is happening at this time.

Not everyone needs to awaken for the changes that are described in the message from Cobra to happen. Just enough to reach a 'tipping point'.  After that everything will be very obvious, and people will understand what all of the changes are because the news will be explaining it 24/7.  All you will have to do is turn on the T.V.  It will look 'different' enough for you to know that change has taken place.

Who Is Cobra?
Cobra is a code name for an individual I know. It stands for 'Compression Breakthrough'.  Cobra is a specialist who has a role in the Information Process of The Event. His web page, has all the latest information on the progress towards The Event.  I have given you the link to his article I am describing. However, if you click on the header you will get the latest update. He usually publishes on Monday.

What Is The Event?
Gaia--our planet Earth--is in trouble. She sent out a call for help to the galaxy some time ago. She is in danger of not just environmental damage that is so severe it can disrupt her delicate ecosystems...there is danger for all life upon it too. The Event is the moment when the control of her surface is taken away from those who 'do not have our best interest at heart' --those human and spiritual beings who are driving her to complete and total Disaster, and her deep and profound restoration will begin.

Is Cobra HUMAN?
Yes and no. Cobra is in a human body, just like all of us. He has reincarnated like us, many times. However, his soul signature is from an advanced civilization in a star system called The Pleiades, and is therefore Pleiadian. Many who are alive today have soul signatures that are like his. For example, I am half Sirian (from Sirius) and half Pleiadian in my soul signature. I had no CLUE I was like this until recently when time came for my work to begin.  I have seen Cobra speak Pleiadian. He has full and complete memory of his origins. Mine is fuzzy. Other than that, Cobra, like the rest of us, eats, drinks, sleeps, smiles, and is human in every way when you meet him.

Why isn't Cobra's face or real name on his blog?
Cobra released some information that was 'sensitive' many years ago--he is a scientist, I imagine, a researcher by training. At the time, his life was threatened by those who 'do not have our best interest at heart'.  The Positive people in the Resistance Movement took him  in, and saved his life. That is why he also has a voice scrambler used on his interviews he gives, for example, the first Tuesday of the month with Alexandra Meadors on  If you know who Benjamin Fulford is, they are quite similar in that they receive Intel from their areas of expertise (Cobra is Liberation of the Planet, Fulford is finance).

So what does this have to do with me?
Let me begin with what it has to do with me, all right? I am in a human body, but my soul is half Pleiadian, half Sirian. I have lived many other lifetimes both on and off this planet. Have you ever heard of 3D? Not like in a 3D movie...although that is one form of 3D--that which is not 'flat'--3D is a bandwidth of vibrational compatibility with the spirit, our soul, itself. 3D is the opportunity to bring life lessons to us, and for us to master them. It is not Heaven and Earth but the ability to learn and grasp our life lessons; however, like the difference between Heaven and Earth, that which we call 'Heaven' is of a higher vibration, where nobody there worries or gets sick or dies or even needs to wear glasses, according to the little one who wrote the book 'Heaven Is For Real'...

So you are not 3D, are you?
I had been told I was 6D working my way up to 7D, by my guides when I was in deep meditation, about two years ago. It turns out this was a little misunderstanding on my part. I actually have been 9D all along, and recently upgraded to 11D. Because I have amnesia--all of us who live here on Gaia, no matter what the dimension have it--I did not know my origin or my dimension 'bandwidth' consciously.
Unconsciously, I 'knew' I was 'different'. Here are some of the ways:

  • I was able to pick things up telepathically, often. I picked a winning race horse for my dad once, and made him very happy when he won his bet (I get a funny 'hunch' on 'what to pick'). I was guided to bring an angel food cake out of the blue to ballet class (It was my teacher's birthday). 
  • My family does this too. For example, my niece insisted as a child to bring the spare emesis basin on a trip by train to San Diego. My sister, confused at her child's insistence, brought it. On the way home, my nephew got sick to his stomach and needed to throw up on the train. My niece has no clue, nor my sister, WHY she is like this, but they know it happens often enough to 'listen' to her cues because she's 'right'.
  • I excelled at math and the sciences, as well as all academics, and took a very challenging major in university, Chemical Engineering. This is because on some level we 'remember' what we once knew in our past incarnations 'in other places'. 
  • I have a strong desire to help others. That is why I became a doctor.
  • I have an overwhelming desire to go home. The vibrational incompatibility is unconscious but has been present my whole life. To those from the higher dimensions, the energy of 3D is 'denser' and in fact, uncomfortable. There is a longing to go where one 'fits in' and 'feels at home' that is very strong, whether you know 'who you are' or not, you will feel this 'pull' home.
  • For me, there was a strange comfort when I would look up at the stars, and since I was a child, my favorite constellation has always been the Pleiades. I'd search for it, smile,and know 'everything was going to be okay'.
Who is this Ross person that you write about, anyway? Is he your Husband???
Yes, and a little bit 'more'. There are 144,000 individuals who came to assist Gaia and entered the reincarnation system on her surface--once you do this you can't get out--to help. Each of the 144,000 'split' into a male half-soul and a female half-soul. This is more than a 'soul mate'. These are 'Twin Souls' of a very high energy. Ross is my Twin Soul. He is off planet, on what I call 'Flight Crew'. He watches over me every day, and has since I was born. I didn't know it, or him, until recently. We communicate with our hearts and minds and souls, as just like human twins have their own 'special connection' on earth, our soul twins have a 'link' that is very much like them. I call him my husband because that is the closest similarity to a Twin Soul relationship here on earth.

What is Ross like? What are all these Galactics like?
They look just like we do. They have two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears, two arms, and two legs.  They look like us in every way, everywhere, on their bodies. They are male and female too.
Their energy is more loving and kind, kind of like when you are in a hospital when you are sick and people there care about you (well, most of the time!) compared to people you would meet at the store or down the street. They have an interest in you and they have an interest in all of us. Many of the men have a short beard. Ross is about five foot eleven (my guess, give or take a little), with reddish-brown hair, that is a little long, blue-grey eyes with flecks of green, and a wonderful, warm smile. He is calm, intelligent, and has an excellent sense of humor. He has feelings. I know, I have hurt them. He really is just like us. And so are his friends I have met. Ashtar is blonde and I am not sure if he has a really short beard that you can barely see or no beard. Both are athletic in build, not bulky, but strong.
If you meet Cobra, which I have, he is of the same 'presence'. It also feels like being in the presence of pure love energy when you are with any of the Galactics. What you see is what you get, there is no pretense of any kind, ever.

So why do I need to know this?
Look at the movies. Look at who makes the movies. All aliens are either 'adorable screw ups that need our monitoring and control to keep them from blowing up the planet' (Men In Black), 'adorable beings who are rude and funny' (Alf), 'scary as all get out hybrid machine/alive things that need Shia La Boeuf to save the world' (Transformers), 'scary out of your mind creatures that want to eat you' (Cowboys vs Aliens, Alien, etc.) Someone is telling you this for a REASON. These 'someones' do not want you to know who you are, or where you are from, or that those 'out there' LOVE YOU and want Gaia to not die. Those movie makers are part of a huge organization who is controlling everything and making all kinds of money from transportation, communications, and disease on planet earth.
Left unchecked, these forces of greed and power are going to wipe out everything that is alive, and ruin Gaia's surface forever.

Are we talking nuclear war, armageddon?
It could have been. But the Galactics who are present have superior technology and have averted many attempts by 'those who do not have our best interest at heart' at starting world war three.

What about Fukushima?
Fukushima was created by 'those who do not have our best interest at heart'. This group actually puts 'clues' in movies ahead of time. There is one about a flood and nuclear disaster in Japan. 

Why didn't anyone stop that?
I don't know. There is a lot of information there on alternative news on the internet. When questions are this specific, it is good. You want to KNOW. Go look things up, and feel what 'resonates' with your heart center as 'truth'. Not your MIND. Just 'feel' what seems 'right' and you will know. There is a lot of 'disinformation' out there that is created by those who 'do not have our best interest at heart'.

What does this have to do with The Event?
The energies are ramping up. Just like a ski jumper has to go down a long ramp in order to be able to fly, the energies need to be 'right' for The Event to happen. We have had several windows of opportunity, most recently around last Christmas, that had energy compatible with The Event to happen.  You need to understand what these energies are. You will feel them, they are strong--kind of like Mercury Retrograde is commonly felt in a different way. And if The Event happens, you will understand what is happening and be able to assist others.

What does this have to do with my Vibration?
Gaia is from 5D. Those who do not have our best interest at heart destroyed the 4D bandwidth, and she 'fell' into 3D. She is going 'back' to 5D. Everyone has a choice to stay with her in 5D with no more 'those who do not have our best interest at heart' or stay in a 3D equivalent elsewhere. It's not a conscious decision like choosing what coffee you are going to order at the coffee shop. Your vibration needs to be compatible with the 5D energies, or you will be uncomfortable and not want to stay. An overwhelming majority of the people are going to 'move up' to 5D. All children will and are going to take their parents with them. People who are very negative and filled with worry might want to start working on raising their Vibration because their status is not so clear at this time. Don't worry, the higher vibrations are 'contagious' to some extent! As long as you are not actively pushing away the joy and love energies of The Event, you are most likely going to be fine! But if you wish to 'do something' to prepare at this time, meditate, think positive thoughts, and raise your vibration.
There are many ways to raise the vibration, as well as lower them. Just use the 'search' box on this blog for 'vibration' and see what it turns up. As a rule of thumb, do what feels 'right' to you.

If you have any questions about the material IN the Cobra announcement, feel free to ask in the comments section, and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc