Monday, June 13, 2011

On Sleep

What good is an anesthesiologist if we don't talk about sleep?

Anesthesia sleep is identical to natural sleep, studies have shown.

My son is not the best for sleeping, though. Fights it. Always had. Bedtime used to be a bother. He'd get really hyper and then conk out. As an early bird, I like to sleep early. And here I was with a little night owl.

I needed to practice my Reiki as I took classes. My practice was him. Kids LOVE Reiki. They just soak it up. When I got to Reiki III, the strangest thing happened. On cue, before I'd be done with the treatment, he would fall asleep. Just like that. No fighting, no anything. Just 'I want Reiki Mom', and boom.

Reiki has its benefits!

P.S. I healed a burn on him with Reiki, too. He touched a lightbulb and got a blister. The Reiki and ice made it sting worse. But the next day it was completely healed with no blister.


Reiki Doc