Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Have Seen Glory

This morning, as I was waking up, Ross asked me, 'what is your greatest joy?'

I thought about it for a moment, and I shared with him, from my heart, 'being warm in bed, not having to wake up, and having the joy of Easter with Anthony --he's asleep in the next room, all the eggs are hidden, and I am with you.'

He asked, 'would you like to know my greatest joy?'

And he kissed me softly.

As he kissed me, so much information from Spirit came into my Consciousness, and I knew by claircognizance just how things stand. With the whole ball of wax, with everything...with the Illusion, which looks 'big' and 'overwhelming', but it really isn't, and with Ross, and Heaven, and how truly big, powerful, and unshakable it is.

I had such great comfort in my heart!

Then Anthony woke up, and the Easter Egg Hunt, which took me many hours and many dollars to prepare, was over in about three minutes.

Last night, and also, early this morning after hiding the eggs, I watched the following videos:

It seems dirty, these videos. It just makes me feel icky and sad.

I was sleepy after our breakfast. I went to bed.

I know it is only a matter of time before everything heals. Both for our society, with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, for those who have been brainwashed and tricked by them, and for me with how hart I work.

I realized at breakfast God's purpose is for us to live our lives with JOY--even if we are totally struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in every way, with the SQUEEZE being put upon us by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--we are built for JOY.

As I napped in my warm bed, I remembered it was Easter, and I sang the Easter song from long ago, the days I used to go to mass, and the world was simple...

Jesus Christ is risen today, alleluia.

All on Earth with Angels say, alleluia.

Death in vain forbids ye rise, alleluia.

You have opened Paradise, alleluia!

I held Ross's ankles, my arms around his legs, and I cried, and I told him how I never want him to die again, and I'm so grateful for this.

He was deeply moved. He had tears in his eyes too, I saw that shininess when the tears well up.

He wanted me to get up, he kissed me.

He doesn't understand how I don't think of myself at all, ever, and everything is for Him in my heart. It always has been, it always will be. He knows I know about me, being his Twin. And he knows I overlook it. That I accept being here, now, and do what I can to help others...all the while accepting I miss Home with all of my being, and can't wait for this Assignment to be over.

I remembered my husbands--and I wished them Happy Easter. I wished Raziel a happy Easter, and I gave him a kiss, and told him how happy I am and proud of him for all he understands and creates, for his hard work.

I saw Merlin and I smiled and told him that all the works of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are 'small potatoes' compared to him and his knowledge of magic!  He's got the Real Thing at his fingertips, and doesn't need all that crazy pyramids and shit. We both smiled as now I understood the Truth about the whole thing. There really isn't any need to worry.

Raphael is not much of a talker. He held me, gave me a loving hug and squeeze, and I just barely saw Michael when I was summoned to Divine Father.

I had asked Divine Mother Incarnate yesterday, to ask Divine Father, when all is said and done, will he have a great big hug for me to let me know all of this 'test' is over?

It was time.

My husbands stepped back, and I saw this long hallway with Divine Father's office at the end of it, and there was a light coming from his office. He was standing in the doorway in his robes.

It took me a second to realize what this meant, what I was going to do, and how I was going to do it, for I was only going to have the chance to do this once.

I started running.

I started running as fast as I could, with my arms outstretched, and calling DADDY! DADDY!

I was planning to run and jump into his arms when I found myself embraced in his big strong arms a little sooner...he said, He too had run to me.

I buried my head in his neck and asked him, 'is it over? is it over? is it over?'

And he looked at me in the eyes, and reassured me, and told me, 'yes, yes it is over, yes!'

I let this soak in. And I was quiet, and feeling safe and totally loved, and enjoying his presence and warmth...words cannot describe his strength and confidence and total love and commitment to US, our wellbeing, his Family, for all of us are His Own...Then with great happiness I gave Him a little chocolate tiny Cadbury egg, the one with the little candy creme in yellow and white inside, because it's fun.

Then He asked me a favor.

Divine Father has never asked me for a favor before.

I said, 'yes, of course!'

He asked me, 'will you write about this?'

I told him I would. That I would do my best. And I hope I get everything correct the way he wants.

He told me not to worry, everything would turn out okay, and to just write.

I see the invisible now. I see the energy that the eye can't see but the heart can discern.

I see it shining in every living thing.

I see how in the Illusion, the darkness of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart just doesn't compare favorably to the energy of this unseen vibration of healing, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion which is flowing from every good thing--everything in Nature, everything in the hearts of the awakened, everything in the Angels, our Guides and our Deceased Loved Ones who are encouraging us on from Heaven.

The Illusion is going to melt faster than the Wicked Witch of the West when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her (and yes, I know this is one of those stories used in programming, I am sorry, I couldn't think of anything else-...)...

It's going to disappear quickly.

At dinner at the Corner Bakery last Thursday night, Anthony, his sitter, and I were talking about our plans. She's in nursing school, and graduates in August.

We commented about the news, and wondered if 'we would make it to tomorrow'--and we laughed. She's from Liberia, she's seen a lot of war, and she is wise for she knows life is unpredictable, and it goes on.

We all knew that even if the whole Earth blew up, it's not forever, and there's something MORE to our existence than what meets the eye.

That's why we laughed about it.

I hear in the European Union they have banned the pesticides that are most harmful to bees.

And they've increased in numbers the last three years since the ban.

The U.S. hasn't banned it, yet.

But all in all, things are looking better for our bee family members here on earth.

Here's what you can do to help.

Please teach your children that bees are special and endangered, and no to kill them when they encounter them unexpectedly, too.

Thank you.


It is with great joy and love that Carla and I share our love with you.

I want to talk about the potato chip.

I had one placed in the perfect shape of a heart in Carla's plate at her sister's wedding.

Carla had been up all night, taking care of patients.

She had to get up early to go pick up Anthony from his father's home, and then make sure they both had breakfast and were ready in time.

Only they weren't.

They were actually fifteen minutes late to the ceremony.

Fortunately it hadn't started without them.

And everything was blessed.

It was my little 'shout out' to my beloved that she is in fact both my bride, and my beloved Twin.

Carla, will you explain to our readers what this one means?

C:  yes.  It is our Twin relationship. We are one energy, but at different ends of it, and this enables us to comfort each other, with, in this orange rind I feel is how you comfort me.

R:  How does this make a lot of sense?

C:  I can only speak for myself, but when I looked at this shape this morning, I understood, without explanation, what this meant. It was just like when you kissed me this morning and I understood. I can't explain it.

R:  What does this mean for others?

C:  That their awareness is going to go up--they can't explain it--but things are making 'sense' in ways they haven't in a long time.

R:  Is there anything else?

C:  Yes, this shape reminds me of the Buddhist circle which represents nothingness, no attachments, no time, the place where all of us are from and shall return.

R:  Is there anything else?

C:  (smiles) Well, yes, I live in Orange County, California, and the orange was tasty too. ; )

R:  I always love it when I give a lesson and you give a little teasing back.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple