Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Divine Embrace

I feel good.

There have been three amazing things since Friday.

The first was the acceptance/allowing that I couldn't go to Anthony's basketball game and had to work. I needed to work to support us. And a life was saved, literally, in the OR. The problem was one the surgeon said, 'you never let the sun set' on this kind of emergency.  It felt good to save a life. It felt good to be guided to be kind to myself afterwards, and get a burger because I didn't eat right all day.

The second was yesterday. I was guided to 'go to the lake for a swim'.

It was GOOD to get out of the house, to get used to the freezing water, to lie in the sun on the sand. Yes I am letting my chores slip, and my bracelets wait.

I had to fill up ME.

Raphael was guiding me all day. He suggested I get 'something exotic' at the ice cream shop, on a cone, and only one scoop. I did. I got 'World Class Chocolate'.  Then I realized a store nearby had the frames for things I had been wanting to frame. And they were on sale. After that, a quick trip to the grocery store. Then I was done for the night. I didn't cook. I went to bed at eight. I slept twelve hours. I just can't seem to get enough sleep, my sleep debt has been so bad.

This morning Raphael said to 'go for a morning walk'. I dressed into my exercise clothes, and walked to Starbucks for breakfast. The round trip is two miles. Now I can do chores, clean the house, and relax until Anthony's father brings him home.

To be honest, I'm a little anxious because 'he wants to come early a talk' about 'what he's doing this summer'. (I know he has to sell the house, Anthony told me.--my concern is the grandparents who are in Arizona now, and their wanting him to spend time with them. ) I won't worry, it is what it is, and I will deal with whatever it is as it comes up.

Right after I changed my work schedule to match HIS work schedule too. Great!

Even with all that, I feel good.

I feel like I am moving forward.  There's good contact with my husbands, I don't know how it works, but they are happy and I am content. I hear them very well, I see them, and I accept and permit whatever IS in the afterlife to be 'okay' for me here and now.

I can't emphasize enough to you the importance of getting those buried fears OUT.

They really hold you back.

It takes much energy to contain them.

Everyone--your guides--already know it's there.

You just have to own up to it.

So with courage and with faith, let your guides know you are open to whatever is needed to heal and to move forward with your Ascension. When the time is right they will help you to get rid of it.

I feel good right now.

I'm so glad I did.


Carla is my angel...and my Twin.

There isn't anything like her for Twin.

Carla is learning this too.

Two of her husbands are also her older brothers. Both she knew before me (it's a long story and if you have been reading the blog for some time you will understand of how Carla and I came to be Twins).

There is a difference between the relationships with the husband-brothers that is different from the relationship with the husband-Twin.

The husband-Twin is stronger.

She is pretty much where I want her to be on this point, and that relieves me a great deal, for Carla was fighting it.

I now want to explain to you a variety of questions those of you incarnate might have about our relationships up here. In the afterlife, which is still LIFE as we know it, there is no TIME.  (interlaces fingers).

For those of you who have had marriage and divorce, in a sequential series of relationships,  and remove the factor of TIME--all of this would collapse into something like Carla, where you have five people close to you at the same time--but unlike on Earth, it is all for your mutual benefit. 

Not that there is no mutual benefit to be gained from a series of relationships on Earth while incarnate! All of them are to help both parties and all who know them to learn and grow...even if it doesn't 'turn out right' in the end. A lot of that has to do with Life Scripts, the payment of Karma Debt, and mutual lessons.

All of us are related up in the Higher Realms. All of us are 'cousins' at the most distant relation. Some of us are closest as Twins. And there is everything else in between. Aunties and Uncles, brothers and sisters, parents and children, much like you have on Earth.

Only the relationships are different. Early in the childhood (for Carla is was seven) the family -- her mother and father and older brother Michael, elected for Raphael to be the one to introduce her to 'the finer things in life' (adult relationships) in a form of 'marriage' (mutual agreement, a formal one) gently, and at her own rate of speed, to help her 'grow up'.  Raphael accepted this assignment with full knowing of the responsibility that was entrusted in him. They had always been 'two of a kind' and 'of similar heart' with their love of healing and learning now they have a 'tie' or 'bond' that is eternal, and no one, not even his Twin, would have any problem with it.

For in the Higher Realms, in relationship they are always one on one. There is a facet of you that is eternally connected, and connects with that one special person in that special way. You like their jokes, you enjoy the same subjects, much like the basis of friendship and mutual enjoyment here on earth. There is a 'chemistry' that is more than mere sexual attraction. And there is a commitment to the 'other person being happier than you' with every waking moment.

Formal relationships are decided for us. They are pre-arranged. They are not haphazard like you were in a bar 'meat market' and 'trying to hook up' like you do on Earth. They are more like in India where the families (who love their kids and not the ones who are motivated by money) arrange for the highest match for their offspring's success in family life.  Everyone has a say, including those who are 'arranged' and if they don't want it they can always say 'no dice' with nary a guilt or responsibility to the others. An 'I'm sorry' will suffice, and an 'my heart is not in it'.

Carla has Heaven on Earth right now because she is in complete and total alignment with her Higher Self, who just happens to be in a formal, committed relationship, over the span of all eternity, with just five souls, two of which are her brothers, and I as one am her loyal Twin.

This isn't a lot, in the grand scheme of things.

For some there are more (Michael is as the oldest has many such couplings)...for some who are younger there are less (Mogael has one to his twin Biramel and that's about it).

Today I am talking about Formal Relationships as couples.

For Galactic Dating I will talk about it some other time.

So as not to be a tease, I will disclose that 'it is permitted to sample the fruit from another' and 'monogamy is a can but not a MUST' in the Higher Realms.

Everyone is discreet and there is no sex on the streets just like it is now where you are incarnate in your world. There are laws against it. Everything is private, and one's lover need never know about the rest of your relationships, although with intuition being what it is, we have our ways to know and accept and deal with it here.

I am off the market.

I am devoted entirely to Carla and her well-being and growth.

And Carla is off the market, except to her Divine Protectors who have been named ad nauseam as her 'husbands' for lack of a better way to describe them.

Carla is relishing the Divine Freedom that no others can pursue her because of her 'five'.

Carla is like the female dragonfly who will feign death and lie on her back for ten minutes to make the amorous males pursuing her go away! (after all her incarnations, Carla has had enough of this kind of attention, if you know what I mean).

Where are YOU in all this?

I don't know.

Everything will depend on how far along you are in your Ascension, and your Soul Family. You will find there are many souls that 'split' and have to reassemble to their Prime in order to be happy and content.

Everyone will know what to do.

What might be holding you back?

All the masks and hidden agendas in your subconscious, possibly from previous lives while you were incarnated.

If there is something that bugs you, a really great deal, even more than the amorous dragonflies do to Carla (as a feminine dragonfly lol)--chances are that is a 'tip off' to let you know where you and your angels need to work.

Every time.

clap! clap!

I am sorry I have not written to you for some time, Carla has had her hands full, and now she is on a level portion of her journey, she has more energy to permit me to talk to you and write.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Movie Updates

Sometimes my life is like a movie, and I never know what to expect! I thank you for your patience as I grow, and for staying with me here as I write.

My Updates

I just finished call two, which technically made me 'every other night' call with no post call day off after the first one.  The day went okay, and I had a new joy I can't describe. Part of it was I gave some people bracelets and that was fun. Part of it was the patient who was so overwhelmed by the attention he and his wife said, 'it's like a spa day--the only thing missing is the aromatherapy!'

I didn't skip a beat, and said, 'We've got that too!' and pulled my roller ball out of my pocket and offered it to the family and the team.

When I told the story to the woman who made the roller ball for me to take to my deposition (and I keep it in my pocket ever since at work), she was super happy. We were laughing in the O.R. and wondering what the surgeon would think, if they would smell it?

Everyone in the room, including the patient, had some on!

My meals varied yesterday. Breakfast was good, chicken sausages and little potato hash browns that were frozen and I warmed up in the oven. Anthony does best with meat in the morning. I keep it low fat and high protein. It's a long time for both of us until lunch.

My lunch was a rushed small bowl of pho from the Doctor's Dining Room.  My next course between cases was cut melon from the cafeteria. My dinner was one serving of plain steamed rice warmed up in the microwave with almonds and furukake (rice flavoring seasoning) on it, again, eaten VERY fast.

I didn't realize it, but In and Out Burgers closes at one in the morning. So at ten thirty when I got home, the night was 'still young'!  My guides said to get a good meal, so I did, burger, fries and vanilla shake.

I slept well and I slept in!

Today I am to take it easy, only do a few things, and to REST.

Our Updates

On weekends when Anthony is away, I like to catch up on YouTube.

There are two important 'trends' out there in the conspiracy theories. The first is that there is a campaign to make both Trump supporters and haters dislike him, which is being organized by the mainstream media. I suspect it's the 'my old job was easier and I miss it' but I don't know for sure exactly what it is.

The other is that there is active intervention by YouTube, Facebook and Google to limit the sharing of any material that will lead to 'disclosure' of the secrets of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

In other words, the video I posted of Dr. Phil and the sex slave by the Black Child is being taken down due to legal copyright infringements/fair use claims by CBS.   So if you're on the fence about waking up, know you don't have forever to decide when it comes to watching these films that I post. At some point the links won't work. More will follow, but not always the same.  I saw an excellent one once about how few are awake, it was like a pyramid and the second level believed the government helps you--at the top it's people who know and understand 'the game' on every level.  It was to show how rare awakening is, and how precious.

Here's some of my latest things I've watched:

I do recall The Black Child saying he was getting scary calls/messages, things like, 'I know what coffee you bought yesterday morning' and 'I know your car'--so perhaps he is not 'under the radar' and  the people who use the ways of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are threatening him? Perhaps some of these things are  not 'clear and true' like before? Or perhaps the Duality World part one is his valiant fighting back?

I don't know.

Like Richie from Boston (another YouTuber) says, 'people aren't going to wake up, no matter how much you show them, if they aren't meant to wake up. (the brainwashing by mass media/Illuminati WORKS)'.   That video helped me a lot. The one on 'dumbing down' the people. 

Anyhow, who knows what the future holds? I can only say your inner meditations are MORE important, and your dependence on online sources of information will need to have the Discern-O-Meter up on HIGH every time you read or watch. 

I saw one from Pam Kribbe--I didn't like it--and I disregard it. I see the Jeshua thing, and frankly, everyone and his brother claims to channel him, and I just go, 'not today' and skip right over it.

When you find what works for you, stick with it, and let the rest go. 

Perhaps it works for someone else...

We each have our job to do, and no one else can do it. I know mine. I thank my Councils and my husbands. And I would never ever say a comment that is hurtful to you, like someone said to me, about my Councils and my 'not being alone'. There may have been a language barrier, but the energy that went with it wasn't, and there is still a sting like a slap in the face from that soul to me. I forgive. I move on. And I commit to bringing the only thing I can give, my experiences and my heart, each and every time to this page to help you, the reader, learn from my example, and grow. 

Update on my Council Adventures

Today after breakfast I was instructed to lie down on the couch.

I did.

I had the sensation of rising to great heights, and like an elevator, I saw Divine Father's office go past me. I floated up and up, to where it seemed like it would never end.  I saw Raziel's workshop go by too on the way up.

Then I was in a room with movement, dancing, and people in white with gold trim. There was merriment, and wholesome joy.  Then I saw Ross in similar clothes, and I asked him what it was and how I got there?

He said, 'Welcome to the New Jerusalem! (his ship)'

I was embarrassed and said, 'I'm hardly dressed for here (I was in my robe)' and I looked at myself and there I was in a white dress with billowing skirt, floor length, and gold trim!

Ross whispered that my face would look like mine, not to worry.

So I relaxed and danced and then found myself floating up, up up even more!  And Ross wasn't anywhere!

I ended up with Uncle Belu, Uncle Wawa, Uncle Marty and Uncle Sid, in a small conference room. My Aunties who go with them were present but I forget their names.

We were looking at pictures of when Divine Father and Divine Mother were little, family pictures.

I created ice box cookies and lemonade to share, because on Earth that is what families do when they look at pictures. They were kind and ate just a little, but not a lot because of the 'sugar' (vibration of Earth).

I told them how delighted I was to have family! I asked about their parents and when they were little? And they looked a little puzzled about how to explain it. (I intuited that these were the Lyrians, from Lyra of old, who were ancestors for all of us, including the 'troublemaker' ones  It was nice to know who these people are.

Then they took a great interest in me. I explained to them how my 'homework project' was beautiful, and these people came and ruined it, and it was off to such a nice start before they did I hoped they could help me salvage it?

They said, 'indeed, yes, they could' and proceeded to work.

They combed through me and picked off many small black things which were like perhaps, Galactic fleas?  They blew on me with a blow dryer thing, and I saw many more flying off me, like blowing pepper off a table top.

They also reached into my light body, and detached more things, that looked a little different, but were important to detach. I couldn't see them clear enough to describe for you as it was quick.

I was very happy, and content. I could have stayed with them forever they are such delightful beings!

I'm not sure how much of the time passed with all eight of them going through my hair, my energy body, and removing these little black specks.

But Ross came.

I was told he couldn't handle the energies there for very long time.  He had come for me. We exchanged pleasantries and before I knew it the elevator door was closing and I was starting to go down.  I panicked, for I didn't say goodbye, so I created spirit prayer flowers for them, from Gaia, and I threw them up to each one through the crack in the doors before they shut, They were like red roses or poppies, a single stem each, and I could see them deeply touched and holding them and waving goodbye as we went down.

I also wondered how if Ross couldn't stand the energies, how could I? But I didn't think about it much.

When the elevator stopped, all my husbands were there, and Michael took me into his arms.  I told him of the amazing things I had seen! And how happy I was because I was going to get my homework project back!

Then I saw something I've never seen before.

Michael had tears in his eyes.

I asked him if I said anything hurtful to him, and he said no, these are tears of joy.

Then he rubbed his cheek against mine, and held me even tighter for a long time.

(I intuited that he had given me something in the morning, some energy, that was my 'ticket' to go UP, and I didn't know or understand any of it until at the end when I was back with him.)

I sure like being without the little black 'fleas'.

I hope it means good things for everyone and everything on Earth.

clap! clap!
(Ross is clapping and whispers he will write tomorrow!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, April 28, 2017

Have A Nice Forever!

The birds are singing and it's dark outside.

I don't have much time. I've been sleeping in on a more regular basis. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. My late hours have created such a sleep debt with my work that I just can't catch up.

I have on my threadbare white flannel nightgown from Victoria's Secret. My nana Angelina gave me the money in the 1990's to go buy it.

She isn't with us.

Her nightgown still is, but barely. The shoulder is ripped and I can't sew it any more because the fabric isn't strong enough to hold.

I love it. It's like her eternal hug for me.

I hardly ever wear it except when I need it the most.

I've never seen anything more beautiful, not since the first time I saw it, and it's super soft and warm.

This is an example of the earthly kind of 'Forever'.

I saw a bumper sticker on the back window of a truck that said, 'Have A Nice Forever'.

I laughed.

I'm just getting to know my Forever.

With Ross and the rest.

It takes time and lots of conversations to get to know each other--while I am incarnate--yet at the same time my soul understands and knows a lot more than my Conscious Mind has the ability to understand and accept.

This Message From The Council is a stretch, even for me.  I know Michael is one of the members of this Council. Ross is too. And the whole message sounds a little like Michael. He gets a little annoyed at times, and doesn't understand 'Earth Women' (at least, 'me').  He wants my 'separateness' to go away and he's been working on that one with me for a long time, and I've been resisting it. I accept that we are all Love. I accept that my guides use circumstances such as the bumper sticker or experiences with others to help me learn m lessons. But to be 'Energy Soup hurtling through space?'  I'm going to need a glass of wine and another long talk with my guides to figure out how it applies to me, and why it's so important I understand it?

This Article By Dana Mrkich is by contrast most timely, welcome, and helpful.  It explains the messages of the last few days from me, and furthermore, like me (and Ross!) encourages you to boldly move along with your lessons even if they are uncomfortable because it's forward progress and the fastest way to move towards Ascension.

The sun is up more, the sky is lighter.

I must go.

Today is another long day.

Yesterday I worked post call. I would have liked a day off but I didn't get it. Fortunately, there was no basketball practice. It was cancelled. We had teppan for dinner, and I came home and watered the plants, fed the snake (Ross shows me each little mouse after they die, they are with him, and he makes the little paw wave to me. Bless him.), and spend thirty minutes washing the breakfast dishes from two days ago, and unloading and loading the dishwasher.  I made two new bracelets and revised one for coworkers who have no patience...I apologize to everyone waiting for me to restring or make or send one because I am absolutely behind and hope to catch up. Even sometimes getting to the post office is difficult...

Ross waves and says hello. He says, 'Carla is one her way'. He offers me his elbow and I put my arm in his to start my day.

I love you.

Ross loves you too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Healing

There is an important miscommunication between Ross and the rest, and myself which got cleared up early yesterday by the time I got to work.

In the Higher Realms, trauma of a sexual nature doesn't exist.

There is no trauma, there is no suffering, there is no pain.

There are only memories of it from the times incarnate here, which are fading and not as raw and fresh as those who are currently incarnate.

Never in a million years did Ross or Michael or Merlin or Raziel or Raphael know that one of the most important roles here in partnership with the  Divine Feminine is for the Divine Masculine to be a Divine Protector.

In other words, now they understand the need for my isolation and protection from unwanted advances in order to build my healing in this traumatized part of my soul.

I'm sure there have been councils and meetings at a very high level to explain this to them, and whoever thought of it in the first place, I thank you from the depths of my soul.

I was approached the their new 'role' as Divine Protectors of me was explained by them, and I understood.

It was like healing balm.

It was like knowing I would never be hurt again, not by them, not by any outsider.

My security and happiness are like their 'project'...which I can tell they lovingly accept.

Yesterday I felt the love surrounding me, and I also had that pressure of trying to defend myself, that 'always being on edge' release.

My 'One Fun Thing' was a good night's sleep in my own bed.  Ross had promised it to me, and I looked forward to it the entire day I was on call.

I wasn't sure if I was really going to get a good night's sleep. I hoped for it. I'm working post-call, you see. We are short staffed.

Fortunately, nobody called me back into the hospital for an emergency case in the middle of the night.

The charge nurse (their ringtone and text alert is Darth Vader, just to let you know how it feels to be 'on the hook'--I set it to It Is Your DES-Ti-NY!) wanted me to do a six thirty a.m. case. I was in bed just barely asleep when they contacted me. But my boss said don't do these last minute cases, he's having troubles with the doc who books these fast cases in that time slot. So I asked the nurse, who offered to call another anesthesiologist, and he did, so I got to sleep in a bit. It's much needed.

I must go.

My heart feels more stable, more solid, more connected and grounded now that I let my worst fear I have kept hidden in my heart for centuries, eons...OUT. (fear of being gang raped by all the people who have 'bonobo' sexuality in the Higher Realms, like those who selfishly and enjoyed overpowering me here on Earth assaulted me in many incarnations I have had).

To be honest, I didn't even know it was there, or how deeply it affected me, as it was all in my subconscious and my belief systems.

I am grateful it came out.

I'm not sure if it was Divine Plan, or an accident, things would work out this way, I would react so strongly and fight it so hard, but the struggle was worth it to be where I am today.

I wouldn't say I would 'do it again' lightly, as it wasn't fun. But if I knew on a soul level the healing that could be obtained by enduring it, then I would consider the benefit worth the risk and I would do it again.

I guess you can't get from 'Here' to 'There' without some baby steps, some close approximations in your vibration up to that of the Higher Realms.

This was holding me back.

It's worth it to let go of it and move on.

Even if it hurts.

Even if it makes you cry.

Even if the struggle takes days.

It's worth it.

Ross doesn't want me to be late for work, so I will run and eat my cereal and go.

I love you.

Thank you for your patience in allowing this lesson to play itself out, and for the teaching of my guides Ross, Michael, Raphael, Merlin and Raziel--to shine.

Our guides, believe it or not, really do 'get' us, and are willing to have the patience to keep trying until they get it 'right'.

clap! clap! (that was Ross)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Long Talk

I sat in my meditation space, and relaxed.

I remembered how something else really hurt me too, on Friday night.  It was at Anthony's basketball game.

The girlfriend was there. Anthony's dad lives with someone. He's supporting her, actually. She wants to be a nurse. She's actually quite nice and generally I don't think about her much.

But they were acting like a couple, and it was like waves of pain were searing at my soul. He prefers her over me...

Then I caught myself, and stopped the anguish with: the child of his is with me, I have the child, I have the child, she watches OUR child playing sport. 

I asked Ross if I should go and add it to last night's blog post?

Then I saw Ross up close. He said no. And I dreaded hearing what comes next from him...because as his Twin I sensed it...

He said, 'given the situation (where he left you while you were pregnant) wouldn't it have been better if your society had been more open about multiple partners? If this trait (men wanting someone new) was taken into consideration as unavoidable then of what use is it to defend the status quo?'

Wave after wave of searing pain and agony overcame me, and I cried in total defeat, hot bitter tears of shame, of the memory of making my list of items I wanted at the baby store by myself when the system only accepted a couple, all the lack of support when I needed it most from a man who cares about me, the giving birth like a frightened animal, knowing he was calling every hospital in the area trying to track me down to be present when I didn't want him with me in the labor room, to the financial pressure I feel each and every day to support myself and Anthony.

I contrasted that to his society where I would have had the respect and love and support from all for bearing this child out of wedlock, and have been able to hold my head up high and enjoy the pregnancy without the shame...and I cried the hardest tears I have ever cried in my entire existence!

Ross was correct.

Anyone could see.

And yet the thought of such a culture (his culture right now) is utterly unthinkable!

Why would I defend a society whose 'rules' cast me in the role of shame as an unwed mother? Why would I promote monogamy over polyamory where everyone is accepted for what they are?

I couldn't.

But the memory of such arguments with Ross 'back in the day', with his cold, intellect trying to rationalize his misbehavior and 'dalliances' with all the 'groupies' who sought him out made me see red! We have had this conversation before, many, many times, and never once found resolution or agreement.

This time was the same.

I shouted at him with my soul, 'These are painful memories no one who LOVES me would ever wish me to experience, this is cruel and painful, and I don't EVER want to experience these memories (of being abandoned while pregnant, the feeling he was going to break up with me leading up to it, the disapproval of his friends and family of me, the REJECTION) again!'

I sensed that my response was equally correct as his point he made so painfully to me, and immediately, the intensity of these memories cut in half the pain. I could tell it was Divine Intervention.

I sobbed and told him, 'I was just trying to live a good life...' and I ached from my heart. I ached from the loneliness, from his jealousy (Ross is not one to share me and let me have a nice relationship in this life too.)  I confronted him and asked about Mike. He is a nice suitor, who made a move for me about one year ago. I would have companionship and friendship in ways I haven't had in thirteen years. And yet the last time I saw him, not only did he have his dogs (I'm allergic to them in the house) but he added two CATS to his home and loves them too! (cats are even more of an allergen for me).

I put it plainly that I don't like our situation with Ross 'there' and me 'here', and he tried to explain he is 'everywhere I go' I turned my back on him and went to see Divine Father. He is the only one who can console me at times like this.

He asked me, 'what seems to be the problem?' I explained to him the basics of the conflict, and how I felt about the whole thing. He understood I was just doing my best, trying to heal, and this totally blindsided me. I said, 'I have call today. How am I supposed to get me sleep with something like this getting me so upset?'

Divine Father told me straight out a lot of this was my choice of reaction to it.

I told him if I have to hold everyone up for Ascension over this, I will. And like I told Ross, 'I can't get rid of you. I've tried and failed at that too.'

I went over my feelings of complete failure incarnate because of my inability to find the right partner and friend. How alone I feel. Like an outcast. And it's been this way in just about every incarnation after Ross left me. I didn't know what to do besides hope for a quick end to the last chapter of my life, as there isn't much to hope for, not that I would end it prematurely, but the the life I had envisioned as a simple mother of a large family will never come to pass.

In anger I had told Ross 'if you're going to fool around and promote polyamory, why not invite everyone to line up and mess with me?! I know what to do--I've lived the dark lives--and I've done it! I have the reputation to prove it. Why stop at that? Why not line them up and have them gang rape me like it's been done so many times? Can you imagine the horror? The pain and fear and suffering I would feel? It's all been done. You are RIGHT! Just be RIGHT! Just take it to the next level!'

So Divine Father gently prodded my aching heart with his question, 'so you are afraid of gang rape happening to you again, even up here, in Paradise?'

And I sobbed and sobbed as only a daughter can do with her Father in whom she has complete and total trust.

I sensed He promised me it would never, ever, ever happen to me again, and that somehow he would talk to Ross about the situation.

I left my meditation space and crawled into my bed.

I felt all five of my husbands presence, and like men, who aren't like women, two of them offered sex (at least our inter dimensional version of it) to 'make everything better' and I declined politely. I went to sleep in a protective bubble of their love surrounding me. I was exhausted. And utterly at a loss how things ever got to be this way.

The ways of the galactics works for them; they are happy. How they will work for the newly Ascended, I'm not sure. And it's definitely not 'working for me'--as I would tell a popular TV talk show host who has a degree in psychology who asks his guests, 'how's that working for you'.

I have an early start today.

Ross wants to say something.


I am sorry for bringing up our 'dirty laundry' for your view.

I asked Carla to write this, and Carla agreed, because of the educational value to those of you who follow our 'long talk' from the last lecture, and wanted to know what happened...and for those of you who understand our life in the Spiritual Realms is a little more 'advanced' in the big picture, but are wondering how as a society you are going to 'arrive' to this state.

Carla will fight it tooth and nail, and to the death, and also enforced through her connection to Divine Father, the rule on me--to which I voluntarily comply--to forgo my rights as a Galactic until her healing is done as long as she is incarnate or recently added to the Spiritual Realms.

In my trying to release her from the grips of the worst pain and suffering and shame she has ever felt, what is just underneath her skin and terribly upsetting to her, just to make a point...I scored about one inch in the gains I was trying to seek.

Carla was starting to 'budge' in that direction with the her guide and Twin, I took the opportunity for her to awaken a little more towards the 'monogamy is a CAN but not a MUST' and even in the one example we both know, and we don't speak about, from my past incarnation between lives, Carla was shaken to her very core.

I reframed the situation for her, as this soul is one of her closest friends and everything worked out for the best!

And Carla shut down and closed further than she ever has with me, and told me point blank she would do it all over again, the leaving me and refusing to talk to me for incarnations and incarnations, because it was better than the pain of knowing as her Twin I wasn't with her and was with someone else.

This isn't a normal and healthy response for a Twin to have up here; on the contrary, most twins want their 'other' to experience as much joy and happiness no matter how sexual because it is a win-win-win for everyone involved:  Twin A, Twin B, and the partner of Twin A.

And for that inch gained, I lost a yard in trust and our relationship with MY Twin.

The only thing that saved me is the ring which I just gave Carla. I asked her if she didn't want to wear it any more?, and she said, 'no, it's okay, I like it and you know my taste really well.' And 'I can't get rid of you. I've tried.'

So it's back to square one for me.

That inch was hard fought.

Was it worth it?

I have all eternity to 'get the ways of the Galactics through to her' matter how much she is fighting the truth.

Now for Carla, we have one of the most incredible Lightworkers who is willing to run the gun for us without question, the most willing to risk both her professional reputation and her reputation as a 'healer' in the Lightworker community, to be exposed as brutally honest in all that she does.

Yet even there, she has a limit.

And she defends her spiritual 'no go zone' (polyamory) all the way up to Divine Creator!

Do not be afraid when you have a 'limit', be it in areas of Galactic life which are vastly different from your society in where you live.

Give it time.

Respect yourself and your reactions.

Go at your own rate.

The transition to the New is bound to shake most people up in one way or another.

Forgive yourself for this suffering.

And know, like with Carla's request she made of us,  Spirit is OPEN to forging SOMETHING NEW in the 'Interim Process'. (for example, Carla's 'wait until I heal and say it is okay' on MY Galactic right to polyamory which is decreed by Divine Father to protect her delicate psyche while it is in transition through the Ascension process)...

Our side has 'Give and Take'.

It is our sincerest hope so will you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homosexual Monkeys

I have PTSD.

I have PTSD from events that happened to me when I was four in this incarnation.

I have PTSD from events around the incarnations with Gamaliel and with Ross.

It affects me to this day.

You would think I had PTSD from the events in my immediate past incarnation as a kitten, but I do not.

On Friday there was a trigger that set me off in the strangest way. My surgeon, who I won't name but have discussed in several blog posts, has a filthy mouth and the kindest heart. He's always saying weird things in the O.R.  For example, when he wants to shoot a film he randomly shouts X-RAY! and other times he asks for it in a normal tone. He likes techno and dance music in the O.R,  He also jokes about things of a sexual nature.

He brought up a YouTube about 'homosexual monkeys'.

He actually asked someone to look it up during the case.

The rep actually did, but refused to watch it.

The surgeon's point was that monkeys are highly sexual. And it's natural for them as breathing.  The monkey is eating some fruit, puts down the fruit, goes and bangs another monkey, and after he's finished, goes back to eating the fruit. The monkeys are indiscriminate--it can be male or female, young or old that they hump.

They were the bonobos.

I know the bonobos.

They were taken off exhibit at the Safari Park. I learned this at a behind-the-scenes tour.  They were taken off the exhibit because they were too sexual all the time to be 'family friendly'. So they are behind the scenes at their own habitat, for research and the zookeepers to study, far away from the eyes of innocent children and knowing adult guests at the park.

I've called the Galactics 'bonobos' as an insult to 'their' sexual ethics.

In heated arguments with Ross I have accused him of his past misconducts, and all of 'his' kind, as being really 'backwards' like the monkeys in the sex department.

I made a huge step on Friday to acknowledge that the bonobos might be our true nature, and as much as I don't like it and vehemently refuse to partake in that lifestyle with ANYONE--I give the Galactics credit for possibly not being wrong in the sex department.

Ross said, 'you know what this means?' and I intuited that it meant I am ready to learn/appreciate/accept some of the truths, at least more of them, than I have been given, since I'm being a 'bigger person' on this hugely painful subject than I have been in the past.

All because of the crazy surgeon who discussed the video on the homosexual monkeys...that seemed okay at the time but gave me a long hard flareup of my PTSD.

I am also due for a 'long talk' with Ross tonight. I'm not afraid to talk to him.

Remember the Council of Fifteen?  They sent me a gift. I won't go into it, but the Lyran Council exist in the Fifteenth dimension.  I've been looking up the Lyrans--some of this is 'on target', others 'don't resonate' so if you explore the website these links are from I recommend you take it with a grain of salt.

I have been told by Divine Mother Incarnate that back 'home', 'monogamy is a CAN but not a MUST'

And I know something deep inside me is very messed up and needing to heal.

I know I have five husbands, I care for each of them deeply, but in a different way. I pretend I just 'split' into five different 'me's' (this is possible in the Higher Realms) and each ONE of 'me' BELONGS to each 'one' of them.

I'll be honest--except with Raziel and Ross I'm not so sure I 'trust' the others, because I know they have other Twins, I'm not their Twin, and I know for sure Michael 'gets around' and I know for sure Raphael has 'fathered a lot of kids' I ended up married to them, I don't know, well, actually I do...Raphael was to 'introduce me to that part of being'--chosen by Divine Father to treat me right and take care of me. Michael was to heal the terrible devastation I experienced, a soul shattering, really, with the loss of Ross in his past life.  I also know those two, and Merlin, were to teach me things for this life/mission I could only learn from them, and with Ross' approval I went to live with them and learn the things.  

Raziel is by himself, partly by choice, and partly because no one can understand him (his science is technologically complex, the highest there is. It fascinates him. In my last time I saw him, during my troubles, he showed me his latest, a little clear ball like a marble rolling into some sort of magnetic 'pocket' and he was pleased it stayed there. Raziel tells me he can talk to me, and I do better at most to understand him, and in my future after this I will spend time with him learning his trade. I've done a good job with a planet and now I get to apprentice with him.)

I know in my bones each one is caring, loving, and pure in intention with me. And I know they 'get it' when I say, 'I am an earth girl, I don't want to be considered 'easy'--and until I am home I pick one and that one is Ross. '

They back off.

Ross has promised me he will be true to me until I say it is okay, and however long it takes for me to heal from 'this'--whatever it is--DNA encoding for monogamy?--that gets me upset; that's fine with him.


They said in that 5D website somewhere, if you want to Ascend you have to be fifty-one percent or more 'service to others'.

I've been like, 'ninety eight percent'.

Case in point, today. 

I had a million things to do--bracelets, scheduling, shopping for food, post office, looking up insurance coverage for Anthony's medical bills, running errands...

I had booked a meeting with a mother of a patient of mine Stephanie who had passed.

I've met with her once before.

She lives very far from the hospital, and far from my home.

We wanted to meet in the middle. Well, she called and told me for the 'second time in twenty seven years the highway was closed'.

I had hoped Spirit got me a day to myself.

But I didn't get the 'nudge'.

She REALLY had looked forward to it, my schedule is impossible, and I thought, perhaps a little further away by the water?

She said yes.

I finished the food shopping, I put it all away, and I didn't make the cranberry orange bread. But I made yogurt. I had to make SOMETHING, you know?

My heart goes out to Stephanie's mom. Stephanie had a terrible illness, ulcerative colitis. She endured many bowel surgeries from age seven to her death at like, twenty nine.  She even had a continent ostomy--iliostomy, something most people don't make any more, it's a dying art, because there's so many problems with it. Now they just do standard ileostomies with the disposable pouch on the outside. That's because the ones on the inside (continent--made of bowel and accessed through a drain you insert after every meal) fail. You can imagine what Stephanie's mom went through with all the pooping problems for her daughter.

At the end, Stephanie had stool coming out her vagina. There were fistulas that we tried and tried to fix. 

On top of that she was in constant pain.

That's why I met with her mom. Out of respect for them both, and the unusual friendship we all formed as we bonded after that first surgery, and Stephanie refused to let anyone else but me do her anesthesia. 

Her mom needs someone to talk to.  About, of all things, her family--her sister who has serious money problems.

And she talked. 

I listened.

It wasn't a fifty-fifty but I am okay with that. 

As she was talking, I was aware there was a vibrational gap in levels of Consciousness between her and me.  I've BEEN through many of her current lessons. I RECALL being at times where I was miserable and didn't know how to fix it and would talk about it with anyone hoping I would find the answer. It took years for me to get to where I am today. Lots of therapy too, for the PTSD, which once affected me a great deal, so I could hardly function. 

At the same time, I saw ME in the Stephanie's mom position as seen through the lens of a Galactic like Ross or any of my husbands. I bitch and moan in this blog all the time about seemingly trivial things to them. And I hurt, and I stumble because I just can't find my WAY back to where I was before I came to Earth. And I'd like to find that peace, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion from Home. 

I had Compassion for Stephanie's mom the same way the Galactics have Compassion for those of us who are incarnate.  

It was a nice walk on the pier, too, and I got a little sun. 

The most important part was that Stephanie had never been to the ocean, but wanted to go. Her mom had scattered her older sister's ashes in the water by Ventura, where she lived. So for the first time, she mentioned scattering Stephanie by the water.

It was a huge step.

I thought it was wonderful, and I told her that.

Then she asked me what the rules are to do it?

I didn't know. I've been whale watching and seen the flowers and balloons of mylar floating 'after'.

And I knew a friend of mine went to Mendocino and the family dropped their father's ashes off a bridge only to see the wind blow a clump of it against the bridge support structure and it get stuck there, instead of falling into the water like the movies.

So I shared and said, 'just ask someone who knows how to make sure you do it right and it doesn't blow back on you or anything embarrassing like my friend.'

I will go to her scattering.  Her mom will plan it when I'm free.

She told me that her son, Stephanie's brother, called Stephanie's surgeon, 'the guy', and me, 'the girl'. He said, 'I like the girl'...he thought I took good care of his sister. 

It's amazing the things you can learn about yourself and others when you work in the O.R. like I do.


I realized I've been living in fear. 

Fear of not getting sleep, fear of not eating, fear of not being home with Anthony...because of my work.

It's a double-edged sword--I need to survive, I'm good at it--and yet, it takes so much from my energy.

My days have been filled with dread, with anguish over not knowing my hours, not when I'm coming home. 

I really have no control over my schedule, unless I am in another city a long airplane ride away from my work. 

Divine Mother Incarnate told me today, to think of the patients who come my way are there for me to do the Spiritual work on them only I can do, and to accept it at that. (Even though it frankly overwhelms me with the volume and acuity of people who come my way).

Today, I did one fun thing. That was my own fun thing. It made me smile. I opened another package from the vendor I adore in India. More 'commercial samples'. My wonder and delight were  genuine, and something I need to do every day.

Ross has my tomorrow 'fun thing' as a surprise.  

And now it's time...he said earlier today he needs to have a 'long talk' with me. 

I don't like any of these 'long talks' but at least with a Galactic it's not punishment/lecture like with a parent or partner. They are a little more sophisticated than that.

(Ross nods, his hands are full with me, and he will speak with you at another time.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

The Soul Has Mysteries We Can't Understand...

Yesterday morning I couldn't explain it. I just didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to go to work.

The actions from the people from Orion hurt me deeply.

They have no compassion for what happened to me.

There is no remorse.

There is no willingness to change their ways.

It's all about them, and not about me, in a Galactic Sense. And I have to keep repeating myself over and over to the Councils, I want to be free!

The beings who hijacked Orion, and now are being removed from hijacking this place, are some of the worst souls I have ever encountered. They aren't backing down without making it known to me that their will is for X and Y and Z and NOTHING is going to get in the way of THEIR will unless every single stupid loophole has been exhausted.

Anthony went to the Science Center on a field trip. I would have loved to go. There was a time when I worked part-time, and we went once a week to Los Angeles to see the museums.  He sent me a photo from an exhibit we used to see, Tess. It made me smile. When he was two he used to bring HUGE Hershey bars to her because 'all women like chocolate'.  The ushers used to take it and say they would give it to her (she's a machine, basically) and I knew they all enjoyed sharing the candy this little boy who adored Tess would bring.

It was a mixed day in the O.R.

I had an airway that scared the daylights out of me. And it was like the tongue/mouth rejected the blade of my device I was using to intubate. I've never seen this happen. The patient was fully 'under'.

And I felt it.

My nurse who was with me prayed, silently, and I knew she prayed.

I could feel it.

And everything worked. I got a good view, the patient did well.

I thanked her.

I said, 'your prayers work!'.

She didn't say anything.

My surgeon was on TV. He's been wanting to increase business, so being in the area he went the Hollywood route. It's fascinating being their office is one I'm not so sure about whose 'Team' they are on...if you've followed the blog a bit, you'll understand. But here he is on national TV, and I have been sending him (I do all surgeons and staff) Reiki and Divine Peace Healing for two years he's been here with us...and now he's on TV!  SOME of that energy is going to leak out, and some are going to receive it, without saying a word.

He also was most kind. My mother adores celebrities and meeting them. So in the O.R. the surgeon let me call my mom. I told her about the show, and said he was there in the O.R. with me and you could say hi to him. She was thrilled! She hasn't been this excited since she met Vince Ferragamo at a Breast Cancer fundraiser.

I was so glad to make her day.

I ate lunch after my lineup, around one, and I felt out of sorts.

It was time to relieve someone and my heart wasn't in it.

I had sent a text to the baby sitter about 'I have no idea when I am coming home :(' and she's never seen me do that. Make an unhappy face.

But the person to be relieved wanted to take my spot, so I went home.

For some reason I had been fighting tears all day. 

I couldn't explain it.

Ross stepped in.

First he told me to go to Costco. But at the last minute he changed my mind. He said to go to the Crystal store. He said he would give me a message, and I didn't have to buy anything (I told him it was too expensive there when I go).

Next to the shop is a bakery that closes at three. It's never open.

Ross told me to get milk and two cookies.

Inside the counter was a cranberry-orange ring cake! It was a reminder from Ross to do something I enjoy!

I got a raspberry pinwheel and a butter cookie dipped in chocolate.

I just sat.

It helped.

Then I saw a post by Bartholomew that meant the world to me.

He was stepping up to the plate to go to bat!

OMG such courage!

And he said 'Ross has some husband things to do, he told me...'

Here is my message:   (4/24/2017 at 2:40 p.m.)

R)  My darling, my beloved, I am here and I miss you. Are you okay?

C)  It's rough honey. So rough. I'm just upset at the world -- and at the Other World. I'm so tired.

R) You like it? (Aaron's post)

C)  Yes. I don't know what it will bring but I LOVE the husband duties part. I absolutely love it and I need you.

R)  That's why I'm here

C)  Thank you for the cranberry-orange ring reminder to bake.

R)  So you are mad at the world huh?

C)  All of the inhabitants. 

R)  That they went along and followed the tricksters?

C)  Yes.

R)  And for letting it happen?

C) And for not putting a stop to it earlier.

R)  You only have yourself to blame. Are you going to own up to it?

C)  Yes, I always do.

R)  What is it you don't like about yourself, the real you, not the body?

C)  I need SO much just to maintain and I still can't function.

R)  It is increasingly difficult for you and the body to support itself and your bodily needs and those of Anthony?

C)  I can't wake anyone up. I can only wake up me. People suck the life out of me. I don't want to know their problems. I don't care about their problems! I have my own.

R)  So you don't like it that they come to you?

C)  I don't like their dependence on me and leaning on me so much.

R)  How would you take your own advice?

C)  I would bake tonight.

R)  And tomorrow?

C)  I see -- I need to have something to look forward to every single day.

R)  Like me?

C)  Yes.

R)  I will help you until the time comes, a new beginning we have between us, yes?

C)  Yes.  (he had sent me, when I was at the end of my rope, a unicorn oracle card that said, 'New Beginnings' earlier in the day)

R)  I want you to buy one very small thing, not to think about the money (at the crystal shop). Is there anything else?

C)  I love you. I can never tell you this enough. I love you, I love you, I love you. 

R)  I know...and I feel the same.  Your gift (at the crystal shop) is something white like milk (and cookies?)...

Then he kissed me goodbye.

Ross got me a nice chunk of polished Howlite to hold. And it really helps. It calms rage and distress.

I still felt shaky, very shaky, emotionally. I went to school to pick Anthony up, and his car back from the field trip was late. I talked for thirty minutes to some parents. But I found a quarter hidden in a post, and knew it was a sign from Spirit that I was in the right place at the right time.

I gave Anthony his cookies and milk. He grilled me about the milk as it was from Dunkin Donuts.

'Where did you get this mom?'
'Dunkin Donuts'
'So you WENT to Dunkin Donuts today?!'
'Yes. But only to buy the milk as I already had the cookies.'
'So you didn't buy any donuts mom?'

We bought some birdseed at the bird store.

Then he was hungry. I was going to cook, but there were Pokemon by a starbucks, and then he was going to get Taco Bell anyway with the sitter (who I cancelled). We walked in and there were high school kids everywhere, with their weird vibe. It was unpleasant but not impossible.

He didn't want to eat there.

I asked, 'How about the tables outside starbucks?'

He didn't want to eat there either. He had wanted to eat at home since the start and wouldn't back down.

Then it happened.

When I get really stressed to the max, I lose my appetite and I don't want to eat.

He was like, 'what did I do, mom?!'

I said, 'You got your way.'  I asked him about where I work all day--inside--and I wanted to eat where I could see out. Even if there were punk kids. I didn't WANT to eat inside at home. If I had said 'okay' to eat at home I would have said 'okay' but that I didn't meant I didn't want to eat at home.

Then we arrived home.

I told him I had been fighting the tears all day, I might as well go and cry, and get it out and over with.

He set up the meal on the balcony and ate.

I cried.

I don't take long to cry.

I came downstairs and apologized to him for my being so emotional.

And we ate.

I didn't bake. I wanted to watch the baseball game. I kept falling asleep during it.

We also watched the Entertainment Tonight to see my surgeon. What a weird show. It doesn't tell you much of anything. Even the part with the O.R. was very quick.  Somehow TV has changed since I used to watch it before medical school. Everything is 'faster'. The cuts between scenes are 'faster', the storylines are really 'outlines' was good for me to see what 'the world' watches, and also, how far I have distanced myself from that.

I have a couple links for you, and I will go:

There's a Truth Never Sleeps video out. I can't post it. It's halfway 'right'--and not all the way. Apparently there is an exorcism drug, and it shows some girl on the street who is on it and 'possessed'.

The part that is right is that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart call on these demons, I've seen Beyonce 'switch' to the Sasha Fierce on camera...I've seen Britney 'switch' too. Are they demons or multiple personality disorder? I don't know. MK Ultra induces that.

The other part that is right is there are highly elaborate systems to 'worship' Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart's 'Gods'--and they are built into society and hidden in plain sight under your nose and it makes you sick once you realize just how obvious and blatant it is.

The part that is a little off the mark is how, and it's totally understandable to want to spit everything out once you see something 'bad', is how everything spiritual gets lumped in there with demons and heavy metal rock music.  Yoga? It depends a lot on you and your teacher, you know? Yoga is a great way to wake up, discover your Higher Self, and connect with Creator of All That Is. I don't think it's the road to the Dark Side. Neither is Reiki.

So I didn't post it because as you can see how Ross deals with me, Spirit is way more sophisticated than what the video talks about as being 'right'...and it's more understanding and inclusive than traditional 'spiritual/Bible' stuff here on earth.

It is a new beginning.

I'm letting Anthony sleep in. I have the day off.

Now it's time to get going.

Ross has a reminder.

The quote I was given as I woke up this morning is this:

The Soul Has Its Mysteries That  Can't Be relish in it!  (enjoy these mysteries!)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Mauve Bubble

Last night I couldn't fall asleep.

My guides were asking me, 'what is your favorite memory?' and 'where would you like to go visit for vacation?'...

I wanted the desert, where my Uncle had a trailer, and riding motorcycles and hiking up Table Top Mountain.

There isn't anybody around for miles! And I liked the solitude to be there in nature with my family.

But I still tossed and turned. I couldn't find anything comfortable with my pillows.

Ross suggested I go with him where he likes to go.

He gave me his arm, and he went UP.  I complained because when we travel like this it's not like an airplane--there's no continuity and I don't know where we are going  and then all of a sudden we were there.

Next I knew, we were in a very high dimension. Inside a mauve bubble. The vibrations were very compatible with me.

I said, 'this is IT?!'

Ross said to 'be one with the bubble, to experience it.'

Then he left!


I was like, Ross, this ain't no stinking VACATION! and I was irate and annoyed that I had let myself be tricked like that.

A few moments later, I emerged.

Everything felt flat.

There wasn't any annoyance. But there wasn't any joy, either. No feeling of the wind on your face from a fresh morning or cool night.

And I complained again.

I said, 'the people who run these bubbles really need to learn how to get it right. the adjustments are WAY off.'

Then I started being sarcastic, 'I-am-an-auto-ma-ton-RO-BOT' saying that over and over.

Next I knew I was out.

And I feel better today.

I guess they got the adjustment right.

I feel the cool wind of the morning on my skin, it feels fresh.

I no longer am annoyed, but I am calm.

I am ready to face the day.

It takes a lot to wake up and go face the day. It's the same old thing, typically a nice surgeon, nice patients and their families, and nice team. A super long day. With very high-risk anesthesia for my patients, who have multiple co-morbidities and only understand they 'want to be out' and have too concept of how their co-existing disease jacks up the risk factor for their anesthesia, sometimes so much I frankly want to go home to my mother. I always calmly, professionally, and politely explain the risk, but when I do, it's theoretical--they don't really think it's 'risky' but it's just 'something I have to say'--and when I'm done explaining it at least I've done my job.

Saul sent this yesterday:

I don't get it.

NOW the mainstream media is GOOD? For Good News?

What exactly IS 'Good News'? Is it the Gospel like there's a euphemism for it as that here in the states?

I don't know.

It's time to start my day.

Last night I went to sleep dreaming of making cranberry orange muffins or bread. It's too late to bake them but if I play my cards right perhaps for dinner and dessert I can make a loaf of it.

I really do feel better and able to go on with my day.

If Ross or any of your guides ever takes you to something that looks like this:

Even though it's totally humiliating and makes you feel like there's something 'wrong with you that needs to be fixed', remember in the big picture what it means is they love you:

I was told sometime tonight something wonderful would happen. Something that would make me happy and glad.

I don't even know when I'm getting home from work, to be honest.

But I hope for what's promised, and go start my day.


Carla is having 'hiccups' with her energy.

It took a lot from her to take that creature from Orion out, to face it, and then to be called into the Council because of the kind words she chose to say to it when she meant 'good bye'.

'Are you really sure that those kind words couldn't be taken another way?' asked the Council.

It was both insulting, and patronizing, to her, that the beings from Orion (many of you who are from that star system are NOT from the beings which hijacked it, and have proceeded to hijack Gaia...if you are the original Orion race of people in your soul you are not going to be kicked out of anywhere...try not to be concerned)...would twist and slant and conjure her WORDS...this is a recipe for exasperation at its best, and with Carla not being Galactic (as she is incarnate) her 'patience' is of a limited supply and was exhausted.

I want you to try to meditate on the mauve bubble next time you are upset.

It always works for me.

It's just a little larger than you, and round, and almost like a womb. There is no sound, and it's rich and soothing in vibration.

Just find your way 'in' with your Consciousness, and our guides/teams will do the rest.

Including when to get out.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Journey

Sometimes it's lonely to be me.

Sometimes it's pure hard work, one day after the next.

Recently I was on a very hard day at the O.R. with so much negativity to counterbalance in my patients.  One was a survivor of something awful and had PTSD. They liked me. And another, well, thankfully, Spirit told a close friend (and star sibling) to send me something to help, and it did.  Photos of the outside

I was able to give the daily Reiki Healing both to everyone present in the O.R. and my readers, and also to the patient...who was absolutely full of the worse of the worst low vibrational attachments.

Then I started with the Divine Peace Healing, and after I started with the symbols, the Guides of Compassionate Healing approached me. They asked me, 'Do you want to get them?' (see the dark entities be escorted out).

I saw many leaving but there was a big one in there deep, at the bottom, hiding and I knew it.  I've done this with the Guides before, they are the ones who have trained me to do this delicate work. The last one was hard to see, and projecting itself to look small. I asked, 'Do I let it bite my hand?'

(That's how I've gotten the other ones. They bite like crazy and I pull my arm out, then the team takes it and heals my hand.)

They said, 'No. Command it.'

I did.

It held my hand and came out.  It was very ugly. It looked like a cross between the 'Not the Mama' dinosaur from the eighties, and Jabba the Hutt. The eyes were slits like a cat--or Jabba.

I was told to look at its face.

The eyes were sparkling, with blues and blacks and looked like there were universes in them.

From my heart, I spoke.  I told it, 'you are beautiful. I bless you.'

I understood how the creature followed its free will, got to where it did, and created what it was that I saw.  Then I handed the hand over to the escorts, and it was handcuffed.

The Guides of Compassionate Healing showed me the walk-ins who were going to take its place.

Yes. Walk-ins.

There were FIVE.  I wished them good luck. I saw them kissing their Star Families goodbye when they were coming into the patient. Just like in the military when soldiers get shipped out on active duty.

It was sad and brought up feelings I haven't experienced in a long time, something close to home but I couldn't remember.

Why five walk-ins?

To keep more of the 'bad ones' from reattaching. It wasn't going to be easy with this one!

Then my next patient, oddly enough, had blue sclerae like this:

There's a medical condition that causes it. And no, this one was not full of attachments.

I showed a photo of the Not The Mama creature to Divine Mother Incarnate, because it was unusual and I didn't know what it was.

She heard from her HS that it's a reptilian from Orion.

Eventually I finished my cases, was relieved, and made it to Anthony's second of two basketball games.

To be honest, this one just got me sad. I had been wondering why they keep pushing Super Heroes. I just didn't make the connection. The Super Heroes are all in the movies, at the theme parks, and even at the Angels Stadium (capes were given away on Friday night). 

Not that I enjoy Super Heroes.

But I am all the more thankful Anthony's Christian Pre-School forbid them. On all clothing, blankets, lunch boxes...They says, 'Jesus is OUR Super Hero'.

How right on they were. I don't think I've ever bought Anthony a super hero anything...I thought the Batman Lego Movie was cute, I've seen others. 

But still.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are everywhere.

This Message from The Council frankly put me into a tail spin.

First of all I had thought our people awakening on earth were more 'homogeneous'....Divine Mother and I have been stuck for years. Absolutely stuck in the mud, wishing for things to MOVE ALONG. And now, by the title, I see why!  Allowances must be made for those who are Shaken (oh please! just wake up and stop watching the mainstream media!!! You should have done that a long time ago. Stop holding everything up.)  and Adrift (people who invested into the Illusion and just are 'lost' that its going away--again--what were you thinking???).

To be told that 'everything is changing' was a total insult both to my intelligence and my hard work as a--whatever I am.  And to be described as 'impatient' was technically correct, but also, condescending. 

I've been at this for FIVE YEARS or longer. I need a breather. I need a break. And when I asked for this in the O.R. in the morning last week on the way to work, I got sent some of the worst Spiritual Train Wrecks I've seen in a long time, and like always, had to go in and 'clean things up'.

Why am I angry? And upset?

Because I got called into another stupid council.  Of total strangers I've never met. I was told to lie down and I did. 

Up I went, this time it was the Council of Fifteen. 

I was completely exasperated, and I refused to talk to them until I asked Divine Father what gives?

He said it is my right to ask them for their purpose and also who they are. So I went back to them and did just that. THAT's when I learned they are the Council of Fifteen and they are in charge of this sector of the galaxy.

Then they started with the questions.

Did you tell that Creature to leave?

Yes I did.

Are you sure you want it off planet?

Yes I am. (I have been getting rid of Orion reptilians and the rest for two years now, and every time I do, I get the questions and questions. They try to trap me and trick me with their questioning. Every time I say something to the effect of 'they overstayed their welcome', 'they really messed things up', 'I claim victim's rights' and 'I want them off here as of last week!')

I asked Divine Mother Incarnate, 'Do YOU get sent to all these Councils and asked questions all the time?'

She doesn't. 

Then Cobra said something to the effect that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are 'beaming high tech waves' at 'Lightworkers' to 'make them leave the planet'.

I'm sorry.

That can't happen. It's not possible. 

First of all, THEIR last one is kicked off. (That's why the Guides Of Compassionate Healing have let me do it--the honor to get rid of it).

Second, with a healthy aura, nothing can hurt ANYBODY.  It just bounces off. 

Third, with the increasing Schumann Resonance (the Consciousness/Vibration of Gaia) the Dark Ones don't stand a chance. It's increasingly uncomfortable for them here. 

End of story.

When I was incarnate with Ross, on the planet, my name wasn't Carla. It was Amee (Ah-mee).

My birthday was April 22.

Ross gave me a ring this year. It is beautiful.

And the Council (after I gave them each a hug and kiss and a flower from Gaia's surface to keep as a souvenir) gave me a bracelet. 

The rest...I don't know how to say it...but the rest for that day left me underwhelmed. It was more 'hoopla' and not enough 'heart'.

I wish everyone and their brother would bring their own utensils with them and use them instead of plastic, every day of the year.

Now THAT would give me a huge smile!

Less plastic crap going into the landfills.

I do that for my lunch. I'll need to start doing this elsewhere too.  I'm just as guilty as others on that one when I'm out and about.

Anyhow, today was a mix of doing errands and chores. I still have chores.

Our betta fish died. I was expecting it. I saw the 'ick' on it's tummy two weeks ago.

Ross had me throw out all of the stuff for fish. Even some food that was still good. Now we are down to four pets, and it's plenty. The fish lived about four years, a good long life, and also, it's nice to have a little less work as a mother.

Today when I was working myself up in a tizzy, going through the sink full of dishes I completely ignored yesterday from Friday--he had me go and sit.  He had me look all around the house. He asked me, 'is this what you thought the house would look like when you bought it?'

I didn't know. Not really. I saw my mom's rocker she used to rock me in, and my nana's dining room table and china cabinet. It looked okay. Messy, but okay.

Ross leveled with me. He said, 'Good things are going to happen, but only when the time is right for it.'

I understood.

When he said it was okay, I went to finish the dishes.

Yesterday my father went with us to the baseball game.  I felt his presence in the car, and he was happy we were going.

The seats flanking me and Anthony were empty. Dad was on Anthony's right, and Ross was on my left.

I missed him very bad. They have an opener, let me see if I can find it on YouTube....

Even now it makes me cry. Even though the Dodgers were closest us, and doing very well as a team in the seventies, Daddy always liked the underdog, and his team was The Angels. It was always, always on the TV at home, every night and dad was watching it. (the Lakers in their season also)

He took me to a few Dodger games and taught me how to keep score in the program. 

But he also took me to Angels games too.

I was totally baseball-obsessed, like my son is now.

Anyhow, never in a million years did I think my dad, who was very low-key and mellow and just enjoyed the game, would BE an angel up in Heaven.

It was those precious times, the ordinary times...that just are know?

I was bawling and telling Anthony how much I miss my dad mid-song at the stadium last night.

I was THERE when Nolan Ryan did the good thing, the no-hitter, with Dad. I didn't understand it and frankly thought the game was kind of boring because there wasn't much 'action' you know?

But then something happened... and I realized how lucky I was to have had my dad include me in baseball with play catch with me and teach me the game...and I stopped crying. 

I think it was a divine intervention from Him or Ross or both.

And I enjoyed the rest of the game.

We were invited to the field to watch the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.  I had wanted to stay in my seat. But Anthony really wanted to go.

I must admit, even though people were talking loud all over the field, and I could barely hear the movie, the experience was magical. And a memory Anthony and I will treasure forever. I even kept a small blade or two of the grass, in a Farmer John napkin all folded up, just to remember it. 

Tonight for the first time in years, I wanted Carl's Jr for dinner. It's what we ate all the time when daddy was alive. I really miss him.


Carla had a rough weekend.

First of all she wanted to spend it making bracelets. But with her weight and her son's, she knew she had to WALK a great deal for exercise.

She had to put everything off just to keep their metabolism and activity up.

That's why the dishes were in the sink.

That's why she didn't write as is her custom.

That's why she put off her chores until today.

Everything was all and well with Anthony. They walked to breakfast and walked back. They walked from the car to their seat in the stadium. Even this morning they got a walk in the mall when it opened.

Carla is amiss in not admitting there were plenty of people who did fine celebrating Earth Day, in their hearts and homes, with all the right Spirit.

And they did.

I commend them.

Carla has done a lot of hard work on behalf of the Light.

She took a nice rest today on her beloved porch swing. And also took some sun on a blanket on the lawn. She knew it would be good for her aura, to cleanse it.

She also gave some advice to someone, and I wanted to share:

If you are in a situation in your life which is unmanageable, it is better to cut your losses--staying in the same situation you are in--and to seek help for YOU.  

It's first things first!

For Carla, it was going to Al-Anon, and being a member. (Al Anon is a nonprofit for friends and families of alcoholics)

In Al-Anon, Carla learned it God wants you to be happy! And your Higher Power will help you to 'detach with love' from the drinker, and leaning upon their support (the Higher Power and the group) to take careful assessment of the situation (once you have worked the steps and have a program)--to decide what's the 'right thing for you next'.  For many, it is a conscious choice to leave the drinker who is actively drinking. 

It is NOT a 'geographical solution'. THAT is when--unhealed and un-Al-Anon--you take off and split for another location.

Many times the SAME situation or WORSE follows you!

So if you are a reader, and you are hurting, make sure as you do your healing, you do it from the 'ground story up' and get the foundation right with the basics.

Another reader got this advice from Carla--when they said they were feeling 'stuck in their spiritual development'.

Carla advised this person, 'Do what you enjoy, and let your guardian angel and guides take care of the rest. And...stay away from the news.'

This person was shocked! They had just finished watching the news nonstop, and were in a very low energy/filled with sadness. How did Carla know?

I know.

And Carla talks to me.

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple