Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It's The Heart Center

Tonight I had the privilege  of talking with two women.

But this time I had 'ears that hear'.

The first one had some words that 'stood out' like red flags, for the first time:

  • This is how I want to be treated.
  • This is a limit I set.
  • Here is another boundary I set to avoid embarrassment.
  • This suggestion would make your life less stressful for you.
She LOVES me and my son!

She is a BEAUTIFUL person with a good heart!

She is very kind, kinder and more generous than anyone has ever been...

What I 'heard' with my 'ears that hear' (that are connected to my heart) was:
  • logic
  • rational thinking
  • the energy of separation
In essence, what I was hearing was the energy of 3D, the energy of one whose existence is primarily driven by 'what makes sense', or 'the mind'.

Please note: I do NOT say the person is living from 'the Ego'. This is not correct. This is a judgmental word that carries heavy connotation. So I will make it clear that 'Ego', although it lives in the mind and might be a part of 'the energy of Separation', 'Ego' is NOT the driving force as I perceive this. 

Just as some people are a little 'lightweight' in certain departments, this friend, and she is my best friend---has a heart-mind connection that is present but not working at its best today. And I noticed, but due to the circumstances we were not able to talk more and open up about it. I will be sure to bring it up with her later, in a non-threatening way, to see if this was an 'off day' for her, or if perhaps the Higher Vibrations are affecting her. I wouldn't ask those things directly, but I know how to observe someone who is talking, and see if my 'hunch' is in fact, true.

The second one is surprisingly different:
  • this is how I feel (about a certain situation she is in).
  • this is how I am handling it.
  • these are the financial constraints that are leading to this decision.
  • she expressed concern and caring for situations that were going on in my relative's life that were of concern to me.
This person I once was convinced HATED me!

This person I had to work hard to get to know, and to gain her trust.

Now not only is she kind and generous to her family, but she is that way to me too. As a matter of fact, she is the only one who remembers me at Christmas with a gift each year. (My family chooses not to exchange among adults.)

This one whom I once thought was completely 'heartless' to me, based on the situation, has in fact turned out to be my most caring, supportive person I look up to and appreciate of all, for this one has the energy of opening not one heart but two--both of ours are connected--and now we see each other through our hearts when once we did not.

This is the energy of the Higher Vibrations, of 5D.

Is one 'right' or one 'wrong'?

No! No! No! No! No!

But as the energies ramp up towards Ascension, I am starting to notice 'two groups' as we start 'heading to the changes that are in store for us'. 

It's pretty obvious, once you know where to look.

So do not judge. Do not try to 'sway' one into 'coming to your side'. Because a person is where they are most comfortable. It has to do with their Life Lessons, their growth as a soul, and where they are meant to be.

So relax.

Sit back.

And get ready to watch something really exciting--when it is time for it to happen for the Highest Good. Everyone is a winner in this Ascension--both those who 'go for it' Now, and for those who 'want to take it at their own pace' until it is Right for Them.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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