Monday, August 13, 2012

Reiki and The Pool Dude

'One more slide down the waterside and then let's get out of the pool.' I said to the kids, 'I have to pee.'
'Why? Just go in the pool!' one said.
'That's not how it is done.' I countered, and I marched us to the nearest restroom.

On the way back, we met Bobby, testing the water.
Bobby is employed full-time and is in charge of the pool. I saw him test for chlorine, pH, and base. Everything was okay. 'Want to see the pool room?', he asked. We took a tour. There were two large filters, two heaters, lots of piping and valves.  But the most incredible thing was the bank of four computers that automatically adjusts the pool chemistry. His testing was to double check. The department of health keeps watch on all the data.

Back at the poolside, I took the opportunity to ask one important question: 'can you tell if there is pee in the pool?'

The answer was yes. He measures the cloudiness of the pool. Anywhere from forty to fifty is normal. I saw twenty before my eyes.  This was poor test result. At eight o'clock this morning, the pool was perfect. Now it was full of urine. He has to calculate how much clarifying agent and put it into buckets for the night crew to throw into the pool. It will settle overnight, and he comes at five in the morning and vacuums it up. It is the sunscreen, the make up, the residue from shampoo and conditioner, in addition to the urine that make the water condition change.

There are two teams of pool technicians, one after the other. On weekends with up to three hundred people in the pool, it requires a great deal of technological assistance to take care of a problem before you can see it.

By the way, soiling the pool takes eight hours to disinfect from fecal contamination.

Where is the Reiki in this? In these thoughts:
1) pool chemistry is something you can't see until there is overgrowth, imbalance. I see pool chemistry as our energetic system, and the pool as our body.
2) just this once--and--everybody else is--and--the chlorine will take care of it....all are illusions that detract from the horrible truth of using the pool as a toilet.
3) imagine the influence of a reiki-trained practitioner taking care of the pool! They could charge the water with health, love and light.

That is my thought and the truth about recreation at the resort.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I do Healing on Gaia daily. In shared my concern about this subject with Her:
RD--is it OK to pee in the Ocean?
G--in any large body of water that is natural, yes. In ponds I wouldn't . In streams you shouldn't . Animals are drinking from it (look at giardiasis from the cows if you are a backpacker, and turn it in reverse with your voiding in a river or stream. Putting raw sewage or sewers of any kind into a body of water is a no no. A boat is okay, a small vessel, because you are out there and if it spills it would be a health hazard. But not a cruise ship. It should wait till it gets to shore, much like an RV, to dispose of its wastes. Peeing in the pool is an insult to your fellow man. Do not continue inthis practice my little children. When you are old enough to control bladder and bowel function, it is not okay to go potty while you are swimming in anything that is man made or artificial. It is work for them enough (without your urine) and healthier for you. I want my children to enjoy the beaches, rivers, and streams. And lakes. Would you mind picking up some trash with you when you see it while you are enjoying my beauty in play and having fun? I would appreciate so much this small effort on your behalf. I want my beauty to shine forever. Mother Earth, Gaia, and Sophia. Pele says, "love my heart."