Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mc Metaphysical

Ross had me draw a unicorn card today.  

It was 'Elation'--something wonderful is going to happen today and you're not going to miss it!

I smiled.

Today was in most ways, ordinary, but overall, in a sense, extraordinary...and the Elation is not fleeting as the common understanding of the word's meaning is.

I'm not sure what sparked it.

Perhaps is was either of these two articles from John Smallman?

Perhaps it was a very kind, and enthusiastic reader who approached Ross and I with some request, only to have Ross gently and most politely explain that the Guardian Angel of this reader worked VERY hard and studied everything there is to know about this reader, to be able to assist them in waking up, and would the reader be so kind as to perhaps allow this Guide/Guardian to do the job they have trained so very hard to do?

Yes, there you have it.

Request made in 3D....Response made in 5D.

Like a broken record, again and again, Ross and I encourage you--all of our beloved readers--to go within, to do the work (clearing and releasing old stagnant emotions and energies), and to develop your  intuition with your guides...because that is the A1 Gold Standard for which there is no substitute.

You can get all the readings you like, and pay lots of money, even to hire a 'coach' for unlimited access for three thousand dollars for six weeks...but it's not going to help you grow and it may even slow down your own personal growth and development.

Taking classes is fine. Psychic development ones. They help you to develop your skills--the clairs, reading auras or divination cards,'s like learning to walk.

MANY people are going to want to 'take the shortcut' but in fact no such 'shortcut' exists to the Higher Realms!

The more you engage in your life story, and your life lessons, the faster it will propel you to the Higher Realms because your Life Script has been tailored just for you!!!!!

It's like mother's milk compared to formula.  Relying on people who will charge you a fee for everything is formula.

Finding your own purpose and living it--complete with trials and false starts and restarts--is equivalent to the mother's milk.

It's specific to nourish YOU.

This is how we want you to feel--able to conquer ANYTHING--confident, aware, and free....because you have invested in yourself and your own development, and developed your OWN 'Language with Spirit' over time.

Let me describe for you this Elation.

I feel like an arrow flying through the air, hurtling towards its mark. There are many distractions blurring past my in my peripheral vision. And I know they are distractions, and I focus on the mark.

For example, let us take John Smallman's article on Gender.

The moment a man and a woman unite their energies to create new life--to make love, and are really attracted to one another in Love--the Veil disappears in that region of space and time through a quantum breakdown of it. 

Don't ask me about the other genders and sexes because I have not been told that. But I do know a high-ranking Disinfo person said that part about the quantum fields where the Veil doesn't exist...

Then I compared it to the strategy of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart:

  • they practice pedophilia  (children can't make new life)
  • they encourage homosexuality as 'superior' to 'straight' sex
  • Baphomet is gender neutral--both masculine and feminine at the same time
If you look at what is going on in society the last twenty or so years, there has been breakdown of the family unit. There has been slow steady progress towards the ideals of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart...and furthermore...slow steady progress AWAY from the one thing that makes the Veil which keeps them in power over us...weaken!

For another example, let us talk about the family:
  • Pre-Industrialization, men's work, and women's work were different but equally respected as vital to sustain life.
  • Modern times brought 'labor saving devices' to the women.
  • Women started to work outside the home, at first voluntarily.
  • Now men aren't interested in supporting a family (not all but many) and want a woman who can support herself.
  • The women have to balance work an home, which is like having two full-time jobs!
  • Many, many, many women are single mothers like me now. The terms 'baby mama' and 'baby daddy' have replaced mother and father.
  • Modern families are blended--and accepted
  • Children are raised by others besides their mothers--in daycare and in schools
  • Children are 'taught' to 'rebel' by the media--once they hit their teens. (pretty much every Disney episode or movie has no mother, or laughable parents, and the kids are 'on their own')
  • The same media teaches girls to be 'slutty' to 'grow up' (Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez) and most parents are terrified of their thirteen year old girls because nothing can control them.
  • STD's and delaying pregnancy until after education/career (late thirties) make fertility less possible than if the woman was at her peak reproductive age of twenty-four. 

In a world where a strong family unit promotes moral strength, and is 'home' to the one thing that can dissolve the 'forces' have twisted it to 'booty call', 'friends with benefits' and 'it's complicated'.

Again it's like Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are slowly eroding the foundations of our society as we know it, and laying the foundation for the New World Order slowly, almost imperceptibly, but it is there.

Lastly, let us talk about Inner Knowing:

  • Nature is important because it is the one place where Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are overpowered by the energy of the Higher Realms.  Nature is incredibly healing to all who spend time in it. The Japanese have done studies on the health benefits of walking in a forest and call it 'Nature Bathing'.
  • Quiet time away from distractions is how we both strengthen ourselves in spirit, and learn how to exercise our Spiritual Muscles with our Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loved Ones.
  • It is our birth right to see angels, to know there is life after death,  and to consciously Co-Create reality.
  • Loud noises weaken the aura and permit attachments and health imbalances to happen. Loud amplified noises. 
  • We are constantly being pulled back to the need to take care of the 'day to day' and 'survival' much to the distraction from our true self, our Inner Knowing.
  • Even most people now bypass the Nature while walking because they are on their cell phones and playing with them.
  • In our society, people who 'see ghosts' and 'follow their intuition' are labeled as 'crazy'.

Is that still not enough?

What do Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart practice behind the scenes? To empower themselves?:

  • mystical, magical rituals (of a dark nature)
  • sex magic
  • fooling others by hiding their symbols and magic 'in plain sight'.
  • having each other's backs no matter what (police, politicians are 'in' on the 'game')
  • control of the mainstream media, and increasingly, alternate media such as FB and YouTube

The mainstream media make it look as if world war three is knocking on the door.

But what happened in Syria? Did it work? Did it ignite WW3?  

I don't think so.

With all the shootings and bombings (psychological operatives)--it's kind of the same thing over and over again. (If you've seen Fate of the Furious you can see how easy it is to fake a death--not saying no one died or anything, but that it IS possible) is EASY to be lost in Fear.

It is EASY to follow a false prophet.

It is EASY to get sucked up into these 'What is Gender' type of conversations which inch closer and closer to their 'Ideal' of Baphomet (both male and female at once). 

They want people of weak mind and low moral compass to be swayed by the goings on, and therefore be 'hijacked' for their powers of co-creation to perpetuate the 'status quo' from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The Elation is that although I am not one hundred percent awake, I am awakened enough not to be sidetracked by all of this. 

I have a one track mind and it's heading for Home!


I am here.

I am enjoying the glorious wonderful sunshine in Heaven.

Won't you come join me?

This is the way to get here (he points to a map--ed)

Bring nothing that would not serve you and would hold you back.

(taps his head on the side with a finger--ed) 

Always be free and 'float your own boat' and 'dance to your own music'

(clenched fist taps strong to his chest--ed)

Always follow your heart.

P.S. do not be afraid to make mistakes! That is how you learn! Did you ever see a baby learn to walk? They fall all the time, and get bumps and bruises. But they SUCCEED! They keep at it! And they not for one minute ever take it personally.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins