Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Standstill--ISA

I do runes for myself. One of the ones I have had to do the most work to understand is ISA, or Standstill.

In much of our 3D experience, Life is about always moving forward, having something to do.

Isa reminds us of the dead of winter, of ice. And how although everything looks dead and still, there is lots going on 'behind the scenes' that does not meet the eye.

For example, the trees begin to run their sap, and spring is in the making. The maple trees make their sap and beautiful results happen because of this early movement that is deep and doesn't meet the eye.

If you have ever been pregnant, that last month is the hardest. It feels like forever you have been with child, and you look forward to being able to hold your child and move freely about again.

But important things are going on inside--with fetal lung development. And every day is worth it for the health of the child who is born at full term.

So with Ascension, know that I am sensitive to the energies that are around us. They are like the feet of a duck, paddling furiously under the water. So all you see is a duck with water rolling off its back and the occasional dive for food.

So much is happening with the energies that I am tingling all over my body 24/7. I just want to rest. I take naps, which is unlike me. And I sleep early and wake up late.

There is an electricity in the air, an excitement, that is Spiritual, and new to us.

Do you feel it?

If you are quiet and alone, chances are good you might 'pick up on it'.

I think they are only going to get stronger, and soon everyone will be feeling them too.

Spirit does things 'right'. I think we are in for some powerful upliftment and hope in the near future--be it days, weeks, months--everything is happening for the Highest Good of Everyone.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc