Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unity and Light

The people here at the resort have gotten nicer. About ten years ago, I was at this same time share to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It was people from the other side of the tracks, shall we say? It was the epitome of my clan versus yours, with people being stressed and snappish with each other.

I had my second husband with me. I stressed over my family dynamics. I was upset we had to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant instead of making our own.

Today everyone smiled. Even the lady who wasn't smart and was standing at the edge of the shallow end with her kindle trying to read. Of course there were children playing everywhere, and my kid splashed her. But she didn't get upset. She just accepted our apology and went on with her book.

Workers were kind. And the diversity in the pool had having fun in common, and the various nationalities and economic backgrounds just wanted to have a good time.considering the heat, which was over one hundred degrees, in the past people would have been territorial and snappy. But they were not. I smiled at the workers, genuine smiles, and they smiled back.

Times have changed. I can smell it. Like the rain has a scent. Hold on to your hats. It will be like Heaven when the new arrives for all of us.


Reiki Doc