Friday, October 12, 2012

To The Newly Awakened, #3

Pho, a Vietnamese comfort food, is one of my favorites

Dear Newly Awakened Ones:

Are you getting your new 'spiritual teeth'? Is your Consciousness letting you 'figure things out' and 'grasp lessons' that before had been puzzling to you? The same has been happening to me. As with all teaching from Spirit, the concepts make sense but it doesn't 'translate' into the physical well. Perhaps that is why Jesus and Buddha taught in  such 'fable story' ways, to get the point across that is important but hard to explain.

Today's subject is The Importance of Letting Go in the Spiritual Cycle.

Let us suppose we are the puppies and Source/God is our owner.

As good puppies, we all learn by play.

Source, wants us to learn, and plays 'catch' with us.

The ball (Life Lesson) is thrown to us what seems haphazardly, but in fact is calculated to generate as much fun and learning for the dog.

We engage--as only puppies can--and CHASE IT! We worry it, we conquer it, we show that ball who is boss! 

And we bring it back to the owner for more. They will take it, it is wet and icky, but they enjoy the fact that we want to play and we want to learn and we want to build confidence through this game of fetch. In fact, this is central to what dogs do.

What happens to the game of fetch when the dog won't let go of the ball?

Spirit says, 'Drop it! Drop it! Give me the ball!'

Sometimes it is hard for me to let go. I am a Cancerian, I am working on 'the emotions' this time around incarnate. Like the crab, I can hang on to things for a LONG TIME. Consequently my spiritual lessons have involved learning to detach, asking Archangel Michael to 'cut the cords' that tie me to another or a particular life event,  and to accept that learning is a cycle, and we must release something in order to progress to the next phase of our development.

This lesson was driven home in a big way last night. While looking in the tin I told him not to open, because that is where I used to keep the extra garage door opener before I got the second car, my Reiki Master seven-year old found the spare key to the car.

Five hundred dollars. Five hundred dollars saved! One less hassle to 'get an extra key for him'. It just turned up! I barely remembered putting the extra key in there in December. You would think for an E 350 they would give you a keychain with the key, but in fact they do not. There was no loop to hang it up on the peg with the keys, so I put it in there absent-mindedly. 

Spirit has spoken. After all that blogging I thought I had been done with the Key Lesson forever. And here, one week later, give or take, Spirit underscores the point I am to take from all this:

 Spirit can solve any problem a lot better than you if you ask and get out of the way.

We are working in partnership. Do you know this? Spirit, and the Spiritual ones that walk Gaia. From their perspective they can see a lot more than we can, and make connections. Just like the owner with the puppy, who pretty much knows what to expect (the dog doesn't), but the bond between the two is immensely enriching to both of their existence.

You are special to Source. You are infinitely LOVED. You have a Purpose!

As one last point, this whole lesson is able to be condensed in one word, Aloha.

Aloha means 'hello!'
Aloha means 'I love you'
Aloha means 'goodbye'

It is the 'goodbye' part that makes room for the most important lessons of all, the ones that permit us to progress on to the next lesson.


Reiki Doc