Thursday, August 30, 2012

Physical Changes After the Light Box

I ran.
I ran without losing my breath.
I ran on a hill in San Diego, like the kind where my reactive airways presented twenty-years ago
I ran faster than a seven-year old, all the way and back. Without getting winded!
I ran.

I am not tired as I go about my day. The waves of fatigue do not overwhelm me on schedule like they usually do.

It is ten p.m., I wake up at four, and I am not cranky like I get after nine. Instead at nine I washed the dishes, took care of the pets (turtle, snake, bird, rats), and patiently put aloe vera on a sunburned child before tucking them into bed.

I slept soundly, and awoke at one a.m., raring to blog, fully rested.

Is this manic? Am I bipolar, shifting UP?

Not in the least. There is no push of speech. No surge of energy. There is no desire to purchase anything or sleep with anyone. I am me, only a better me. I am peaceful and trusting in the Universe.
I have lived many lifetimes, and this one's little upsets simply don't mean that much in the Big Picture.

There is an awesome positivity about me. 'Is this weather hot enough for you?'
Yes, I love it!

Do you do Pediatric anesthesia?
Yes, I love giving Pediatric Anesthesia! (I almost did a fellowship)
Would you mind giving a talk for me to the nurses at the Surgicenter?
No problem. Just let me know when and where.

Hi Dr. 'Reiki Doc'! How are you?
I am doing GREAT! Thanks, how about you?

What is missing? Well, the pain and the drama of the not-so-great episodes in my past. There were a lot of them. I have been molested, rejected, beaten down, isolated, had a hair-trigger angry mother, divorced, you name scars do not show, but I have earned them. Now I can barely recall them. I can't bring the anger back up and re-live it. The tears don't well up. The hurt I have carried all of my life--doesn't hurt any more.

I remember everything else and function like myself on all other parameters. I actually have more ability to track details than when I used to forget or get stressed. My ability to stress out is only about a tenth of what it was before I went in the Light Box.

And I love everybody. I feel deeply connected to Gaia...and to you.

Not too shabby for less than one week!  Thought you might like to have a follow-up.


Reiki Doc