Sunday, April 9, 2017

Living In Hawaii Every Day

I live with a tropical bird. Looks just like this. Harry has been with me nineteen years. He is a rescue.

I made a solemn promise to him when I rescued him that this would be his last and final home. No matter what.

For many a parrot outgrows their 'cuteness' factor...then people tire of them...and they end up bouncing from one home to the next.

When Harry first came to live with me, he looked like this:

He plucked his own feathers. MANY birds do this. They are otherwise healthy, there is nothing wrong with them. But perhaps they need more attention, or a partner/mate, or different nutrition, or they are bored...but they PICK.

They don't even look like a bird anymore, really, to the untrained eye.

To the trained one it's just one more problem to solve.

Fortunately for us, Harry's plumage came in beautifully the next molt, and it's been that way every since.  Sometimes if he eats something like a peach that is juicy, it will irritate him, and he will scratch next to his mouth. Then he gets a little bald patch just at the edge, and in a few days it will grow back.

Our souls are entrapped in our waking hours, in this place called Earth.

Some of us know why, others don't.

We can't roam the galaxy like we are used to, if we are from other parts of the Universe--as our souls.

We can't even get out after we die, for we incarnate one life after the next.

There are people incarnate here who torment us.  They lie and they cheat.

The ones right now on the news about Syria get to me because they talk about the deaths 'of the children' and yet in Pizzagate they do so much worse than sarin gas to these innocent youths!
(I will provide a YouTube video from yesterday I watched--actually two--in a bit to show you).

Then there are links like this  and this from Kauilapele that just make you go--WOW--that lying is really blatant!

That's when I snapped.

I just didn't care any more.

I can't keep letting them press this button on my emotions to make me feel this or that when the corporate mass media wants me to.

I can't even keep watching the YouTube videos about the antics of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (there's another one to share--I was like--sheesh! it's EVERYWHERE!).

What did I do, after the 'snap'?

I realized the Truth.

I realized I am a powerful Co-Creator.

I realized that this 'status quo' is 'for the birds'.

And I started to DREAM.

I started to dream of a life without taxes...without the monarchy and all they represent on Earth (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).

I dreamed of a beautiful new Earth where all of her delicate ecosystems are in balance.

I dreamed of a world as God intended it to be--full of experiences with love and close family and friends and not all this working, working, working just to survive...

I dreamed of angels roaming the world, openly, freely, and not having to hide behind any of our veils!

And I dreamed of being free from terror, torture, tyranny, and despotism forever and ever and ever.

I'm not going to WORRY about how to get from Here to That Reality.  About how to get from Point A to Point B.

Because when you are a co-creator, you work with the energies of the Universe, and whey they interact closely and are in alignment with your own, you don't NEED to think about the nuts and the bolts.

When you work with the energies, it just happens.

So I have two things--I raise my energy (sleep, nutrition, exercise, sunshine, love)...and I keep my thoughts focused on Paradise.

It's only a matter of time before enough of us 'get the hang of it' that we will carry ourselves home to something better.

The more the news headlines scream for your attention, realize the more desperate the dark ones are in their last gasps. Do not give them any more thought than they gave the last 'piece of trash' they sacrificed at their last ritual. Just place them and all their neediness into the Hands of Creator, and go on your way to a beautiful life. You have earned it!

Here are three videos added yesterday to my Truthseeking folder on my YouTube:

Please note you need to turn volume UP for her and LOW for Kevin Annett

Anyhow, I have a long day, and I work. I need to pack many small meals, just in case.

I love you. 

This too shall pass.

Yesterday I had to clean the bunny again. It drives me crazy it's so stinky and gross.

I figured out with wet paper towels I can't fix everything but it's tolerable to her, and gets most of it off.

I realized I'm going to have to clean her 'Poopy Butt' every day, and I accept it.

Yesterday I surprised myself. I asked for help. I had asked for Ross' help even before I went in to help her. It wasn't bad.

But I opened my heart.

I knew she was in trouble. I asked Raphael and Michael and Merlin and Raziel to help her heal.

And I told her she is Family, even if she is in a mess, and I will do  whatever it takes to help her. And it might take a while but she will be okay.

It's going to be OKAY.

I say the same to us on behalf of our star families.

The status quo really stinks and it bothers us.

But if I can have this love and dedication for a rescued Blanc de Hotot rabbit (one bred for food in France)--imagine what love and dedication our Star Families have for us, the Ground Crew, incarnate here for the Grand Awakening!


I really spent a lot of time together with Carla this weekend.

I had her relax, and take many naps, even after lunch like she was an old woman!

Yesterday Carla paid her bills, submitted her thing to the State online for her work/private practice, did a letter of recommendation for a colleague, and even checked to make sure her travel company for her son's school trip wasn't cheating her and double billing.

She filled the tank with gas. She mailed out and packaged seven bracelets. She even fed the hungry snake three mice, and he could have eaten more.

Carla cleaned up all the dishes too, and did a little shopping. 

Carla wants to decorate the house for Easter for the first time in ages.

Even by these little things, like doing the laundry, both Carla and I can tell she is feeling BETTER.

It's not just in the 'little ways'.

As inside, it shows on the outside--and her inside is more organized and less distressed.

Look for the changes like this in both yourselves and in society in general--apart from the mainstream media--for social changes which are relevant to your lives in YOUR 'world'...your immediate 'circle'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple