Monday, January 30, 2017

Savage to Sterling

See this?

It's what I drive. It's a 2003 BMW Z-4.

I bought mine on lease from Savage BMW in 2003.

It's out by Rancho Cucamonga. It's a far drive, but I was married at the time and my husband researched it and found a deal.

I had that little thing around the license plate, the frame, I think?--and it said SAVAGE BMW.

I kind of liked it.

I drove that car during my 'wild years', right after I passed my boards, was getting a divorce, and going out with friends to places like Mosun Club M, The White House, The White Lotus,  Vegas...places like that.

I took it for new tires or something to a different dealership in Newport Beach, Sterling BMW.

Well, guess what?

They changed the license plate frame to THEIRS!  I couldn't believe it, I kid you not!

Shortly after, my SAVAGE ways were tamed, I was soon to become a mother, and my STERLING license frame still is on my car. It's right next to a real thick pile of registration stickers. I think we've been through every color option

Savage to Sterling...what a concept!

Savage to has a nice sound to it, a nice connotation with the Ascension thing and

Savage to Sterling... <3

For those of you waiting on the edge of your seat, our two California Pepper Trees on my street got a 'reprieve'.  So did the Four Brazilian Pepper Trees on a neighboring street. The ones on a third street are toast and slated for removal ASAP because NOBODY showed up.

The other street had five people show up in defense for their trees. There was a lawyer (retired), his lady, a Persian contractor (he said, look, when you drive a Mercedes, you don't skimp on the maintenance, you pay to maintain it! So it is with this neighborhood and the wonderful trees!) who suggested building a planter wall up at the edge of the trees.

Ignacio 'Nacho' from the landscaping company--has a deal struck with the board--the outgoing one--it's on the books--to go after the Water company rebate of two dollars a square foot of 'turf replacement'. They are yanking out all the sprinklers on the islands in our cul de sacs and installing desert stuff with drip irrigation lines.

Well guess what? Pepper trees have 'invasive root systems'...

Nacho can't install any lines or plant any desert plants where the roots are.

He's afraid he won't meet the deadlines and the amount needed to get the rebate money.

If I hadn't shown up to our meeting, if I hadn't given up a good chunk of income for me to be available on my first call to attend, THOSE TWO TREES RIGHT NOW WOULD BE DEAD.  GONERS. On deck for the chopping block.

Just like on that third street where nobody cared and people wished them to be gone.

And if it wasn't for the REIKI and LOVE and SUPPORT from as far as the Philippines all the way through to Germany, and everywhere in between!, they wouldn't have halted the project at all, or even listened to us. 

In fact, the management company sent their VP to help 'mediate' the meeting for us.

The trees still could die--there is a chance the landscapers could insert a pipe deep into the dirt vertically to feed the drip line to the tree and have it work (I pray to God this works!)--but if the Landscapers decide on their own with no accountability to the board or the residents that it's just 'not going to work' they have permission to chop both of them down.

Ross told me how to interact at the meeting, and he also told me it would have his blessing too.

I'm glad it did.

Which brings me to another point--the VP of the property management company said, 'If you watch the NEWS you would know with the rains we are in a RED SPOT, we are not out of the woods yet, and drought resistant is the way to go.'

'if you watch the news...'


If you watch the news....let's build on that.

I am going to present two videos.

You get to 'drive'--you decide the merit, using your mind, plus your heart, to see what 'resonates' for you...

No questions asked, no judgement, no discussion, no comments.

Actually, I'm being nudged to share three.

Here's the first:

What point I must add is that Denzell is a thirty-third level mason, according to some other videos on the Truthseeking section on my YouTube Channel  (and oddly enough, I also learned that Miley Cyrus is Dolly Parton's godchild?! how much of a coincidence is that???)

Here's the second:

Here's the third:

Here's another fact--just to help you discern for yourselves. There's an evolutionary adaptation for humans...if there's one little thing wrong, we tend to throw the whole thing out. It's based on food, shelter, survival, yes?

So there's a lot of Disinformation out there. Most of it is believable, and they throw in one thing that's not true...there's lots of people out there on the internet who are paid to be disruptive and to discredit valid information on websites and on social media. And they are Disinformation experts. 

They can plant a seed and raise doubt on something like Pizzagate, which is a HUGE HUGE HUGE dirty secret on the Elite that was 'leaked out'--and with enough doubts, and with the truth being unpalatable enough as it is, people are tossing the whole thing out.  When it's repeated enough, as 'Fake News', then the masses who watch the news and are Good Citizens are likely to believe the mass media, and to disbelieve the actual truth.

Enough of my talk.  It's time for me to go to sleep.

I love you and thank you for the chance to talk about important things, at the end of the day. And also, thank you for the love you send to our family and our beautiful, wonderful, California Pepper Trees.

Ross thanks you too, and waves to you good night.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Discovery -- Part Five

This is simple.

Today's message is as clear as can be.

There is no opportunity to interpret it incorrectly.

Gaia is sick.

Gaia is sick from a form of pollution which is MUCH more damaging than any oil spill, any plastic ball in the ocean, any air pollution, any litter or acid rain.

Gaia is an energy being.

She has grids which you can't see, but can feel.  They support you in your life existence while you are incarnate. They support everything on her.

Gaia suffers from Negative Imprints.

What is a Negative Imprint?

Well, any time we say a cross word, or hurt something, or kill something, or worry, or think angry leaves a mark on Her energy and it STAYS THERE until someone removes it.

How many people know how to remove it?

People who have a certificate in Divine Peace Healing know how to remove it.

They are trained to focus on certain regions, and to work at it, slowly lifting thin layer by layer by sending Divine Peace Healing to these countries and locations every single day.

How big is the pile?

How long have humans been incarnate?

How many wars have been fought?

How many arguments have taken place on Her surface?

How many people have been seeking revenge and thought harmful thoughts?

Yes! It's thoughts as well as actions which cause harm to the energy body of Gaia!  They STICK and so remain until they are removed by someone with the delicate training in the removal.

So choose Love and Gratitude instead of Low Vibration Thinking.

Love your Neighbor as you love yourself.

Take care of Gaia's precious environment.

It's not too late.

You can begin today--and keep the pile from growing another layer--with mindfulness and an open heart.

All the anger out there in the world today is weighing Her down.

Be Love.

Love is patient and kind, never jealous or envious...never haughty or selfish or rude.  Love does not demand its own way but rejoices whenever truth wins out...

  Negative imprints are like taking energy jackhammers to Gaia's energy grids/framework/supports.

Strong hearts and minds are filled with love and gratitude, and actually PREVENT damage from negative imprints from others taking root because they counteract and neutralize the harm as it takes place...

The choice is yours, what kind of legacy you wish to leave behind you as you walk your Earth Path.

Remember, thoughts are important, and the Universe does not hear the words 'no' or 'not', and worry therefore is praying for what you don't want to happen, to HAPPEN!

Please help Gaia and her delicate ecosystems and energy grids TODAY.

Thank you.


I'd like to share something which is special to Carla:

Here is the quote from it which warmed Carla's heart:

Amaya and Kalia are a part of ground breaking research involving calf development, as well as the toxin transfer from mother to calf through milk lactation. The studies conducted by researchers from NOAA have determined that killer whales do not shed the toxins as quickly as bottlenose dolphins. This study and the results will help scientist to understand toxin transfers in wild orcas and provide recommendations on how we all can help to reduce toxins in their environment.

This is why the Southern Resident Orcas (ones around Victoria, BC and Seattle who eat salmon exclusively and NOT marine mammals) are critically endangered...from the toxins downloaded through the orca milk from the mother (who will live longer because of this dumping off of the toxins) to the calf (who typically now every first born calf will die in infancy due to these toxins)...

It made Carla smile.

I like to see her smile.

What about you?

Why, I and my buddies up here (taps the dashboard/desk--ed) like to see YOU smile too!

What will it take to make you be smiling?

(he shrugs--ed)  I don't know! Everyone is different.

Just for today, tell me, what would give YOU one reason to write home about?

Pick up the phone and call your mom too...or someone who cares about you.  Life is short and they will be delighted to hear from you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Discovery--Part Four

This isn't going to be an easy article to write, either.

I am going to rock the boat.

For some of you, you are going to be upset, and that's okay.

There are a lot of factors which are 'outside the box' about what is happening, and I am going to mention it. I am going to give time to points of view which aren't on one side or the other, but both sides, yes?

There are going to be a lot of 'answers' OUT THERE you will have to discover for yourself, ultimately, as the result of these factors, and there is NOT going to be one 'quick and easy solution' on this page for you, either.

I am going to get you to think, and that's about all I can promise with this blog post.

I want you to have the 'what if'? button working, and also, searching your heart for your answers, to find what works right for YOU.

My Vietnamese and Chinese friends out there are saying this is the year of the Fire Rooster.

It's time for change, for cleaning up, for 'new and improved' so to speak. We are on a twelve year cycle with the Chinese Zodiac, but on top of THAT, there are the elements...which make things even more fascinating when it comes to the energies which surround us at this time.

For example, I am a 'Wood Dragon'--a calmer, more mellow form of 'Dragon Year' energy than, perhaps, a 'Metal Dragon' or a 'Water Dragon'....hmmmm?

Long story short, the whole point of this blog post is I don't want you to take the bait...and there's a whole lot of emotional 'bait' going on 'out there', in the media.

I don't KNOW which side is which except for sure both sides are lying to us, with FOX news just as much lying to us here in the states as CNN.

I also know, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don't know (The Little Red Pill, anyone?) which could be sinister in nature (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart) , and likely is, but I'm not going to point it out any more than I already have. Those of you who have listened, and researched the links I've provided, THANK YOU, and great big HUGE thank you from my heart. That's all I have to say on that.

But with neurolinguistic programming, our 'weakness' as a species, our psychological vulnerabilities are well studied and well known; for example I know for a fact that if something is repeated often enough, we tend to accept it as true.

So, going into the main part of this blog post, we are alive at a time where there are two alternate realities 'splitting', we are not yet halfway to the split but have gone from 'just starting' about a week ago to 'not yet halfway'...and we are under the tremendous forces of both Spirit, the News Media, and astrology, Chinese astrology, and social changes.

These are in fact the End Times which have been alluded to for all of our history.

How is it going to turn out, I don't know, exactly...Ross isn't giving me any hints. I'm just going on my own 'resonance' and what is going on in my heart.

Think twice before you get all sucked into anything, and know that there are things we don't understand about us, but others do (such as advertisers) and these 'others' are taking full advantage of all the knowledge there is.

Which brings us to the first video:

This one went viral. Even in this video I share with you, it gets repeated and repeated, this film clip. And then, oddly enough, there's a long ad for glasses by the speaker in the video.

I wasn't sure what to think. Could it be true? She looks miserable.

What's going on?

Is she a beta slave?  This video here from decades ago sure is creepy:

And here is something that lends its support to the possibility something sinister is going on--you will need the two following videos to get the point: 

The first is the handler changing Lindsey Lohan's 'tune' with a squeeze of the arm in this video at 
4:52 minutes into it:

Then I found THIS 'squeeze' in the Oval Office, by Mike Pence in this video at 11:11:

Shit, I didn't know what to think? Is it one faction of Illuminati trying to out 'Handler' the other? Like is Pence and Trump undoing the mind control from the last team? Are they in on it? I don't know.

I do know this is weird, and why we can't trust the media:

And this is weird too--Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are good friends??? (look at 4:30 in this video here)

What did they do? Go to the same church? Why on earth should these two be friends if they weren't at the same school?

I don't know! I don't know any of it. I can't even tell which way is UP at this point.

However, I do know some people are very good at body language, and this woman has some fascinating videos on her channel, most notably this one which at 7:14 in THIS video, challenges the allegation that Trump abuses Melania--it extends out, and shows Melania talking to Baron, many times, immediately before the clip in that first video. 

I'm not going to say anything.

I am going to say thank you to my first friend Jackie for sending me Drendra Keesee REAL FEMINISM (sorry it's only on her FB page and not YouTube), especially for the message at the end...

And I'm going to thank another person for sending me this one--because it balances out what the news keeps putting on the airwaves about the March--

For another friend for sharing this--because it expands the concept from conventional media to a Souros vs Trump:

These last four 'sharing' with me are helping me to find 'Middle Ground', my equilibrium in all of this insanity--by being able to see BOTH sides, to know they each have something to say...

Including this thing I saw, I'm not sure where, where Trump said that the March For Life was not covered by the media...on ABC 7 while they were asking him about the women's march against him.

It's a total free for all out there, folks.

And if you tend to gravitate towards one end of the spectrum or the other, I suspect this is part of the 'split' which is taking place among MANY realities (each one of us having our 'own take' on the perception of things)--and why your being able to retreat to the Quiet Space deep inside, where you are always connected to Source, and just nourish yourself on it with meditation every single's going to help you find your Truth.

Here's my truth.

With Anthony quitting his drums--I'm super sad. He has talent. I've invested in it. He chooses to waste it. He's lazy. He's 'not a musician' as Ross says, when he was trying to comfort me.

But he's my son.

And this conflict came out while he was doing something last night at Sea World--I think going to the bathroom and I was sitting on a bench, waiting, and I saw the first star.  I wished on it. I said, 'you know God, I can really hold grudges, I don't like that part of myself, I'm not sure where it came from, but I know I was bitter and angry a lot of my marriage to Ross in our last incarnation, and I ask for help so I don't have to be like that any more'.

(I think it was like hitting the jackpot for my guides in Heaven, getting me to 'come around' on this

I love my son, and he has a right to his choices, sad as they make me, and that's what IS.

The other truth is I love the whales.

SeaWorld is a ghost town.

I don't know how much longer it's going to be in business.

Anthony and I spent our happiest times in his childhood there.

I see how I love the whales, the trainers love the whales, and there hasn't been anyone taking an orca from the wild in years and years...and certainly there is no way for these whales to fend for themselves if released into the wild. Look what happened to Free Willy. He died of pneumonia and didn't have a family/pod for any of his life after he was released. In reality, humans WERE his 'pod'.

I think it's a shame for people to put those of us who love whales down, in the name of animal cruelty.

The same is true for the circus, for the zoo.

Humans love beautiful animals, to see them, to breathe them, to admire them, and the animals bring lots of joy in these 'organizations'.

Is there a way to treat the animals well, AND get the public to interact with them? Is there an opportunity to give both sides the benefit of the doubt, to clean up the mess, and help people come together to put the animals first without all the name calling and doom and gloom?

I think so.

But I'm not going to let my day be ruined by protesters--not at Sea World, not as human walking vaginas, not as any of those low vibration, negative people.

And how am I going to protest to save my tree?

I'm going to share my love for them, openly, just as I wept the on Monday morning, as my heart was breaking over their being slated for death. I am going to bring my framed art, Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self, and sit. Be calm at the meeting. I'm going to share how much the trees mean to me, and our neighbors. Then I'm going to let it go.

Activism doesn't have to be ugly to get results.

And no-one has all the answers at this time, not in our dimension, with the Veil...

So with this, I'm going to let you go. I thank you with your patience for me while I 'stir the pot' and I hope this was equally balanced in bringing up the possibility of 'foul play' on BOTH sides, and that there needs to be more information besides what's on the news, besides what's on alternative news, and something along the lines of Body Language interpretation, as well as what resonates within our what is right for us, and what is OUR truth.

Yours might be different than mine, and that's okay.

And we might each be stepping into a different reality on the day the split is complete.

It all has to do with our spiritual growth and development as souls, our evolution, and we are BOTH children of Creator, doing the best we can, with what we have been given in this incarnation here and now.


The future looks good.

I have seen it.

With my own eyes.

And I, like my beautiful Carla, have 'eyes that see'...a heart that trusts...and a love for all people which is unparalleled in anyone who has been alive and walked the Earth.

clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Discovery--Part Three

Today is a difficult day.

I am trying to bridge the gap between common events, and those in my own life, with what I know as one who is spiritually trained, a psychic, a Reiki Master.

Let's begin with some common ground--things are changing.  Here is a good article to describe it from the Council:

I get a feeling like, 'you don't want to do that again, do you?' with the talk about the women's march as a double-edged sword.  Are they alluding to the possibility of a global walk-out and protest solving everything?


I don't like any protests.

Let me repeat--I don't like any protests.

The energy is very LOW in a protest. I have people who believe the only change that can happen is through 'peaceful protests'. Huge social ones.

I disagree. The Renaissance didn't happen with a protest. Our huge scientific discoveries didn't come with a protest.

For me, my protesting over the trees they want to cut is my reaction like a two year old to an association board which is pure evil, totally selfish, and imposing on my happiness. (I just went through some old papers and there was a home ON MY STREET that sued the association and won for  structural damage due to the association's negligence/overwatering.  I will order the closed court records to see if it was my house, and if the soils test results affect me. Basically, the association owns the hills my house is built upon--and I need to demand what their plan is to stabilize them.  The same board member had told me to 'patch and paint' over the cracks and slider doors that won't shut right--but I had the same problems as the people who sued! They are THAT awful!)

I'm also grateful for the whistleblower who put that on my garage, the memo, the information.

Metaphysically, I must divulge that one of the last things we do in the class immediately before being attuned to Reiki Master in Anne's coursework, is the Shadow Self Meditation. We know we have reached a level of spiritual maturity to be permitted to do this meditation; we look forward to it as it is very healing.

The Shadow Self is the part of you that you don't like to see.

Therefore you react to it when you 'project' it onto others, and their mannerisms and quirks and actions that remind you of the you you work so hard to hide, totally freak you out.

You hate them. You anger over their 'offenses'. You mull over it.

When in reality, it takes advanced spiritual development to accept ALL of you, to LOVE all of you, and to welcome this shadow self into you for making you who you are...and healing.

Mine was the Victim. I felt very angry at myself for letting myself get into a situation where five boys aged five to twelve molested me when I was four.

What can a four year old do? Right?!

So I had to love the little child in me, forgive her for doing the best she could in that terrible situation, and for helping me grow up to be who I am today.

Why all this talk about the Shadow Self?

Because of this:

It alleges that Trump, for many people, represents their Shadow Self. And he is the one to help people awaken, metaphysically, to become whole.

I know, I know, it's just an article!

Don't shoot me for it!

This is sad. Just plain sad.

But it's true.

Don't get me started on the dragon on the sign for the place in Orlando--one of you readers will understand, and will know what I asked Spirit to do to help out.

Anyhow, this is meant to be a short blog post to help you think, to look at things with a different perspective, and to at least be open to the possibility of things you don't understand that are at play, along with the things you do understand.

I'm going to go and have some fun with Anthony. There are papers from my cleaning up all over the house, there's dishes undone, and after we dress and feed the pets we are going to go do something fun. Everything else can just sit for one day.

Are we going to Disney? We go there sometimes, a lot really, I'm the 'caretaker' from our team of Ground Crew with this whole Ascension thing who tends to it.

But today it's time for some just plain fun.

It's been a difficult week.

On the trees, a colleague will cover me, so I can go to the association meeting on Monday evening. Any Reiki sent to help our two California Pepper Trees is welcome!

Thank you.


It's not all pretty while you awaken, while you are waking up...

(Anthony just showed me this--and Ross wants me to share it to help us Lighten Up...)

(clears his throat--ed)

What is going on?

What is making Carla upset?

It's me.

Carla is having the memories of being abandoned by her husband and Twin, not once but in two incarnations, and Carla is not very happy about it. 

With all the changes happening, with the circus going away, with the killer whales off performing, with women marching around with vaginas over their's making Carla's equilibrium and finer tastes in life feel threatened, just as much as the woman who is in charge of the association, who OWNS the tree Carla looks at whenever she comes home--the one who chopped down TWENTY in the adjacent cul-de-sac where she lives--Carla feels like she has no solid ground to stand on...Like her neighbor said, while they were chopping the twenty trees, each one that fell made her want to hurl (vomit)...

There is no idea if or when anything is going to get better, or even if it is in her lifetime!  For people are awakening, and so has Carla, but Carla and her friends (many of them are you) are the leading edge and WAY OUT THERE and AHEAD of the general public 'waking up schedule'.

The wait is intolerable to them. Divine Mother incarnate and Carla talk about it every day--how is the split going? Are we making progress? How much longer? When is it going to end, and we can have peace?

(he folds his hands--ed)

It isn't going to be for a long time.  (waves his hands as if to say, strike that!--ed)

It is going to be while we are in 'No Time'.

And as time keeps accelerating for Carla, who can barely keep up with all her bills and schedules and work...she just wants time to stand still, for her to catch her breath, for her to catch up...

For there was a while there where many a light worker, Carla included, thought retirement planning was a non-issue, because 'the Calvary are coming from the skies, right?'

But there has been a shift, Carla is taking care of business as if there had never been a message about the Calvary, and Carla is preparing for the Long Haul, no matter how it may be unpleasant.

Carla has had a shock, her son Anthony--my son too--wanted to quit his drum lessons. Although this will save Carla money (it's seventy bucks an hour for his weekly lesson), Carla is distraught over his habit of quitting when the going gets tough. For his lack of passion.

Carla feels like she is living with a stranger, a testosterone filled stranger who has no common sense and won't listen to her wise advice and who wants to go out there and ruin his life...

Someone like me.

Someone who abandoned her in a heartbeat, only to travel the world without her, and to throw her love (and her infant son) away...

So these are hard times for us, as a couple (he touches his chest--ed)!

I asked her as she was falling asleep last night, she would barely talk to me, and I asked her why she was upset, and she said, 'I gave you my love and you threw it away'.

This is what sparked the loss between us.

I had to stop her, show her the certificate, of how I've changed! I'm a different person! I've had much counseling up here, you know?

Carla is not asking for much. She wants me to say 'good morning' and 'good night' to her every day, without her always having to be the one who says it.

This morning I gave her a pink flower, in spirit, and I wished her silently a good day.

It warmed her heart.

I am VERY VERY busy when I am up here, with my work, almost busier than I was while I was incarnate.

It's TRUE! I do 'drift away', from time to time, where the energies I send (although I am always sending them, as we are Twins) to her are not loud enough for Carla to appreciate it.

I know when I go to talk to her, and she goes straight to Divine Father instead, and she stays a long time, I feel the prickles of the little hairs on my neck to know she is complaining to him about me.

I know this for long time.

And I have studied it.

What Carla doesn't know is my teams and I have a plan to correct it, and all the information which is shared in confidence is changed to a plan of Action.

All of the incarnate Twins who are women here, 'lose their connection' from time to time with us--it has to do with the weather, the prevailing energies and the task at hand for those of us up here.

Our silence does not mean that we don't love you...

It is quite to the contrary, we are working so hard because we do, and we want you free and clear from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

So if your loved one up here is 'being quiet', and it is bothering you, (pulls a gold tassel like to a bell--ed) give us a HOLLER!  Let us know.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, it goes the same for us up it does for you.

clap! clap!

I want her to have a wonderful time today...on her adventure.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Friday, January 27, 2017

Discovery--Part Two

Two nights ago I was cooking dinner. I had bought a twenty-three pound frozen turkey for ten dollars, as it was a special clearance at the grocery store. I had been cleaning house while it cooked. Anthony had some old art projects that were big (Skara Brae from Scotland, and two popsicle stick and glue creations) that needed to be tossed. He tossed them, and discovered a large green clear glass marble in one. He decided to keep it, and was playing with it.

He dropped it under the stove while we were making the mashed potatoes.

I tried something new, I pulled out the drawer under the stove all the way--our stove is very old--and has a storage space there as a part of it.

I couldn't believe what we saw! There was old trash, receipts, candies, the little thing on the bread that is a plastic tab with a hole, and lots of rodent poop! There was even a packet of sugar in the raw which I keep in a box next to the stove, chewed on. There were not one but two ant baits, all chewed up by rats in there too.

We were able to look under the cupboard to the right of the stove as you face it, and get out the marble.

That small annoyance led to a huge discovery, not just of the old floor (subfloor actually) filled with filth, but of a crawl space between the stove and the wall for rats. (I've seen rats trying to get into the cupboard where I store the pans, there was a chew hole, and when Anthony was a toddler I stapled wire mesh over the holes to cover it.)

I used the dustbin and brush, while laying on my belly, and later, the vacuum cleaner. Anthony held the flashlight on his cell phone so I could see as I got everything out. And we put a small tray of blue rat poison under the cupboard to the right. Anthony wanted it in the crawl space behind the stove, but the oven gets hot, and I didn't want any toxic gases released.

I've been in this house for almost fourteen years, and didn't know any of this could be hidden in my kitchen.

Anthony and I were  so relieved to find this horror, and clean it up. The poison also helps us as we know it is a deterrent against further infestation.

What's going on these days?

With Trump?

Yesterday I mentioned that several people who are against him are knee-deep in Pizzagate, who appear to be Beta Programmed, and that there's all this STUFF going on behind the scenes by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

What about him?

How can you be super rich and not have your hands dirty?

I don't know.

I do know Kanye was telling the truth, and as he appeared to 'split' from the people he talked against (Zuckerberg, JayZ, etc) who are known to be on team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...and he went to Trump...

Is it possible Trump did a 'split' like that too, sort of a rogue like Kanye?

Or is Trump just another faction of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, sort of like, 'new management' but 'same old organization'? Sort of a power shift behind the scenes?

I've seen signs on the videos that Melania was picked to be the First Lady since the eighties or nineties (an old music video she starred in) and signs that Trump was president in The Simpsons and Illuminati Playing Cards from the nineties...

I don't know.

All I can do is watch, and to look for evidence.

My goal is that there is a team who is in alignment with Ross and the galactics, and perhaps, by the evidence we will discover a pattern to reassure us that Trump is indeed 'on our side' and totally does have 'our best interest at heart'.

Here's the proof on one area--Kennedy Family and Vaccines.

Here's JFK:

And there's this from his brother's son:  (as one reader said, it's 'explosive')

For this data point, and this one only, it appears that the actions of Trump have our best interest at heart by breaking up this racket with the CDC.


Carla isn't comfortable talking about politics. Carla isn't comfortable taking a stand. There's a reason (he taps his chest--ed)...look what happened to me.

I'm not above talking politics.  I've paid my price and earned my right to discuss it.

And I won't.

Not at this time.

It's too early to say, and what Carla suggests I heartily recommend:

  1. keep an open mind
  2. listen in your heart how you feel about the 'truths' as they are discovered
  3. I want you to look for a pattern overall, taking into account Trump is human and is going to make mistakes but for the most part do his best to get the nation on track
  4. I want to reassure you that I am doing my part to limit--through the use of advanced technology--the activities of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart
  5. I insist and encourage you--no matter what takes place!--to spend quiet time in solitude, one on one with Creator and absolutely no distractions, for at least fifteen minutes a day. You are free to split it up into two separate chunks, but nonetheless, fifteen to twenty minutes of 'downtime' in nature and away from the screen of any electronic device or theater.

clap! clap!

Time will have it's say!

aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, January 26, 2017


These are nespoli (loquat is the American name for them). They are delicious, and ripen in the spring, as one of the first fruits of the season.

I admire the shade of brown in the seeds, it has a beautiful sheen to it.

These fruit are something most people wouldn't know, and my sharing this with you is a discovery of sorts, yes?

I've had many discoveries lately.

It was two days before I found the ribbon designating for cutting on our pepper trees that I was so captivated by their beauty that I photographed them and used the for the daily healing photos. Then the story went on. There was a remarkable outpouring of emails and calls, so the project to 'renovate' has been put on hold until Monday. I have work on Monday. I will have to drive from work, to this meeting, and back, IF I get's so difficult. And the trees are much quieter to me now too, not as 'talkative'. I give thanks for each day I have with them. I long to hang a hammock between them and just relax.

I've had a week off from work.

Here's another discovery...I need to clear a lot of old papers and stuff to move forward. My 'freedom' had a huge burst yesterday with me going through lots of mail and figuring out how to file some things. The biggest 'aha!' moment was when I threw out all my old billing information from my billing company/group except for 2016.  I had stuff I'd been throwing in a drawer since 2009, and also, stuff I've kept because of a friend's lawsuit. You know, I love helping my patients, and I hate how my group decides how I work. I have to be always available (that's why I take vacations out of the country or on islands, so they can't call me back in when they are short). I can't call in sick. I have to trade calls to go to last minute events. And I have no control over my hours, on any given day, or even when my day off is going to be. And the others get better cases and more money than me. Some, almost double, for the same amount of work. I really don't like it. And that's why throwing away the reminders makes me feel good.

Yesterday I looked at Anthony and thought, 'wow! we've been this far this year and he's not been sick!' (I have). That night, he felt weird, and there's been a bug going around at the school. So today, he's been home with me. Now I'm starting to get the same chills and headache he had last see, the Universe hears everything but 'not', and just like with the pepper trees, I'm existing in a realm of manifestation.

My sister Vanessa, bless her, at the last minute invited me to go with her future mother in law to her dress shop to try on wedding dresses. I left Anthony at home, and went to the White Dress in Corona Del Mar (it's not too far from here). It was a magical thing, I'm so glad to have been there to see it. One she was so beautiful in it brought tears of joy and pride to my eyes. Her mother in law is super nice too.

I came home and fixed lunch for Anthony--he was up ready to vomit at the toilet from two in the morning to three, and woke me up--but he had toast and tea for breakfast, and I made him a cheeseburger and tater tots for lunch. We watched Saint Vincent, and also, Kung Fu Panda Three (one I've wanted to see for a long time) was nice.

Then I didn't want him to get behind on his classwork. So he started that and I started this, then he clicked on something and inadvertently installed something he didn't want on his laptop (all classwork is by computer these days) I went and fixed it. I was starting to stress because this day came and went and I didn't accomplish much at all, and I feel like I'm coming down with something.

But back to Kung Fu Panda Three--that bull sure reminds me of Baphomet. And how he was in the spirit realm, and sucking up the 'chi' of people...yikes!  I've wanted people to awaken to the influence of that horrible creature, and how many people in the public eye secretly worship him.

It's scary.

I see 'connections' I've been looking for and grateful they came my way yesterday. First was a photo of three women who protested the president, in compromising positions (Madonna masturbating, Miley Cyrus 'simulating?' sex onstage with Simon Cowell, and Lady Gaga with her legs spread wide open) demonstrating what Beta Programming ('sex kitten') looks like when it's on display.  All three of them are. This goes back to the MK Ultra/Monarch I've been telling you about, that's in the 'Red Pill' link I gently encourage you to read and have been doing so since I first read it in 2012.

Then came the real one--a YouTube of what a Masonic 33rd level initiation ceremony is, with hidden camera. It's from Turkey, but there's subtitles. I have in on my YouTube channel under 'Truthseeking'. THERE I heard the three knocks--I've had my concerns about 'Another One Bites The Dust' being about ritual, and it's the same knocks as the ones in the song that are in the ritual--and the knocks go right before the sacrifice on the altar. I saw how they are sworn in to protect one another, Masons first, and political and war and everything else take second place to helping their own kind. I also saw the threat that goes to those who tell the secrets (a sword to the chest)...I wouldn't be surprised if this footage cost someone their life just to get it.   I'm glad it's on film, for those who need some kind of 'proof' like that instead of reading some long 'Red Pill' article like I read.

I also find songs like Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Grove Rhapsody?) and Hotel California (they stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast) to be inspired by things they have seen from these 'secret societies'...hidden in plain sight, where nobody would ever think to guess it.

It's pervasive.

One day people will wake up.

Until then, I enjoy and pray for my two California Pepper trees...keep in touch with Ross as much as possible, and I wait for better things to come.

I think we will have soup tonight for dinner. There's a Campbell's chicken noodle with Star Wars noodles. Anthony loves it. I'm sure that's laden with secret messages--the whole Star Wars everything--there's really no place to turn to escape it except perhaps in a forest somewhere--what can  I do?

I'm so glad Ross did what he did, and is who he is, when I think about the Baphomet and all those scary things. Ross is a wonderful soul, who works so very hard to free us from all of that, and the veil, and everything else so we can be free and enjoy our birthrights again...


I am a lucky man to have Carla working tirelessly at my side.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Thank you for your kindness.

This has been a hard week.  I feel out of sorts. This latest lesson is difficult.

I think long story short, Ross can see how people have the capacity for kindness.

This kindness is especially healing right now for me.

Anthony was late for school two days in a row. I have the week off (I was supposed to go to conference in Maui, but his father doesn't want him missing school, so I chose to stay).

Yesterday, he was witness to my grieving over the planned cutting down of two pepper trees, my guardians, and also, my connection symbol from my guardian angel Laetari to me.

He told me yesterday afternoon, as he suggested we go to Dana Point, catch Magikarp, and reach my goal for a Gyrados, and even that we eat ice cream (both activities I had wished in my heart and not told a soul...usually it's homework, homework, homework and cooking and cleaning for me)...

He told me during my tears before school that day, he was talking to Ross the whole time. He asked Ross if this was a test for me? Was it for something that had been taken away from me in my past life when I was married to Ross? Ross had said yes, but not to tell me until the afternoon. Anthony told Ross he thought the test was cruel.

I still am in shock, and have been for most of the day.

Anthony was late again, because we were calling the Association, Veronica Huerta, and letting them know we don't want it cut.

We heard the saws first thing as sunrise off in the distance, and a landscaper lead pulled his truck into my space. I asked if he was going to cut down the trees, and if he was, to get out of my parking space, because he's not welcome to park there. I had tears in my eyes.

He said it's a different team, not his, to cut the tree; he empathizes, and he showed me he put the chainsaw into the back of his truck where it can't be used to chop anything while his workers are there.

Immediately I made the sign of the cross and dropped to my knees for this small miracle.

Blessed Mother and my guides promised me a miracle as I woke up. And I was inspired to reach out to my friends online, and ask them to help. Many have and this has been a great comfort to me.

The Lead from the landscaping company said those are two healthy pepper trees, and there is no reason to cut them.

The response and support from others online who feel the same, and have cried over trees, are helping me go step by step through this journey...this lesson...this pain.

Thank you.

Yesterday the trees told me to pick bark off them for me, and for Anthony, and also as many little tree shoots. I went to sleep with the scent of fresh pepper tree in my room. They are giving and kind, even in death...

And this morning when I hugged them, they told me to be strong for Anthony, after I told them, 'I DON'T UNDERSTAND! and yet I TRUST something good will come out of this.'

I let go of the outcome.

No victory is every possible, no miracle, unless one lets go of the outcome.

Either way, I grow, and hopefully, I am given a reprieve from this loss, if it is for the Highest Good.

What we are having here in the United States, from the recent election, is a perfect storm for my soul.

My PTSD in my soul DNA is acting up. It's seeing the mobs/protests who want Trump 'out' (or DEAD), it's knowing there's something more going on behind the scenes organizing the crowds but I can't put my finger on it, and it all reminds me of Ross in his last days.

I am a gentle soul.

I want peace.

I wanted my husband to be by my side for a long life, which wasn't to happen.

I know on one level--both then and now--it is all Illusion, however, it is exceedingly painful to me.

Ashtar was very kind, and offered me support in my healing, and asked me how I felt about things that happened to Ross so long ago? I gave words to the agony. I found the loving support of his best friend to comfort me. And the trees have been bathing me in their constant love and support, and promising me they will never leave my side, and will always protect me.

Since this is a lesson, the only way to heal it, is for me to experience it and learn it.

This is why Ross isn't helping me, and I am working it through on my own, as much as I can, although I am needing more support than I thought I would, and it is helping me very much.

What Ross sees is outside the Illusion. That people are good, that they open their hearts, although they are at risk of being pawns in some ugly game.

I know for the people who were violently against Bush--both of them--they were picking up on something I couldn't even read or know--that the Dubyah was an archon incarnate--and they reacted accordingly.

This morning I watched videos on YouTube (I added them to Truthseeking). There are so many on the other 'team', and you can see with the camera the hidden signs, and signals, and anchoring.

My assessment is from both sides we are screwed--both from those who promote protests of Trump, and for those who support him--because every single one HRC or DJT is on team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The only way out is to be love in everything we do, and to daily go to our inner space where we are one with Source/Creator, and to relax and allow whatever it is we need in that special time.

These are chezzu (mulberries). Although they are sweet, they stain the hand of whoever picks them and eats them.

It is my hope that the things I see--in Spirit--with Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and the rest (look up the YouTubes on them...they are HUGE with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart)--will be visible like the stains of the chezzu--to all who have eyes that see...

This is my angst, that so many are on that team, and so many more have gotten away with terrible things (for example, there is a certain sacrifice one must do to reach thirty third level in mason), and so many have no clue about what is hidden in plain sight...

Just like with the Pepper Trees on my street, I say, 'I don't UNDERSTAND! and I TRUST' that this hidden hierarchy too will be removed from our reality forever, and people will be sovereign learn and grow while they are incarnate on Earth.



Why would I put you (or your Higher Self or your team put you) through your latest test?

Do you want to know?

Anthony wanted to know.

You passed with flying colors.

You remained in the 'I feel' mode throughout, not resorting to anger, and you were always loving.

You stayed in your center by focusing on your love for the two trees who have shaded you while you and Anthony play catch, the ones who catch your eye every single time you come to your house, and turn your car to go into the garage.

You didn't lash out.

You kept it clean.

And I know you were dying in your heart of hearts, in agony, for I too have the connection and I felt it.

You were RAW.

You were honest.

And you didn't hide the tremendous emotion you were experiencing. Not from your team, not from your son (our son), not from our readers.

You didn't over eat. You didn't dull your senses with drink.

You didn't try to force anything from your own free will.

You noticed by opening your eyes there are a tremendous amount of beautiful California pepper trees just like it in your neighborhood, and you hadn't have noticed them had it not been for the loss of your own.

All the trees offered their loving support to you, in spirit realm, in ways trees communicate to psychics but not to others--as far away as those by Anthony's school.

What have you learned?

That talk never solved anything, that LOVE is the only solution, when it comes from our souls.

That people of extremely low vibration (for example, your association, the management company, and the gardening company)--operate on a totally different bandwidth from you, and are totally blind to the subtle vibrations of the trees -- or the neighborhood, and ramble on, trampling everything in their wake?

Your lesson is finished.

You won't have to say goodbye to me, ever again, not I in the form of a tree, or as a galactic, or even how I was incarnate and was destroyed by the mobs in the flesh and died a horrific death.

I kiss the top of your head, and now I bless you.

Your challenges have helped others who aren't so clear to SEE. And hopefully, to live their life with a little less 'blindness' and 'out of focus' to the subtle things of the Higher Realms.

I love you.

I'm taking good care of you tonight honey.

With all my soul and my heart.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, January 23, 2017

Inconsolable Star Estates

Today is a difficult day.

I am so tired and exhausted from holding the light for people who don't have eyes that see.

For the few who do, thank you, and welcome to New Earth, some of the prime 'real estate' in the Universe.

The split has begun between the two worlds.

Those who love the TV, and aren't comfortable pitching a tent in a forest and being one with Nature, are invited to seek new experiences on an alternate planet, called Pan.

Gaia has had enough.

For two days now, Gaia has been making lists, presenting them to her teams, of who she welcomes to stay, and who she requests to go.

Long story short, the meek shall inherit the Earth...with 'meek' being those who have considerably less ego than the others--and who are wise enough to put nature and the animals first, as well as their fellow humans in in people who are starving and sick and dying and whatnot.

Divine Mother told her, Divine Father said the split is starting, and it won't be fast.

This morning, Anthony saw the Harvest Landscapers. He asked me to go out and talk with them, to negotiate to save the two pepper trees who are blacklisted for causing damage to the asphalt.

I couldn't.

I went to the two pepper trees, in the rain, held them close, and sobbed.

The whole neighborhood awoke to my grief at seven thirty a.m.

Not one person consoled me.

Not one person said boo.

I howled like they do in the middle east, my soul torn apart, wracked with grief...crying to God up in Heaven how can there be a world where people are so cruel and unkind?

Where people can't SEE the presence of Spirit on our Earth?

These two trees told me last night, they are Guardians of The Princess.

I never in a million years think of myself in those terms, but I am. And they know it.

They won't leave me.

They told me in Spirit they will help me too.

I trust them for I went to sleep bathed in their wisdom and love.

I also knew deep down, the truth, that if the guardians are cut down, there must not be much need of guarding in the future...big changes are afoot.

Ross told me not to move, not yet.

He did allow me to add signs, 'Por Favor Dios!'  and 'Amor!', as well as two artificial stalks of roses, red ones, with three buds apiece, one on each tree.

Blessed Mother told me God will make a miracle!

I scoffed at her, how God only gives us lessons which are painful, and then smiles and tells us they were all Illusion, we have nothing to fear.

The storms rage on, and I bless them, inviting them to never leave, for the storms protect my protectors, and no one can do landscaping in the rain.

My sobs went all the way to the core of the earth, and all the way branching out to my grids, and further up to Heaven.

Anthony was late to school, because of me. I had to make the breakfast.

He was kind.

As he was eating, he asked me, 'mom, what about that baby you lost?'

I was like, 'what baby?'

He said, 'you know Steven? the one that was taken from you? Did you ever grieve?' (he implied the one I gave birth to from Ross where it was taken away and told it was dead).

My soul spoke to him, rightly. I said 'this is for Ross before he was murdered. I haven't even started to grieve the loss of Benjamin.'

Anthony is wise. He said we need to move (I told him Ross said not to just yet) And he gave me his cell phone so I could play Pokemon on it for him today.

This song helped--it came on the radio on the way home from dropping Anthony off at school:

I have a huge thing to do to reapply to my per diem thing at that other hospital. I fill it out every four months.

Ashtar had me lie on my side on the couch.

He gestured to my seat. It seemed so tall. I climbed up next to him, I couldn't see Ross, and I put my seat belt on.

Our ship did loops and loops all the way from the top to the bottom of the earth. We went clockwise, and there was a golden trail, a spiral, which remained.

Then, I started to see two earths separate from the top, one on the left, and one on the right, although they were still connected at the bottom, the South Pole.

The one on the left is the New Gaia.  The energies are much higher there. They are exactly like the inside of the Loving Embrace of Gaia shield.

The one on the right looks like Earth, but it is Pan. I have no idea where that one is going. I can't wait for it to go. It has all the people who are asleep and need to hit the snooze button for one last time, as they go through a new Creation Cycle.

I asked many questions, how will it work? Will it be like in the bible where there are two men working in the field, one is taken and the other stays?

Ashtar said no.

Ross came to me.

I could barely look at him.

He asked me what the worst part of him dying was for me?

I said the crowds, their blindness to Spirit, the powerlessness, the sneaky ones behind the crowds who planned it all, and my never having had a chance to love him as was my birthright as his Twin. 

I have never once enjoyed all the stuff that followed with his showing us his Light Body and how he didn't die--because, as I told him, he is THERE wherever he is, and I just keep reincarnating over and over, I'm stuck where I don't want to be, and I don't like it!

Then I went up, Ross sent me up to Divine Father, where I cried once more, over how 'everything dies' down here, and I don't like it, especially with the walking dead who are asleep and don't get ANYTHING, who can't see the lies from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and who are their pawns...

I told Divine Father, over cookies and tea, how they would even kill YOU if they had a chance to! implying the bloodthirsty, awful, mean, low vibration souls who have overrun the Earth and stayed far too long for Gaia's happiness.

Next I knew, I was back to Ross, who comforted me, and held me quietly for a long time. 

I adore the rain.

For those of you who have eyes that see, I adore you and I thank you. I see what you write, and how you do your best to be anchors of sanity in these miserable times.

For those of you who don't, well, I don't know you.

I never have, and I never will. 

I wish you all happiness and success on your new journey.

Our paths diverge, and I for one shall refrain from making plans to travel anywhere outside my own immediate environment for a long time.

Gaia gives you everything but your thoughts.

The air you breathe.

The water and excrement you release into the toilet.

Everything in between.

Your car you buy is only the handiwork of men you purchase. The elements in it, the materials, belong to Gaia, and at any instant all of it can be reclaimed back.

The same with the air.

There is no building, no land, no ocean, no anything here, that is not on loan to humanity from her.

And everything Gaia is, is on loan to her from Divine Creator.

Gaia is not happy.

Gaia adores the rain.

And Gaia cannot wait to be free in her new realm, to be accompanied by the elect few who will lovingly repair her delicate ecosystems.

Creator said it, a little too late, and not help salvage this day.

Bread is in the oven.

Anthony will come home from school.

Life will go on.

I haven't felt like healing anyone. Ross gently told me, to tell you, he and Ashtar and holding up the daily healings (but not posting them) until I am strong enough to return to my station.

You will not suffer spiritually because of my healing and adjustment and growth which is taking all I've got at this time.

I can still make the shields, for this gives me much pleasure. I have only two on the Loving Embrace of Gaia to go, and I have almost completed the second of the Bondo one for Ross. I have the transcription to type up for the second, and there are six more healings in queue. I plan to complete them by the end of this week.


Carla, my beloved?

I offer the sign of Peace, I give the Olive Branch freely and peacefully to you.

Do not allow yourself the torment.

Gently rise above.

You will admit both to myself and to others, a feeling of 'lightness' in your heart, once you allowed the grief you had bottled up inside you for centuries to be expressed.


The neighbors care.

They do not know how to express it.

They are not heartless as you think.

Nor are the souls who watched me suffer in agony so long ago.

I know you think of them as monsters, and it is true they had a mob mentality you do so detest today, but I don't.

I know their hidden worth.

You may have eyes that see, but I can see better.

Allow your heart to heal.

Trust in me in this.

Tell them what you bought at Big Lots this morning...

C:  a little plaque for five dollars with flowers and a ribbon and it said, 'Love Always'.

Carla, will you do that for me today? Even in your pain?

C:  yes.

(C:  I remember what the guardian pepper trees had to say, 'do not watch it'--while they die--and they promised me Heaven will give me someplace to go or something to do, so I won't have to suffer.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla