Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Soul Has Mysteries We Can't Understand...

Yesterday morning I couldn't explain it. I just didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to go to work.

The actions from the people from Orion hurt me deeply.

They have no compassion for what happened to me.

There is no remorse.

There is no willingness to change their ways.

It's all about them, and not about me, in a Galactic Sense. And I have to keep repeating myself over and over to the Councils, I want to be free!

The beings who hijacked Orion, and now are being removed from hijacking this place, are some of the worst souls I have ever encountered. They aren't backing down without making it known to me that their will is for X and Y and Z and NOTHING is going to get in the way of THEIR will unless every single stupid loophole has been exhausted.

Anthony went to the Science Center on a field trip. I would have loved to go. There was a time when I worked part-time, and we went once a week to Los Angeles to see the museums.  He sent me a photo from an exhibit we used to see, Tess. It made me smile. When he was two he used to bring HUGE Hershey bars to her because 'all women like chocolate'.  The ushers used to take it and say they would give it to her (she's a machine, basically) and I knew they all enjoyed sharing the candy this little boy who adored Tess would bring.

It was a mixed day in the O.R.

I had an airway that scared the daylights out of me. And it was like the tongue/mouth rejected the blade of my device I was using to intubate. I've never seen this happen. The patient was fully 'under'.

And I felt it.

My nurse who was with me prayed, silently, and I knew she prayed.

I could feel it.

And everything worked. I got a good view, the patient did well.

I thanked her.

I said, 'your prayers work!'.

She didn't say anything.

My surgeon was on TV. He's been wanting to increase business, so being in the area he went the Hollywood route. It's fascinating being their office is one I'm not so sure about whose 'Team' they are on...if you've followed the blog a bit, you'll understand. But here he is on national TV, and I have been sending him (I do all surgeons and staff) Reiki and Divine Peace Healing for two years he's been here with us...and now he's on TV!  SOME of that energy is going to leak out, and some are going to receive it, without saying a word.

He also was most kind. My mother adores celebrities and meeting them. So in the O.R. the surgeon let me call my mom. I told her about the show, and said he was there in the O.R. with me and you could say hi to him. She was thrilled! She hasn't been this excited since she met Vince Ferragamo at a Breast Cancer fundraiser.

I was so glad to make her day.

I ate lunch after my lineup, around one, and I felt out of sorts.

It was time to relieve someone and my heart wasn't in it.

I had sent a text to the baby sitter about 'I have no idea when I am coming home :(' and she's never seen me do that. Make an unhappy face.

But the person to be relieved wanted to take my spot, so I went home.

For some reason I had been fighting tears all day. 

I couldn't explain it.

Ross stepped in.

First he told me to go to Costco. But at the last minute he changed my mind. He said to go to the Crystal store. He said he would give me a message, and I didn't have to buy anything (I told him it was too expensive there when I go).

Next to the shop is a bakery that closes at three. It's never open.

Ross told me to get milk and two cookies.

Inside the counter was a cranberry-orange ring cake! It was a reminder from Ross to do something I enjoy!

I got a raspberry pinwheel and a butter cookie dipped in chocolate.

I just sat.

It helped.

Then I saw a post by Bartholomew that meant the world to me.

He was stepping up to the plate to go to bat!

OMG such courage!

And he said 'Ross has some husband things to do, he told me...'

Here is my message:   (4/24/2017 at 2:40 p.m.)

R)  My darling, my beloved, I am here and I miss you. Are you okay?

C)  It's rough honey. So rough. I'm just upset at the world -- and at the Other World. I'm so tired.

R) You like it? (Aaron's post)

C)  Yes. I don't know what it will bring but I LOVE the husband duties part. I absolutely love it and I need you.

R)  That's why I'm here

C)  Thank you for the cranberry-orange ring reminder to bake.

R)  So you are mad at the world huh?

C)  All of the inhabitants. 

R)  That they went along and followed the tricksters?

C)  Yes.

R)  And for letting it happen?

C) And for not putting a stop to it earlier.

R)  You only have yourself to blame. Are you going to own up to it?

C)  Yes, I always do.

R)  What is it you don't like about yourself, the real you, not the body?

C)  I need SO much just to maintain and I still can't function.

R)  It is increasingly difficult for you and the body to support itself and your bodily needs and those of Anthony?

C)  I can't wake anyone up. I can only wake up me. People suck the life out of me. I don't want to know their problems. I don't care about their problems! I have my own.

R)  So you don't like it that they come to you?

C)  I don't like their dependence on me and leaning on me so much.

R)  How would you take your own advice?

C)  I would bake tonight.

R)  And tomorrow?

C)  I see -- I need to have something to look forward to every single day.

R)  Like me?

C)  Yes.

R)  I will help you until the time comes, a new beginning we have between us, yes?

C)  Yes.  (he had sent me, when I was at the end of my rope, a unicorn oracle card that said, 'New Beginnings' earlier in the day)

R)  I want you to buy one very small thing, not to think about the money (at the crystal shop). Is there anything else?

C)  I love you. I can never tell you this enough. I love you, I love you, I love you. 

R)  I know...and I feel the same.  Your gift (at the crystal shop) is something white like milk (and cookies?)...

Then he kissed me goodbye.

Ross got me a nice chunk of polished Howlite to hold. And it really helps. It calms rage and distress.

I still felt shaky, very shaky, emotionally. I went to school to pick Anthony up, and his car back from the field trip was late. I talked for thirty minutes to some parents. But I found a quarter hidden in a post, and knew it was a sign from Spirit that I was in the right place at the right time.

I gave Anthony his cookies and milk. He grilled me about the milk as it was from Dunkin Donuts.

'Where did you get this mom?'
'Dunkin Donuts'
'So you WENT to Dunkin Donuts today?!'
'Yes. But only to buy the milk as I already had the cookies.'
'So you didn't buy any donuts mom?'

We bought some birdseed at the bird store.

Then he was hungry. I was going to cook, but there were Pokemon by a starbucks, and then he was going to get Taco Bell anyway with the sitter (who I cancelled). We walked in and there were high school kids everywhere, with their weird vibe. It was unpleasant but not impossible.

He didn't want to eat there.

I asked, 'How about the tables outside starbucks?'

He didn't want to eat there either. He had wanted to eat at home since the start and wouldn't back down.

Then it happened.

When I get really stressed to the max, I lose my appetite and I don't want to eat.

He was like, 'what did I do, mom?!'

I said, 'You got your way.'  I asked him about where I work all day--inside--and I wanted to eat where I could see out. Even if there were punk kids. I didn't WANT to eat inside at home. If I had said 'okay' to eat at home I would have said 'okay' but that I didn't meant I didn't want to eat at home.

Then we arrived home.

I told him I had been fighting the tears all day, I might as well go and cry, and get it out and over with.

He set up the meal on the balcony and ate.

I cried.

I don't take long to cry.

I came downstairs and apologized to him for my being so emotional.

And we ate.

I didn't bake. I wanted to watch the baseball game. I kept falling asleep during it.

We also watched the Entertainment Tonight to see my surgeon. What a weird show. It doesn't tell you much of anything. Even the part with the O.R. was very quick.  Somehow TV has changed since I used to watch it before medical school. Everything is 'faster'. The cuts between scenes are 'faster', the storylines are really 'outlines'...it was good for me to see what 'the world' watches, and also, how far I have distanced myself from that.

I have a couple links for you, and I will go:

There's a Truth Never Sleeps video out. I can't post it. It's halfway 'right'--and not all the way. Apparently there is an exorcism drug, and it shows some girl on the street who is on it and 'possessed'.

The part that is right is that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart call on these demons, I've seen Beyonce 'switch' to the Sasha Fierce on camera...I've seen Britney 'switch' too. Are they demons or multiple personality disorder? I don't know. MK Ultra induces that.

The other part that is right is there are highly elaborate systems to 'worship' Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart's 'Gods'--and they are built into society and hidden in plain sight under your nose and it makes you sick once you realize just how obvious and blatant it is.

The part that is a little off the mark is how, and it's totally understandable to want to spit everything out once you see something 'bad', is how everything spiritual gets lumped in there with demons and heavy metal rock music.  Yoga? It depends a lot on you and your teacher, you know? Yoga is a great way to wake up, discover your Higher Self, and connect with Creator of All That Is. I don't think it's the road to the Dark Side. Neither is Reiki.

So I didn't post it because as you can see how Ross deals with me, Spirit is way more sophisticated than what the video talks about as being 'right'...and it's more understanding and inclusive than traditional 'spiritual/Bible' stuff here on earth.

It is a new beginning.

I'm letting Anthony sleep in. I have the day off.

Now it's time to get going.

Ross has a reminder.

The quote I was given as I woke up this morning is this:

The Soul Has Its Mysteries That  Can't Be Understood...so relish in it!  (enjoy these mysteries!)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple