Friday, June 17, 2011

Reiki for the Surgeon

Reiki for the Surgeon? What?!?

Oh yes! Absolutely! YES!

We know about them. I have written about them. Those absolutely miserable human beings who bring misery wherever they go.

I have been praying for one. I do a Divine Peace Healing on this doc EVERY DAY for a week. I was under the crosshairs from this surgeon, and word got back to me on it. Today, in the OR, I let it go. Full blast. Reiki light and love. I balanced their chakras, put symbols into the healing for extra strength Reiki. I was close enough at the head of the table to send it by intent.

And you know what? I saw this person relax. Start to talk about plans for the evening. I felt it.

The point is that loving thoughts affect others. So do negative ones. This person's negative thoughts about me were affecting myself and my work. I set about to change it. I will continue on this technique until I see a difference that is consistent.

I don't want to let negativity perpetuate. I have made changes to my practice to address all concerns. And I am adding positivity on top of it because I want good working conditions for both of us.

Any positive energy sent to another makes a difference. It the person does not accept positive energy, you might feel it 'bouncing back'. In that case, sent it instead to that person's higher self or guide and ask that it might be used for that person's greatest good.

There is a positivity pin out there on the internet. I saw mention of it but not sure how to order it. I am going to have to get me one of those.


Reiki Doc