Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Advanced Healing Technologies--3D Update

There are some items on the market that will make you feel like THIS!

This weekend I travelled with my boy to San Francisco. We love to explore, and for him, this city was 'something he had never seen'.

It was also the most rain he has ever experienced!

As we walked around with our umbrellas, we stumbled across a gold mine in 'new Healing Technologies'--and like the true 'old soul' that he is, my son embraced these new technologies to the fullest.

I.  The Aqua Massage Table:

Here are the images:

I called it the 'car wash for humans'. I scoffed at it. But not my kid. He thought it was cool, and wanted to try it.

The salesman, Nico, picked up on my thoughts, which were, 'strange and EXPENSIVE! Watch out!' The machine was on in the front, and he had us stick in our arms to feel the jets. He offered us 'buy one get one free'. It was forty dollars for thirty minutes, and I figured it might just warm me up. LOL.

It opens like a tanning bed. You lay face down, like on a massage table. There is paper 'for sanitary' reasons, but it isn't all that protective. If you are immunocompromised, you might want to pass. Anything respiratory transmission, you will get. They should use a bleach sanitizer wipe on the face rest between clients. Once you lie on your stomach in the machine, it closes on you, and there is a sheet of plastic between you and the jets.

The nozzle makes passes over you just like the car wash does over your car.

It feels great!

The second time, since we bought so much stuff the next day we got treatments for free, I achieved greater relaxation in my muscles and my connective tissue.

If you were going to try this I would suggest booking three sessions for cumulative effect.

This is the next-best thing to a Light Box! Why not give it a try?

P.S. I put Reiki, Galactic Reiki, into all of the devices at the facility I went to on Fisherman's Wharf, not the Pier 39 one, just the sister institution.

Just know the salesmen at the place I went to are like those who sell time-shares--read 'Yelp' before you step into the store, if you go to the company I went to, okay? http://www.yelp.ca/biz/vitality-aqua-massage-las-vegas

II.  The Oxygen Bar:

We did this one too. It's not so much the oxygen (it's only forty percent, and the 'flavorings' to the water/oxygen don't seem very 'organic' if you ask me. But it's fun.) And what really helped was I got to try on for size the tens units while we sat at the oxygen bar. Yes, 'the massagers that make your shoulders twitch' are basically what they use on you in physical therapy or the chiropractor. I had my shoulders going, and also my feet in these sandal things, plus a warm pack on my shoulders and one around my waist...

Just know they try to sell you stuff. Did the oxygen help? I don't know. But it was relaxing and fun for the two of us. It's a lot like a Chinese Foot and Hand Massage experience at the oxygen bar. We got the head massager thing on us too.

Here's Yelp and some photos: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/oxygen-bar-the-las-vegas

III.  The 'Magnetic' Head Massager, with complexion, shiatsu point, and regular head massage tips:

I laughed over this one.

In a past life, my son, who was my maternal grandfather, loved his vibrating massager with the suction cup on the end. He would watch TV in his easy chair and use it every night on his sore muscles. He was a teamster and dug holes for the street lights to go in.

He still likes it. He had to have it! So we bought it for him. He woke up every day wanting me to use it on his head. LOL.

For me, when the salesman put in in my crown chakra I was really thrown for a loop. I was like, 'How dare you go into my aura with that electricity thing!?' But there are some who will enjoy it and all the attachments.

This one cost us thirty dollars, and it probably available on the internet for a lot less.  https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=head+massager+vibrating&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

IV.  Nukkles:

These are surprisingly comfortable and easy to use. The plastic things fit your fingers, and you rub a back or yourself where it hurts and it does loosen the tightness and soreness. I was told they were thirty dollars, but as you can see, the salesman doubled the price:  http://www.nukkles.com/back-rubs

I am sure there are many other things like this that are as comfortable. Golf balls are good. And also, if you tape together two tennis balls or two racquetballs side by side, if you roll on your back with those on either side of your spine, the effect is very relaxing. (It's like your spine going through the pair of taped balls like a knife goes through a knife sharpener...you just roll up and down over the pair and it feels nice.)

V.  Aromatherapy Packs:

These are heavy, filled with some kind of seed and herbs, and can be frozen or microwaved for either cold or hot use. They smell wonderful, and really help add heat to a painful spot. I enjoyed the weight on my shoulders and the heat on my sore ankle. The mint ones for eyes are good for sinuses too, you just sniff them. Here is the link, and the prices here were accurate and matched the website--http://www.naturecreation.com

Now here's my favorite ex-mother in law's cheaper advice--

  • take an old gym sock with NO HOLES. You know, the long tube-sock kind?
  • fill it two-thirds full and loose with uncooked rice.
  • tie a knot in the top of it so the rice won't fall out.
  • microwave it as it is for two minutes, a little more or less depending on your microwave.
  • It will stay warm for six hours.

VI.  The 'TENS/EMS Units':

First here is the safety precautions, taken from Wiki--use common sense because there might be more areas to use caution--follow your inner guidance!

Safety contraindication:

There are several locations where TENS electrodes are contraindicated:
  • Over the eyes due to the risk of increasing intraocular pressure[19]
  • Transcerebrally[20]
  • On the front of the neck due to the risk of an acute hypotension (through a vasovagal reflex) or even a laryngospasm[19][21]
  • Through the chest using an anterior and posterior electrode positions,[19] or other transthoracic applications understood as "across a thoracic diameter"; this does not preclude coplanar applications[21]
  • Internally, except for specific applications of dental, vaginal, and anal stimulation that employ specialized TENS units[19]
  • On broken skin areas or wounds, although it can be placed around wounds.[19]
  • Over a tumour/malignancy (based on in vitro experiments where electricity promotes cell growth)[19][21]
  • Directly over the spinal column
TENS used across an artificial cardiac pacemaker (or other indwelling stimulator, including across its leads) may cause interference and failure of the implanted device. Serious accidents have been recorded in cases when this principle was not observed.[21] A 2009 review in this area suggests that electrotherapy, including TENS, "are best avoided" in patients with pacemakers or implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs). They add that "there is no consensus and it may be possible to safely deliver these modalities in a proper setting with device and patient monitoring", and recommend further research. The review found several reports of ICDs administering inappropriate treatment due to interference with TENS devices, but notes that the reports on pacemakers are mixed: some non-programmable pacemakers were inhibited by TENS, but others were unaffected or auto-reprogrammed.[22]
On areas of numb skin/decreased sensation the use of TENS is likely less to be effective due to nerve damage. It may also cause skin irritation due to the inability to feel currents until they are too high.[19] There's an unknown level of risk when placing electrodes over an infection (possible spreading due to muscle contractions), but cross contamination with the electrodes themselves is of greater concern.[23] TENS should also be used with caution in people with epilepsy or pregnant women; do not use over area of the uterus as the effects of electrical stimulation over the developing fetus are not known.[21][24]

Anyhow, these gadgets make a pulse of electricity go through your muscles. They have different settings. I had some relief in my ankle, which had been sore, got relief with Reiki, then the rain and my tripping in my clogs set it off again. It is ninety percent improved, and I fell with all my body weight on one knee at Alcatraz when my clogs hit a crack while I was taking pictures and not watching where I was going..and I was fine. No bruise, nothing. (That was the Reiki.It can reverse a burn or a bruise before your eyes. I've seen it.)

Here is an example of the one I used, but I am sure there are equivalent ones available online: http://echomassager.com. I had PT years ago, and I wanted one, and I was told you can't get one without a prescription. But here they are, and I enjoyed it very much. Treatment is about twenty minutes.

Just know to keep the sticky pads clean, put them back on the plastic when they are not in use, and if you need to clean them, hand sanitizer should work. If it doesn't the sticky pads are ten dollars at any drug store near you.

VII. Summary:

There are even better things coming 'down the pipes' than the six healing modalities shown here--the Aqua Massager, the Oxygen Bar, the head massager, the massage device for fingers to help knead the back or sore muscles, the aromatherapy hot/cold packs, and the TENS/EMS units.

There is no recommendation of these brands, but examples are shown so you can 'get the picture' of what I describe. 

And if you add Reiki to it? These are sure to help a great deal.

And the BEST PART?  By staying connected with each other, and Yelp, for example, we can watch out for Salesmen who will lie and cheat and say anything to make the sale!

People like that have NO business in healing, do they???

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc