Monday, August 20, 2012

Heaven is On Its Way: You Don't Have to Die

What is Heaven?
Heaven is calling. Heaven is calling you today, to rejoice!

Sylvia Browne calls it Home. As a Cancerian, I like the sound of that: Home.

Heaven is the Source from where all Reiki exists.

Let us take the logical sequence then, if Reiki, and beams of Healing even STRONGER than Reiki, keep coming to Gaia, all together, and Gaia heals, and those of us on Her heal, everyone is going to Ascend. 

Ascend to what?

Ascend To Heaven. 

And you don't have to pass. 

What is it going to look like? A lot like here. And there are no white shiny clouds and harp-playing angels. The angels look like angels. They are busy. They have lots of work to do. When you are ready, you will get an assignment too.

And here is the best part: everyone here is intact, whole, and as they were made in perfect completeness of the body.

Did you lose a body part in this life? You are going to get everything back!
you will not need eyeglasses, contact lenses or Lasik surgery to see perfectly, near and away
quadriplegics will walk
people ravaged by cancer will be healthy and the cancer will go away forever
my numb areas from surgeries will be normal again
your teeth will come back
those who missed childbirth and are infertile can go back and experience family 
the blind will see, the deaf shall hear, the mute shall speak again
siamese (conjoined) twins will separate
stoma appliances-colostomies-will revert to normal anatomy
missing limbs will return

Were you obese in this life? It is not your fault. The archons and reptilians have some wave technology that makes everyone fat, and also the food supply has been altered. 
You are going to be any size that you want to be
Plus, the beauty industry as we know it is going to be passe. The new beauty will not be so confining and hard to reach.

Do you or your friends have depression, autism, or other mental disorders?  You will be free of it!
Your thought processes are not what they are down in duality, or the third-dimension. They are projections from the auric and mental planes. Sometimes they distort. There will be no need to cry or to adjust because everything will be perfect just the way it is.

Are you always running late? Time will not exist. Everything will be in the Now. And yes, there are rest periods, you will still sleep. That panic and that frenzy shall disappear.

Is money a concern for you? And poverty? That game is over. You shall have enough.
This is a big part of the Illuminati and Cabal banking war on humanity. It shall cease. You shall be given St. Germain's prosperity fund and all debts shall be forgiven.

Is this just another pipe  dream? I am serious. I do not jest. This is for real. In due time you shall see changes of great magnitude on Gaia. All of them for the best!

What about lost loved ones? You can go visit them any time you want. Also go back and re-live times of your life, just to enjoy them. I can't wait for my nanna with Alzheimer's to wake up again, and be with me!

How much will it cost? It is free, for the open-hearted and those with love in their heart.

How long will it take? It is gradually happening all around you as we speak. As the consciousness levels increase, they will hit a tipping point, and bada-bing! it will be Light.

What are we giving up? Heartache and misery. Duality, death and decay.

How do you know all this? I am channelling this as I write to you. : )

Why do they want me to know about this?  It is showtime! You will find this when you are ready; on Love and Light that will carry you to this Truth.


Reiki Doc