Thursday, April 13, 2017

Love's Mystery

Times are good.

At a certain level of Consciousness/Awareness/Awakening, things start to become nice, and more pleasant.

On the one hand, I have Ross (and Anthony!) totally cracking me up. For example, at the gate to buy the parking for tonight's Angel's game, Anthony asked, 'mom, are we getting the ten dollar or the twenty dollar parking?' and as he said the word 'twenty' I could sense Ross 'nudging' me that way too.

I laughed as we approached the kiosk, and said to Anthony, between you two males I am OUTNUMBERED in this family! And laughed, a hearty, carefree laugh rooted in strong relationships with both Ross and Anthony, and their strong relationship together too.

The parking staff laughed when I asked for the twenty dollar ticket, because 'there is nobody here!' . She gestured to the parking lot which was empty, and I took advantage to save the ten dollars.

She was right. We practically parked in the front section as it was!

Today was a fascinating day. Again, I was post-call, post second call, as it was, but I got home late from the hospital. I had to work again, today, but I was able to pick Anthony up early from his day care.

My boss had offered me his last two cases, but I declined, stating that this was our 'one and only day of Spring Break'...and my boy was waiting for me.

We stopped off and had Philly sandwiches--I know it's not healthy. We shared one french fries and we shared one cream soda Franks brand--it's REALLY good. I had a craving.

But at home, we hit a stall. All the enthusiasm to GO, just Get In The Car and GO Have FUN--dissipated. I had known Ross was going to help us plan a good day.

Then, Anthony said, 'Oh my GOD mom! Come here!'

I asked, 'Should I bring my phone? (good Pokemon?)'

He said it didn't matter.

We looked out the window, heard terrible sawing, and one of our trees we have looked at 'forever', a huge pine, was coming down!

We know the neighbor, she told the association 'roots were growing into her house'--she wanted it to go.

But it was brutal, and both Anthony and I felt so much for the tree's agony, we didn't want to have fun any more.

We both were overcome with the urge to save the tree, and to throw the damn tree cutters OUT of our neighborhood forever.

It was hard to fight that impulse.

On the one hand, my 'external observer' rationalized that the tree cutters provide a vital service, it's risky work, I'm glad they do it, and our neighbor wanted it.

On the other, I thought we should have had a ceremony for the tree, explained to it the need to cut it, helped it to ease its transition, and offered it love and gratitude for being our noble friend and guide for so many many many years!

This gave me insight about humanity.

We are 'wired' for The Hunt.

It's absolutely hardwired in.  From shopping for 'deals', to Pokemon, we have been conditioned to our core to 'work hard, finish the job, and then go have a beer' ...

To these tree cutters, the tree was just another 'job' , and when it came down without smashing a house, they were all ready to celebrate (their pay, their beer, their camaraderie).

This is extremely basic and limited thinking and is linked to the CONSCIOUSNESS of the Five Senses.


I'm starting to put two and two together.

On Monday I was spared a horrifying adverse event that affected the entire operating room. It was code after code for the same patient who eventually didn't make it off the table.

I want you to know what happens in the O.R. when someone dies, both the practical, and also, the unseen...and how it affects the team.

A death in the O.R. is the result of either trauma, infection, hemorrhage, or sepsis--we simply didn't get 'there' in time to 'save' the patient. It is very rare, perhaps we have had four such deaths in the nine years I have worked at my facility.

Sometimes the family is invited into the O.R. to see the 'heroics' and we ask their permission to stop efforts.

Most of the time the Code Blue team is activated, in bunny suits (paper disposable sterile scrubs), and present and helping.

Once the code is called, (that means we stop the Code Blue--it's over) the patient is officially deceased.

All wounds are closed with big suture.

No lines are pulled.

The coroner is called.

I've been the one to talk to the coroner when they call back.

The conversation goes like this, 'did you think anything unusual happened?'

And I tell it like it came down. I don't say, 'yes or no' until I've painted a picture for the coroner of the clinical course, and what we did (by the book, standard treatment) and THEN I say, 'everything was done to the best of our ability following standard of care.'

Then the coroner releases the cases, and we prepare the body for the morgue.

Notifying the family is the hardest part.

I always go. I go with the surgeon, and when I can, I get clergy to accompany us. This is so that the bereaved won't be alone after I have to leave to do my next clinical assignment. Of course we sit, and take our time, and answer all questions!  But at some point, I can't stay with the family for hours, I have to get back to work. And this is when the person I brought is able to offer support and continue to monitor the needs of the loved ones.

What I saw yesterday was shock.

Shock in all the people involved on the teams, and in all the people who heard of the passing.

Grief like this sticks with you.  I know for myself, when I go home, I cry over it.

It keeps you 'honest' clinically, and you never ever have taken things for granted but you are extra careful and appreciative how for the most part, 'everything works' and patients do fine.

This is where my gift of being the Smiling Face and Open Heart from Divine Creator who Blooms Where I Am Planted in my O.R., and my being awake enough to realize it--blossoms.

I wear compassion on my sleeve, and offer an extra 'normal interaction' to both support and reassure those who are hurting, as well as being a continuous source of Reiki for all.

Basically I vibrate at my own Frequency, as strong and as steady as I can, and it touches those who are around me.

My moment of truth, where I realized I am doing exactly what I was born to do--happened later Tuesday night. I was on a case. Jianna the RN has 'club Jianna' on her music choices. The music was good, the case was going well, and the surgeon was a little new to the hospital, but basically a nice guy. We were all doing what we had to do, to help the patient of course, and add a layer of 'making the best of it' by being pleasant in the O.R.

A Korean pop song came on, and it wasn't Gangnam Style.

The surgeon, Korean, asked, 'WHAT Pandora station is THAT?'

And our party nurse naturally, didn't tell. She just enjoyed us having fun.

I was happy and said, 'I like this song!'

The surgeon said, 'But it's KOREAN!'--and was perplexed.

I said, 'I know. I like Korean music because it's CLEAN!'  (no f-bombs and stuff, you know).

And his guard relaxed.

 A little later, this one came on, and I asked for the music to be loud again:

I'm am dancing more. I am feeling FREE. And this energy, this love of LIFE, is flowing through my consciousness, much to the healing and benefit of those who are enmeshed in the Illusion still...


Case in point.

My surgeon from earlier in the day, the  one whose lineup I was assigned, is the Chief of Surgery.

I popped in on the colleague who had the death the day before, and offered support. I'd sent a photo of flowers and kind text earlier.

She thought I was relieving her, but she understood it wasn't that time of day.

She was totally surprised we were ahead of schedule with that surgeon in my lineup.  She said, 'he's kind of hit or miss, you know?'

I was puzzled--with me, he's always ahead of schedule, like, by an hour!

Then I understood...I understood why!


That's the secret!

I adore this song too <3

Are you ready?

It's time for the 'Good Stuff' again!

Let's begin.

There's a teaching point going on with my students I want to share with you.

It's about the symbols.

You know all those magic symbols Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart use?

You know how confusing it is?

We have them on our Team too, right?

Example A:

This is a pentacle. Star, right side up, in a circle. 

It represents a human, who is the balance of earth, air, fire, water, and Spirit. 

To someone who worships Nature and The Goddess, or Wicca, if you prefer (I like to call it the Old Ways, myself)'s a magical symbol that is revered and used for the Highest Good.

What about when it's upside down?

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart invert it, stick a Baphomet on it, and harness the energy of this symbol for Service To Self. 

They trash it. They 'desecrate' it. And THAT is THEIR 'religion' in a nutshell. Trashing all that is good.

Example B:

This is an ancient symbol which pre-dates Christianity. The cross means, metaphysically, 'Overcoming Resistance'. Now, I'm partial to the cross, and I thought this particular one was breathtaking, so I chose it instead of a more plain one.

Who puts it upside down?

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart do.

They like to harness it in a way that has Resistance Overcome Us! Right?

Again, again, again, Service to Self.

Well if symbols make the world go around, what are we supposed to do when we see Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart's Team Symbols in our Day to Day?  When we encounter them?

Spirit came through loud and clear on it.

You know if you are at someone's house and you see a picture, framed art on the wall, and it's not straight but hanging crooked?

You know how you carefully adjust it a little, to make it 'right' and then you don't think about it any more?

THAT is the amount of energy you are to give to one of the Other Team's symbols. You can ignore it, or you can point to it and ask your guides to 'straighten it' for you. 

Then you move on.

I'm going to tell you a story, I know first hand it is true.

It's from about three or four years ago.

Cobra had a team/tour group go to Egypt for the 12/21/2012 Event.

I know people who went.

They had a guide who was a keeper of the Great Pyramid.

He needed money. He was in deep trouble and going to be killed or something.

He wasn't supposed to let Cobra's group (or any group) in.

But he did.

According to Cobra, he was in the 'right' pyramid, and there were 'Other Groups' in the WRONG pyramid doing their rituals for the same 'Event' too.

Cobra's team almost didn't make it into the pyramid, and it was by 'some miracle' that they got to go to the rooms.

Well, I saw videos from Rob Potter about the 'rooms' and the 'meditations'.

They were creepy.

It turned out that one of the people present got lots of attachments, developed painful illness, and had to have some experts do lots of healing and removals from his aura when he got back.

This gentleman was a former priest.

The moral of the story is that there are 'windows' in time, which create 'opportunities' for Magic of all kinds to be 'highly effective'--and BOTH Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and those trained in the Mystery Schools for Our Team--are 'going for it'.

This is an important concept, so let's review:

This is a Flower of Life. It is very important in Sacred Geometry. Basically, all of Creation is somehow linked to this pattern in our 'Reality'.  Drumvalo Melchizidek explains this and more in his two-volume series.

The beauty of the Sacred Geometry of the Flower of Life is that OTHER things are 'hidden' or 'can be found' in it, for example here, this is called the Seed of Life.

This too is 'found' in the same Flower of Life, and it is Metatron's Cube, another powerful symbol and tool in the magic of the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry.

Here is the 'Tree of Life', from the Kaballah (ancient mystic Hebrew 'magic')--ALSO 'to be found' in the Flower of Life.

This is where I go, hmmmmm.

The celebrities I know who are 'Way Into' this Kaballah aren't exactly 'Kosher' in my book.

They are known for being super high ranking in Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

And I go, 'aha!' and 'So every time I see THEM using a Flower of Life, it must be implied without actually SEEING it superimposed, that there is some 'structure' of magic power in the Sacred Geometry which is being APPLIED to the Service to Self 'structure' within the ideology of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart!'

Again--the point is--that these symbols of Sacred Geometry are from the Universe and have a certain meaning--depending both on the orientation of the symbol/intention and the intention of the individual who is using the Sacred Geometry shape or tool.

If you see something, and you're not sure of the intent, recall the advice/instruction to think of it like a crooked painting hanging on the wall, add just a little energy with the help of your guides to 'adjust it'--and let it go.


My Carla is a writer!

Earlier today, Anthony hit the nail on the I had led them quite gently from one thing to the other--first Carla went to comfort the bird from the holy racket from the chainsaws ripping up the tree down the hill and in their back yard.

Then she found a lamp that wasn't working and she 'fixed' it. (after going through two lightbulbs, two fixtures, and a timer plug, she figured out someone had touched the switch on the wall that went to that plug--Carla was a little embarrassed but kept it to herself.)

Then she checked the bunny for it's bottom, which was quite dirty, and she and Anthony worked as a team trying to figure out how to clean it best.

As Carla gently held the bunny, at first Anthony wiped with the wet paper towels, gagging at the scent the whole time.

Then Carla asked him to ready the sink, for she remembered the 'butt soak' technique she's researched on a blog. With cold water and no soap--so not to burn or irritate the delicate skin--she immersed the bunny bottom, letting it be supported by the sink and she supported the rabbit from the chest up.

The bunny tolerated this well.

But Anthony was unwilling to 'dig'.

Carla asked him to hold the bunny, so she could 'pull' some of the adherent fecal material. By this time, the water in the sink was quite brown, and Anthony noted the stains on Carla's white shirt.

He was horrified, and apologized to her for her shirt being ruined, to which Carla said, 'it's no problem, I'll just wash it out. We are family and she needs our help.'

Then she asked Anthony to find the scissors. She got him to hold the bunny on a towel on his lap, and she delicately, delicately removed some of the adherent 'crap'.

A wet bunny is not a good thing. So the two of them toweled her off, and got the blow dryer going--Anthony was sent to find that upstairs too.

The plug didn't work. She told Anthony to press the little red re-set button, and he didn't know how. He pressed it like a button on the remote, not hard enough to make it click.

As they were entertaining the bunny with the heater on, and using the blow dryer, sitting on the floor in the bathroom, waiting for her to dry, he said, 'Mom? Sometimes on a day off it is good for us to take care of things like this around the house. If we had just GONE somewhere to have fun our bunny wouldn't have gotten the care she needed.'

(Ross puts his finger on the tip of his nose--ed)

Later Carla checked, and at the last minute found there were two seats on the front row of the section where they like to sit. (he folds his arms as if he wants to tell a secret but he can't but by his body language you can tell he had a LOT to do with the whole baseball game--ed)

Carla asked Anthony, in my exact words I told her to say, 'Anthony, will you be able to have fun even if the Angels don't win tonight's game? Will you have just as good a time?'

He totally had forgotten, but he said yes. Carla was able to do two important things  tonight as a parent--1) deny him the coke he wanted in the souvenir cup, and insist on water (he later thanked her, and said, 'it was a good call')   2) emphasize the importance of sharing the event and not focusing so much on the win or the loss (she said, 'a bad day of baseball is better than a good day staying at home and watching it on TV).

So that was their day. (gestures with his hands--as if to say, that's it--ed)

And how about you?

(points to his ears--ed) Are you listening?  To your guides and to your 'intuition'?

(points to his heart--ed) Are you connecting it in here?  Carla is!

(points to his head-ed)  Are you discerning it with both your head and your heart, whatever Intuition you receive, to make sure it's Right for You?

clap! clap!

Carla has a long day at work tomorrow.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

The Couple