Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Invasive Monitoring, Reiki, and Ascension

Have you ever heard of 'an arterial line'? Have you ever watched on go in? Has anyone ever placed one in you? If you have, you are knowledgeable about one of the technically most difficult things there is in medicine to do.

Anesthesiologists are known for their skills. In pre-op I have had Respiratory Technicians ask me to draw the blood gas for them that they keep trying and can't get.  RT's are good at ABG's, too!

So what is an 'a-line' anyway? Invasive arterial monitoring is the placement of a cannula (small i.v.-size tube) directly into the radial or brachial or femoral artery. Indications for this are anticipated rapid swings in blood pressure that would be too fast for a blood pressure cuff cycling every three minutes to track, one-lung ventilation, extubation criteria (frequent blood gases), and massive fluid shifts. Going from the artery to the patient, you would see the cannula, tubing, dressing over both prior items at the wrist, a three-way stopcock in the line, more pressurized tubing, a transducer, and tubing connecting it to a 500 cc bag of saline (that could be heparinized) in a pressure bag (a cloth bag with a bladder/balloon in it that is pumped up with air and squeezes the i.v. bag). The pressure bag is required because otherwise blood would back up from the patient into the bag. Also coming from the transducer is a wire and a plug that connects to the cable on the monitor, allowing you to see a pulsatile red waveform that is the pressure wave from the artery itself. This is useless information unless the transducer is 'calibrated' or 'zeroed'--that is, opened to air, and allowed to make this value 'zero'. Then this invasive monitor is the best we have to show blood pressure. Coming off cardiac bypass, there is a ten mmHg difference between the central cannulation sites (brachial, femoral) and the wrist, with the wrist being lower. This is how accurate we are with this monitoring technique. We know in that situation to 'add ten' and know the pressure is accurate.

Placing an art-line or a-line takes a tremendous amount of concentration, and experience. The position of the hand and the arm affect the likelihood of 'getting in' to the vessel. We tape everything in place, putting a little roll of a surgical towel under the wrist for support. With everything sterile, we put our fingers on the pulse and advance the needle, looking for a flash. Many times we opt for a technique called 'through and through' where you deliberately go through the other side of the vessel, slowly pull back until blood pulses out the hub, and thread a wire 'upstream' into the vessel, and have the catheter advance over the wire and into the correct place. The wire is removed and the cannula is connected to the tubing. As a cardiac anesthesiologist that works with people who are fully heparinized (anticoagulated for bypass), through and through does not give as accurate a reading as the 'direct iv insertion' technique. For this, at the flash, you drop the angle of the needle, advance it one millimeter, and slide the catheter directly in. Then you have one hole in the artery, instead of two because you never went 'through the back wall' .

If this hasn't bored you to tears yet, perhaps you can sense that there is a certain 'Zen' to the placement of life-saving, invasive arterial monitoring. It is experiential--you have to see one, do one, teach one--over the course of many tries to 'figure it out' And what works for you (towel roll under the wrist) might not work for another (the specially designed arm board to tape the arm in place might work best for them).

Wake up Reiki practitioners! Reiki is 'experiential', is it not? Intuition is a guide, and treatment 'goes where it is guided to go' and your hands will naturally drift to 'what feels right'. Again, we have 'see one, do one, teach one' process of learning Reiki. Even more, one has to develop their own discernment or reiki dictionary in the scanning of 'imbalance or disease'. For some, it feels 'hot', for me it feels 'sunken', for others, it feels 'cold'. If I concentrate, I can almost 'see' it with my mind's eye, and together, the impression from my hands and my third eye and my intuition, lets me know what to do.

What does this have to do with Ascension? You are going to have to trust your own instincts.
What may be 'the veil lifted for you' may not be the same for anybody else. And in trying to talk about your experiences, you might put them on the 'defense' for you are 'taking away an attachment' that is important to them. 

Here is an example: The Presidential Debates. To me, they are Hollywood, sheer 'distract the masses slight of hand' that is directed at the level of Consciousness of those who believe that the entire political system is legit. When I am asked in the Doctor's Lounge about my views, I state them, in guarded terms. And I almost always get agreement with 'I can't trust any politician any more--they are looking out after their own interests, and not mine'. But then, after a pause, the questioner goes back to their 'belief' and says 'so and so will make your life better' or 'they will bring in a whole new group in power', etc. I just sit, and keep everything I know to myself. Their veil covers 'so much' and I cannot lift it without causing them great spiritual and psychological discomfort.

In 'primitive' tribal cultures, the shaman is selected from early youth, and often forced to spend significant time in sensory deprivation. This is where the ability to 'connect to spirit' is formed, and it is strengthened. The ability to decide for yourself 'what is going on', or 'discernment' is found by 'resonance' in the heart center, and is your gauge of 'truth' in the Ascension Process.

Everybody's experience of Ascension is going to be 'different'. Just like everybody's experience of 'moving up to Karuna Reiki' and the 'multidimensional' symptoms. There are some common themes, distortion of time, of distance (people go to pour into a glass and miss the glass and spill), and other perceptual 'strangeness'. But it all 'settles out' as one is accustomed to this new energy.

As we progress towards the final months of 2012, the websites are in a frenzy over 'what is up'. There are the UFO websites, the 'conspiracy theory' websites, the 'galactic' websites, and the 'homespun' websites. One of the tools of the Illuminati is an electromagnetic wave of sorts that creates confusion and misunderstanding between people. One of their tactics is to 'disperse' and 'render powerless' a movement, such as the "Occupy" movement from last year. There are Disinformation Specialists who are PAID to put that kind of 'crap' on what formerly were 'pure' websites. And some 'bloggers' are getting 'disinformation' sent directly to them telepathically, by the not-so-nice entities in the etheric realms where the real 'invisible battle' is taking place. The 'blogger' picks it up, trusts it as their 'own intuition' and puts it online.

The bullshit detector for all of this is the question 'who do you serve?'. Are they getting money? Notariety? Fame? Are they serving their Sixties Hippy Fantasy of a Psychedelic Life?  In partnership with that bullshit detector is the 'baloney meter'--can you feel the LOVE?  Imagine you are next to Mother Teresa. It is a no-brainer. You just KNOW. You 'get it'. There is no 'thinking' or 'believing' involved. You just know.

As Reiki practitioners we are uniquely advantaged in having experienced the 'attunement' process and 'cleanse' already. In a way, we have 'baby steps of Ascension' under our belt. Our vibration heart-to-heart communication is the only thing that can be understood 100% of the time. Therefore, the statement 'Love is the Solution For Everything' is the best armor you can put on as the Ascension process advances in Time. Lower dimension people are going to get even lower, and Higher dimension people are going to 'rise like cream'. This is because, like in Hawaii, the energetics that surround us are magnifying our perceptions and vibrations as we reach closer to Ascension. It just is.

Plug into Source. Plug in to Nature. Plug in to your Heart Center. As you work on the powers of Manifestation, you can have whatever you wish as long as it is in alignment with your Soul Plan.  You can ride 'first class' instead of 'on the box car of the freight train' into Ascension. Just be knowledgeable, trust your Guidance and Discernment, and share your Love wherever you are!


Reiki Doc