Sunday, February 16, 2014

Triage: Drowning Bees

This is my thing. Stand up paddle boarding. I go every chance I get, wherever I can go.

I enjoy the freedom and the water; the workout passes quickly and soon I must return home.

Last time, I saw a bee that was drowning, and I scooped it up with my paddle. I set it on the front where my life jacket is. It dried out and it flew away.

Bees like to drink water. Anyone who owns a swimming pool will tell you this. Well, today I saw many bees drowning!

And the first one I tried to save, turned my board completely around, and I tried and I tried to get it up on the paddle. But it went deeper! Finally, with me almost falling off completely, I got it up. It 'came to' and after about twenty minutes flew off.

Spirit worked with me with those bees.

For the first time.

I learned that some are there for a reason. It is their time. And the one I was meant to save (I saw waves and waves from it frantically buzzing its wings trying to get out of the water), I felt it and I knew it was the one. So I saved it and everything went quickly.

But the others? My paddle board was moving fast. I couldn't stop. Some I made a quick pass with my paddle, but it wouldn't work.

And it was okay...

Spirit reassured me I was not out there to save bees, I was there to exercise, and those that were meant to be saved, Spirit made it clear that was the case. The others? Let them go...

As I brought the board closer to the marina, I saw a duck like this, with no ducklings. It was a darker duck, the kind with red around the eyes.

It looked panicked.

No sooner had I said, 'Duck? What's wrong?' then it lifted its wings, and fell back, bloated abdomen up and feet sticking up strangely out of the water.

I was concerned.

None of the other ducks paid it any attention.

I didn't know what to do.

On nature shows they always say, 'Don't interfere'. And the health care training in me saw that this duck was in the late stages of disease, and there wasn't much I could have done.

Later it struck me, the very same dead duck I had seen in that same spot two weeks earlier, must have died of the same thing. Was it bowel obstruction from eating something like fishing line? Was it peritonitis and perforation from a lure?

I don't know.

This is the energy that is coming to town. The Higher Vibrations, of innocence and purity and Light. They are Goddess Energies of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.

Not everyone is going to be okay with it.

Spirit will let you know who it is for you to assist. And who to let Spirit take care of.

It will be made clear--there will be no mistaking it. Your Heart will let you know what to do.

Ashtar asked me to write about this. Today. Right now. For you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ashtar and Ross sit next to each other on deck at the control panel. They have wonderful senses of humor. Ashtar says he is 'the handsome one'. Ashtar says that Ross 'is the one that's sexy'. I laugh and say 'both of those are the same to me--handsome--sexy! What's the difference?' We are in good hands. And for them to joke around like this, means that things are going very well. I do have to say I am partial to my husband, Ross. I like him the best! Namaste.