Friday, August 31, 2012

Working With Spirit: The Ups and Downs

Today was an example of the life of Spirit. To repeat an inside joke between my mother and myself about my being a doctor, 'It's not like on T.V.' The metaphysical life of a Lightworker is not all unicorns and hearts every day.

The low for the day? Spirit called me on the carpet.
I have a new friend! I have someone like me! (I have been asking for this ever since I asked for a sister...and I still haven't found someone with the right blend of Spirit, academics, and heart who can really connect...but I keep looking! I just want someone I can TALK to, that would Understand...).
I want to know my Hawaiian Name!!!
Spirit gave it.

Au'pili I channeled in. I looked it up. Pili is something that sticks to you like glue. There is a word that is close, Auipili.

That about sums it up. Drop it Girl! Spirit was saying to me. Drop it!
It took until now. And seeing something on the internet that makes me think--it takes two to want to be friends. And I have to own my not being on my own two feet right now. I will go on and live my own life. All the way to Ascension, with the company of my kids, and nobody else. No unicorns. Except me. And certainly no hearts either : ( .

Sometimes when Spirit teaches the toughest lesson, when Spirit calls you on the carpet, mentally, physically, psychically, emotionally,  Spirit  senses it has crossed the line with you. That you have had enough lessons for the day. That one more push and in fact you will Give Up. They stop. They give it time.

And then they Make It Up To You.

As I was journaling, a new thought came in: we have two bodies that are superimposed upon each other.

There is an energetic body that cannot be measured, that cannot be seen. Furthermore, we create a steady beam of electricity with our hearts. We live in an ocean of electricity. That is how we are all connected.

Conventional medicine misses the point. We have squashed cells to the point of putting chunks of meat into the blender in order to extract mitochondrial RNA. That makes you never want to eat again, it is so gross and disgusting! We have every speck of the body, human or laboratory animal, dissected under the scope. The movement of life within the body is taught as Physiology. Electrophysiology would be only pertaining to the conduction system of the heart. (Heart Math is the more metaphysical aspect)

But in my mind's eye, I saw it: the Light body, a total duplicate of our shape, size, and age, interpenetrating the cells and tissues of our physical body. It connects to the physical body through a series of energetic transformers (to step down the energy), the chakra system and the meridians. It is like putting a driver behind the wheel of a car. The driver is in control of the vehicle. And it is the Light Body, the energetic one, that is really who we ARE.

The physical body, at the mercy of the Mind (or Ego, if you will), does not get all of the Pure Energy from our Light body--in. Belief systems, other factors, allow our Natural Creative Process of abundance and cooperation and mutual joy in the powers of creation and loving Peace, to kink like a hose in the garden. And that is where imbalance called Dis-Ease takes place in the astral plane (for lack of where this Light body is). Age and death and decay ensue, because our Physical Bodies lose their Connection to Source through the unwitting, poorly harnessed working of our Mind and Heart.

Conventional Medicine, with its emphasis on the Randomized Controlled Studies and Evidence-Based Medicine, is treating the back end of the entire process! Acupuncture and Oriental and Ayurvedic, address both the Energy and the Physical, to heal imbalance. And Reiki can heal the Soul, at the Karuna level. All of the energy medicines, and Reiki in particular, are exceptional at scanning the auric field and pinpointing sources of disease. Even a student on their first scan picked up disease, a fibroid, in me of which I was unaware. Six weeks later I was in surgery with the robot to take it out, and I have felt better ever since.

And 'never the twain shall meet', on the Natural/holistic group on the Internet who supports the Light Body, and the day to day business of Medicine that we know today. I am the exception. LOL.

Maybe they should find out what they have in common, and go forth and create an entire new discipline? I wonder if those Medicine Men from Africa, and those powerful Chiefs of the First Nations,  were on to something Right from the start? What a wonderful thought! My heart fill with hope.

Now I can erase my 'chalkboard', get some rest, and remind myself tomorrow is a brand new day.


Reiki Doc

Mediumship with Michael Jackson

Yes, I talk with celebrities who passed. Here is an except from my book, 'Messages from my Patients' which describes mediumship I had with superstar Michael shortly after he died:

June 26, 2009
After nine p.m.
….Michael came to me several times.
M: What would you wish for if it could come true?
C: The hardest thing on earth, a happy family.
M: (He asked more).
C: I realized I wanted to TRAVEL AND have a happy family. He was kind and gentle, the most so of anyone I’d met. I thanked him for his beautiful music. …
M: I made it because I spoke of love.  (His songs, his gestures, everything)

July 1, 2009
C: I asked Michael on the way home what his favorite song was.
MJ: You mean what I sang or any song?
C: Well you did so many and it was your business and you owned them—any song.
MJ: “What a Wonderful World” by Nat King Cole. I used to listen to it all the time.
C: I also asked him how he looked in Heaven (Like cover of Off the Wall-I see it in my mind's eye.)
MJ: I was at my best. That’s why I chose it. You get to pick. (And he wants Neverland SOLD!)

Anyhow, he wanted me to write for him, asking ‘you promise? You promise?’

This is Michael Joseph Jackson I. The disembodied voice. The spirit. I am alive and I am BLESSED to know Jehovah has given all my fans a wondrous existence—all the love (clasps his fist by his heart) has helped me survive the horrible transition. I was forgotten, mocked and a joke subject on late night with David Letterman. That was worse than death! I never made fun of anyone. I tried to live my life as I saw fit. The parents it was the parents that wanted fame and let me have their kids. I have money an awful lot of it- not like OPRAH—whoa, Heaven forbid, not like OPRAH.
Anyhow, I want to talk to you about something very nice. My family. Not my kids, my children, my family of life. There are those who have been selected to have a purpose in the afterlife. No, not Diana Ross or Elizabeth Taylor (giggles). There are some influential people around (I see Mother Teresa, she waves). I have taken them to me and I am trying to harness all the love on Earth to help Heaven at my funeral. On your birthday will you post to me on Facebook one last memory? I will tell you what to say (Jackson 5 playing loud as I did my anesthesia set up in the O.R.?-my routine-C?) I’ll think about it. Let the message be blasted out across the universe, starting with your friends. (Kind of like what you did for Junipero Serra on FB today)

Anyhow, I will bless you and your family of light is STRONG and VERY BLESSED. I have GOOD FRIENDS and yours are of higher stature! God Bless you and your messages. I love you. Very Very very much. For being pure and of the light.
God will marry you (pinky promises with me, pinches my cheek)


Reiki Doc

Obedience and Humility

I just finished a nineteen hour day at work. I will keep it short and get to the point.

When I was in medical records, signing three charts, I overheard the following statement from a worker there talking to a doc about spending money in Vegas, "I drink it away or I gamble it away. That's pretty much how it works." She tried to back pedal by saying, "I don't gamble a lot. I only spend about a hundred dollars. I can make it last for a long time. And I get those free drinks..."

I turned my attention back to my charts. Two of them were OB charts. The laboring patients I had placed epidurals in during the middle of the night had delivered before eight o'clock in the morning. Therefore I did not have to split the reimbursement on the case. The anesthesiologist after me filled out the front of the page for me. But not the back. So it was like, see, I will help you but not one hundred percent.

The day before someone who had liked my lotion scent, and I had bought a bottle of lotion from the health food store, mentioned out of the blue how much they think of me every time they wear it, how they enjoy it, and how they wear it often. In the next breath this RN was asking me for a favor to help her in her quest to become a nurse anesthetist.

To me, all of these people are driven by ego. The what's in it for me syndrome. The gambler had given her personal power to the casino's and their form of mind control in the name of 'fun'. The second, a new hire, made it quite clear he would have liked to have had half of those epidural payments without saying a word. And the last? Butter me up? What do you think I am, a total idiot? You insulted me by thinking that I had to be conned into doing something nice? Don't you know me at ALL?

My path is a difficult one, in the field of spirituality. I have the path of Obedience. I must remain humble at all times while I am walking on my way through Life. It comes naturally to me, but it also stretches me like yoga would combine flexibility and strength in the physical.

Most people have drawn the financial path of Spiritual Growth. Nothing that they do ever turns out right. So they keep chasing after that dollar like a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey to get it to work.

Obedience is the open heart to Spirit and the willingness to act on that little PUSH Spirit gives.

One example is when I got the push to take an angel food cake to my adult ballet class when I was doing my fellowship. I was embarrassed. I felt weird and I said, no. It turned out that exact day was the birthday of our beloved teacher. Spirit had asked me to bring the celebration. After that, I decided to open up and Trust Spirit all the way more.

And I do. Daily. I can't begin to count how many times today I got that gentle nudging from Spirit, and I discerned and chose to go along. Discernment on the Obedience path is essential. Through time, you and Spirit develop a language with one another. You develop a partnership. This is different from the Reiki guides and partnership in Healing. They are context-specific in a healing setting. But the Trust and ability to work together while being in different levels of Spirit are the same.

Obedience has been twisted out of context in religion (think Catholic nuns and chastity), marriage (to obey the husband), and by the Law as a means of controlling the Free Will of others.

I speak up for the Spiritually enriching form of Obedience with  you. It helps you connect to your Higher Self. It helps you connect to those who have your best interest at heart. And the Highest Good for all. Humility and Obedience are the opposite of Ego, are they not? Through meditation and mindfulness, you may find your path delightfully refreshing in the Obedience mode!

And the hidden benefit of living a life of Obedience? All of your material needs are met. Somehow you and Spirit together manage to Manifest what you require and desire in Abundance. There is no limit!
You can't follow two masters, Financial Constrraint and Obedience. Well, perhaps if you were a Gunner in the Spirit Life (Gunners are people who study to break the curve and get honors in Med School)! But most of the time they do not. Obedience will resonate with you if it is your calling.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Physical Changes After the Light Box

I ran.
I ran without losing my breath.
I ran on a hill in San Diego, like the kind where my reactive airways presented twenty-years ago
I ran faster than a seven-year old, all the way and back. Without getting winded!
I ran.

I am not tired as I go about my day. The waves of fatigue do not overwhelm me on schedule like they usually do.

It is ten p.m., I wake up at four, and I am not cranky like I get after nine. Instead at nine I washed the dishes, took care of the pets (turtle, snake, bird, rats), and patiently put aloe vera on a sunburned child before tucking them into bed.

I slept soundly, and awoke at one a.m., raring to blog, fully rested.

Is this manic? Am I bipolar, shifting UP?

Not in the least. There is no push of speech. No surge of energy. There is no desire to purchase anything or sleep with anyone. I am me, only a better me. I am peaceful and trusting in the Universe.
I have lived many lifetimes, and this one's little upsets simply don't mean that much in the Big Picture.

There is an awesome positivity about me. 'Is this weather hot enough for you?'
Yes, I love it!

Do you do Pediatric anesthesia?
Yes, I love giving Pediatric Anesthesia! (I almost did a fellowship)
Would you mind giving a talk for me to the nurses at the Surgicenter?
No problem. Just let me know when and where.

Hi Dr. 'Reiki Doc'! How are you?
I am doing GREAT! Thanks, how about you?

What is missing? Well, the pain and the drama of the not-so-great episodes in my past. There were a lot of them. I have been molested, rejected, beaten down, isolated, had a hair-trigger angry mother, divorced, you name scars do not show, but I have earned them. Now I can barely recall them. I can't bring the anger back up and re-live it. The tears don't well up. The hurt I have carried all of my life--doesn't hurt any more.

I remember everything else and function like myself on all other parameters. I actually have more ability to track details than when I used to forget or get stressed. My ability to stress out is only about a tenth of what it was before I went in the Light Box.

And I love everybody. I feel deeply connected to Gaia...and to you.

Not too shabby for less than one week!  Thought you might like to have a follow-up.


Reiki Doc

The Multidimensional Healer in the O.R. and in the Board Room

Conversation with Leslie, the OR scheduler, on the way out:

Let me see the schedule for tomorrow. I am first call.
"Let's see where there are two long rooms going. There is this (robotic room with gyn cases) and this (awake neurosurgery that starts thirty minutes before the rest of the regular OR start times)." she said.
I really hope I get the robot room. I don't like working with him (neurosurgeon), and the early start makes me drive thirty minutes out of my way to a sitter to drop the kids off there for them to drop off at school. All for fifteen minutes' extra time. I replied.
"Well, he kind of feels the same way about you."
"I thought so."
"He doesn't like many people, really. Don't take it personal."

Here is an example of the Natural Wedge that is driving apart the dimensions. This neurosurgeon, is a control freak. After the result from the deep brain stimulator last week, the one I inherited when I was on call, he stopped in the OR, looked around and triumphantly said, 'See? THIS, this is what you work for: no matter how long it takes, no matter how difficult it is, THIS, the perfect result is why we are here and what THIS is all about!'

This is the one where I kept jiggling the legs every three minutes for five hours (an unspeakable offense against the specialty of anesthesia) and giving Reiki both to patient and room for him to ACHIEVE that perfect result! I don't buy into any of that crap that originated with Osler, who said, 'the only problem with being on call every other night is that you miss half the cases.' It's Manifest, my three-dimensional friend, it's the manifestation of healing. My Multidimensional Consciousness makes me feel like Dr. Mc Coy from Star Trek while I am watching you do barbaric willfulness by Best Practices (the 'one way' to do any given procedure based on randomized controlled studies and research that is being mandated by the government).

 Multidimensionality is NOT going to win you any brownie points with any Three-dimensional healers in traditional medicine. You are going to repel them, repulse them, and make them uncomfortable as hell because your Vibration is incompatible with them.

Light attracts Light. Light drives out the Darkness. Fear is incompatible with Light.
And I am very 'sparkly' according to my Cousin Susie who is on the Other Side.

So I left the OR to go to my next 'assignment'.

At o'dark thirty that morning, when I woke up, I got dressed. I put on my usual attire-comfortable old jeans and a tee shirt. Who is going to see me on the way in to work? Environmental services? Nobody else is HERE except the OR staff, and we are all in scrubs, anyway!

Well, mid-day, I was approached to attend a meeting to discuss the electronic anesthesia record. Great. Now I have my short day to do errands, buy food for the empty refrigerator, and pick up the housekey from my sister by the ocean that she forgot to give back yesterday--all my plans scrapped! You see, attendance at meetings like this is not compensated. And all of my colleagues are either at the helm giving anesthesia during cases that or running, or wanting to head home because they are too smart to volunteer for anything like this. Cornered, I said, 'yes'.

So I had to buy clothes! In my one hour free, I went to the local discount store. I bought two pairs of slacks, three blouses, two dresses (my new favorite dress in the world, and my new second-favorite dress in the world), a cardigan, a nightgown, a Hello Kitty bathrobe, and panties that won't show through the second-favorite dress in the world all for the price I would have spent on a dress without batting an eye. The total came to $222.

On the way to the register, something caught my eye: a little girl's tee shirt with the words, 'Good girl to Great' on it. Again, after I went back to the dressing room and changed clothes for the meeting, that tee shirt caught my eye again, with a message to pay attention to it.

The meeting I was told started at five by my boss who asked me, at five-thirty by the Chief of the OR, started at six. The food provided was kind, but not particularly inviting to Multidimensional me. Too-much-meat salad, caesar salad with chicken (fortunately on the side), icky lukewarm rotini pasta dish that was vegetarian, tiny designer pizzas-I took one slice of cheese and steered clear of the meat. Where are the drinks? I asked the fellow attendee. He showed me the refrigerator, and said, 'we are low, we only have two choices, water and Coke.' That's okay, I don't drink soda. And he looked at me like I had some feathers growing out of somewhere and was a total freakazoid, took a sip of his new can of Coke, and walked away.

The goal of the meeting is simple:
*Medicare is only going to reimburse hospitals who can prove they are in COMPLIANCE

*Electronic medical records and paperless anesthesia records give DATA they can point to and PROVE they are in COMPLIANCE. Look these terms up SCIP, Leapfrog, Beta-blocker protocol (this is one that GAVE people heart attacks who were not originally on them and we dutifully gave them to everybody intraop as told by Best Practice, which had to be changed to giving them ONLY to people who were on the in the first place).

*Everybody else in the field of medicine is going to have to take a class, buy EXPENSIVE equipment, hire consultants and change how they do everything! (look at my blog post on the Anesthesia Record to get an idea of what kind of information is captured on a paper anesthesia record).

That is the score.

Who was in the room? The obese billing woman who came late. The Studio 54-ready doc who had turned into an Informatics specialist, sitting next to his buddy, The-Simple-Old-Country-Birthing-Babies doc who also had turned into an Informatics specialist, the Saavy Latina who is from the computer company, the I-am-Having-a-Bad-Hair-Day woman who is thinking I-am-Looking-Really-Good with this permed long colored hair that covers her face who is the Computer Expert, the Project-Leader who is an americanized asian looking to get this project off-to-a-good-start. Next to her was, High-Ranking-Nurses who will do anything to get out of charting in the OR. These took up a whole leg of the U-table configuration. Then there were anesthesiologists from all of the hospitals going to be involved.

Their goal? Brand-Name-Anesthesia-Electronic Record Implementation and Physician Engagement Meeting.   This was a Three-Dimensional Management Frenzy looking for someone to Leave Their Practice for 'twenty hours a week' compensation by the organization but would be working double to triple that to get the project done. For two years. This, they called, 'a commitment'.

Their message? MBA gibberish such as:
anesthesia champion
Key phases and partnerships
Coin builders
Retool a look at processes
'you spend time doing high-quality work and you want that information being accessed by others' ?!?
  (since when do non-anesthesiologists need to look at the anesthesia record?)
Facility Based Champion with Bidirectional Interface that is Pretty Transparent, not Lone Wolves
A major opportunity
Workflow commonalities

My Multidimensional self had to fight off the giggles as I watched them jockey for position, and spar words with an elegant glove across the room. I knew this was the gateway to Big Brother, where all of our Quality Measures are calculated electronically, and simple documentation has morphed into the realm of 'cover your ass' anesthesia, to the point that the physician turns AWAY from the patient after induction to chart-chart-chart and the surgeons get irritated and call them on it. 'We get in trouble if the record is not right' we used to say to surgeons at my old job, where an electronic anesthesia record was rolled out. I knew there were starships barely cloaked overhead day and night. I felt the swarm of earthquakes in Southern California. Gaia is changing! And as Reiki Doc, I knew that their systems are going to go on unchanged in the third dimension where people like that will have no clue what is going on with Gaia, and their Multidimensional brothers and sisters will have reunited with their Galactic Family and gone with Gaia after the upcoming Ascension. So THIS is the group that is going to have cold water dumped on them like Poofness says!

I left the meeting, and got into my car. I have a nice car. I drive a black Mercedes E350. I had Manu on, my favorite CD by Kauwila*. It is instrumental accompaniment to the birds of Kilauea. When the music is on, I let my hair down. My soul can breathe. It is like an i.v. infusion of Light and I drink it in deeply to every cell of my parched being. (Like any native Southern California, I spend much of my time in my car. Someone said once our vehicles are like out lotus blossoms, our little world apart, in which we develop spiritually).  And I remembered, 'Good girl to Great' sounded an awful lot like 'Good To Great', a book that a former chairman of mine had forced all the department to read before he crammed the electronic anesthesia record (we want to be the FIRST!), and several rounds of layoffs (yours truly included on the six-docs-in-one-day round) down our throats. Some of the companies that had 'turned things around' that were touted in that book, were Freddic Mac and Fannie May (now dismantled), Circuit City (ours is now a Wine Super Store), and Wells Fargo Bank (Financial Tyranny, anyone?) ridiculous is that???

I had a hearty laugh with the Hawaian Birds on my way home. Spirit, I have to hand it to you--point well-made!


Reiki Doc

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mediumship and the O.R. Charge Nurse

Have you ever met an R.N. that runs the Operating Room? They are like a General, a Commander, someone totally negotiating resources, staffing, workload, and schedule every minute.  They kind of scare you a little, they are so in control and on top of things.

Our O.R. charge nurse scared the daylights out of me once--'I need to talk to you!'. I was terrified I was being written up. I came over, and she whispered in my ear, 'I am going to have foot surgery and I would like you to do the anesthesia for my case.' I said yes, of course, and was puzzled at how I could not read this individual at all.

In time, I learned about her mother, who had died of Breast Cancer while she was in High School. She wore a tattoo of her mother's face on her arm.

Keeping my worlds separated, I never gave it a second thought. Until one day, while it was this R.N.'s birthday in the break room, and we were singing Happy Birthday. I felt the presence of her mother. There was a message. A simple one.

I had to think it over. The next day, I cornered her. I have to talk to you. I used the Peter Close (a famous medium) technique:
I am psychic. I felt your mother while we were singing Happy Birthday. She has a message for you.
Do you accept this? Do you want to know?
I gave it. Message sent, now, let it go.

When I was in the O.R., and I came out, the fact that I was a medium for the Charge nurse gave me credibility as an intuitive-psychic.

The other day, at the lunch room, this same R.N. was there. I mentioned my trip to Palm Springs.
'How did you KNOW I was in Palm Springs last weekend?' she exclaimed.
And as she left to go, she gave me a hug, asking, 'do you know why I did that?'
No. I haven't got a clue. But I had felt her mother, with a complex message.

I sorted it out, at home. Basically, "I am proud of you. You do great work for Spirit. I am not sure you 'get it'. Let me explain it. You help a lot of people without asking for anything in return..."
I wrote it, and presented it to the charge nurse yesterday. She wanted it. I said not to read it now, it might make you cry.

Before the start of my case this morning, she wanted 'three minutes with me'. We went into a storeroom of anesthesia supplies, the most private place in the O.R. Of course she was interrupted with a phone call from a Russian Orthopedic Surgeon who makes endless demands. But then she shared that she was thinking about a career change. She hadn't told a soul here yet at work. The letter spoke of her career. She wanted advice.

I first told her I would get back to her. But something caught me. Wait! I can help!
I reached into the pouch around my neck, and pulled out my pendulum. I used it, in front of her. 
Should she do the change? Yes.
Does her mom want her to do the change? No.
Should she follow her heart? Yes.
Is it for the highest good? Yes.

Then I showed her how to use a pendulum by herself right in the middle of the O.R. And she 'got it'. Her swing was the same as mine! Definite yes and definite no. I told her any chain with a pendant on it will do. And quickly I asked her, not to let anybody know what I am! She agreed.

I am both humbled and amazed at the turn of the events in the O.R. That a charge nurse would be open to and interested in learning something metaphysical! Miracles like this are happening every day! 

When you keep your vibration up, and consistently send healing to your work environment, you will raise the vibration at your institution. Then your coworkers consciousness levels will Increase!

That is how we are going to change medicine. One patient, one coworker, one ward of the medical center at a time.


Reiki Doc

Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Be Intuitive and Psychic

Can you drive a car? If you can, then you can be open to Higher Guidance and in step with your Life Purpose. It is as easy as this:

Get your Learner's Permit:
Here. Now you have it. You did not have to study or take a test. If you are born, you have latent talent and psychic ability. If you watch closely, children have it, over time, they forget how to use it. Now we are going to bring it back.

Take Driver's Education Class:
You learned how to drive from others who already knew how, didn't you? And your parents may have sent you to a special course, designed for you to learn exactly that--driver safety, the rules of the road, and the basics.
Similar classes exist for the Intuitive Arts. Typically they are called Psychic Development Classes. Go to one near you, and take about four classes. See what you think. Do you have a good vibe? Are you encouraged and supported? How much do they charge? Over here, we have classes for an hour and a half for twenty dollars. But there is a place down the road, that will make you commit to an extended course for two-hundred fifty dollars a month, for like, a year! Be careful, and find something that doesn't try to suck you in dollar-wise. (If you were signing up for Driver's Ed, you would comparison shop too, wouldn't you? Maybe we should go on Yelp and look under Psychic Development? ; )  )

Remember how your parents bravely helped you out behind the wheel? They got in the car with you, and put up with your mistakes, encouraging you to go on? And how with time, everything sort of came together? It was awkward at first. But everybody learns. Just like riding a bicycle! You learned that with them, right?
Your practice here in Psychic Development can take many forms. Go to crystal shops and interact with what is on display in the store. Find what resonates with you. You might be drawn to something there, and feel it is right for you. Sometimes these are tools to help you on your path. I have been guided to tarot cards, runes, and many other things. This is the best form of guidance you can have: trial and error with your own inner calling.
You might also try Circle, a psychic development where a group commits to four meetings, one a month, under the direction of a psychic development instructor. The group works together in a protected space, and open their 'eyes' to 'see' something together. Spirit is present at these meetings, too.
Another would be practice sessions at class, or a psychic fair where you can sample readings and healings.

Driver's Training:
This is when you got in the special car with one wheel and two sets of brakes with the instructor. This is where you got on the road in this specially designed vehicle. This is the one that costs the parents the most money. The one where you take like, two weeks of practice in a training setting. It is going to give you real-time experiences, not the simulator like you had in Driver's Education. You are going to need a very patient teacher. Ours used to put a plastic comb on the dash, and when we turned to fast, it would slide across the dashboard. 
Reiki is like Driver's Training. Try Reiki I. It will open you up by the power of attunement. You will be 80% open to psychic information after that class. Reiki II will open you the rest of the way. There will be some clearing out of old energetic blockages from wherever, this is called a cleanse. Any higher levels would be optional. But you are going to be exposed to psychic energy the way a new driver is taken out on the road. You can't miss it, and it will help you to feel more comfortable.

Written Driver's Test:
Remember going to the DMV, standing in line, and taking that test for real? And when you passed, they checked your vision, took a photo..and signed you up for the Driving Exam?
In Psychic Development, it's not like that at all. This is a BIG difference from my view, and is not going to make me popular with my peers in the profession. There are a lot of Certification Programs out there. The notion is that you get a stamp of approval from your teacher, so that others will know you are 'of substance'. If you are like me, and are an overachiever, you are going to be thrilled at the chance to earn another piece of paper. But, if like me, you find that there are blocks coming up right and left in your path to keep you from getting it (like my schedule at work), trust in a Higher Power that is guiding you. For me, I would have been content to be under my teacher's wing, forever! And financially, she would have liked that too. So--watch the money, don't get sucked in financially or otherwise, and listen to yourself, your inner guidance, on what is right for you. Sometimes Spirit kicks you out of the nest to make you fly on your own wings.

The Driving Exam:
On my sixteenth birthday, I aced the written but failed a portion of the driving test: backing up. I was frightened by the appearance of the examiner. He looked pale, bald, skeletal, and cachectic. There was bitemporal wasting and he really looked like he was either on the way to or freshly dug out of the grave. Fortunately, backing up only deducts six points. I aced everything else, I passed and I got my license that day!
There is no license you can show to anyone for psychic gift. They will see you on the road, using your skills, and with time it will become just as effortless as taking to the road. You just turn the key, and GO wherever it is you want to go. And fortunately, in the psychic world, there is no such thing as traffic! Just follow your heart, and listen to it. Adapt. And soon you will be happily driving through Life as we know it!


Reiki Doc

He Mele No Lilo

As an old soul, I often am in touch with my past lives. For example, I have been a Jewish slave in Egypt. I have total recall of this, and I have met a handful of people who were key persons in that slave girl's life. (They didn't know who I was, but I knew who they were and what they did to me back then.)

Sometimes food will trigger a recollection. Sometimes travel. When I went to The Place of Refuge on Big Island, there was a festival of sorts for us tourists. All of the ancient arts were there with volunteers to share them. I made a bracelet out of straw woven plant material that I still have to this day, sixteen years later. The plant lady with the medicines intrigued me. In my heart I knew the indigenous peoples were a lot smarter than the rest of us in little white coats today.

But although the place seemed vaguely familiar, it was when I got my turn to ride in the outrigger canoe in the bay there, that my soul flipped out in the time department. In my joy I was neither 'here' nor 'there' in some unforeseen place in time. I wanted to stay in that boat forever. When I at last came to shore, I sat on rock at the point for a very long time, dipping my feet in the water. It was then that I found my two stones. They just 'popped up' in my sight, and I noticed them. They were there for me, a gift from the Island, the Menehune said. (I see fairies and menehune too)  One was the size of my palm, smooth, round, flat and red lava. The other was a matching size but white coral that had been shaped and worn smooth by the water.

Those stones helped me through residency so much! When I held them, one in each hand, white on the right, it would balance my energy. I used them a lot as I worked through my training. They are at my bedside today.

I have been back and forth to Hawaii many times since. My favorite is the chorus of little frogs at night that lull you to sleep.

But now we go into the title of this blog: He Mele No Lilo. It is the opening song from the movie Lilo and Stitch.

It makes me cry. It still does, whenever I listen to it. I cry at the movies, I cry on the airplane. Whenever I hear it, the tears flow out from someplace deep inside of me. I cannot stop it. I am not ashamed to let them flow. At the Lei Day festival in Honolulu watching the hula dancers, I cried to almost every song. A familiarity, a love I had not experienced before, and a significance I could not explain came through the music. It has something to do with my soul. Today I decided to learn why. I got online. Here is what I learned:

He Mele No Lilo is a song for the lost. The video is at the top of this blog post, with lyrics in Hawaiian.

Here is the translation to English:

There are names that keep being repeated: Kalakaua. Lili'ulani is the ruler of the land... I had to know more.

I looked up King Kalakaua on Wiki:ākaua
Not so good. A child king chosen in election when someone was more popular and expected to win? Someone more liberal with the people's interests? Why did he have to sign the Bayonet Constitution with a gun pointed at his head, giving away his political power as King? Why was he dead at sixteen, like Tutankamen?Sounds fishy. Who was his successor?

I looked up Queen Lili'uokalani on Wiki too:
Why were there no successors? Why did everyone who had a shot at the throne die in their teens?
It was even worse. Her brother King Kalakaua died while she was in London celebrating Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. She cancelled the rest of her trip in Europe. She was too upset to continue it. She came right home. It was not much later that she was forced to sign away her rights to the Kingdom as Queen, too. US ships came and took over the throne. She was put into the top floor of Iolani Palace, on house arrest, for two years. (No wonder why I never wanted to set foot in that place-ed)

Dole became president after overthrowing the Queen.

Here is her official statement:

I, Lili'uokalani, by the Grace of God and under the constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against any and all acts done against myself and the constitutional government of the Hawaiian Kingdom by certain persons claiming to have established a Provisional Government of and for this Kingdom. That I yield to the superior force of the United States of America, whose Minister Plenipotentiary, His Excellency John L Stevens, has caused United States troops to be landed at Honolulu and declared that he would support the said Provisional Government. Now, to avoid any collision of armed forces and perhaps loss of life, I do, under this protest, and impelled by said forces, yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon the facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representative and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands.
— Queen Liliʻuokalani, Jan 17, 1893[14

The whole tale reeks of the Illuminati.

What I know, and Wiki does not, for I have my Sources 'in the rafters' like Blossom Goodchild has said, is that the Hawaiian people are the Last Remnant of an entire continent of Lemuria. These natives had incredible psychic gifts. They could hold hands on the shore and create a giant force shield to keep attackers and their shields at bay. Is it possible that the Hawaiian Islands were part of the plan to take over the earth by the Cabal?  The name Molokai seems too close to Malech, a name for a Satanic character. Might the island of Lanai have some vortex sitting somewhere, or a stargate? Humpback whales come there between Lanai, Maui, and Big Island every year.  Whales are not stupid. Was the Dole plan to own and destroy the island of Lanai to make money off of pineapple OR to hide this important link to our Star brothers and sisters from everyone except than themselves? It is rumored that Molokai is the last big source of mana, Hawaiian Earth energy.  (The east side of Maui is reported to have it too. Karuna Reiki founder William Rand has a Center at that site. For classes and retreats.) Why place a leper colony on the island? Isn't that a sure trick to keep other people away? And now, in modern times, why are the islands of Molokai and Lanai suffering financially, much worse than the rest of the islands, who are suffering too?

Next time you hear the song Aloha'oe, please send love to the spirit of Lili'uokalani. With a pencil, while imprisoned on the top floor of her house, she wrote it. She was denied all other entertainment and contact with the outside world. But she translated and wrote the history of Hawaii in song, hoping in her heart that the culture and message of the past would be understood by people who would know what has to be done to free the Hawaiian people and return them to their heritage.

Is the song He Mele No Lilo in the movie Lilo and Stitch a cry to the future to set things right?
Or is it bragging rights from the Illuminati? What happened? What is there more for us conscious beings to know about the Truth of the Hawaiian people? Time will tell for certain.


Reiki Doc

Important Addendum May 10, 2013:
An open letter regarding the Kingdom of Hawaii, who is descended from Kamehameha. This resonates with me.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kohala 7: The Message of License Plates

I have been getting messages from license plates for years. To the intuitive, there can be messages hidden with deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

For example, I began my psychic muscle-building exercises with something as simple as a penny. The one cent copper coins, to me, were my messages from my angels and therefore my Pennies From Heaven.

I worked out a system with them: heads up means Good, Keep Going, Something is Right
conversely, tails up means caution, something isn't right, Stop!

Once I set the rules, my Pennies From Heaven started to show up in the most unexpected places! And always at the right time, with the right direction. There was one time I was out socially with two other medical students. I had a crush on one guy, who had a crush on the other guy, but the other guy was attracted to me and I didn't know it! That situation with too much alcohol had the potential for lots of trouble for me; I did not know them very well, and anything could have happened. At the time, I was clueless. But the pennies showed up on the ground outside the bar in Pacific Beach-FOUR tails up in a row! I got the message, I said I had to go home, and I left. So try using Pennies as a start for your Psychic Development Push-Ups. : )

The more advanced you get, and the more accustomed, messages will start to come from other places. The car radio always seems to find the right song. Just the thing you needed to buy but couldn't afford will go on sale right when you show up. (that one makes me feel very Loved by Heaven, that Heaven would take the time to fill a physical need on Earth). And then there are the license plates.

I have a conference coming up. I wanted to go and get my units. It is a nice conference. Instead of the kind that locks you up in a dark lecture hall for all hours of the day and night (Cardiac Anesthesia, anyone?), the more generic one only takes the mornings up. You are free to enjoy the rest of the day. I desperately need my CME, or Continuing Medical Education Units. When I started to work in private practice several years ago, it was hard to make time to get to conference. We were too short staffed. I had been sitting on the fence for this particular conference. Should I take my family with me, and my mom to watch the kids? Should I go alone, missing them, but being free to get the most out of conference? (I am really feeling a need lately to go set up a table in the afternoon and talk Reiki to my colleagues. In a nice way, of course!) Then I saw it. Kohala 7 license plate on the way home from Ballet. It matched the Guidance I had been hearing, at the same exact instant! (Kohala Coast is where the conference is. It is for one week.) Okay, I get it! I will go. Tomorrow, I get to start looking for coverage, and getting the pendulum out to help make decisions on who stays and who gets to go with me.

Also besides words on the License Plates are the numbers on them. If you notice a series of numbers that comes up on multiple cars, such as 999, make a mental note of it, and you can come home and look it up. Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers 101: the meaning of 111, 123, 444 and other number sequences. is a handy book to keep around. For example, 999 means completion of an important chapter in your life, and it's time to get to work on the next assignment!

I find reading License Plates, finding Pennies, and Feathers (I found two blue ones last week! Woo hoo!), and little messages around as a way to stay connected to my Life Purpose. I always feel time is looking UP, and Spirit is with me. I have something to look forward to on the road ahead when I have my Guidance, both from outside like this, and within.


Reiki Doc

Miracle #2: The Four-Hour Whipple

I was worried. The patient I was scheduled to do had been so sick that the Chief sent message for me to talk to the anesthesiologist who had evaluated her the day before. I had to make a separate phone call to him after getting my assignment from the front desk. We spoke for twenty minutes about this patient! I rarely have a concern over anyone that is sick: I have seen everyone and taken care of everything. I am a Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Anesthesia for the dying and the half-dead is my expertise! But for this one, I called Mom on the way in to work and asked her to pray for a good outcome on the case.

What was making me worry? It was the ongoing battle of sepsis. If the bacteria win, the patient has no blood pressure and anesthesia is very difficult and challenging, especially in the senior population. 

The tumor had blocked the biliary duct in the pancreas. Bile had backed up. A stent had been placed. But the bile did not drain. The liver, pancreas were inflamed. The urine was the color of coca-cola. The stool was the color of chalk. There was complete biliary obstruction, and early sepsis, with only a single dose of Zosyn stacking the deck in my favor.

And the surgeon. The most gifted one in the hospital. And his assistant, who normally scrubbed in for hearts and was frankly overqualified for this case.

I called in early for my Anesthesia Technician to set up for full invasive monitoring and transfusion capability during the case. At my old hospital we could send blood gases for lab work during the cases. Here, we did not, and I would have to fly by the seat of my pants in the case. I wanted arterial line with cardiac output monitoring capability, central venous pressure, and a blood warmer in the room.

In pre-op, the patient, a tiny thing, was eerily calm. No questions. The son was very concerned. I speak Spanish and I spoke well between the two of them. I did not give sedation prior to starting the case.

In the O.R., everything went like clockwork. Induction. Intubation. Securing the tube. The arterial line had some trouble going in, and then it jumped, like some unseen hand had guided it into the proper place. I moved on the the volume line, the large bore peripheral i.v. for access. And then the central line, the Triple Lumen Central Venous Catheter in the right I.J. In less than thirty minutes we were ready to scrub. For a heart, we allow one hour for anesthesia monitoring and induction, and I had expected one hour for this case.

Once asleep the surgery went flawlessly. The specimen had negative margins. Lymph nodes were negative. But there were two positive blood culture results reported to me in the O.R. Bacteremia with gram negative rods, Klebsiella most likely. The liver was a nasty shade of black from the backed-up bile within it.

I gave Reiki.

Inside, I was surprised. This patient wanted to die. They wanted to send the message to the family that 'everything had been tried', and to pass in the near future. The operation was going to be a success, but the patient was 'done'. I picked up the effort of trying to make a living and being a poor Latino just wore them out. The cards were stacked against me and I am tired and I want to go Home. I gave Reiki and the Transition Symbol, hoping there would be some resolution between patient, disease, surgeon, and family in the upcoming times. Most important, that soul wanted to be heard, and I understood. I let it know I did. (Mind you, all of this is taking place while I pretend to be futzing with my anesthesia equipment and the patient. I also am consciously running a safe anesthetic at the same time, which takes priority over the rest. During my treatment of Reiki, I got interrupted several times, for example, once to answer the phone from Pathology and put them on speaker for the surgeon to hear the results.)

We were done in record time. A Whipple takes six hours with the best of the best of foregut surgeons. This one took four, including a feeding jejunostomy and a g-tube to vent the stomach.

I woke the patient up, pulled the tube, brought them to recovery,  and talked to the family.

On some level, the son knew. He looked me in the eye, and kept thanking me as he shook my hand. He knew something major had taken place, on many levels. I felt it in his aura, not his words.

And the urine was bright yellow as we left the O.R. Not Coke brown. The jaundice was going to clear. 

I explained to the family that the bacteremia and sepsis I had anticipated were happening, but that their loved one was responding beautifully to treatments, and that all would be well.

While I went to the bathroom briefly during the case, the RN who was watching my monitors also goes to my church. I have given her anesthesia in the past, too, at her request. We are close. When I came back, she shared with me that she had been praying for our patient. I have never before or since heard anything like this. 

I said, 'I had been praying, too.' The R.N. said, 'When you told me that the patient was doing well, I wanted to start crying, I was so happy!'

We have hearts, those of us that work in Conventional Medicine. And we use them in our work. I thought you should know about this.


Reiki Doc

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Light Box

This is the story of a meditative experience I had of going to inner Earth and getting into a Light Box:

I was guided into Agartha. It looked different in colors from earth, not as solid, more shimmery for all the trees and buildings and land formations. There was a laboratory office, and I was there. I was to be placed into a healing Light Box. I did not want to go. I was afraid, and I wanted someone to hold my hand. I was told this was not possible. I was put in, the lid was closed, and I started bawling.

They took me out and had me play on the swings like I did when I was a child and I loved it. I got upset and said, 'this will not do!'

Then I was back in the Light Box again, and I was given a cat to hold. But I am allergic to cats. I never played with a cat in my life, I don't know what to do! So it transformed into a dog, my first puppy, Ottavio. I was also given a soft blue baby blanket by Blessed Mother Mary. As they were closing the lid, I had concerns:

Will I still be me? I want to be me?
My children? My pets?
What will I look like after?

How long am I going to be in here? (it will take a couple of minutes' Earth time to do the transformation, they said.)

Then the dog started talking to me. My, this was DIFFERENT! I thought to myself.But I calmed down. I clutched the blanket and the dog close to me. The dog said it was okay and that I could be there with him the whole time. Not to be afraid. They closed the lid, and I had tears rolling down my face. I trust in the angels/healers/Spirit one hundred percent. It was just new, and frightening. Especially the possible loss of me.

They did not anticipate for me to have a fearful reaction like that. They had to go back to the drawing board on my case, I thought.

Waves of calm flooded over me. I could feel vibrations on a cellular level, like being in a CT scan or an MRI. It did not hurt. By this time I knew enough to let healers do their thing and work on me and not fight it. When they were finished, I got out of the Box.

I was shown my soul's true appearance. My skin was browner, and my nose broader. I did not like my true face and body. I want to look like me, This is too different. I was shown how I could change my appearance at will, and become anything, or any age of me, that I like. I popped back into my present form.

Then I looked at my new body. It was ghostly. I didn't like it. They adjusted something to make the colors more dense, and less see-through. Can I touch things, can I feel? I went to touch my arm and they said, 'Not yet, the paint is not dry enough yet', paint being a euphemism I would understand to describe this cellular crystalline modification process. Inside my body, I felt more like myself. I asked if I would have to pee, and they changed the question. I asked if I would still eat and they said, 'yes, it would be less and not as often.' and changed the subject again.

They put me back into the Light Box, and let me rest. Next thing I knew, I was back into the world of Spirit where I can visit. I am comfortable here. And I felt like me. Pele was there. She had some good advice for me, but I cannot recall what exactly it was.

Then I lay on my back. A healing presence came and held me in a fetal position. I cried. This entity had been in human form once, and understood. They worked with my breathing, and gave me words of reassurance that all would be well.

Then I woke up. I feel the same as I ever was. I look the same. But in my vision, I saw that I am on both realities, one foot in each dimension, the third and the fifth. For the time I was in Agartha and the Light Box, I was entirely in the fifth dimension. Now I am back in the third.

I was guided to write about it for your benefit.


Reiki Doc

Reiki and Awake Neurosurgery

Early Parkinson's disease is when it affects someone under the age of forty-five. My patient had severe symptoms and was not even fifty. An earlier procedure at an outside institution to place the tip of a Deep Brain Stimulator Probe into a location to stop the tremors resulted in a horrific and dangerous set of mood swings as the underlying limbic system (aggression center) was activated instead.

This life-saving revision was set to be done like the other placements: while the patient was awake.

Typically this is challenging for the anesthesiologist and this case was perhaps the most challenging I had encountered in my career. I checked with our specialist tehnician, and the neurolinguistic mapping that is very technically demanding did not need to be done. But the limitations for their monitoring were still in place: no versed (anxiolytic), and very light anesthesia. (This was hard for me because the patient's mood was depressed in pre-op holding, almost near tears, and the versed is the best for blocking both the memory of the experience and the fear of the O.R.)

We went in, and it was the most stormy set of personalities I had ever encountered. I had the surgeon, who I know well, the physician assistant (whom I have not worked with before), and the new neurosurgery head nurse in the O.R. (who is bossy) telling me what to do. It took a lot of Trust in myself and my Higher Power to take this type of treatment in stride, tolerating the Dense Vibrations of Control, and to keep my focus on the Light and Patient Care.

It starts in a special procedure room, where we sedate the patient and put on a sterotactic frame, which is like a metal erector set on steriods that bolts directly into the head with pins. The patient did not like the 'stimulation' of sharp pins going into the head, and the PA had not given enough local in the locations for the sharp pins to target on the head. Under sedation, Parkinson's tremors stop. But here, it was tremor-not-tremor-tremor with the surgical team panicking saying 'the patient is pushing me, the patient is moving' and 'the airway sounds bad, don't lose the airway (too much anesthesia)'. These patients on neuro medication, especially seizure ones, chew up anesthesia FAST!

We got through the CT scan, on the move, with an ancient monitor that was actually a paddle defibrillator. I had to push the button for each blood pressure (usually it is automated) and the oxygen saturation was really tiny and hard to see across the room. I was giving anesthesia 'blind'.

Back in the O.R., everything settled. The Control Freaks were in prime condition, and feeding off each other. The scrub tech, who likes the Lakers but is not the one I have described previously, and I had made a pact to roll out eyes at each other when the Control Freakishness got too thick. So I crossed my eyes at him, and he laughed. I realized I could not even do THAT anymore without repercussion.

Once awake, the testing of the new probe took effect. Here we are, with the patient's head away from me, trying to see the tremor and change the settings on the dial to stop it. 'Is your arm tingling?' or 'Can you still talks right? Say the days of the week." and the worst, when the electricity in the probe pulled the muscles tight on the patient's face. Setting after setting was tried. It was taking forever!

Taking forever is when I give Reiki most in the O.R. Fortunately, I got to do hands-on this time, because the patient kept getting a cramp in the leg every three minutes (Blood pressure is the most frequesnt thing int he O.R., and typically I keep it every FIVE minutes! LOL). Images of an aged Lucy and Ricky getting his legs massaged 'keep jiggling Lucy, keep jiggling!' flashed in my head as I used the techniques I had learned in massage class to stretch and soothe the aching left leg.

'I am sorry for asking so much for my legs to be rubbed' the patient said,

'That's okay, I like feeling needed' I said, as the Reiki blasted away through my hands and my heart into the patient and into the room.

The tone of the room changed.

We got a perfect result: blockage of tremor in hand and foot, no facial or speech involvement, and no tingling.

The team was amazed to have seen something like this, once in their career. They kept talking in awe about it.

I wasn't. Reiki was behind it all. I addressed the underlying need for the surgery. I asked for Divine assistance in removing the NE's and DE's. I balanced the chakras and gave Reiki, all the time accepting that the patient had a need for Early Parkinson's due to some energy imbalance and Life Lesson. I treated everyone in the room with Dignity and Respect. I held my Vibration of the Light at its highest.*

And we saw a Miracle.

You would think it would end happily ever after for me now, wouldn't it?

It did not.  The team bullied me into rushing into the next case. I had worked since noon to eight p.m., with no breaks. I had held my pee for three hours, as I could not leave a patient who was awake.
The surgeon told me 'there was an emergency and anesthesia had to give benadryl to the next patient, NOW!'.

Professionalism is an excuse to abuse physicians. This neurosurgeon clearly had bought the bullshit that 'being totally available and sacrificing yourself to heal your patient'  that is in our culture and was imposing it on me who believes that 'everyone can be healed and a healer and be happy'.

The PACU nurse felt sorry for me. My dinner at the hospital was three peanut-butter crackers (like from a vending machine), one tiny Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and a mini Crackle Bar like you get on Halloween. No liquids. And I started the next case, assisting the senior anesthesiologist who was to relieve me on this teenager with fifteen different drug allergies.

I came home, to dismay from my kids and the sitter. 'I am sorry I did not call or text. The patient was awake and they were putting sharp things in the brain. I could not talk or think of anything but them.'

My dinner was a left-over half bowl of ice cold canned chicken soup on the the kids didn't finish.


Reiki Doc

* this morning as I awoke, I saw that the disease of Parkinson's is vibrational (the shaking in bringing a vibration of some sort from the energetic into the Physical Plane). I saw that the body's vibration (tremor) and the head's (thought processes) did not match. And the stimulator probe goes deep into the brain where the body and the mind connect!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Payman versus Edmund

When I was twenty, one summer I did what all good Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Students did: got myself a position doing research. During that summer, there was another undergraduate in the lab. The hours were long. We would talk. Payman would make me laugh with stories about how messy his apartment was...what a terrible cook her was...and other funny things.

I found myself enjoying the time I spent with him, and looked forward to it, as we each had our project only a lab bench across the room away.

I was in a relationship with someone I loved deeply. So I enjoyed the friendship and chemistry with Payman, never thinking anything more of it. Payman wanted to become a doctor. He had done research in the biology department on pituitary science. There was something he had to do for that research that troubled me: he had to chop off turtle's heads so they could examine their pituitary gland. He killed live turtles and thought nothing about it; it was only a means to an end, admission to medical school.

We kept in touch over the years. When he interviewed at the local medical school, my husband and I let him stay at our place. Handsome, well-dressed, I was drawn to Payman, the spark alive all these years. But I stayed in my relationship because I made a promise.

For other reasons, the marriage dissolved. And soon I found myself applying to medical school. While traveling to interview, I stayed at his Payman's parents' apartment. His mother was beautiful, and I learned I liked Persian food. The pickles and the burnt rice from the bottom of the pan I liked best. But at the dinner, Payman talked about eating brains back in Iran. And that nagging worry about my friend's heart turned up again.

I got in to the same medical school he was a resident at. He invited me one day to see a movie at his house. I went. It was friendly, nothing really romantic. Just friends. But when I returned the favor, I made a homemade lasagna dinner, with wine, and planned for us to go swimming in my complex's pool. I had dread as he mentioned his 'hot date' with me, as he arrived. He spoke of 'the wine' and started to kiss me in the pool. He took advantage of me, and I never made lasagna for ten years after that. (note - I just made some for my mother at her request last week, above)

I felt troubled, and I went to confession. The priest simply asked, 'Do you like him?'. I thought about it, and I said, 'No.'. 'Don't do that again, then' the priest said. I got closure and moved on.

Do you know anyone like Payman? Do you have memories that haunt you if you let them? If you do, I have good news:
1) Payman and his kind are very 3D. The connection is physical. Their motivation is selfish.
They are on their way out.
2) Monika Korra is a wonderful example of a woman who overcame this kind of experience. Look up her YouTube video, it will make you cry it is so inspiring.
3) Our Ascension is going to erase some of those bad memories. It will be like they never happened. Only the learning on the soul level will remain with you.

Now I wish to speak to you about Edmund. He is my gay hairdresser I have known for years. Ed singlehandedly convinced me that the Catholic rap on homosexuals was a lie. How? By being consistently kind, and above all, a friend when I needed it most. I was alone in my first pregnancy. Ed came every week to take out the trash, since I once shared how it was too hard for me, and too strenuous. He and his partner came and helped take the glow-in-the-dark stars off the ceiling from the old owner's kids rooms, so I could make my own baby room. He listened with his heart, and encouraged me when I was sad.

He is Jewish, and came to the hospital to pray a special blessing over the child with his  little Hebrew book. And when the post-partum blues hit, and they hit hard, all I wanted was Ed and his partner to come to the house right away. They dropped everything and they did. As soon as I saw them, I got better and the sadness never returned.

Today, when I was post-call, for the first time since January I had Ed tend to my hair. I used to go every three weeks, but work has been busy, and I could not make the appointments. I fell asleep in the chair. 'Wake me up when I drool!' I said. 'Oh, it wouldn't surprise me! It's happened!' he laughed back. At the end, I looked beautiful. I turned to him and asked, 'Did you know that you are working in the aura while you work on people?' 'Oh yes! Definitely! I can tell when people are up to no good, sort of evil right away!' he replied. 'Do you know how to wash your hands and clear yourself of the negativity?' I asked to double-check. He did. And I mentioned how simple salt pellets like the kind that are used in a water softener can be placed in the environment to collect negative energy. When they are 'full', and you'll feel it, simply flush them away and bring out new ones. It only takes a few to do the work. I use them in the call room and they help tremendously to clear the energy and make it calm when I am at work.

Do you know someone like Ed? Do you have someone who lets you practice Reiki on them, and shares with you your joy at each discovery? If so, then you can be confident that:
1) Ed and his kind are very 5D. Harmonious, equal friendships that are mutually beneficial are the norm. People like Ed are welcome to work in my aura at any time!
2) A beautiful 5D person on YouTube is Evita Ochel, with Evolving Look her up online. She is a former schoolteacher who 'woke up' and is living an environmentally conscious life, educating us all.
3) Give thanks for people like Ed in your world. And the more you give thanks, the more your gratitude energy is helps to facilitate a smoother transition into Ascension for us all.


Reiki Doc

Post-Call Reiki

I am so tired right now I am nodding off. Yesterday I worked a twenty-four hour shift on Labor and Delivery. I adore working with the new mothers and their babies. It takes a lot out of you, however. And Reiki helps make the exhaustion of having not slept easier to manage.

I was responsible for the anesthesia care in the delivery of ten healthy singleton babies.  I inherited three at seven a.m. from the anesthesiologist who was on call the day before. I did a c-section using one of the epidurals on one of those patients.

I also trained/proctored a new hire, a delightful woman of thirty-eight who is just starting out. She and I have similar temperaments. I enjoy spending time with her. There is only one more epidural for her to do under observation, and then she is in the O.R. on duty rotations like the rest of the team.

It is hard not to have a little time to squirrel away to the call room in the day. I like to relax and store up reserve energy for the night. I excused myself at two. I have to be careful in the call room. I can't leave all my stuff out. I have a my Reiki Doll Annie, for sending distance Reiki. I have my pendulum Porphy (I name them), my journals, my book I am writing...all would not be understood by a colleague who would happen to walk in. Or even a cleaning lady.

Speaking of the cleaning lady, Maria, my second mom-seriously-caught me in the hall. 'Are you in today? Was that your underwear? Did you see it? It was in the bed?' I was like, 'WHAT?!?'.

Sure enough, she had moved it. A pair of tighty whities, soiled with a brown stain, and a tee shirt. She had seen the guy on call with his girlfriend in the patio while he was on call. Were they having sex in the call room? we wondered together, Maria and me. What should we do with it? You know what we did? Put it in a pillowcase and stuck it in the file folder for billing slips for that doctor!

No wonder why the other OB anesthesiologist had noticed the smell of urine in one of the pillows and thrown it out!

The day was full of the bizarre, the unexpected, the humorous-if-you-look-for-it.

And there were the miracles. Some of the ones that made me cry almost in front of the patient was the patient saying thank you to the nurse for suggesting the epidural even though the husband was pushing the natural childbirth thing and she was ready to bail...seeing the joy on a new mom's face in post-partum when I went to check on her the next day...the baby RN sharing her stories with me about growing up in Vancouver...and the OB whose mom had seven miscarriages before successfully carrying her a to pre-term (35 weeks) and her brother to term births.

Everyone says, 'Rest up, have a good day' when I am leaving the hospital. I do not have the luxury to do that. The car is six-hundred miles past the service due. I have an appointment. I have to go. I also am getting my hair styled for the first time in six months, due to my tight schedule. Tonight, I would like to go to swim lessons to watch the progress of my kids (usually Dad takes them and I work).

When can I rest? In little spurts here and there. When can I shower? Hopefully before swimming so I won't stink!

Where is the Reiki? It was there every minute since the time I showed up to work yesterday. It was there when I gave Reiki and the transition symbol while holding the mother's hand during four c-sections. It was the patience when I had to replace epidurals that were malfunctioning twice. It was the humility in having to accept ruffles potato chips and onion dip at the nurses' station as my breakfast because there was no time for anything else. It was the post-partum charge nurse who made me a cup of the vietnamese coffee we have on L&D because she saw how sleepy I was from a hard case. It was the facebook post of NAMASTE from my childhood friend as I walked down the hall in the wee hours to go put another epidural into a technically challenging obese parturient (woman in labor). It was the text I sent to a friend whose house had been robbed, offering to replace any jewelry that her deceased son had given her if it had been stolen, not that it would be the same, but to let her know I love her and that everything would be all right. It was her post on her page, that 'God had shown her that which could not be taken away by robbers--the kindness and love of family and friends' in gratitude for my offer, which she declined because there was only one necklace from her boy, and that she never takes it off...

Reiki is in the writing I had to do before driving to the car appointment. Before feeding the pets. Before eating myself. I love it more than I admit, this connection I have through Reiki to all of you. I adore being here to guide you, and to console you, to inform you, and to simply wait together for the changes that are going to arrive on Earth.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Holistic Dentistry Debate

The September issue of Martha Stewart's Whole Living Magazine has an interesting article titled, 'Mouths Wide Open'. The writer, Melinda Wenner Moyer, who has not had any cavities, went to see a holistic dentist at the insistence of her husband, who has had many cavities, restorations, and other dental work. (I am sorry, I was unable to access the article through

Holistic Dentistry is based on the premise that the mouth, in particular, the balance of the oral flora, is like the canary in a coal mine when it comes to our overall health of the body. The dentist she saw, Dr. Reid Winick, says, 'I want my patients to learn what it takes to be healthy for their mouths and their bodies.'. He focuses on nutrition, environmental pollutants, structural imbalances and stresses affect the mouth and the body.

In Melinda's case, although there were no cavities (there is one type of bacteria that eats residual sugar in the mouth, which creates plaque--and she was very immune to this type of bacteria), her gums were inflamed. In his opinion this was setting her up for inflammatory systemic disease. He advised her to change her diet, to come back, and it worked.

My dentist is an oncology dentist. We are friends from working together at the same university many years ago on staff. He told me to avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol, since they are linked with causing oral cancer. The holistic dentists give this same advice.

Fluoride is an active area of discussion. Dr. Mercola, on his website, says that fluoride, in particular, fluoridated water is very bad for the health. Some go so far as to say that fluoridation of public water supplies is an example of doing something against people's consent, like a police state. There is concern that fluoride is known to lead to mental illness, including depression. Holistic dentists are against fluoride for this reason. There is also concern about the chemicals in dental floss, and the poor outcome of studies linking flossing to effective prevention of dental disease.

I also know that mouth disease, infection especially, is linked to heart disease such as endocarditis.  All diseased teeth must be pulled before operating to replace the infected heart valve, or else it will get infected too. Others have connected cavities and atherosclerosis, a chronic inflammatory systemic condition.

The truth is not known yet, but I suspect the Holistic Dental Community may be on to something important.
The recommendations in the article are:
1) Brush twice a day with  soft bristle brush like Sonicare DiamondClean
2) Choose a toothpaste free of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate, like Burt's Bee's
3) Eat alkaline foods like beans, fruits, and greens to maintain a good body pH
4) Rinse mouth with warm water and a few drops of clove or mint oil
5) Clean gums with a oral irrigator like water pic or HydroFloss
6) Get plenty of rest, sleep and exercise daily. 

The Holistic Dentistry website is not helpful. Neither is Wikipedia. Here is a link from Quackwatch that is actually informational:

In the end, we are going to find out more about this. As Reiki Doc I see a lot of teeth, look in a lot of mouths, and smell a lot of nasty smells in my work. Diabetic breath is horrible. It is sweet and rotten. Next is Trauma Breath because there is usually alcohol on it. Kidney disease has a totally different scent of the breath, almost metallic. It turns my stomach. And Liver disease, like in a liver transplant, smells like burnt plastic and makes me want to gag. I know dogs can detect disease by scent, because their noses are far superior to ours. With my nose, I can tell a difference in the mouth, and since I already know the medical history, I can recognize a pattern. I also know from a metaphysical point of view, the soul enters and leaves the body through the mouth, at first breath in the delivery room, and last breath in the hospice. I see it happening, and I feel it. That is how I know. Mouths are important, in my opinion, and I look forward to learning more about the mouth-body-health connection.

Anyway, I hope this makes for discussion, and possibly some new findings for all of us. Comments are welcome!


Reiki Doc