Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today was a good day. I was grounded in the spirit and did so much.

I have been fighting a sinus/cold and really trying to learn what spirit wants to show me. Last night I saw my spiritual world is my life, and my doctor role is not entirely who I am. For example, when I was little, all I had to be was me. When being full time employed as a doc became me was subtle. I used to play a game in my head when I would go out with medical friends: I would count the seconds before the conversation hit a medical topic. It would take about thirty, LOL.

Anyhow, I am on an exciting divine peace healing project. I worked on that right away. I wrote on facebook. Then I packed lunches, cooked breakfast, packed for overnight at the hospital, woke up my son, got him ready, ate together, and got him to school. I was ten minutes late to work. I did not lose my cool like I usually do.

On my way to work, I pray in the car. I pray for countries and locations for peace. Also for peace for groups and organizations on my list, and for special individuals.

At work, the lady who asked for a bolus declined after her water broke. The c section went to another hospital. The day wasn't slow. I saw an eleven pound baby, put in three epidurals in a row, and let a dad take pictures of the epidural kit. I posed for pictures twice, once with chakas over my kit for dad, again with a coworker for her mom after I put the epidural in for my coworker's sister.

The screamer rattled me. I knew it wouldn't be easy when she made me wait for her to pee. Then she stood up for every contraction. She shared the last doc talked her ear off. I let her know her screaming affected my ability to put it in. The nurse told her to suck in her belly button. Boom, her positioning improved, and I got it in.

Later after I bloused her, she apologized for scaring me. It turns out she wants to be a healing nutritionist. She is organic and healed her psoriasis through diet. She had tried everything but embrel and failed. I praised her for her insight. I also shared I am a reiki master and a Karuna Reiki TM Master/teacher. I offered her a healing, which she accepted. She also said "you don't know how many of you there are in the medical field who are holistic combined healers who are afraid to talk."

I came out. I came out as a reiki doc at work! Only to one patient, but I did.

Today was a good day.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Space Case and Animal Reiki

This is going to be quick, I have to go soon.

Yesterday I had a woman who was incredibly anxious and traumatized. It took over her life. I actually put her to sleep with a blindfold on her, she was so terrified to see the inside of the O.R.  Very large gyne tumor, the largest I have ever seen, or my surgeon had seen. Long, difficult operation. I had two opportunities to be excused from the room. But I had given my word to the patient and surgeon. So I stayed throughout the case.

I gave her Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Divine Peace Healing, and Karuna Reiki (TM).
She was a mess. I basically said, 'angels and guides, patient, you talk to each other'. She stayed asleep a long time. I know it was because they were getting to work on the spirit level.

A dear pet neighbor of ours is not doing so well. A large Golden Retriever that lives down the hill. When I sent distance Reiki, he felt all watery. I asked my psychic instructor who runs the certification course I am in if animals have the same chakras as humans. She said she can't see them, only very clairvoyant ones can, but she hears they are 'the same but diluted'. We went over to the house last night. I gave Reiki to the dog after my son did. I saw how it not only helped the dog (I 'claircognizant-ed' his last wishes and told them to his dog mom) but it gave his dog mom hope. I didn't tell her I gave happy trails. But on some level she knew.

That is it for today.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have been troubled with problems with my right eye for months. Although I had been diagnosed with ocular rosacea, it had never flared up like this before.

It itched, would swell, have a violet red tinge, heal, scale, and start over again. It felt itchy and scratchy on the eye.

One would think I would seek alternative healing but I didn't. Antibiotics made it better, as did the eye drops and creams to put on at night. I did saline drops, warm compresses, and threw out all my makeup. I bought new everything. I only got worse.

Not my left eye. Nothing happened.

At the very worst, I went to the doctor because it was almost swollen shut and red.

My doctor is a combined family practice urgent care center. I waited on a Saturday, and almost missed a sporting event for my son. I left the examination room without seeing the doctor.

All day, I thought, something must be telling me something. This is spiritual. Why else would it affect one eye and not the other (eyes are totally contagious). I am a Reiki/ Karuna Reiki (TM) Master/Teacher! I had sent half-hearted Reiki to myself before. But this time, I connected. I listened to my body. And I sent.

There was a message my body had been sending me. Let go and let the Spirit Eye have its say in how I live my life. I am incredibly connected to Spirit. But I haven't changed my day-to-day to accommodate it.

This morning, I woke up and it was healed. A little bit of dry skin, but otherwise, cured.

And I asked myself what I wanted to do with my day. I wanted to see my grandmother and I wanted pizza. I told no one of these things. Next I knew, my mom, who I was supposed to visit, said my Uncle and Grandma just came in to town yesterday and she was planning to visit them today. I said I would love to join her. And dinner? My son didn't like taco bell or el pollo loco, so mom took us to Straw Hat Pizza instead.

That, my friends, is how one manifests. Let go of the outcome, and focus on the desire. Try it!


Reiki Doc

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Great Hunger

Sadly, I write this post.

I look at the day that passed, and asked, 'How did I function?'

Today was literally like the movie 'Field of Dreams'--"if you build it, they will come."

I am humbled by the severity of disease that passed through my O.R. And therefore through my care.

The firecracker to start the day was the asthmatic morbidly obese patient that was bed-bound. Could not move. Needed vascular access. Any operative procedure in this size patient is dangerous.  General or MAC (monitored anesthesia care)? Less is more safe. But when there was complaint about the pain from the blood pressure cuff, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. I said a big 'cho ku rei' upon her arriving in the operating room. And once the vessel got accessed through the layers of fat and skin, the scrub tech and I breathed loud sighs of relief. He was literally holding tissue out of the way so the surgeon could work.

She got the full treatment of Reiki Plus. Everything but the kitchen sink.

The next had a severe, progressively worsening disorder and needed access too. We do not like to operate when platelet count is less than 100,000. And epidural's lowest limit is 70,000. Surgery is very risky but possible above 50,000 if you replace platelets and are very careful. Spontaneous bleeding from all mucous membranes is at 20,000. Patient had 40,000. We went for it. Wanted to go to sleep. So I did. That and Reiki too.

The day was going well, I had snacks and bathroom breaks. Which was a good thing because at eleven we started the sickest one: bad bowel obstruction. The NG tube wasn't actually decompressing that much. When I futzed with it, trying to clear it so it could suck, the surgeon was pressing on the viscera.

Bowel contents, when blocked, back up. Just like a sewer. I saw poop come out the mouth and go all over the patient. I was so busy supporting blood pressure and getting the NG tube to work and cleaning the patient I barely had time to chart, never mind do Reiki. I rinsed saline into the mouth and sucked it out repeatedly until clear so that the patient would not know what had happened when he woke up. Once the colostomy was working and I had caught up on fluids, I did. He got a Reiki treatment, as needed, but not the full thing.

I was sure to include 'happy trails' on all three of them.

The last one was worse. Not going to pass in the near future, but very very messed up. Like a seventy year old's history in only half the age. He got the works too.

Spirit has my gig. Those patients are coming my way! I was fine actually all day, until I came home and shared with others what I did. Until that time, I had not made the connection on how severe the work and patients had been. ASA 4, ASA 3, ASA 4, and ASA 3. The Reiki comes through, it does not exhaust you.

I had time to make dinner and play Battleship with my kid.

Guess what? The friend in Hawaii asked me to send Reiki to her daughter on mainland. And her daughter is now my friend too.

Warmest blessings and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whole-istic Medicine

This is a power ball. It is used in the operating room to plug in all of the equipment for surgery. The outlets on the wall are just not enough. They are also too far so people would trip on the cords if they were used.

A big part of modernizing operating rooms these days involves the use of 'towers' and 'boom arms' to house all the equipment, and therefore all the plugs and cords. It is working, but still there are times a power ball is needed. The drapes can be clipped to them like an i.v. pole, too, making the ether screen.

Lets talk about holistic medicine. It is the treatment of the entire patient, using non-traditional and traditional healing techniques for the benefit of healing the patient. For example, one of my plastic surgeons has patients take arnica to reduce swelling and inflammation.

To me, 'Whole-istic Medicine' is the whole package--treating of the physical body and spirit at the same time with Reiki healing energy. Just as surgery fixes a problem or gives a patient extra time and quality of life, Reiki can be done throughout the healing process to enhance and support a patient in their recovery.

A bariatric patient gets preoperative therapy, psychological counseling, to enhance the likelihood of success from the surgery. There is a coordinator for the program that supports the patient every step of the way. There are classes, rehabilitations, exercise sessions, and follow-up. We just don't throw a patient out 'into the void', like we would an appy or a gallbladder sort of case.

Although the pharmaceutical industry may not appreciate it, Reiki healing energy is another component in the healing spectrum that is the future of the healing arts. We pass patients through unseen energy in the form of CT scanners and MRI scanners and PET scanners. Why not psychic ones? It can't hurt! The underlying reasons 'why' for the disease, the energetic patterns in the subtle body, may be addressed and possibly corrected.

And since the patient is going to surgery anyway, the anesthesia provider is in the perfect place to layer one healing modality on top of another for maximum effect.

This may save money in the long run for the insurance companies, and it definitely would improve patient response to medical care.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Across space

There have been two important events this week.

The first--a friend of mine posted an alert/urgent request for prayers. I got it one minute after she sent it. I sent distance Reiki, balanced her chakras, and Karuna Reiki healing. I felt her anxiety and I felt it dissolve. Five minutes later I sent confirmation to her that I had done a distance healing. She had felt it. She is a five hour flight away from me. She said, "your Reiki is very powerful."

The second--ESWL. Extra-corporeal shock-wave lithotripsy. This is 'busting up kidney stones with ultrasound'. I connected to a patient doing a healing during this procedure. I felt the shocks. I felt the energy blasts into the patient. When I finished the healing, it went away. I have experienced this twice.

Looks amazing, doesn't it? One day we will figure all of this out.


Reiki Doc

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reiki for the Surgeon

Reiki for the Surgeon? What?!?

Oh yes! Absolutely! YES!

We know about them. I have written about them. Those absolutely miserable human beings who bring misery wherever they go.

I have been praying for one. I do a Divine Peace Healing on this doc EVERY DAY for a week. I was under the crosshairs from this surgeon, and word got back to me on it. Today, in the OR, I let it go. Full blast. Reiki light and love. I balanced their chakras, put symbols into the healing for extra strength Reiki. I was close enough at the head of the table to send it by intent.

And you know what? I saw this person relax. Start to talk about plans for the evening. I felt it.

The point is that loving thoughts affect others. So do negative ones. This person's negative thoughts about me were affecting myself and my work. I set about to change it. I will continue on this technique until I see a difference that is consistent.

I don't want to let negativity perpetuate. I have made changes to my practice to address all concerns. And I am adding positivity on top of it because I want good working conditions for both of us.

Any positive energy sent to another makes a difference. It the person does not accept positive energy, you might feel it 'bouncing back'. In that case, sent it instead to that person's higher self or guide and ask that it might be used for that person's greatest good.

There is a positivity pin out there on the internet. I saw mention of it but not sure how to order it. I am going to have to get me one of those.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When things are rough for patients

Here are some thoughts from a day at work:

"How do you tell people bad news?" I asked the kind Gastroenterologist I worked with today. (The patient's cancer was invading further). He thought about it and said, "First, I throw out a cue to know it is bad. For example, I found something that shouldn't be there. Many times the patients have an idea already that something is wrong. Then, I am professional. I tell them the truth as gently as possible. I give them time for it to sink in. Although I do it, it is NEVER EASY."

As an anesthesiologist, even though I know bad news, I never tell the patient. Only the surgeon doing the procedure can. But I always let the recovery room nurse know if it is bad. That way she can prepare the patient for it and be ready once the patient finds out the results.

When this one went to sleep, he said, "I LOVE the heaven of anesthesia." I thought about that, the whole case. What must undoubtedly be a painful source of worry is released once consciousness slips. That is a nice way to look at my occupation.

The procedure was fast, less than ten minutes. So I was busy with tasks. All the while, I knew the Reiki, if it was needed, would automatically flow to the right place while I worked.

The next patient was borderline abused. The husband denied her an epidural in labor, and also denied her a tubal ligation. She was back one month later.

I knew what to do. Everything! Why let an opportunity for change like that pass? For heaven's sakes, they are trying to get us to counsel patients on smoking cessation as a routine perioperatively. They are most open to life changing then. Well, I let my Reiki in, as much as possible, to tip the scales in her favor. I think for her, the Diksha will help bring about the most results. That baby needs her.

And in PACU? I told her RN about the father...and said, "We need to give him the stink eye." LOL

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Reiki Doc

P.S.  Our son's dad went off on me today. He rants righteous texts at me. I am so glad I did not marry him. However, with my Reiki training, I can handle him a lot better. He can't 'get to me' as much. I stay strong in my self-worth and convictions. We don't really talk about how Reiki makes us better people, but perhaps we should. I would have had a terrible day from what he did before I took Reiki classes. Namaste : )

Monday, June 13, 2011

On Sleep

What good is an anesthesiologist if we don't talk about sleep?

Anesthesia sleep is identical to natural sleep, studies have shown.

My son is not the best for sleeping, though. Fights it. Always had. Bedtime used to be a bother. He'd get really hyper and then conk out. As an early bird, I like to sleep early. And here I was with a little night owl.

I needed to practice my Reiki as I took classes. My practice was him. Kids LOVE Reiki. They just soak it up. When I got to Reiki III, the strangest thing happened. On cue, before I'd be done with the treatment, he would fall asleep. Just like that. No fighting, no anything. Just 'I want Reiki Mom', and boom.

Reiki has its benefits!

P.S. I healed a burn on him with Reiki, too. He touched a lightbulb and got a blister. The Reiki and ice made it sting worse. But the next day it was completely healed with no blister.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Surf's Up!

I hear waves are going to be five feet tomorrow, though.

It is coming together. All of it. Energy Healing. Today in the paper was an article about an acupunturist who combines western and eastern medicine. There are more and more stories about this coming out. I have "Reiki Energy Medicine" by Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb from The House of God...just kidding...Massachussetts General Hospital. They have been teaching Reiki there to practitioners from all specialties in the hospital for over twenty years. They teach 'hands on', traditional Usui they say. However, I doubt they spent over ten thousand dollars and apprenticed for free for two years until their Reiki Master said they were good to graduate.

Here, in the OR, was a tranforming day. In my hands, I dealt with cancer survivors, seriously anxiety-diagnosable patients, a former colleague at another institution, Spanish speaking geriatric who never had an operation, Mr. from the couple, 'Mr. and Mrs. Gang-banger-tattoo', Granny who wants to dance once she's better, and someone with the most massive abdomen I have ever seen with a BMI of 50. Seamlessly, and with ease I never had before, I worked with them.

A 'continuous source of Reiki', I interacted with all the doctors and nurses on their care team. No frustrations, no negative thoughts. Just here to do my job effectively. I spoke Spanish, shook hands, established rapport, did the cases (technically spot-on). I did not tire. I used to. One of the benefits of Reiki energy is that is replenishes you as you give it.

In the OR I was a Compassionate Reiki Machine. Case One: I looked past the missing eye and saw the patient. I did not have time to give Reiki formally, but patient responded to my care, expressing thanks for it afterwards. This is the highest compliment a snooze doc can get--thank you in PACU. Second patient--uncanny coincidence: he was anxious, hard to sedate, not scheduled for MAC, but I was available. I had a challenge with this one...took triple what most needed for this procedure. I went to a remote location, and helped a poor soul who could not lay prone. As the procedure took longer, I gave Reiki 'unawares'. I saw and felt the past that had gone into it. And BLAST I went, adding as much as I could. My Reiki guide did more work than I have ever felt. It was a partnership. And boom--before you knew it, we were off to recovery room. Again, more thanks.

I gave Reiki, serious with intent, to three patients today. I did eight cases.

My 'awakening' to spirit was the direct result of surgery in 1990. My Reiki Master-Teacher's awakening too was after surgery in 1992. If there is a chance that others can 'wake up' as a result of anesthesia, I am going for it. Toes to the nose and hanging ten. Woooooooo!


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Obstetric Reiki

When I was in Clerkship on OB, I really liked it. On OB Anesthesia, too, for the first time with my favorite Professor to show me 1 on 1 how to put in epidurals and the like.

It was at the busiest Labor Deck in the area I learned to dislike it. Rich moms were favored to the extent that poor moms in labor were moved out of a room with a view if a rich mom came in. Even if she was pushing. Nurses ordered anesthesia residents around all hours of the day or night. The trays of drugs from pharmacy were poorly stocked, and the anesthesia cart kept being hidden due to the Joint Commission Survey taking place while I was rotating there.

My love for cardiac anesthesia arose out of my dislike of obstetrics. Hearts, hearts, hearts. All I wanted to do was hearts.

Part of my not liking OB was the pain of not having been a mother.

Reiki changed all that. I work with a department I enjoy. Being a mother myself makes it more pleasant. It is trying to relive my own time that makes me smile inside.

My capacity for Drama is amazing. Let me explain.
THE SCARED FIRST TIME MOM: I just roll with it. I take what I can as far as cooperating with the procedure goes. It is always lots more work because they have heard the stories and really fight it. Karuna and Reiki Master really help me stay anchored when the drama gets extreme.

STAY OUT OF THE WAY: some moms write 'little scripts' in their mind. I let them. I know my role in it. But it's their birth, their history, and ultimately their story. Healthy mom, healthy baby...that's the key.

GOING LIKE GANGBUSTERS MULTIP: these are the most technically challenging. There is not much fluid on board, and there is only one chance. I go into automatic mode. It goes right in.

PREECLAMPSIA and other OB EMERGENCIES: Live in the moment. Do each step the best that you can. Don't look back.

PSYCHO-FAMILY-DYNAMICS: Skate right on above. Don't get sucked in.

When it comes right down to it, it is about the MOM and DAD and BABY, not about me. I serve. In the middle of the night, I give of myself because I want to set a good example for the parents when the baby wakes them up. It's part of LIFE, not sleeping...

Unscathed. But tired. That's what I am. And replenished in Spirit, because Reiki never drains you.

A shower...ahhh...that's next!

Reiki Doc

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Why I am happy

I vibrate at a much higher frequency than I did years ago. Things don't throw me as much.
In this photo, the lattice is from a gardener's bench made by my first husband. The pain from that is gone. My anniversary is coming up. His birthday, our anniversary, neither fazes me. Time and the lessons learned  helped me heal.

Behind is a Christmas Cactus. He gave me one in courtship. This is a different plant. I enjoy them. They bloom in December and make me think of beauty (flower) from pain (cactus).

On the far right is an empty pot. It is upside down. There is probably a black widow under it. They like to do that. Do I have to mess with it now? No. I acknowledge it and will get to it. In my own time.

The floral pot on the left is empty. There is no hole in the bottom. Because of this, nothing will grow. I have tried. Many times. No flow, no grow. Why I keep it? I am not sure. But I stopped trying the impossible. I let it rest.

In the foreground, an 'air plant'. It has no roots. It was attached to an African Grey Parrot statue. The statue broke. I kept the plant anyway. How it gets its nourishment, I'll never know. I water it when I water the garden. I have had it for ten years now. It always blooms. To me, that plant is Reiki in my life. I don't understand it, but I nourish it and appreciate it. And the flow...Reiki is flowing through me.

I help others with it. My son cut his ankle yesterday. He asked for Reiki. It was bleeding. He responded well to it. Reiki is a part of our life.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, June 4, 2011 Reiki Doc : )

Ok are you ready to have fun?

I woke up this morning ready to blog about something neat I have had happen in the OR yesterday. Two things that are new in my experience as a Reiki Doc and as an anesthesiologist.

Then while logging on, I found THIS: Doc D

EXPOSING THE MEDICAL DISINFORMATION: Analysis and opinion on medical advances and health policy proposals...

This is my inspiration. A retired Family Practice doc who makes public policy and SLAMS Reiki. His April something blog post really slammed a reality TV show. He made fun of someone wanting to feel better for past sexual molest by 'some Reiki person doing weird hand gestures of quackery taking advantage of someone vulnerable who wants to feel better.' This is the MIND I am up against. The MIND of How It Has Always Been. The Rational Mind. The Prove It.
Guess what I did? Guess what? Guess what?
I sent a distance Reiki healing to Doc D! I felt his energy patterns. All in the head. Lots and lots of activity, nervous furious energy in the head. There was no body. This guy LIVED in his head. So what did I do? I sent Reiki designed to calm the head/emotions/thoughts. He writes that healing balances is malarky. But HE was unbalanced!! LOL So in deep joy, I balanced him. For free.
I also sent him Ho Opono Pono--and ancient Hawaiian way to 'make things right'. I did it in my comment to his post. There were none. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. That's it. Try it in your personal lives when you need forgiveness and want to set things right.
I didn't know what to sign my blog. I thought Reiki Doc would be inflammatory, given his stance.I signed it Doc C. LOL. I said I was a Board Certified Anesthesiologist that dislkes Reality T.V. (I did not disclose I am a Karuna Reiki Teacher Master, etc. LOL LOL LOL)
That is how you heal. You match up your vibration to another's. Recognize its pattern. And send healing in. 
In Allopathic Medicine, you match up tests, signs, symptoms, and findings  to find the pattern. In Reiki you don't have to understand all that. It works.
Yesterday the most profound thing happened. I have been trying to find a way to measure Reiki. Like Madame Curie tried to find Radiation. Or Roentgen found X-rays. I was in a neurosurgery case, the kind with SSEP's and MEP's (somatosensory evoked potentials and motor-evoked potentials). While I was doing Reiki, they were signaling the MEP's, sending electricity through the brain to make the muscles move. I felt my muscles twitching at the same frequency as he test. It was distracting. I had sat there for four hours, while they did the barrage of tests, and felt nothing. But when I connected, I felt what was going on in my patient's body electrically. And when I finished the treatment, I did not feel any more sensations like that, even though the neuromonitoring team kept up with their tests.
At the end of the case, when I turned off the propofol pump for TIVA (total i.v. anesthetic), the technician said "What did you just do? A major source of interference pattern in our readings just went off! Turn the pump back on."  I did. They got the signal artifact. 
Isn't it neat? The monitoring is starting to get closer to one day perhaps measuring subtle energy.
I am excited and I hope you are too. 
Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Morning

Reiki is an ongoing developmental process for me, just like the 'practice of medicine' has been ever since graduation from medical school.

Some recent things have come to manifest. Randomly I will write about them. In no particular order.

The power. Like the power of the sun, Reiki has the ability to throw light and warmth where there generally is none. I gave a flood of Reiki energy to a gyn-onc patient who was an ASA 4. She had a host of co-existing medical conditions and according to her gyn-onc fellow 'no longer wished to live.'

I followed up on her yesterday. She was in good spirits, not much pain, and delighted that we 'tightened her stomach like in plastic surgery.' She had been hoping for this and made little jokes to the resident about in at her pre-op visit. I laughed and said for her type of wound, that is how we close it, and that is just the way it is. There was a sparkle in her.

Sometimes just seeing the anesthesiologist 'after the fact' brightens people up. They are like, 'it worked!' (the anesthesia).

The power of caring. I had a post-traumatic stress patient on OB. She had a bad experience with one of our 'brusque' anesthesiologists last pregnancy. The patient was chubby, fearful, and I knew what kind of challenge the epidural probably must have been for my colleague, who has NO patience for those who are 'of size'. I was extra nice, extra attentive, and gentle. Which was a good thing. The labor ended in cesarean section. She was super anxious. I think Reiki sets the tone for others. That groundedness anchors others who are 'caught up in the storm'. It is a good thing. And when I checked on her this morning, she was all smiles. Everyone was, come to think of it. The bleeder, the 'I need a bolus every hour', and the multip. Everyone is a set of problems for me to work on. For that matter, everyone is a set of problems with an energy pattern and a personality too. I try to enjoy it when I work with them.

The power of trusting Spirit. Sometimes life changes happen. To shake things up. My father's anniversary of his death is coming up. I never thought I could live without him. Now for years, I have done just that. Radical disruption can sometimes make the best but only for later. Everything happens because it is the best in the big picture. It may hurt for the short time, but opportunities follow. A coworker had a break-up that made him so upset he vomited all night. My tooth was hurting, and I just got back from the dentist...that one will make for something right too. I trust. It takes time to accept that Life IS just the way it is meant to be. Reiki helps you trust that unseen forces for good are helping. To relax and go for the ride.

The power of passion. I have a stack of books that keeps growing. I keep reading with interest. Everything I can about this, and things that are related to this. It is nice to have something drive you. There is so much day-to-day busy-ness that can take your mind off the moment, off your path. It is Summer, and a beautiful day, and there is so much outside to appreciate. There is the pile of 'honey-do's' of course. Jack Kornfield said, 'after the ecstacy, the laundry.' It is good to have an appreciation of both.


Reiki Doc