Monday, August 20, 2012

The Most Important Thing: Reiki Tours #1

This is the water tower in Julian. Inside is a fantastic Reiki Master who was trained in Usui method in Western New York*. Her name is Linda Swartz.

Eleven years ago she came with her ninety-year old grandmother 'out to California', where her grandmother had spent many happy winters. Grandmother was ailing, and wanted to 'end this whole thing in California'. Instead, Grandmother perked up, lasted another two years, and then passed.

Linda is about five-foot three, medium build, with short curly brown hair. She has eyes that make me think of a Native American. And her smile is full of Light. I stopped by to make sure I knew what she was 'selling', since it said Reiki on her sign I wanted to know. She is the real deal.

On the right, she has a display of pendulums. I passed my hand under them. They were on fire with Reiki. To support her work, I bought one for the kids (amethyst) and one for me. I thought the clear quartz one was for me, but it said, 'no'. It was the citrine that wanted to go home with me.

I laughed. Pendulums are funny. I know with my rational mind that they cost anywhere from two to five dollars wholesale. But I buy them to support the metaphysical shops. And I think in Linda's case, there was a little of 'her vortex' of Light deep inside of them.

She laughed because the Tower 'came to her'. There was an old man from Europe who owned it. She took out her pendulum to see if she should rent it. As it swung, he said, 'It says yes, doesn't it?'.

All that is inside is a couple of chairs for readings. There is a grid of coins on the floor. There is an antique chest with pictures of her family. Her grandmother is all sunny and smiling in a yellow dress. Her uncle Howard is ready to take on the world of business. There are her grandfather and great uncle together with the great grandfather. She has some very large crystals on display, pamphlets, a crystal angel, and a friendly cat. Outside there is local wild honey, herbal tea, crystal stones, sage smudge sticks, and the pendulums. As well as some used books. She gave us The Lemonade Series: Living with Love, Laughter and Lemonade by Paul S. Bodner, free.

I greatly admire the courage of this woman to be ahead of her time. She has been here on the same street corner office, year after year, being true to her calling, being herself. I didn't even see a Reiki table in the office. But there were a lot of diplomas from the Usui training on the wall.

Linda is a pioneer. Just like you. Everyone who is in on this Energy Healing and Awakening Movement is. And for every one that goes out on a limb to educate and be a presence for the masses, the Light begins to shine brighter for us all. It is like a candle in the dark, lighting the one held by those around it, who pass it on, and make for a beautiful glow in the darkness of the night.

If you wish to contact Linda, her email is, and her phone readings are available by appointment at 760-765-9718. Gift certificates are available. She does:
Reiki Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy (Akashic Records-Past Lives), Chakra Alignment, Channeled Readings, and Mediumship (private sessions providing guidance, enlightenment, closure, healing and empowerment through direct communication with the Spirit realm.) 'Healing and intuitive services are available in many forms, with the intent of each individuals' "Highest and Best" to be the goal with their co-operation and co-creation.

I asked her for permission to mention her in my blog. I also asked her for what she would like to say to you. Here it is:
"The most important thing, is that which you do not know....yet!"


Reiki Doc

*Ordained from the School of Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Cortland University in Courtland, NY.