Friday, August 31, 2012

Obedience and Humility

I just finished a nineteen hour day at work. I will keep it short and get to the point.

When I was in medical records, signing three charts, I overheard the following statement from a worker there talking to a doc about spending money in Vegas, "I drink it away or I gamble it away. That's pretty much how it works." She tried to back pedal by saying, "I don't gamble a lot. I only spend about a hundred dollars. I can make it last for a long time. And I get those free drinks..."

I turned my attention back to my charts. Two of them were OB charts. The laboring patients I had placed epidurals in during the middle of the night had delivered before eight o'clock in the morning. Therefore I did not have to split the reimbursement on the case. The anesthesiologist after me filled out the front of the page for me. But not the back. So it was like, see, I will help you but not one hundred percent.

The day before someone who had liked my lotion scent, and I had bought a bottle of lotion from the health food store, mentioned out of the blue how much they think of me every time they wear it, how they enjoy it, and how they wear it often. In the next breath this RN was asking me for a favor to help her in her quest to become a nurse anesthetist.

To me, all of these people are driven by ego. The what's in it for me syndrome. The gambler had given her personal power to the casino's and their form of mind control in the name of 'fun'. The second, a new hire, made it quite clear he would have liked to have had half of those epidural payments without saying a word. And the last? Butter me up? What do you think I am, a total idiot? You insulted me by thinking that I had to be conned into doing something nice? Don't you know me at ALL?

My path is a difficult one, in the field of spirituality. I have the path of Obedience. I must remain humble at all times while I am walking on my way through Life. It comes naturally to me, but it also stretches me like yoga would combine flexibility and strength in the physical.

Most people have drawn the financial path of Spiritual Growth. Nothing that they do ever turns out right. So they keep chasing after that dollar like a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey to get it to work.

Obedience is the open heart to Spirit and the willingness to act on that little PUSH Spirit gives.

One example is when I got the push to take an angel food cake to my adult ballet class when I was doing my fellowship. I was embarrassed. I felt weird and I said, no. It turned out that exact day was the birthday of our beloved teacher. Spirit had asked me to bring the celebration. After that, I decided to open up and Trust Spirit all the way more.

And I do. Daily. I can't begin to count how many times today I got that gentle nudging from Spirit, and I discerned and chose to go along. Discernment on the Obedience path is essential. Through time, you and Spirit develop a language with one another. You develop a partnership. This is different from the Reiki guides and partnership in Healing. They are context-specific in a healing setting. But the Trust and ability to work together while being in different levels of Spirit are the same.

Obedience has been twisted out of context in religion (think Catholic nuns and chastity), marriage (to obey the husband), and by the Law as a means of controlling the Free Will of others.

I speak up for the Spiritually enriching form of Obedience with  you. It helps you connect to your Higher Self. It helps you connect to those who have your best interest at heart. And the Highest Good for all. Humility and Obedience are the opposite of Ego, are they not? Through meditation and mindfulness, you may find your path delightfully refreshing in the Obedience mode!

And the hidden benefit of living a life of Obedience? All of your material needs are met. Somehow you and Spirit together manage to Manifest what you require and desire in Abundance. There is no limit!
You can't follow two masters, Financial Constrraint and Obedience. Well, perhaps if you were a Gunner in the Spirit Life (Gunners are people who study to break the curve and get honors in Med School)! But most of the time they do not. Obedience will resonate with you if it is your calling.


Reiki Doc