Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Live Maine Lobster--Mahalo

I saw you draped over the can of diet coke, claws banded, looking at me with the soulful eyes.

You didn't understand what was going to happen, or how you got to San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf, from your home waters in Maine.

You had no clue what that big pot of boiling water meant.

But I did.

My heart went out to you. I gave you Reiki. What a sad, sad thing to do to another creature, to put them out of the water, and on display. You would see the crowds. You would know who chose to have you boiled and bought you for their dinner.

I could never eat another lobster again.

I like crab meat.

It is one of the areas I have resisted in giving way to a plant-based diet for years. I 'ignore' what happens to the crustaceans at the end. I also 'ignore' what happens to the fishermen in Alaska who go after the King Crabs, and how many of them never make it back to their homes because of the dangerous waters..

After you, I saw two crabs on their backs, gasping for breath, suffering...

I thank you for helping me see.

I didn't eat crab the whole trip, although it was crab season and I was in one of the best parts of the world to have it.

Instead I wanted the killing to stop. I saw the insanity of all this suffering that we cause to our brothers and sisters, the animals, who are also alive and breathing and living their own lives...

I am so glad I didn't make any being suffer...everyone is different, and I only speak for myself. For where I am at, it really helps my development as a soul to not 'go there' as best as possible.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc