Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meneheune Message Today for You

Today I ran into some Meneheunes at a Sacred Site on Big Island. They were as excited to see me, and I them. They gave me a hug around the knees, and I hugged them as best I could. All of this was in spirit, with my intuition and my ability to 'see' with 'the sight'.

They expressed an interest in getting this message to you:

  • Open your heart. If open, make it wide open. This will help you in the times ahead.
  • What we didn't know, is how mean and nasty some of the invaders of our native land would get. We had to go into hiding.
  • Not one of us will get out and be seen by others with their 'two eyes' until everything is safe.
  • That time is short. (And so are we! Ha!)
  • Everything happens for the best. All of us shall be made stronger by our course in Duality.
  • The ocean is very sick, not in a nice way. Do your best to clean it while you are at the water--no throwing anything in that is not from there, and picking up trash that you see. Not to let someone else pick it up for you. You bend down, pick it up, and put it in the trash.
  • Send the ocean love while you are doing this. Give thanks for all of the oceans daily.
  • We are agriculturists, just like you, only better. Our produce makes Local Organic get blown in the dust--ours will taste so much better and be good for the environment.
  • Your thoughts are about as powerful as ours (they could levitate and move objects with psychic force)--watch what you think!
  • Our love for you goes way back, like, prehistoric.
  • History as you know it is going to change considerably. We counsel you to take it all in stride when 'it happens'.
  • If you want to know more about us, open your eyes when you are asleep (ask for dream visitation, invite us)
  • Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Next is Peace.
  • We want to come out and enjoy our place under the sky with all of you again. We are counting down the time for us to meet face to face.
  • All of your readers are quite blessed. We would not have had the time for this if they were not exceptional in every way on working for the Light. All of us know each and every one of you, though you may not know us. Some of you have quite the reputation, though in a nice way.
  • That is enough. Time for aloha. Aloha is the most important word of get hello, good bye, and I love you all for five letters! Spread out your aloha today.

Reiki Doc

Note: Meneheunes are Like Hawaiian Leprechauns.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aumakua Are Ohana

The reason the Hawaiian blogger and I are not speaking to each other, is a spiritual one. I came to him out of confusion: there was evidence of Hawaiian past lives in me, they were affecting me, and I wanted to know Truth about it. I made plans to come to this conference in the hope that all my questions would be answered by him. I also wanted to be 'around' someone who has energy like mine, in person, because it would be good to have a 'safe harbor friend'of the Light.

There was a big push from within to wake up. This former friend felt the push, did not understand the spiritual desire for Truth, and blocked me in all ways. Imagine Luke Skywalker wanting to know his father. Spiritually, I was like that. Hungry to know why the song He Mele No Lilo brought me to tears. Why in meditation I spoke and understood Hawaiian. Why I pass for Kama'ina (local) when I go. I am a California girl, and this is not logical.

The answers have come from Spirit. There is good reason for me to cry for He Mele No Lilo. Spirit jokingly said my Hawaiian name was Au'pili--the one who clings to you and won't let go. Once that blogger gave me the boot, right before that fateful email, my father in that past life told me that my Hawaiian name was 'Hoku', star, and I felt the burning of Spirit that I was indeed that.

Now even though it was my papa telling me, it was not until later that my past lives were completely index stood. It was on Sunday I learned, at the place where one of them went to heal her soul after being released from house arrest. Funny, I had come here instinctively to deeply heal MY soul, after all this time as single mother, doctor, and all these pushing of Hawaiian past lives too....

Aumakaua are our 'family' of animal ancestors who guide us. This is Hawaiian, shamanic if you insist, and like the First Nations form of Animal Totems for the family. 'What animal tribe are you?' The Chippewa would say on meeting another Chippewa. 'I am Bear.' Might be the reply. That is how lineages describe themselves. This goes back to the first 'Lighted ones' that came to teach form who-knows-where-in-the-sky. The first being shone so bright he burnt up those present who went to talk to him! The others 'toned it down' enough to teach, and each was an 'animal' for their tribe. In Hawaii, all natives, even the forty-two percent young man filling out the job application next to me at Genki Sishi, who looked up and asked (with pinpoint pupils--good luck passing the drug test if you are hired!)--have you heard that life is just a vapor? I laughed inwardly, for 'vapor' is an anesthesia word, and I thought some spirit or entity in him was planning to have fun with me. I did not take the bait. But HEwould know his aumakua, and tell you if you asked. Everyone knows.

Yesterday I went snorkeling. I was in the bay, with my own fins I brought from mainland, checking out the fish. Visibility was not the best. I found that I could locate the fish by going toward the sound of fish munching coral! It sounds like Rice Krispies popping in milk under water. I was enchanted by the beauty of what I saw: big spiny urchins (don't touch, they sting!), yellow tang, Moorish idol, small blackish grey fish with white spot, puffer fish, even a Trigger Fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

I felt a presence, and looked over my was Honu! turtle of the sea. He was big, big as me. I was so close I could see the metal tags that were on his left shoulder and right thigh. He was nonchalant, barely acknowledging me, so I followed him. Next thing I saw, there was another Honu! 

In all of my years of snorkeling I have never swam with two at once. But every time I go to islands, Honu find a way to say, 'hello'. Even when I canoe in Maui. And I understood: Honu are my aumakua. Even though I have a strong tie to whales , I am a hybrid, and although I am as close to whales as one can possibly get, my family is Turtle Honu.

You should have seen the conversation between us, under the water, with telepathy. The energy of Honu is sweet and high vibration, a little higher than hummingbird energy. How can you survive off that stuff? I asked, watching him nibble on tiny seaweed on the coral. 'Patience. You need patience! It is enough.' All my questions were me with the silent response, 'How silly you to ask about what you already are. Why not discover it?' I watched. I saw his name was Sam. I could tell by the size of his fins and his shell he could not hide in his shell like my turtle back home. I sensed that he faced danger willingly. 'You can see that all Reptiles are not bad.' He said, and I understood some Retilians, like the Honu, were horrified at the violent greys, and had taken refuge in the ocean, and in Inner Earth. I asked no more. I thanked Sam, and knew it was time to go look at other fish.

Yesterday's healings I did while snorkeling. I added the oceans to my countries and locations list. 'Are you sure you want to heal the oceans?' My guides asked, not once, but twice. Yes, I was sure. Then BLAM I felt the surge of energy. There was clapping and delight. For you see, our angels, guides and deceased loved ones, probably our Galactic Family too, are ready and waiting to help us. All you have to do is ask! There is free will, so they can't, until we ask for their help. Think of it like they are an energy hovering just above earth, but they can't touch it. You can. And you can invite them to assist in cleaning Gaia, helping you in your day, and anything you ask. Put them to work. Invite them every day with your prayers. It is helpful to direct the cause, like to the oceans.but you can do it.

If you know your aumakua would you please share? I am excited to learn more about mine.

Trust in Spirit to let you know your Truth. Never look to someone human for what is Spirit. You will save yourself a lot of heartache if you accept that humans are not Spirit enough to understand your Truth. Only your Higher self can do that for you. Stand on two feet. Do not lean on another.

I am persona non grata at Java On The Rocks. That hurts. But I accept this, and with hope move on.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I found this! A handy reference:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Reiki for Hurricane Sandy


I thought you might like to hear about the healing that I just sent to the geographic area of Hurricane Sandy. It looked like a giant white snowball. Kind of dirty snow.

Then I saw a large vortex the width of the area, going from the clouds deep into the earth.

There was something to do with three D and five D and the transition, as if both dimensions were superimposed and being tacked down.

It drew in much Reiki, but I 'get' that the heart center and psychic opening of the masses is going to result from this storm.

As I watched, and gave Karuna Reiki, a bright yellow light shone up from the bottom of the vortex. It expanded to fill the vortex, with a single lime-green line down the core, or center line of the cylinder. It then transformed to a snowball that was like the sun, glowing and emitting golden yellow Light, the same size and shape as before, but now as clear, crisp, clean yellow.

I also sent the transition symbol to aid anyone left whose time it is to pass on, due to their Life Contract, as a function of this cataclysmic event called Sandy.

Best wishes, Love and Light! Know you are protected, and much Good is going to emerge from all this.


Reiki Doc

Organic Energy Raw

I gave this one an inscrutable title to keep the unseeing with eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear scratching their heads when they are Google-Ing something and this pops up.

Organic food is bought for an energy that you cannot see, but can feel. This Life Force Energy on the islands is called Mana. It is a form of Light that is perceptible to those who have ascended. It can't be measured in the third dimension, otherwise free will would be broken. That is why all the studies that say 'the nutrition is the same in organic as in conventional' are prevalent. Only the awake will 'understand' the Truth: organic is full of Life Force and inflicts much less pain and suffering upon Gaia as it is made in agriculture. There is more balance.

Raw food, therefore, has the most sunlight energy possible in the food of all.

I went to Island Native  Foods store yesterday. I spent thirty dollars on a breakfast at the hotel. I took the continental option that was twenty one dollars but got charged for the meat I did not take. I bought a smoothie, which was nine dollars, but got a six dollar discount for the conference. Not only did I get GMO food but I got ripped off. That is a poor way to start the day.

 Even though there will be food at the sessions, today I am having a fruit I never ate that is sweet but needs lime juice, half a chocolate chip macadamia scone, and brown cow yogurt.

I can smell the coffee in that Mr. Coffee machine. This morning I did something different: I charged the water that I use for making it. That's right. Just like with a glass, but with the coffee pot:
Fill with water
Hold like Karate chop, palms up, between both hands
Imagine Unconditional Love , like for pet or for children, feel it, and send it to water
Water remembers. It will take on this Love Energy, or Light
Make and drink

Do this twice a day with plain water or anything not alcohol and you will raise your vibration up. High vibration means less illness, less sadness, and more fast bouncing back from challenges for you.

Here is a link you might like to have:


Reiki Doc

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ariel, Ali'i and Kapu at the Visitor's Center

Intuition is that quiet voice inside that is your Higher Self trying to talk to you. I am different. I listen ninety percent of the time. This afternoon, following my intuition got me Kamehameha, his cousin Keoua Kuahu'ula, Queen Liliokukalani, King David Kalakaua, and Pele herself, at the visitor center. I met the granddaughter of the last Kahuna at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau. Her name is Ariel, and was born years before the Mermaid in the film was made...

Early November is Ancient Hawaiian New Year. Does that strike a bell? The Peaceful, Goddess worshipping Celtics had their New Year begin at the same time. Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve, is the New Year's Eve for Pagans! And here I am, in Kamehameha land, on the anniversary of the dedication of Pu'ukohola Heiau. Me, a member of the whale family (thanks to Sea World, my pod), at the Temple to the War God Ku on the hill of whales! Human ritual sacrifice was done at this place!

So, I had been in contact with Kamehameha, as medium, since one week before this trip, at home. He was with me at the airport, today at breakfast, and as I went on a random drive, ended up at his Heiau. I saw movies of his childhood, or the offering of gifts ceremony...did you know his real name was Pai'ia? And that his foster father was Nai'ame? And that Kamehameha was seven feet tall? That's like Pau Gasol of the Lakers!

I went to buy a tee shirt to cover my shoulders, for I was in a sleeveless dress and planned to paint scenery. The sales clerk asked me what island I was from? I said I want to live here, but I am from California. Later, I shared about Reiki, and my being Reiki Doc. She had Reiki in her family, too, her husband's cousin is a big name on Oahu. She smiled and said she had picked up my energy, and that is what made her think I was a local. It was the Reiki...

So here I go up to the bench, sharpening pencils and sketching the Heiau...when I get the signal to Divine Peace Heal the temple for all of the human sacrifices. I was pretending to do art, just like I look like I am doing anesthesia, while I heal whatever is at hand. But next I know, Ariel finds me. I had not gotten the fifteen percent discount from membership on my shirts, she had redone the charges, but was missing a signature.

I found out there were bones of Keoua Kuaua'ula were under that Heiau. And that each rock was transported by a human chain over twenty miles, never once dropping it, so it was pure from the sea. And that she was the granddaughter of Abraham who was the last Kahuna. Plus she was the only one on island to make woven bracelet old style. I shared how I had made one at culture day at The Place of Refuge. She promised me one. She also said the Heiau is like King Tut's is like a curse if I or anyone but priest went. Her amakua is shark. But she is afraid of water, and won't swim.

I went back to my Divine Peace Healing. There was a lot of movement, and I helped create Peace. A giant blue column of light came up. There is more.

Remember Cobra's Little Red Pill and Auscwitz? Guess who was advisor to Kamehameha? John Young, a 'lost sailor'. And George Vancouver, the explorer! Masons! Illuminati! There was a comet at Kamehameha's birth--he may have had Archon influence, I don't know.

But I freed the Mauna Lani last night, the illuminati Rockefeller-built resort whose main building is shaped like a Heiau.

Then there was a 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Queen Charlotte Island (remember the horns up and mischief at Point Alberni I wrote about?)

This caused a Tsunami, but fortunately due to the quick work of Lightworkers who sent Reiki and Healing to Hawaii, it was not as bad as the Japan quake Tsunami.

I am bummed cause I can't snorkel, so I take my time and go on a Sunday drive. And end up here.
I opened the soul cage that was built in the form of a Heiau on an important ley line that the masons knew about

Intuition Is Self-Love

The Lotus Flower blooms above the mud and water that it is rooted inl

This whole trip has had a lot of intuition behind it. I have been working with The Universe, ever since the decision to go. The depth of protection and self-love from intuition is remarkable. Here are some examples:

Should I even go?
See blogpost Kohala 7. My 'sign' was a license plate that had energy message with it when I saw it.

How can I get coverage at work?
A colleague who had birthday plans out of town the same week had the vacation relief person booked. Okay, I accept. If I am meant to go, I will go. The next day, his plans fell through, and I got coverage.

Who will run the household when I am gone?
I got a strong feeling to travel alone. Usually I bring family. I sensed need for deep healing. Out of guilt, I procrastinated on the planning. There was conflict with the father. Fortunately his brother was having surgery that same week. Mom stepped in. So did pet sitter. All at last minute.

Are you sure, on packing?
Intuition was very clear: buy four raw energy bars. You will need them. Bring mat for beach.

Fly First Class?
At the time of booking I felt emotionally I would need the support of this first-time ever mode of travel. It was prophetic--doubly so. First the 'friend' I had hoped to connect with on this trip and I had a falling out. He is getting the Sicilian treatment--he doesn't exist to me any more. Second, on the connector was a man who broke my heart and ruined my career in academic medicine, with his new fiancée! I saw them by the gate, turned around, and hid in the massage chair (three minutes for a dollar!). First class got me on the plane before coach, and when they boarded, they saw me first. Back as a professor, I worked part time, and could never have afforded first class. He was glad to see me, and gave me a hug after shaking my hand and introducing me as his old teacher. I taught him how to float a swan (a catheter that goes in the heart during cardiac surgery). He is a cardiac anesthesiologist now, just like me. And it didn't hurt anymore to see him. But I did keep saying, like Bogey, of all the airlines in all the world, he walks into mine...the blog post on Galactic Free Press about healing Deep Trauma, and the concept that we are like apples with worms in them when traumatized. Even though the worms go, there is still the hole. We heal it by backfilling them with self-love. That is mt one task outside of conference this week: backfilling the holes with love.

Avoid the beach?
Upon checking in, I had no desire to walk around, or to dine at the waterfront restaurant . This is rare. I always do that when I check in! Tonight dinner was water, a packet of snack from the plane, and a spiirulina raw bar. But at the golf course after evacuation? Sandwich, chips, fruit all for free!

Although snorkeling is my thing, due to ocean conditions following tsunami, we are to avoid the water until it is safe. For days there are rip currents and undertow that can be fatal.

Now what?
Spirit has plans for me. I don't know for sure yet. But Pele and Kamehameha have made themselves present, and welcomed me when I landed. Stay tuned for more!


Reiki Doc

Hotel Room Energetic Self-Defense

Well, hotels are full of remnants of energy from everything that has taken place there...people die, have arguments, and for many other reasons leave layers upon layers of energy patterns or imprints. Add to that ghosts, and neighbors, and you pretty much need to invoke psychic self defense.

Here is how it is done:

Pellet salt from the water softener, on piece on each side of the door, to absorb negativity.

Then face each wall and make a fourth dimensional grid, putting CKR, SHK, and for good measure, I added H and Z. I did this for the floor and ceiling too. At once my energy felt clearer and calm.

Then for good measure, I placed a heart shaped grid with amethyst and clear quartz on the lanai.

This is good because my mom called. She heard on the news that a 7.7 earthquake hit Queen Charlotte Island in BC, Canada, and now the entire Big Island is on Tsunami watch.

Being above the third floor, I thought I was okay. But the sirens are going off, even now. The hotel evacuated us, and I am at a Golf Course.

I have food but no water, and warm jackets, and this iPad so I can write to you. They do ask, less use of communications, so for now, Reiki Doc will go dark.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hawaiian Healing For You


This is the island of Maui, at sunrise, taken from a boat on the sea. I was whale watching. From November to March, there is a good chance to see Humpback Whales in the area that makes a triangle between Lanai, Big Island's Kohala Coast, and Maui.

When you are whale watching, it is very exciting. I like it when the whales are so close that you can hear their breath as they exhale. The Humpback are very active, and sometimes you can hear them splashing the water with their fins and their tails, sometimes even with a full breech!

There is a lot of 'Mana' in Hawaii. It is a term used to describe 'Hawaiian Life Force'.  Chi and Prana are similar concepts from the far east. A modern day Kahuna, Serge Kahili King, states that we take in Mana with every breath, and we blow out stress and negativity every time we breathe out.
The Mana comes in through our head.

Can you feel the Mana in this photograph? I do. And today, I am infusing it with Reiki on top of the Mana for your healing. There is a lot going on, energy-wise 'out there', and a lot of people are feeling the symptoms of the 'energy upgrades' that are going on at the moment. They feel sleepy, tired, lack motivation, and just not 'right'. Sometimes it can make you feel malaise, like you have the flu. Foot pain is also a sign that the energy is coming in but not 'out' enough to the ground, and is an Ascension Symptom.

Things that can help are hydrating yourself, taking a bath with sea salt in it or going into the sea, fresh air and sunshine (at least ten minutes with no sunscreen), walking barefoot on earth instead of concrete, laying on a towel on the ground in the sun, rest, gentle walking, and focusing on the breath.

It is my hope that looking at this will help, as well.

When in doubt, ask your Angels, Guides and Deceased Loved Ones to assist you in the 'clearing' and the 'upgrade'. And also Archangel Michael can 'cut etheric cords' between you and a situation that is not good for you. Archangel Nathaniel can help you manifest what you want, too.


Reiki Doc

Friday, October 26, 2012

Funeral For a Friend: Day 2

Today I did mediumship with the widows.

Mrs. Snap was not home, so I left a message saying how much I enjoyed meeting her and taking care of Mr. Snap.

The widow of Dennis was at home, with a friend, and another friend was screening calls. I asked if she could leave a message for me, but once the widow heard I was on the line,  the widow reached for the phone.

I had positioned myself outside in the sun. I knew the emotions were going to flow through me. I am an empath as well as a medium. She shared tearfully the events leading to the eventual hypotension and code blue. She was present the entire time of his death.

One of her tearful yet profound comments was her overhearing a 'tall blonde somebody asking somebody if they were going to go to the code', walking past the widow-to-be slumped on the floor next to the wall with a friend supporting her. 'That was MY HUSBAND's code, not THE code! Did she not see me there, slumped on the floor, understanding everything that was going on? That is the one takeaway message from all of this!' (It probably was a medical student on their clerkship, and did not  understand the big picture of it all.)

He had gone to Nordstrom's and bought her a new bottle of her favorite perfume as an anniversary gift. It was on the way to a doctor's appointment that the accident happened. It was on their twentieth anniversary that he passed.

I cut in during her confession of guilt--You know how I am 'different'? You know, right? If I had a message for you from Dennis would you want it?

Immediately, she said, 'yes'.

I explained to her that Dennis had come to me earlier with this message, but I waited for the time that was right. It was what I wrote in Day 1--get this message to my wife. NOW. I am okay. I didn't feel a thing--I had no pain. I will be guiding and protecting you.

I also got new information. A sign. Ask her for any sign she wants.
She was mentioning an anniversary gift that was spinning like crazy, and she wanted to think it was him, but she wasn't sure.
Yes. It is. Of course. He will give any sign that you want, to help you believe. Just think it.

Then, this is the part as a medium that broke my heart. She asked me, 'will you please give a message to him?'
I said of course, but I knew full well that all she had to do was think it or say it, and Dennis would know right away. She just is so in third-dimensional illusion of Duality, that she thinks only I can talk both ways. In truth, the deceased can always 'hear' and 'listen' but it is the 'living' who can't 'hear' what the deceased has to say. A medium usually spends most of their time receiving messages for the family, not the other way around for the deceased.

What surprised me is that she wanted to share with others what I had done for her and for Dennis. I said, 'Charge nurse is okay. I have done this with her mother for her.' We decided that I would be referred to as 'a close friend' and that she could share with whoever she wished, thus keeping my respect professionally and personally intact for those in our circle who are not into 'woo woo' subjects.

That is all for today. Mediumship 107--applied spirituality. There is no lecture or test for this course. Only a reader in this blog format.


Reiki Doc

"Are You My Nurse?"

We are on the brink of a new era in the Healing Arts

This morning in the call room, I was chatting away with the housekeeping lady in Spanish. There were a lot of babies born last night, and she wanted to know how many were girls and were boys. We were talking like old friends, when she stopped. After thinking carefully, she asked me in a whisper, 'Are you a NURSE or something?"

I smiled. Here she was changing the 'Doctor's Sleep Room' sheets and she had no clue about me!
No...I am a doctor.... and I looked her in the eye and kept smiling.

"Wow! All that work, and everything!" she exclaimed.

I laughed inwardly. Many female physicians are mistaken for nurses. I have experienced this all the way through my career. I used to call my mother and complain about it to her. Want to know what she said? She said, 'People think that nurses are pretty and kind. Think of it as a complement!"

I haven't had a problem with it since.

Today, I was watching 'cooking class' at my kid's school. I was in scrubs, because I had been up all night doing epidurals and anesthesia for cesarean sections. Sasha came up to me and asked, 'Are you a hospital lady?'

I said, yes, indeed, I was.

Another girl asked, 'Are you a veterinarian? I thought you worked at my vet's office? (pointing to the scrubs)'

I laughed, and shared that I had wanted to be a veterinarian, but I am terribly allergic to cats, so I take care of people instead.

"Do you help people?"

Then my son piped up, "Help people? She takes care of people who are so sick they are half dead! And last night? She took care of somebody who was having a baby who was not much older than us! Can you imagine that?"

She nodded in agreement. "That is too young."

One the way home I thought about it.

It's my aura.

That is what people are reacting to, when they think I am a nurse. They go by my sex--female--by my profession--healer--and my demeanor--friendly. But it is the aura , the part of me that 'touches' them without saying a word, the one that is so high energy, that makes them come to the conclusion 'nurse'.

Doctors have 'heavy auras'. Wouldn't you agree? They are learned, professional, serious, and very worldly. They drive Mercedes and live in a big house and are rich... My vibration is not 'like' theirs. Not at this time. But I am working on it! I am doing everything I can to wake everybody in Medicine up!

You know, the Vortex I set up in the Doctor's Dining Room is still there! I was wondering at conference yesterday (we have a lecture for CME credits every week)--why everyone was so peaceful and so attentive and why hardly any beepers were going off. It was different! I had forgotten about the Vortex of Light I had opened about three weeks ago. It was when I was in there alone first thing this morning, making my cup of Fog Chaser coffee in the Keurig that I noticed it again, and I KNEW.

Remember, the aura is the key to making changes in medicine. There is no 'defense' against a happy, healthy, energetically vibrant aura. Whether you are the doctor, the nurse, or the patient, in you are in a hospital or office, crank it up! Crank up the energy YOU bring to the healing environment.

It will raise it. It is enough. Remember, when there are new treatments, or new medications, they just slip right in to Medical Practice. It is very rare to 'leave one thing for another across the board', but it often 'just trickles in'. Ask your Angels, Guides, and Deceased Loved Ones to help you make a difference through you no matter where you are in the 'healing paradigm'.  It is hard to stay asleep when someone turns on the light! Shine brightly--wherever you are...


Reiki Doc

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ascension, Diet, and Family Mealtime

Reiki raises the vibration, which leads to healthy choices

'I am a meat eater!' my son boldly exclaimed at the table, hefting a spoon full of taco meat into his mouth with gusto.

I nodded as I put the wasabi on my sushi and lifted it to my mouth. I felt peace. Why? This was the first time I made something for him that I did not partake in myself. I couldn't. I didn't want his favorite, taco meat.

The desire not to eat meat is part of the Ascension Process. For the past six months, I have been experiencing it. But out of simple economics of feeding the family, I have had to 'keep the peace' so to speak, and make what 'everybody wants'. When it would come time to go out to dinner, it would be impossible to agree where to go. I want mexican! one would say. And my stomach would churn at the thought of yet another bean and cheese burrito, with all the fat and all the salt and nothing fresh. Let's go to Souplantation! I would counter back. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't.

Remember you are family first, and everyone's 'Ascension Symptoms' might be at a different 'rate' or 'degree' at the moment
honor your family by making the healthiest choices--grass-fed lean beef, organic free-range chicken, 'happy eggs' that are from hens who are not caged. Add vegetables! Last night was guacamole with onion, garlic, and tomato made fresh by me.

Trust that everyone is on the right path for them
It has been years since my Reiki Master, and it has taken me this long to get where I am. The practice of Reiki naturally raises our vibration, and leads us to make healthier choices. They are imperceptible while they are happening. But when you look back, they are significant. In this order, I got 'sleep', 'diet' and now we are working on 'exercise'--I made a pledge to go 15 minutes a day on the elliptical, no matter what. If you knew my schedule, you would see how packed it is. But now it is time.

Many people responded to a post on Facebook I had made a while back that said, 'Not everyone can go without meat, and that is okay.' This is true for a great amount of the population. There is a reason, I think, that the body has a need for it and it might have to do with the blood type. My mother is Type O, and she does not get 'full' or 'get strength' without 'a nice burger' every now and then. And she is a long-time supporter of PETA. For her health, she has to do what she has to do. I think it is in the DNA. I, on the other hand, a Type A blood, look at meat and can 'take it or leave it'. I remember how disgusting meat felt to me when I was encouraged to eat it as a child. It made me gag. Something in my DNA 'remembered'. Parents being what they are, I learned to eat it. The things that made me gag the worst were eggs, mushrooms, and dark meat on turkey.

That being said, do what is right for you and allow them to do what is right for them
Peace is a very important part of the Ascension Process. I have heard that 'All children are going to ascend, and so are their parents'. That thought gives me comfort. It also makes sense, because their little energetic systems are fresh, pure, clean, and innocent. They are the leaders of tomorrow, I think to myself. They are here to show us 'the Way'. They shall remember...

As a parent, I have noticed tension due to the natural differences in Vibration between all family members. This is to be handled with discretion and Highest Love and Acceptance of everyone's right to choose. Mealtimes are important for the family. They promote bonding, which is something that lasts across many lifetimes! Keep this in perspective. And do your best to follow the needs of YOUR body in preparation for the Ascension Process. Your body knows what to do. Take your 'inner guidance', and do not let peer pressure 'guilt' you into doing anything else.

I cooked tacos for the family and gladly ate my two rolls of sushi.  Everyone got what they wanted, and was happy to eat.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funeral For a Friend: Day 1

This is an open letter to the family, to the survivors, to the widow, from me:

Your loved one appeared to me. Just now. With a request: get this message across to my wife.

That is what I do--I share information across different frequencies to permit people to get 'one last chance with' and 'one last message' from those they loved while they were alive on earth.

Do your thing. Tell her I am okay. Tell her NOW.

I picked up the phone, and thought against it. I know what to say, what the message is, but the discernment as to what is the right time and place for a message to be taken in? That is the art behind mediumship.

What I 'pick up' is that this husband had 'nine lives', and the soul contract was up. He died a month to the day after her birthday (very important for the men, these 'dates') and after their twentieth anniversary (they were supposed to be on a vacation at this time to celebrate). He fulfilled his obligation to the extent that it was permitted within their 'soul contracts'.

The love for her is the same. And I sense a 'protectiveness' and 'willingness to guide her' through the changes that are ahead, but blurry, in the future. In the next six months. Global-scale changes that are going to affect all of us.

If you are a survivor, and have lost a loved one, take comfort in the following information:

  • Everyone has 'exit points' written into their Life Plan. There are about six. When you have 'deja vu' and 'ominous' sensation, you may be near one of those planned exit points in your life experience. It is your choice to take them or not. Until the last one.
  • Special circumstances may permit small extensions to the contract, typically from one to six months.
  • Your deceased loved one takes on a special role of watching you from 'up in Heaven'. They can help you to solve problems and find answers, through your Dream Time and Intuition. 'Coincidences' usually are not random events. They just look that way.
  • It is the 'soul power' of the deceased that permits them to cross the veil to you, whether through a medium or directly. It takes a lot of energy for the recently deceased who were of 'average' spiritual fitness, but it 'gets better for them' with time.
  • Coming to you is 'uncomfortable' for them, in that your vibration is 'different from' and 'lower' than theirs. Try to raise YOUR vibration as much as possible to 'bridge the gap' and 'make it easy for them'. This works for guides and angelic contact as well.
  • If you have a 'hunch' something was from them, be it a fragrance, or a reminder, or a flower, it probably is from them.
  • Your crying over them only drags them down. Cry enough to heal, but try to focus on happy thoughts of your loved one. GRATITUDE is the BEST way to energize them so that they can keep up contact with you.
Loved ones who are experiencing 'Lives Between Lives' have a schedule or sorts, and an 'occupation' or 'task'. They can come at a moments' notice, but generally do not 'hang around' after the funeral.

It is our experience that our Deceased Loved Ones are awarded a 'vacation' of sorts, and for about a week tend to 'hang out with the family' every year. Look forward to it!

The veil is much thinner in October, especially for Samhain (All Hallow's or Halloween) and All Soul's Day. If you are going to experience contact with a loved one who has passed, the time for it is right now.

Reiki practitioners have 'opened up' psychically. One of the things psychic development instructors encourage their students to do early on, it to take a Reiki Course. It just helps 'open' and 'awaken' the student to their own extrasensory perception.

Soon, all of us are going to be 'awake', Reiki or not, with Ascension. But for now, for fun, and for your personal growth, even if you are NOT interested in becoming a healer, you might want to try taking Reiki 1 at a reputable center near you, just for the jump-start on your personal psychic development.


Reiki Doc

Funeral For a Friend: Day 0

Monday night I made pasta and meatballs, the favorite, of my boy. While putting the leftovers away, I felt the overwhelming urge to pack an extra lunch of it for a coworker, Zucchero. She calls me Shaynamadel, a Yiddish endearment, and I call her an Italian one. It means 'sugar'.  This is my signal that someone I care about is close to dying and making the 'transition'. 

Even though I get those 'signals', ninety percent of the time, I dismiss them.

See the part in the blurb about the 'husband nurse who made his wife, who is also a nurse, take one pain pill because he could not believe that she had no pain after gallbladder surgery?'--over there, to the sidebar on the right, in the 'About Me' section? He was in a motorcycle accident Monday afternoon. A car turned in front of him and never saw him. Blunt, multiple trauma. And taken, ironically, to the Trauma Center where I worked with him in the O.R. since my intern year.

Dennis is a survivor of two heart transplants. I had been in a holding pattern since getting the 'group text message' from Zucchero yesterday morning that said, 'wait for more information on his condition'.

On my way to work this morning, I had two 'signs'. Number one, as I was thinking about duality, and how there was not much time left in it, I pondered how there was not much time left 'for making dreams come true'. I had read somewhere that we won't be doing stuff like that any more when we ascend. I haven't any dreams lately...I thought to myself, at a loss. My dreaming function is kind of dead. (After 'no man' and 'no baby with someone who loves you' I kind of gave up on my dreams. I want to Ascend solo. Seriously. No more heartache for me.). I thought about it in a clinical, unemotional way, like I would if I noticed something going on medically with my body...

Instantly I felt a strong hug from Blessed Mother, she held me tight, and promised me that good things are in my Path. I also saw the words on the cab of a truck, that said, 'God is good.'

Okay, I thought. At least I am on time today at work. Funny how five minutes makes a big deal anyways.

As I got my drug box out for the day, the Charge Nurse said, 'I have to talk to you about something.'
"Dennis died."

Instantly, tears struck. I put my head on her shoulder, and cried great big sobs!
Was it the neck? (he may have had a cervical spine injury)
'No. The injuries were just too much for him.'
I KNEW he was ready to go, but just hadn't figured a way out--he loved his wife so much. He was ready to go months ago, before the retirement party. I did Reiki on him, and I sent him the Transition symbol to help...
I looked her in the eye, for she had been crying too, It is not easy KNOWING like this. It hurts just the same. I tried to say things to comfort Zucchero...I tried to help! And even though I will be 'talking' to him, it is not the same. There are no hugs, not like this, that 'feel right' any more...
She looked at me, trying to comprehend what I was sharing as a medium facing death in the family of the O.R. (I worked with him at my old job, with the wife in my new. She worked on me for my surgery. I bear a scar she closed above my belly button. It is perfectly straight and a simple line.)
He drove me home from the hospital when I had my surgery! I am going to miss him! Poor Zucchero! What are we going to do?

And then, it was time to go to work. Everyone was in shock. One R.N. was 'barely keeping it together' outside of Pre Op Holding.

Even the neurosurgeon asked, 'What is up with Charles today? Usually he is so lively?' (Charles was the scrub tech).
I told him the news about Dennis.
The neurosurgeon said, 'I told him not to ride a motorcycle. It is okay to ride when we are young. But as we get older, our reactions times are slower. He did not listen. I am sad.'
He went on, 'I knew Dennis from 1989. I worked closely with him then. This is a terrible tragedy. I will call his wife.'

I felt Dennis once in the O.R this morning. I heard his voice, loud and clear. But then he waited for me to be done taking care of patients. I had a short day. I came home. I took a twenty minute nap.

'It's okay, honey. It's okay. It's okay.' he said. And I got the inspiration to go out in the sun, on a blanket, like I enjoy with the turtle my pet. To eat a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the kind he missed so much once the aniti-rejection drugs for immunosuppression gave him diabetes. He told me to go after I write this. I am hungry. I will go.

The O.R. team is a family. We mourn like any family does over the loss of 'our own'. 


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ascension, Respect, and I Care About You

The Director of the Breast Center at my place of work asked to look at my website today. The Nurse Educator for the Operating Room is interested in Doctors With Reiki, and signed up to take a Reiki 1 class. I have two surgical technicians, or 'scrub techs', and their significant others signed up to take the course too.

We are at a tipping point in the medical community. And as I said to the Nurse Educator, change needs to be from within, without management's being aware of it. It must be solely for the benefit of the patient and it must be kept out of the hands of the 'bean counters', who will find some way to make it highly MBA'd and destroy it completely.

Do you think that this is any accident? Any 'sign' of the times, of what is to be? On the contrary. I have been working hard for many months and years bringing my vibration up, learning as I go, being open to Spiritual Direction, and praying for my place of work.

Every day, I send healing to YOU, to MY WORK, and to my places on Gaia that are in need of HEALING. My 'lists' that I send healing to are 'cross-linked' to five other major-healer's lists. We all pray for each other's lists. Does it take all day? No. It does not take any longer than it would if I was healing one person. It all has to do with the intent.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because there are many different people in many various stages of 'waking up'.

Because of this, we need to talk about it.

In martial art, my son says the following: respect for parents, respect for master teacher, respect for teacher, respect for teaching being taught, respect for school.

Look up at the Dalai Lama. You have respect for him, do you not? If I ask, would you think that he has respect for you? Without a doubt, he does, doesn't he? And isn't he one of the most spiritually 'awake' humans to walk the planet?

Under him, there are many levels of 'spirituality'. And just like driving, where everyone likes to think they are 'above average drivers', I suspect a great many of us convince ourselves that we are 'above average spiritualists' too. But we are not.

In this blog, I can attest, that some of the people here are a lot closer to the Dalai Lama than they might think: some are Earth Angels and don't know it. Some are Star Seeds, Some are Indigo Children, some are Rainbow Children, and some are Crystal Children. There are mediums, scientists...people from all walks of life from all over Earth! All of them have to have significant 'above average vibration' to even follow these words! Any lower vibration would be turned 'off' and want to run away!

I have access to information where this blog is being  read--there are stats I get to see as a blogger--the top is the US, but also Russia is number two. Then there is Australia, Canada, and places as far as New Zealand! The one thing that unifies us is our interest in healing and a desire to do better for our patients in the field of Conventional Medicine by bringing the healing of Energy Medicine (I call it Reiki) into patient care.  As part of the care. Not as unpaid volunteers working on the dying. That is a good start, but there is so much more to Reiki in Hospitals than this! And all people doing Reiki should have compensation enough to support themselves. As an anesthesiologist, I support myself with that profession. But as a healer, and a conscientious anesthesiologist, I have discovered a new tool that is highly effective in my hands at improving patient outcomes. Anesthesia itself was discovered as a 'parlor trick' that 'took off' when someone watching saw someone 'under the influence' whack their leg on a table really hard enough to draw blood and just kept dancing.

Anesthesia was born by people paying attention to something new, making connections, and inventing a specialty. So it is right now with me and with you.  On this page! Isn't that exciting?

Knowledge of Vibration
When I had an interaction with entities of a Higher Vibration, I was humiliated. Not by them. By Truth. There is One Truth, whether you believe in it or not. And when I mentally 'offered' milk and cookies, they looked at me like I was really a country bumpkin. Not that they were offended. It was just so 'backwards' from their norm, that it was a stretch between both of us on the interaction. And the Truth hit me 'smack in the face', as I discovered it! And it hurt! Animal products in the milk and cookies are so barbaric to them at their level! They tried their best to 'make it up to me' by offering for all of us to have caramel apples, my favorite, but seriously, a lot of Diplomacy is going to have to be involved in our 'getting up to the next level' in our early interactions with anything of Higher Intelligence. And Higher Intelligence or Higher Consciousness is what this Ascension thing is all about.

People who are good-hearted, well-meaning, and honest-living who have no CLUE about Ascension are going to Ascend. Why? BECAUSE THEIR VIBRATION IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE ASCENSION PROCESS. A whole BATCH of ones right now are 'waking up', people who are going to play an important role, but now is their Time to 'wake up' . A whole bunch of people like me woke up in the early nineties.

Here is an example of what you need to know about how people interact at different Vibration:

The scrub tech I had mentioned gave this story--a woman was talking about voting for Romney. This tech does not vote. But he said, 'Romney was a draft dodger. He has five sons who are not enlisted. There is an economic draft going on. A regular draft is one law away. We have been in the longest wars this country has ever been involved with in Afghanistan and Iraq. And he  is rattling the swords about getting into war. You have a son, who is the right age to be drafted while he is in office. Are you sure you want to vote for this guy?'
And then he had her for a second. She thought about it. She agreed, it was a good point.
But then she paused.
And she started talking about why Romney would make her life better and why she was going to vote for him anyway.

Here is the pattern I see:
Interaction with someone with a Higher Vibration than You:
They will be loving toward you.

Interaction with someone with the Same Vibration as You:
Mutual respect and honesty, as well as genuine appreciation will foster a warmth between you.

Interaction with someone with a Lower Vibration than You:
Their 'comfort zone' is tightly related to their vibration. Do not try to make it budge. It is their free will. It is their sum total of their Karma. They truly can not understand anything on a higher consciousness than where they are at. They will either laugh at, ridicule, call crazy, or reject YOU.
Just take it as a sign from the Universe of 'where you are at' and send them off to 'progress at their own rate and their own time'.  And send Love to them.

Love is something everyone can understand. In summary, I will submit this, what
I saw this posted on the nursing bulletin board in PACU's break area:

"In every human interaction, we communicate one of these statements:

  1.  Go away, my world would be better without you.
  2. You are an object, a task to be done, you mean nothing to me.
  3. You are a person of worth, I care about you.
(Fowler, 2008, p.6)"

The vibrational difference is clear, isn't it? In a word, it means Respect. Please, whether you agree with them, or not, try to show Respect to all that you meet.  I was not respected in my interaction with a Lightworker I thought was more advanced than me, and I wanted so much to have a friend and to share on a heart-to-heart level. This person shunned me, and eventually told me 'never to follow them again'. This was miscommunication, two missed emails, taken badly, and no amount of explaining could repair the damage, no matter how hard I tried to extend my hand in friendship.  Following the advice of Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four Agreements, I did not take it personally. What I did see, is that there is a significant population in the Lightworker Community whose use of the term 'Love' does not carry with it the Vibration of 'Love'.  Fortunately, Spirit sent me another friend, this one twice as far to the East as that one to the West, at the recommendation of Her Guides.  This friendship means so much to me, as also does yours, gentle readers, for your presence and support of this work. 

Remember, you are safe here. You are valued. And I hope you can feel the vibration in my words, 'you are LOVED'.


Reiki Doc

Mediumship with Mr. Snap

I am writing to you tonight because I want to talk to you about all your messages. They are beautiful, and I want to add to them with my own message for the populace and the Galactic Free Press.

I am with you.
I am on your side.
I fought the fight for the right with a career in the military, and I saw FIRST HAND (gestures to his eyes) HOW VERY MESSED UP IT WAS.
I am no Cobra, and not the Drake. But I am empowered in spirit. When I met you I saw 'one who is concerned, one who really cares about others, and I am very ill--the death and dying kind of sick.' I knew that in an instant when I went through your aura at the front desk when I rolled in for you to take me to the Operating Room, or OR as you call it.

(strokes my hair and looks me in the eyes)
Everything happens for the best. That goes for me (taps his chest), that goes for you (gestures), and for all 'the happy listeners' (readers--gesturing with a sweeping motion from left to right). Everything happens for the Justice and the pleasure on High, on the Galactic Central Sun or God as you call it.

I saw them (the extraterrestrials) three times down at headquarters, walking around like the movie Men In Black. I wasn't supposed to say anything. Not to them. Not to you. I had high clearance. But I will say it, the were SMART. Smarter than a lot of those you will ever meet, and I hear it that 'those are just average'. And for all of your intelligence (points to head), there is nothing to compare to the wisdom of the heart. THAT is what they were lacking. That was the greys, the reptilians and I wanted to run away, but I knew they could read my mind so I would control what I'd be thinking when I was around them. I'd always have a pretty girl who was not my wife (in order to protect her) and I'd be banging them and pleasuring 'it'. Just like when you are 'pumping away, your mind is blank' and so I went to there the entire time in my head whenever  I was with them so they could have nothing on me. I was smart! Very wise!

I got out of the service, I retired, and I had a very good life.

I saw how hard you worked on me. I'm sorry. It took a lot of your life force out of you to intubate me. I am sorry there was so much radiation to my face for that back of tongue lesion. I had no idea it frankly was that dangerous. Next time say no outright, 'you are crazy to book that case!' and then go home and rest. I would have died no matter what, and it would have been a lot less expensive. Call my wife when you have the time. Say 'I'm sorry you lost Mr. Snap' and let her do the rest. After about five minutes say, 'I have to go, duty calls!'. That's what always worked for me.

Mr. Snap

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ascension Signs I See Both Within Myself and Others

I am starting to see signs of Ascension around me besides in the O.R. There is a widespread lovingkindness that is growing in myself, and seen in others as I interact with them. Here are some examples:

  • The owner of the pet store that I shop at gave me at ten percent discount because I am a good customer.
  • The server at the teppanyaki (Benihana-style) restaurant we go to accepted my buy-one-get-one-free coupon that expired September 30.  (I keep one in my wallet, always, but forgot to update)
  • The hostess at the tea house who had said it was a ninety-minute wait, moved us up when she saw that our friend's boy was special needs, and had trouble walking.
  • I haven't heard the Drama 101 Neighbors since I gave them Reiki Energy during their last argument on wednesday.
  • There have been no loud parties or people yelling at sports on the television either; quiet weekends are a rare event.

The more noticeable signs have been changes in myself:
  • On Thursday, mental clarity 'opened' at work--I could see 'wasted steps' in my anesthesia care, and quickly found ways to increase efficiency by removing unnecessary steps. The face mask, I put on my anesthesia machine, is just fine on the pillow next to the head. It saves two steps by not putting it on the machine and then back on the pillow during the case.
  • The loneliness went away.  Since age four, I have longed for 'someone like me'. I remember that day in High School where I realized no boy would ever be a 'good match' for me: I was different. Not just smart, cute, and athletic, but deeply spiritual beyond my teenage years. I was an 'old soul', and there just weren't many of them around.
  • I have no interest in the newspaper beyond using it to line my birdcage.
  • I realized that Disney Channel is full of triggers for alters. It just 'hit' me.
  • At the teppanyaki place, when the meat went on the grill, I felt revulsion for it, for the first time.
  • Tonight I ate wok'ed vegetables. I made frozen chicken nuggets (organic, whole grain) for my son, but I couldn't even muster a bite. The desire to avoid meat is that strong now, and is new.
  • A sense of the poignance of moments in everyday life that fill me with joy, for example, playing with the 'little green army men' with my children, and feeling like such a girl because I have no clue how to play with them. I felt lucky to have their trust and have a chance to see how they play.
  • Instead of 'automatic no' I am stepping back and saying 'yes'
  • Connection to Spirit is Wide Open: two deceased communicated with me, I saw three ascended masters off and on throughout the day, and I opened a vortex over Mission San Juan Capistrano while taking visitors there today. Why? To bring in the Light and rid it of any historical Darkness. I saw a big blue light come up from the earth and go up to the sky. It was beautiful.
  • There are times recently, off and on, that I feel waves of tingles, or 'downloads'.
  • I have no desire whatsoever to 'connect' with some websites I used to 'follow' for 'alternative news'. What's done is done. I am ready. I don't need to know how or what or when. All I like now are the original sources: pleadiandolphininfo, Mike Quinsey (Salusa), Sheldan Nidle, Montague Keen, and Matthew's Messages. And this is only when it resonates, especially if I am to share it with you. 
  • My vibration feels 'right', 'normal' and 'like is should be'. This is new.
  • I feel less of a 'need' or 'desire' to 'hide who I am'. I am 'coming out' as Reiki Doc in my private life and professional life in a big way, in 'little bits' here and there, consistently.
  • I feel like those horrible technologies that have been used against us (making us apathetic, confused, confrontational) are being 'switched off' one by one. It is hard to describe, but I would liken it to going scuba diving and dropping weights off the belt one at a time, and feeling more 'up'.
  • The push to write is less urgent. However, the confidence to teach others how to find their own path, and of course, the enthusiasm to be their loudest cheerleader is gaining strength by leaps and bounds.
  • I look at the rising gas prices and somehow know it isn't going to be like that for much longer.
I hope you have the best 'rising up' all the way around you and within you. If you are noticing subtle changes as we increase our Light and accelerate forward into the higher Dimensions, would you minds sharing in the comments section? I know it is hard to do the 'verification thingy', but I have a sense your findings will be of use to others.

Take care and Blessings,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Different Clock

Today I was talking with a scrub tech who is a parent, about my wanting to make it to one of the kid's martial arts 'graduation-belt' ceremony tonight, and how challenging it was to be able to get away from work.

'Well, you are on a different clock.' He said.

Those words resonated with me to my core. I wrote them down, so I would remember them.

All of us in the helping services, medicine, firefighters, police, military...and I admit I am probably forgetting some of them as I write the list; I am sorry about that. All of us in service are 'on a different clock'.  We are NOT on the 'nine to five, working for a living, barely getting by, it's all taking and no giving it's a rich man's game and they barely give us credit it's enough to drive you crazy if you let it!' path. We are on the '24/7' availability.

Why the two time frames? Why the two clocks? Who MADE those clocks?

Might that Dolly Parton song from the movie, 9 to 5, be telling us the truth? That someone made up this life and the schedules and the need to work to live? No creature besides man on earth has to 'pay rent' or 'pay taxes'--isn't that odd to you?

It is never too late to wake up.

Here is what I pulled up while looking for the original YouTube video that has been asked to 'go viral'. I will present it in a while. It is about opening new portals and this time you are invited to help. The date of this 'event' to trigger 'An Event' is Sunday, October 21, 2012. (I will attach a link to the time zones that also has a transcript of the video).

For those of you who have done your homework, and have taken Cobra's Little Red Pill, and are into conspiracy theories, what do you think of this historical footage of the Making of Israel?

I know what comes to mind for me.

Now here is a speech that was written in the 1960's, but was made into a 'Big Mouth Bass' style video that was professionally made (excellent graphics and sound quality with music) in 2007.

How does this make you feel? Any MORE patriotic? It reinforces the impression the Spielberg one has for me. Especially since this on seem so 'slick' and clearly behavior-reinforcing motivation. It came out during the 'Hope and Change' campaign times, didn't it?

Next is the Day of Decision video that has been asked by the Galactic-woo-woo people to 'Go Viral'. (I know, right. The 'I know who my Galactic Family is. Do you?'--please make it go viral thing last month kind of lost steam, didn't it?)

It seems to be from a different producer, doesn't it? Before you get all emotional and start popping the corks on the champagne for the Extraterrestrials and Disclosure, take a look at this:

Here you have a link to the YouTube (immediately above), the Time Zones (for me in L.A. it is 18:30), AND the Transcript. Analyze it. Check and double-check to see if that resonates with you. (Note: this is from a woman who channels Archangel Michael. You can see her face and hear her voice directly in her video on YouTube of this, too. Search 'Day of Decision'.)

The cold hard  fact of the matter is:
  1. 144,000 or something people are necessary to add their Light to this 'thrust of the Invisible Battle' on the etheric plane. 
  2. Free will is where it is at, baby. YOU decide what you want to do with your 'piece of me'.
  3. Doing so has the potential to manifest some temporary but 'illusion-like-real' resistance in your life, from the psychic/energetic plane or the physical one, that is generated by the Dark Hats.
  4. You shall require mental concentration and ornery stubbornness like a mule to 'get your way' in SPITE of this resistance.
  5. You shall have the satisfaction of KNOWING that you helped open a really big portal.
There is technology out there, at the hands of the Illuminati, long range radio wave type of advanced physics things, that can 'mess with you'--making conflict, making apathy, making confusion, making delay, making hunger, making fear--you name it. They are going to counter some of the Light's efforts.

Are the 'Seraphim' Big Guns enough to do the 'battle' for us in the war we cannot see? Is this whole plan for real? I don't know for sure. But I think it would be fun to participate, having set my goal for 'woo woo' a long time past. 

Only YOU know your Truth. And only YOU are right to live it. My responsibility is to present the information as accurately as I pick it up for you. I think that the order of these three video clips pretty much reinforces it for me.

Enjoy, and happy 'debating'!


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Write for You

It feels good.  And I love it! This blog is what I would have liked to have while I was Newly Awakening. Think of each post as a marker on the trail in the mountains. Some markers point to the geology, some to Nature, some to the elevation, some to the distance to hike to some Lake or something. Some are 'this makes a pretty photograph' markers too! Creating this is something I enjoy very much. And especially it is pleasing to create a database through the 'search' feature as a resource for you. Where else can 'awakening' health care workers and the public 'go' for information that is like this? You are safe here, and welcome, to this healing site.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. But by grade school I was enchanted with Mark Twain, and his stories of life as a River Boat Captain. It gave his stories color and flavor, all of his life experience that he 'downloaded' into his work. I always wanted to be like him, and as my career reached a certain point, I wanted to start to work again on my passion, which is to write.

I have kept journals for ages and won awards for my writing all through high school. I wondered at the time about the fit with my skills in liberal arts, frankly, WHY they were there?, because I knew I wanted to be a scientist and ultimately, a doctor. Now I understand. They were developed back then for use NOW.

Writing is somewhat like painting for me. I thoroughly enjoy it. I am not technically skilled at painting, but I feel 'electricity' when I apply the brush to the canvas. As far as college classes went, my technical writing was not direct enough, my history T.A.'s didn't like my papers, and I never took English because I tested out through Advanced Placement in high school. Just Engineering coursework for me! And lots of it! In medical school I researched and wrote a paper on 'The History and Theory of Homosexuality' for my psych clerkship. I wanted to come up with answers for a devout Christian friend of mine who was devastated by her son's 'coming out'. I also wanted to come up with answers because a patient of mine, on that rotation, thought he 'caught the gay-ness from the obstetrician who delivered him who was gay'. I helped him 'come out' at age fifty after many years of sublimating his sexuality into his hobby, drawing plants and going in nature to classify them. His joy at being allowed to be who he 'is' made me want to find answers for him that were better than who spanked him to take his first breath! Medicine had to have an answer in all of that! Well, it didn't, at the time, but I got the most popular theories into the paper and sent my friend a copy. The article also was favorably received and submitted for publication in the department journal. Whether it made it or not, I don't recall. I do anesthesia, not psychiatry, but I go back on what I learned on that rotation every day!

I also have written extensive poetry, some of it published, but not in a book or anything. I used to carry a notebook with me wherever I would go for 'when inspiration would strike'. Poetry is something that flows out of your soul. So is creative writing. I found a kindred spirit in medical school, and we used to encourage each other with sayings like, 'write! write!' and setting ten minute limits to make sure we wrote each day, no matter what. I started to write a story, and it was almost as if it wrote itself! Now that was exciting!

In my thoughts through the day, I am always 'writing'. I am looking like a detective for 'what Spirit is trying to teach me today'. I make 'connections'. I get excited like a kid when I get the time to come to my computer and write for you. The time flies, but it doesn't seem like I worked at it very much at all.

That is the clue that you are on your Life Purpose--when you enjoy doing something so much you would do it for free.

I wish you fun on your Path, and discovering YOUR Life Purpose with all of its passion, in the near future. Just walk toward it. It will find you. (And taking Reiki Classes can speed it up--like taking the escalator).


Reiki Doc

KV and the Mexican Standoff

Kona Village is a resort that is in an old fishing village on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii. I went there one time before the Tsunami of 3/11 swept much of it away. This resort was a favorite of Steve Jobs. He had vacation there every year.

Kona Village is an all-expenses paid establishment. You are greeted with a Mai Tai by 'Auntie' who is a hostess and general contact person for the resort. You are told to park your car in the lot, which is kind of 'hidden' by very tall fencing of bamboo. At this point, 'Uncle' takes you, your luggage, and your family in a golf cart to your 'Hale' or 'house'. Our Hale was M6, short for Maori, and was built in classic Maori style. We had a view of the oceanfront hales, could hear the ocean, and had a'a lava flows to the back. There were palm trees and tropical bushes all around.

There was no cell phone, television, or telephone allowed in Kona Village.

All the roads were dirt roads.

The Shack had all the activities you could want to do, and they were for free. We would kayak, turn around and snorkel, and just play in the sand near (but not touching) the Honu-turtles.

Meals were at specific times. They took reservations, but you did not need them. The fancy restaurant Samoa needed them, and I never went. But it was oceanfront dining, out in the breeze, and all you had to pay for at the end was tips, and alcohol.

Activities such as Paniolo night were planned, with a barbecue and music that was 'country' style.

When my son got cut badly on the a'a, it was Uncle Jim who tended to his wound, right away, and told me how to get to the Emergency Room in Kona.

In Kona Village, it is family. No matter how famous, or not-so-famous, you are treated for who you are. The staff are that amazing. There was an actor there celebrating his tenth anniversary, and our kids played together.

The rooms were clean, but not fancy, and you wrote notes on the clipboard to ask the maid for more sodas to be put in the fridge.

There were no locks on the doors. It was that safe.

They have the only luau where the state department allows the pig to be cooked in a genuine imu oven. I spoke with chef as they uncovered it. I saw the thermometer in the meat.

All of this paradise is available for $750 a night.

Well, what if you can't afford $750 a night? Does that mean the Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson's for you?

It might. That depends on your Vibration.

Currently, there is a Mexican Standoff with both parties pointing guns at each other, not trusting the other to drop their gun first. It is between the Rich and the Poor in the Unites States. And it is being displayed in the Presidential Election. The Rich don't want their money taken. And the Poor don't want their subsidies and support cut. People are voting their wallets under the thin disguise of 'politics'.

Has anyone voted for the common good? I did. In 2008. I voted for Obama because I did not want riots, or further, for the African Americans to be crushed in Spirit. Did I stand to lose by his being elected? Yes. And the tax cuts are due to expire soon, and I will pay enough money to finance a small country by then.

It is time to ask yourselves, how much money do you NEED?

Seriously. Not 'to be rich', not 'to keep up with the Joneses', which is fed by advertising in our culture. But how much do you need to enjoy life?

At Kona Village, you could shop at the gift store. That was extra. You could buy from a vendor selling something that they made out at a table. That was extra too. But for your basic needs of fun and for vacation, everything was included.

What is stopping us from having Kona Village throughout the world today? The Mexican Standoff. The Gimme as perceived by the rich. The fear of 'not having enough'. What if there was a 'switch' that changed 'The Gimme' to 'The Give You'?

Rich people, wouldn't you feel better at night knowing that nobody was so poor they had to die of a tooth infection, and waste millions of dollars in intensive care in the process of doing so? Wouldn't you like to have them go to the dentist when the tooth hurt in the first place? It would be cost effective. I think if you had a guarantee that no one would be allowed to abuse the system, wouldn't you take it?

Poor people, you know who you are--I was raised in a bad part of town--how do you feel when you find someone worse off than you and help them out? Doesn't that make you feel 'rich'? I do when I share my clothing and household items with the women's shelter nearby. We get to enjoy them both.

Now my mother, she can't stand the Obamas. She says, 'can you believe she is talking like she scrubbed floors and cleaned toilets as she worked growing up? That's not what the neighbor said.' I can't get 'into' either one of the 'opponents' myself. I see the person who is holding the puppet strings over their heads, and I don't want to mess with that.

Your choice is respected. I have no plan to share who I am voting for this time. But, you have to ask, 'am I voting for what is best for me' (The Gimme) or  'am I voting for what is best for the whole (The Give You)'? This concept deserves some thought. I suspect when our level of Consciousness rises so that the answer to this question is clear, we shall change to a Kona Village-type society, where money is obsolete, and Love is the Universal Law. That is when we are going to see ourselves some extraterrestrials.

Sometimes I wonder if the ET's are not in a 'standoff' of sorts with us, waiting for us to clear ourselves of our harmful thought patterns and habits that would be toxic to them because they are so low in Vibration? With us thinking 'they will hurt us' when in fact like the europeans going to america, with their diseases, that we are most likely to hurt them?


Reiki Doc

Invasive Monitoring, Reiki, and Ascension

Have you ever heard of 'an arterial line'? Have you ever watched on go in? Has anyone ever placed one in you? If you have, you are knowledgeable about one of the technically most difficult things there is in medicine to do.

Anesthesiologists are known for their skills. In pre-op I have had Respiratory Technicians ask me to draw the blood gas for them that they keep trying and can't get.  RT's are good at ABG's, too!

So what is an 'a-line' anyway? Invasive arterial monitoring is the placement of a cannula (small i.v.-size tube) directly into the radial or brachial or femoral artery. Indications for this are anticipated rapid swings in blood pressure that would be too fast for a blood pressure cuff cycling every three minutes to track, one-lung ventilation, extubation criteria (frequent blood gases), and massive fluid shifts. Going from the artery to the patient, you would see the cannula, tubing, dressing over both prior items at the wrist, a three-way stopcock in the line, more pressurized tubing, a transducer, and tubing connecting it to a 500 cc bag of saline (that could be heparinized) in a pressure bag (a cloth bag with a bladder/balloon in it that is pumped up with air and squeezes the i.v. bag). The pressure bag is required because otherwise blood would back up from the patient into the bag. Also coming from the transducer is a wire and a plug that connects to the cable on the monitor, allowing you to see a pulsatile red waveform that is the pressure wave from the artery itself. This is useless information unless the transducer is 'calibrated' or 'zeroed'--that is, opened to air, and allowed to make this value 'zero'. Then this invasive monitor is the best we have to show blood pressure. Coming off cardiac bypass, there is a ten mmHg difference between the central cannulation sites (brachial, femoral) and the wrist, with the wrist being lower. This is how accurate we are with this monitoring technique. We know in that situation to 'add ten' and know the pressure is accurate.

Placing an art-line or a-line takes a tremendous amount of concentration, and experience. The position of the hand and the arm affect the likelihood of 'getting in' to the vessel. We tape everything in place, putting a little roll of a surgical towel under the wrist for support. With everything sterile, we put our fingers on the pulse and advance the needle, looking for a flash. Many times we opt for a technique called 'through and through' where you deliberately go through the other side of the vessel, slowly pull back until blood pulses out the hub, and thread a wire 'upstream' into the vessel, and have the catheter advance over the wire and into the correct place. The wire is removed and the cannula is connected to the tubing. As a cardiac anesthesiologist that works with people who are fully heparinized (anticoagulated for bypass), through and through does not give as accurate a reading as the 'direct iv insertion' technique. For this, at the flash, you drop the angle of the needle, advance it one millimeter, and slide the catheter directly in. Then you have one hole in the artery, instead of two because you never went 'through the back wall' .

If this hasn't bored you to tears yet, perhaps you can sense that there is a certain 'Zen' to the placement of life-saving, invasive arterial monitoring. It is experiential--you have to see one, do one, teach one--over the course of many tries to 'figure it out' And what works for you (towel roll under the wrist) might not work for another (the specially designed arm board to tape the arm in place might work best for them).

Wake up Reiki practitioners! Reiki is 'experiential', is it not? Intuition is a guide, and treatment 'goes where it is guided to go' and your hands will naturally drift to 'what feels right'. Again, we have 'see one, do one, teach one' process of learning Reiki. Even more, one has to develop their own discernment or reiki dictionary in the scanning of 'imbalance or disease'. For some, it feels 'hot', for me it feels 'sunken', for others, it feels 'cold'. If I concentrate, I can almost 'see' it with my mind's eye, and together, the impression from my hands and my third eye and my intuition, lets me know what to do.

What does this have to do with Ascension? You are going to have to trust your own instincts.
What may be 'the veil lifted for you' may not be the same for anybody else. And in trying to talk about your experiences, you might put them on the 'defense' for you are 'taking away an attachment' that is important to them. 

Here is an example: The Presidential Debates. To me, they are Hollywood, sheer 'distract the masses slight of hand' that is directed at the level of Consciousness of those who believe that the entire political system is legit. When I am asked in the Doctor's Lounge about my views, I state them, in guarded terms. And I almost always get agreement with 'I can't trust any politician any more--they are looking out after their own interests, and not mine'. But then, after a pause, the questioner goes back to their 'belief' and says 'so and so will make your life better' or 'they will bring in a whole new group in power', etc. I just sit, and keep everything I know to myself. Their veil covers 'so much' and I cannot lift it without causing them great spiritual and psychological discomfort.

In 'primitive' tribal cultures, the shaman is selected from early youth, and often forced to spend significant time in sensory deprivation. This is where the ability to 'connect to spirit' is formed, and it is strengthened. The ability to decide for yourself 'what is going on', or 'discernment' is found by 'resonance' in the heart center, and is your gauge of 'truth' in the Ascension Process.

Everybody's experience of Ascension is going to be 'different'. Just like everybody's experience of 'moving up to Karuna Reiki' and the 'multidimensional' symptoms. There are some common themes, distortion of time, of distance (people go to pour into a glass and miss the glass and spill), and other perceptual 'strangeness'. But it all 'settles out' as one is accustomed to this new energy.

As we progress towards the final months of 2012, the websites are in a frenzy over 'what is up'. There are the UFO websites, the 'conspiracy theory' websites, the 'galactic' websites, and the 'homespun' websites. One of the tools of the Illuminati is an electromagnetic wave of sorts that creates confusion and misunderstanding between people. One of their tactics is to 'disperse' and 'render powerless' a movement, such as the "Occupy" movement from last year. There are Disinformation Specialists who are PAID to put that kind of 'crap' on what formerly were 'pure' websites. And some 'bloggers' are getting 'disinformation' sent directly to them telepathically, by the not-so-nice entities in the etheric realms where the real 'invisible battle' is taking place. The 'blogger' picks it up, trusts it as their 'own intuition' and puts it online.

The bullshit detector for all of this is the question 'who do you serve?'. Are they getting money? Notariety? Fame? Are they serving their Sixties Hippy Fantasy of a Psychedelic Life?  In partnership with that bullshit detector is the 'baloney meter'--can you feel the LOVE?  Imagine you are next to Mother Teresa. It is a no-brainer. You just KNOW. You 'get it'. There is no 'thinking' or 'believing' involved. You just know.

As Reiki practitioners we are uniquely advantaged in having experienced the 'attunement' process and 'cleanse' already. In a way, we have 'baby steps of Ascension' under our belt. Our vibration heart-to-heart communication is the only thing that can be understood 100% of the time. Therefore, the statement 'Love is the Solution For Everything' is the best armor you can put on as the Ascension process advances in Time. Lower dimension people are going to get even lower, and Higher dimension people are going to 'rise like cream'. This is because, like in Hawaii, the energetics that surround us are magnifying our perceptions and vibrations as we reach closer to Ascension. It just is.

Plug into Source. Plug in to Nature. Plug in to your Heart Center. As you work on the powers of Manifestation, you can have whatever you wish as long as it is in alignment with your Soul Plan.  You can ride 'first class' instead of 'on the box car of the freight train' into Ascension. Just be knowledgeable, trust your Guidance and Discernment, and share your Love wherever you are!


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Ascended Day in the O.R.

Today was a different day. I could see a difference in my place of work. And the collaboration and collegiality were off the charts.

Walking in: everyone said 'hello' with a smile. Sometimes that is the only one I get!

First case start: surgeon was not chomping at bit.
I was on time. Patient had to pee. We still got in the room on time (we get dinged for late starts)

Case 1: Cantankerous surgeon is in uncharacteristically good mood. Shares stories about their personal life. We still can't play the radio, because this surgeon won't tolerate anything but silence. But not being yelled at is good.

Cases 2-4: Again, remarkable change in attitude in 'the old coot'. Patients do well, and we are in 'flow'. I even get to eat a snack when I am hungry between cases!

Case 5:  Surgeon who is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest general surgeon that ever lived (who is also a lifetime vegetarian) has case go well.

Case 6: Same surgeon, technically challenging case. He apologizes to the room at the end, and everyone says, 'that was tough' and 'no worries--we'd be here in the O.R. anyway, and it might as well be with you'. Everyone leaves the case with a feeling of teamwork and having had a good day.

Case 7: Shhhh! The one I didn't want to get got moved to a Different Room! Without my asking!

Case 8: The scary one. As in, the one I came 'this close' to cancelling due to multiple serious comorbidities.  But the surgeons 'wanted cardiac anesthesiologist' and the boss picked me.  You know, this was the nicest surgeon! A new one, Vietnamese. Calm. Collaborative. Caring. We got everything done without him once throwing a fit. Trained with a famous surgeon who still operates today. And it is NOT Hillel Laks! A heart case is a lot more to take care of than a regular one. And although this one was a patient who NEEDED heart surgery, we worked on something else in the chest.

Case 9: After dropping off Case 8 in the unit, I was asked to place a central line. This patient had no venous access, and there was nobody in house but me that could do it. I stayed. It was in a patient who was as dry as a potato chip. A colleague from OB came up. And was so kind and gentle! 'This one is really hard to do--the patient is dry, and dialysis is going, and the patient is moving. This would be hard for anyone.' We got the ultrasound, and got something in. But it may have been clot in there making the wire difficult. After permacaths, large vessels can clot up.

The Magic of Case 8: Angry spouse has been waiting every since the surgery started. 'I hate this hospital!' and I apologized. I said I was on my way to see here when Case 9 came up, and it was tough.
Guess what I learned? There were even MORE comorbidities in that patient. What I did was amazing, anesthesia-wise. The spouse said, 'You need a hug? I need a hug. Let's hug.' And it was the highlight of my day.

Case 10: Colleague in trouble in PACU. I help hold for  him to place an arterial line. He misses and asks me. I get it and it slides right in.

I felt like a cardiac anesthesiologist today. And like, I was not from this planet! Everyone was kind and thoughtful, caring and considerate. I could get used to it!


Reiki Doc