Monday, April 3, 2017

Clinical Pearls 4.3.2017

The Good

  • spirit sent me to a procedure. I had been on the road, ready to take the freeway home, when the department called. I came back. It turns out the patient loved the fact I am 'almost Hawaiian', and further, that the 'spa day' was complete with me sharing my aromatherapy oil with them. As they went unconscious, they were saying, 'I love you...' (for taking away the fear and making this human again).
  • a patient had small fatty tumors, or 'lipomas' being taken out. The surgeon remarked how egg shaped they were, and called them, 'Easter Eggs'. Everyone in the room cracked up, and I quipped, 'Don't ask me to dye them!'
  • My two people I asked to trade assignments with me so I could go to Anthony's school play were very easy to trade, and I was grateful. There was time for me to go home, change, pick up the tickets from the school, and run a few errands, too.
  • I gave away three bracelets today, much to everyone's delight. The first one had vintage Japanese glass beads in cherry blossom pink color, and I commented to the RN, who is of Latin origin, that she has some 'tie' to Japan for her to explore. She was so surprised! Her DNA results had come in, and she was 'one percent east Asian!' Her theme of hers is happiness. How fragile it is, how fleeting, and yet how worthwhile it is to pursue it and treasure it. It's in her hands.  The others were a set for mother and daughter. The mother has metastatic breast cancer recurrence. I made them blue, with --spirit wanted it of all things!--puka shells! Just like from the seventies. As the daughter confessed, her mother, as a hobby, makes shell wreaths to decorate the home! And she hates pink! I felt very glad I listened to Spirit on that one!

The Bad

  • a surgeon commented that he is interviewing people for administrative positions in his office. One applicant, is a woman who schedules cases for Kaiser. She is a surgery scheduler. She also has to let people know how much they owe, up front, before Kaiser will do the surgery.  It can be anywhere from two thousand to twelve thousand dollars! Fifty percent of all cases booked CANCEL because the members insured by this medical group don't have the money to pay. Sometimes they even have breast cancer.  This happened to her twice with two different breast cancer patients in the system! That's why she is looking for new work. She's tired of saying 'I'm sorry' and 'I'm sorry'. Furthermore surgical caseload is down, surgeons are not practicing their skills as much, but they are paid salary so it doesn't matter. 
  • In the old days, without insurance, a doctor could come up with terms for each patient, and did much work for free on their discretion. It was a decision between he doctor and the patient in the community. Now, there is a computer that 'spits out' the amount owed--in advance of the surgery--to all the providers and the hospital.  MANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS WHO PAY SEVEN HUNDRED AND UP EACH MONTH, ON TIME, TO BE INSURED--AND THEY CAN'T GET THEIR OWN LIFE-SAVING SURGERY FROM THEIR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!!!  (this is what 'free health care' looks like to people who 'pay their fair share'...and you aren't hearing ANY of this in the mainstream media!)
  • P.S. sometimes don't you just wonder where all this money is going, anyway??? It seems to disappear!

The Ugly

  • Yup.  The old Higher Self thing again. My 'primer' apparently is QHHT. I am reading through links just for the first time today. If you KNOW QHHT please do not provide me with information or materials. It's too much too soon and I am not interested. I am OKAY with the concept of our 'subconscious'.  I know mine quite well, as a PTSD survivor. I will study more, to only learn about the HS.  It turns out the times of day I get messages most--just falling asleep and just waking up--actually have a name and that's the level of hypnosis the lady who pioneered it (Dolores Cannon?) would take her clients.  It caught my eye how one couple's HS's said they were meant for each other, so then the male dropped on one knee and proposed right there in the treatment room!
  •  This one felt like it was being written to me. I took the guidance to heart. But yes, I am late often. I don't give myself enough time. I squeeze things in. And YES, sometimes I am late because I just don't want to go. It's funny how the message was like, Peaceful and Relaxed (my yesterday by the ocean!), and then it was more, um, 'personalized'.  I can go all Byron Katie on myself, and say, 'I should be aware of these things! Then I can do the work!' <3 (Ross just says, 'Carla, you are a PIECE of work' and I totally agree with him on that).
  • My HS, ever the 'noodge' (Yiddish word for 'nag')--showed me a tree as I was driving past it on the road, and was concentrating/relaxed/open to communicate without really ASKING to initiate conversation. The soul is the trunk. All the incarnations are the branches. And I could see the tiny little sprouts growing up from the base where a twin trunk had been cut off.  Did I like it? NO. Instead I recalled being in psychic development circle, and  Ana Maria Mena saw me while I was talking, and she said, 'You didn't look like you while you were talking'.  She was able to see my Higher D 'persona', I guess. And all I could remember is the 'you didn't look like YOU' and being upset at the recollection because I don't want to BE some soul 'trunk' that doesn't look like me, and I with the face I know and am used to only get to BE 'a branch'. I guess I have to go to sleep, early day, long day, and I just don't want to think of it.
  • Vivianite (ring) and moonstone bracelet. Those are my minerals/stones at the moment. The vivianite helps me feel beautiful--it's a good stone for that. And moonstone just helps to smooth things out when you are in this type of existential 'situation'. 

And one last thing, I did PLAN. I had dinner/late night snack in the oven and the table laid out for when we came home from the play. Also, the dishes are all done, the table is set, and I wrote down plans for breakfast. One a list! So YES, dear John Smallman and 'team'--I am listening and following your guidance even though for all the looks of it I am fighting it all the way...with the know...HS 'thing'... <3


Where are you going/heading with your life?

Do you know?

Are you allowing things to happen to you, like a victim?

Or are you taking them in stride?

Are you considering making plans and having them stick, no matter what the situation that unexpected may arise?

Have you played a bit with the energies to help you manifest, just like Carla is doing?

How are you making progress on your life lessons?

Carla got from Spirit, MOOSE--it showed itself to her twice. Moose is Animal Medicine in Native American lore for STRENGTH!

Carla took the hint. 

That was in part to help her with her 'The Ugly' and also some other things that she is in. 

Carla is naturally competitive. She was born to be this way, in order to survive the medical training. You have to want it. 

And so she is coming to terms with her 'subconscious/soul/Higher Self' and figuring her part in the whole of everything she already knows, once she permits herself to relax enough to accept it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple