Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ariel, Ali'i and Kapu at the Visitor's Center

Intuition is that quiet voice inside that is your Higher Self trying to talk to you. I am different. I listen ninety percent of the time. This afternoon, following my intuition got me Kamehameha, his cousin Keoua Kuahu'ula, Queen Liliokukalani, King David Kalakaua, and Pele herself, at the visitor center. I met the granddaughter of the last Kahuna at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau. Her name is Ariel, and was born years before the Mermaid in the film was made...

Early November is Ancient Hawaiian New Year. Does that strike a bell? The Peaceful, Goddess worshipping Celtics had their New Year begin at the same time. Samhain, or All Hallow's Eve, is the New Year's Eve for Pagans! And here I am, in Kamehameha land, on the anniversary of the dedication of Pu'ukohola Heiau. Me, a member of the whale family (thanks to Sea World, my pod), at the Temple to the War God Ku on the hill of whales! Human ritual sacrifice was done at this place!

So, I had been in contact with Kamehameha, as medium, since one week before this trip, at home. He was with me at the airport, today at breakfast, and as I went on a random drive, ended up at his Heiau. I saw movies of his childhood, or the offering of gifts ceremony...did you know his real name was Pai'ia? And that his foster father was Nai'ame? And that Kamehameha was seven feet tall? That's like Pau Gasol of the Lakers!

I went to buy a tee shirt to cover my shoulders, for I was in a sleeveless dress and planned to paint scenery. The sales clerk asked me what island I was from? I said I want to live here, but I am from California. Later, I shared about Reiki, and my being Reiki Doc. She had Reiki in her family, too, her husband's cousin is a big name on Oahu. She smiled and said she had picked up my energy, and that is what made her think I was a local. It was the Reiki...

So here I go up to the bench, sharpening pencils and sketching the Heiau...when I get the signal to Divine Peace Heal the temple for all of the human sacrifices. I was pretending to do art, just like I look like I am doing anesthesia, while I heal whatever is at hand. But next I know, Ariel finds me. I had not gotten the fifteen percent discount from membership on my shirts, she had redone the charges, but was missing a signature.

I found out there were bones of Keoua Kuaua'ula were under that Heiau. And that each rock was transported by a human chain over twenty miles, never once dropping it, so it was pure from the sea. And that she was the granddaughter of Abraham who was the last Kahuna. Plus she was the only one on island to make woven bracelet old style. I shared how I had made one at culture day at The Place of Refuge. She promised me one. She also said the Heiau is like King Tut's is like a curse if I or anyone but priest went. Her amakua is shark. But she is afraid of water, and won't swim.

I went back to my Divine Peace Healing. There was a lot of movement, and I helped create Peace. A giant blue column of light came up. There is more.

Remember Cobra's Little Red Pill and Auscwitz? Guess who was advisor to Kamehameha? John Young, a 'lost sailor'. And George Vancouver, the explorer! Masons! Illuminati! There was a comet at Kamehameha's birth--he may have had Archon influence, I don't know.

But I freed the Mauna Lani last night, the illuminati Rockefeller-built resort whose main building is shaped like a Heiau.

Then there was a 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Queen Charlotte Island (remember the horns up and mischief at Point Alberni I wrote about?)

This caused a Tsunami, but fortunately due to the quick work of Lightworkers who sent Reiki and Healing to Hawaii, it was not as bad as the Japan quake Tsunami.

I am bummed cause I can't snorkel, so I take my time and go on a Sunday drive. And end up here.
I opened the soul cage that was built in the form of a Heiau on an important ley line that the masons knew about