Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mediumship and the O.R. Charge Nurse

Have you ever met an R.N. that runs the Operating Room? They are like a General, a Commander, someone totally negotiating resources, staffing, workload, and schedule every minute.  They kind of scare you a little, they are so in control and on top of things.

Our O.R. charge nurse scared the daylights out of me once--'I need to talk to you!'. I was terrified I was being written up. I came over, and she whispered in my ear, 'I am going to have foot surgery and I would like you to do the anesthesia for my case.' I said yes, of course, and was puzzled at how I could not read this individual at all.

In time, I learned about her mother, who had died of Breast Cancer while she was in High School. She wore a tattoo of her mother's face on her arm.

Keeping my worlds separated, I never gave it a second thought. Until one day, while it was this R.N.'s birthday in the break room, and we were singing Happy Birthday. I felt the presence of her mother. There was a message. A simple one.

I had to think it over. The next day, I cornered her. I have to talk to you. I used the Peter Close (a famous medium) technique:
I am psychic. I felt your mother while we were singing Happy Birthday. She has a message for you.
Do you accept this? Do you want to know?
I gave it. Message sent, now, let it go.

When I was in the O.R., and I came out, the fact that I was a medium for the Charge nurse gave me credibility as an intuitive-psychic.

The other day, at the lunch room, this same R.N. was there. I mentioned my trip to Palm Springs.
'How did you KNOW I was in Palm Springs last weekend?' she exclaimed.
And as she left to go, she gave me a hug, asking, 'do you know why I did that?'
No. I haven't got a clue. But I had felt her mother, with a complex message.

I sorted it out, at home. Basically, "I am proud of you. You do great work for Spirit. I am not sure you 'get it'. Let me explain it. You help a lot of people without asking for anything in return..."
I wrote it, and presented it to the charge nurse yesterday. She wanted it. I said not to read it now, it might make you cry.

Before the start of my case this morning, she wanted 'three minutes with me'. We went into a storeroom of anesthesia supplies, the most private place in the O.R. Of course she was interrupted with a phone call from a Russian Orthopedic Surgeon who makes endless demands. But then she shared that she was thinking about a career change. She hadn't told a soul here yet at work. The letter spoke of her career. She wanted advice.

I first told her I would get back to her. But something caught me. Wait! I can help!
I reached into the pouch around my neck, and pulled out my pendulum. I used it, in front of her. 
Should she do the change? Yes.
Does her mom want her to do the change? No.
Should she follow her heart? Yes.
Is it for the highest good? Yes.

Then I showed her how to use a pendulum by herself right in the middle of the O.R. And she 'got it'. Her swing was the same as mine! Definite yes and definite no. I told her any chain with a pendant on it will do. And quickly I asked her, not to let anybody know what I am! She agreed.

I am both humbled and amazed at the turn of the events in the O.R. That a charge nurse would be open to and interested in learning something metaphysical! Miracles like this are happening every day! 

When you keep your vibration up, and consistently send healing to your work environment, you will raise the vibration at your institution. Then your coworkers consciousness levels will Increase!

That is how we are going to change medicine. One patient, one coworker, one ward of the medical center at a time.


Reiki Doc