Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Pink You Stink!

Recently at a local nightclub, a young asian woman was beaten to death by two latinas. There were very few witnesses who came forward to describe what they saw, but there was plenty of cell phone video. The cause of death was traumatic brain injury from blows to the head.

There is rumor of gang involvement.

Today we are going to discuss the dark side of the Gaia experiment--that is, while on surface of the planet, the harm women do to each other, and their children.

It's ugly.

I see it as the most important focus of healing for us all as we transition to a Galactic Society.

Here are some examples that are personal that I share:

  • I walked down the street as a preschooler to visit my best friend, Jackie, who was two years older than me. I wore my favorite new pant suit. I looked beautiful, and I enjoyed looking my best. 'Pink Pink You STINK!' she said when I got to the front door. The words stung like a knife, and shocked me out of my state of centeredness and joy! I had no concept people could treat each other like this! I immediately burst into tears and ran the rest of the way home. (later, as adults, Jackie told me she didn't want me to get conceited, so she teased me on purpose the whole time we were growing up. It worked. I am one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. )
  • My youngest sister is very persistent. She also knows what she wants. Although I had yarn ties on the outside of my drawers in my dresser, I also had perfect memory of how I had arranged the items in the drawers within. Although she and mother would swear up and down that she didn't get into my things while I was away at school, and they would show me how yarns would be tied--because of what was inside, I knew! I grew up with deception as the norm, and favoritism of my sibling, too.
  • My sister later grew up to be a 'Queen Bee', the popular one who made other kids' lives miserable, like in the movie, Mean Girls. I used to watch her and say, 'you better be nice to those bused kids from the inner city.  They can't help it that they are poor.' and 'Be careful because one day all of this might come back in your face.' Sure enough, the last week of sixth grade, all the children turned against her, and she was shunned. The only people who accepted her were the poor inner city kids who rode the bus. There were two. My sister took it so hard mother made her miss the last two weeks of school. In Junior High she kept the same circle of friends, and made fun of the bused kids. I kept my mouth shut.
  • Mother is very into being Sicilian. She smiles at everyone, but she has a temper and a sense of 'justice for her kids who have been treated unfairly'. One day years later, in the alley, she ran into the leader of the group against my sister, Holly J. Mom cornered Holly, and gave her 'a piece of her mind'. She told Holly that she is going to 'rot in hell' and that --oh, I don't recall--but lots of things that made Holly run and cry. Mom denied it. She denied ever saying things like that at all to everyone but the family, because mom's reputation was 'nice' and Holly's well, wasn't that good at all. No one would believe Holly. Ever. If she said what mom did.
  • I once went to the home of my boyfriend's best friend, a woman, who 'wanted to cook italian'.  It was an ugly home that was rented where she lived with her friends. I had an apartment that was available to the graduate students and faculty at UCSD--it was subsidized. She had a cat. I am deathly allergic to cats. So as the night progressed, I got sicker and also a chill because she didn't heat the house.  She was super sweet and gave me a sweatshirt from her college. I got to where I couldn't breathe. I bet she had rubbed the cat with it. I felt like she was competing with me and trying to make me look bad; in fact, her food was terrible. He broke up with me later that week; they both had worked together behind my back. To this day I say 'they deserve each other'. He broke up with me because his friends said 'I am too nice'.
Has anything like this happened to you?

Studies have shown that when girls fight, it is non-physical and actually MORE damaging because they destroy the victim's reputation. 

Where is the source of the anger and hostility towards one another?

It is from a belief in 'lack'--lack of suitable mates, lack of beauty, lack of friendship, lack of LOVE.

If mice are left in a cage with no food source, they will cannibalize.  They will eat each other.

Rats do it too. 

The way I see it, and this is my own interpretation--women have been cooped up on surface Gaia, a feminine planet, with the masculine energies so WIDELY OVERPOWERING the Divine Feminine for so long, that the women on the planet turned against each other.  

Just like the mice.

Except they attacked each other's souls, each other's psyches, and each other's reputations...

Some of the meanest people in the hospital have been the females. The cardiac surgeons are 'like men' and are exceedingly cruel in their words to the cute young anesthesiologist. I had one make me do critical care in the O.R. for three hours in the middle of the night after the case. At the beginning, she wouldn't let me line the patient because there was 'urgency'--although the lines would have helped me keep the patient safer under anesthesia. But on the bed, ready to go to the ICU at two in the morning, the surgeon wants 'lines'. So I a-line, I central line, I float the Swan. And I stayed as her prisoner until five a.m, titrating the drips until her patient 'stabilized'.  This patient was too sick for an ICU nurse, in her opinion. She wanted anesthesia to keep them alive.

I had to work the next day.

Yesterday I totally 'lost it'. I touched a nerve in my soul that made me see red and want to call the whole Ascension thing off and have the planet blow up. I thought someone was talking to my Ross and He wasn't telling me about it.

It's on the internet. I know who he is. You don't. And there was a lot of news.  How could he talk and not mention it to me? Besides, who is he, and who am I to love, if he acts like this? I am not one to 'control' him, but I very much would like a chance to explore being Twin Souls with one another...

The reason for my concern is that in the Higher Realms 'people cheat'.

The appreciation of beauty somehow combines with the We Are One in Joy energy to make kissing total strangers 'okay', even if you 'belong' to another, and nobody cares.

This is a big draw for 3D men and some of the women, but not me, with my long-distance Galactic relationship with my Twin Soul.

I called the Galactics on the carpet on this one. I said, 'as long as I am on Gaia, I don't have to buy in to Galactic culture, and this is IT! I draw the line HERE! Otherwise I abort everything we have all worked for. End of story--my free will wants to have everything blow up and turn to NOTHING in the Galactic Central Sun, including me. Otherwise the pain to witness my Twin Soul with another without my free will blessing it is too great for me to suffer.

I was told 'you slept with Ashtar. And a Sirian.'

They were right. I needed those few times before I knew Ross better to help me get 'on track' so I would be ready for him. At the time we were 'promised' but he was there and I was here, so Ross had given me the okay to meet someone on earth, Ito if I wanted or whoever, because he understood what it was like to be alone. He cared for my well-being and my happiness. Ashtar told me his 'wife' had given full consent before because of the important healing that was involved between us. So I was on the receiving end of that Galactic 'way'.

So I thought about it.

I found Ross and I talked to him about the pain. About how the Galactic misperception that 'all is Illusion' sort of doesn't 'appreciate' the depth of our suffering, particularly us women. I made it clear that I am too early in my own healing to even consider it, sharing him. All I want is a chance to heal my heart.

The Galactics were totally blindsided by my reaction.

Ross was so nice. He says that in the future, I will be with him, right next to him, in my little dress. 
I looked at the ground, and didn't look him in the eye.
He said, how about if we hold hands on camera, and everyone knows we are affectionate and we belong to each other too?
I looked up, and felt a little hope. I said, 'can there be footsie, too?'
He paused, smiled, and said yes, there can be footsie, too.

Our women have been under siege for so long--there are physical atrocities against women, particularly in times of war, there is financial tyranny against them, having once been chattel...and there is emotional turmoil they have for one another.

No one likes to talk about this.

But I am, here and now, in order for the deep and very blessed Healing to begin.

Not all women are unsupportive--in fact, everyone has their own circle of friends to support them in times when someone steals their husband, or anything else...

It's just that, it never should have come to this state at all.

Skunk is the totem for Reputation.

It is important in the overall plan, one's Reputation. After all, it is something that you can 'take with you'.

Funny how the stripes of skunk are dark and light, just like the Yin and Yang in the Tao.

Focus on that balance within your hearts today.

May the hearts and souls and reputations of everyone on Surface Gaia begin their healing right away.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc