Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Here's Looking At You, Kid...And Listening too!

This weekend I made up for a failed church camp activity in junior high--and I finally successfully learned how to pick locks.

It's actually very similar to the hand movements with fine-motor skill for placing an epidural--your mind and hands work together to understand the hidden 'workings' of the space you are going into. Just like the epidural needle needs to bump into and sneak 'under' the spinous process to 'get in', so it is with the tool that is used to set the tumblers and open the lock.

It was fun.

And I learned it from an Angel!

Well, actually, a worker named Angel.

I also learned how handcuffs work, and how to pick those, too.

Unfortunately, my nine-year-old couldn't understand why I would say 'no' to the pocket knife (really scary, 'business' blades), to the 'real handcuffs', to the air gun (a few modifications away from a real gun), and the fart spray he wanted to use on me in the hotel for saying 'no' to all of his other requests.

What I did learn was amazing--devices exist that can spy on you. From a teddy bear 'nanny cam' to a tie to a digital alarm clock--the views were on screens and were really clear.

There is 'bugging' and 'counter surveillance' in all kinds of things. And if your phone does certain things, it might be 'bugged' or 'hacked' or 'tampered with' in certain ways...http://spyzrus.net/how-to-tell-if-your-cell-phone-is-being-tracked-tapped-monitored-by-spy-software/

If you are interested, here is the store: http://www.internationalspyshop.com

I think it is easy to live in a 'bubble'. I have. I was a little shaken to realize this.

Just know that there are beings on the Good side, who have advanced technology that surpasses any of this in the article here...and the Dark Hats have nowhere to hide from it.

Victory to the Light is near!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc