Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Space Case and Animal Reiki

This is going to be quick, I have to go soon.

Yesterday I had a woman who was incredibly anxious and traumatized. It took over her life. I actually put her to sleep with a blindfold on her, she was so terrified to see the inside of the O.R.  Very large gyne tumor, the largest I have ever seen, or my surgeon had seen. Long, difficult operation. I had two opportunities to be excused from the room. But I had given my word to the patient and surgeon. So I stayed throughout the case.

I gave her Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Divine Peace Healing, and Karuna Reiki (TM).
She was a mess. I basically said, 'angels and guides, patient, you talk to each other'. She stayed asleep a long time. I know it was because they were getting to work on the spirit level.

A dear pet neighbor of ours is not doing so well. A large Golden Retriever that lives down the hill. When I sent distance Reiki, he felt all watery. I asked my psychic instructor who runs the certification course I am in if animals have the same chakras as humans. She said she can't see them, only very clairvoyant ones can, but she hears they are 'the same but diluted'. We went over to the house last night. I gave Reiki to the dog after my son did. I saw how it not only helped the dog (I 'claircognizant-ed' his last wishes and told them to his dog mom) but it gave his dog mom hope. I didn't tell her I gave happy trails. But on some level she knew.

That is it for today.


Reiki Doc