Friday, February 21, 2014

Happiness Awaits!

Many Lightworkers right now are experiencing hardship, difficulty, health problems, and delay.

There are strange dreams. The loved ones who 'communicate' with us on the other side might seem 'distant' or 'hard to perceive'.

All is not lost!

There are two pieces of advice for us from Blessed Mother:

  1. Each day that passes brings us one day closer to The Event. (this is a time when the control of surface Gaia, which is being steered right into disaster, will be taken from them and placed into the capable hands of those here with us who are committed to deep restoration and healing of her surface to return it to its pristine, healthy, condition, an 'Eden' if you will.)
  2. While we are here, we are lucky to be able to feel the rain and the sunshine. It is a very spiritual gift of all riches just to be alive, and to experience Gaia directly with our own senses.
She asks us to 'please pardon the dust' in the energy as the Event draws closer day by day. The movement of Energy as we approach the awaited time might be unpredictable, unusual, and 'different' before 'it is all Clear'.

She invites us to imagine a world filled with all of our dreams united into one healthy, abundance reality that is filled with Light. It is a world that is overflowing with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion for everyone.

No one will go hungry.

No one will be afraid.

No now will be out on the streets with 'nowhere to turn' as they are presently Here and Now.

Healing will begin with all of the new technologies that were suppressed.

And when we heal, Gaia heals.

And when Gaia heals, we heal.

Even our diseases we thought were without cure in this lifetime!

It will take some time between this moment Now and our desired planet--but it is totally assured that we are 'getting there a little closer every day' and 'there is no turning back'.

Take heart in your trials and tribulations. They are temporary, just as the redirected traffic paths when they work on the matter how much 'carmaggeddon' press on the 405 is predicted, usually things turn out all right for everyone involved because of the mutual cooperation of the inhabitants of Los Angeles.

And if Los Angeles and those crazy drivers can host an Olympics with their drivers and the traffic on the road from all the visitors, it is a miracle that can happen anywhere in time, any place on the surface, and it can happen again!

She looks forward to your mutual cooperation at this time of transition. It is indefinite exactly when it will begin and how long it is going to take, so 'please pardon our dust', as Heaven would say, 'we are improving something for each of you, your well-being, and your Light.'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Yours truly

Ohana from the Pleades

Ohana from Arcturus

Ohana from Points Distant

Ohana from Orion

Ohana from Sirius

Ohana from Polaris

Ohana from Lyra

We love you one and all--we are united as One in all Creation


  1. Replies
    1. When the teacher is ready, the student will appear. Or, perhaps, when the Healer is ready, the fellow Healer will appear? Welcome to Doctors With Reiki. Blessings, Love and Light.

  2. Hi Reiki Doc,
    I just found you after a you left on messge on Portal2012. I have a question/comment. I had shoulder and back surgery 2012 after falling off a 30 ft cliff while hiking. Lucky to be alive. I have been feeling great, looking for a job, back to exercising at almost pre fall level etc... Then this last week it was like someone took a sledge hammer to my body. Severe pain in my joints and mucles. Nothing different in my life no new stress. I drink tons of water,eat healthy... I have not been able to exercise this last week due to the pain. I am suffering from insominia. Has anyone else been experiencing increase in pain? I am meditating have a great postive attitude just not understanding why I am feeling all this physical discomfort? Can you comment? Thanks Lori Coens.

    1. Hi Lori,
      Thank you for your interest in searching for me and finding me here. : )
      Lori, I have to be honest with you--I am sick too. I haven't been sick in a long time.
      The energies are ramping up for Ascension. What we are experiencing is considered to be on par with a 'Reiki Cleanse'. When one learns Reiki, and is about to go up a level in the ability to transmit energy through our energy pathways (think meridians and acupuncture points if you are visual), Spirit has to 'clear out the plumbing' and 'flush the system' in order for us to be able to transmit more Light. So symptoms can be physical (like a flu or cold, which I am having and so is my boy), emotional (issues we thought were 'over it' and 'moved on' come up, tearfulness), mental (fuzzy, forgetful), and spiritual (issues over religious upbringing, etc). This is all for good and all for our benefit and spiritual growth. Our healing is like layers of an onion. Now you are on the next layer and energetically you are working your way through this.
      To anchor the Light, eat root vegetables and listen to your body. Eat sugar if you crave it. This will pass. The accelerate the cleanse, get fifteen minutes of direct sunshine on you--with no SPF. You might want to be open to dreams and spiritual guidance, and keep a journal at this time. There also might be some contribution from Solar Flares. I hope this assist you in your journey. Aloha and mahalos, Namaste,