Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ascension, Diet, and Family Mealtime

Reiki raises the vibration, which leads to healthy choices

'I am a meat eater!' my son boldly exclaimed at the table, hefting a spoon full of taco meat into his mouth with gusto.

I nodded as I put the wasabi on my sushi and lifted it to my mouth. I felt peace. Why? This was the first time I made something for him that I did not partake in myself. I couldn't. I didn't want his favorite, taco meat.

The desire not to eat meat is part of the Ascension Process. For the past six months, I have been experiencing it. But out of simple economics of feeding the family, I have had to 'keep the peace' so to speak, and make what 'everybody wants'. When it would come time to go out to dinner, it would be impossible to agree where to go. I want mexican! one would say. And my stomach would churn at the thought of yet another bean and cheese burrito, with all the fat and all the salt and nothing fresh. Let's go to Souplantation! I would counter back. Sometimes it would work, and sometimes it wouldn't.

Remember you are family first, and everyone's 'Ascension Symptoms' might be at a different 'rate' or 'degree' at the moment
honor your family by making the healthiest choices--grass-fed lean beef, organic free-range chicken, 'happy eggs' that are from hens who are not caged. Add vegetables! Last night was guacamole with onion, garlic, and tomato made fresh by me.

Trust that everyone is on the right path for them
It has been years since my Reiki Master, and it has taken me this long to get where I am. The practice of Reiki naturally raises our vibration, and leads us to make healthier choices. They are imperceptible while they are happening. But when you look back, they are significant. In this order, I got 'sleep', 'diet' and now we are working on 'exercise'--I made a pledge to go 15 minutes a day on the elliptical, no matter what. If you knew my schedule, you would see how packed it is. But now it is time.

Many people responded to a post on Facebook I had made a while back that said, 'Not everyone can go without meat, and that is okay.' This is true for a great amount of the population. There is a reason, I think, that the body has a need for it and it might have to do with the blood type. My mother is Type O, and she does not get 'full' or 'get strength' without 'a nice burger' every now and then. And she is a long-time supporter of PETA. For her health, she has to do what she has to do. I think it is in the DNA. I, on the other hand, a Type A blood, look at meat and can 'take it or leave it'. I remember how disgusting meat felt to me when I was encouraged to eat it as a child. It made me gag. Something in my DNA 'remembered'. Parents being what they are, I learned to eat it. The things that made me gag the worst were eggs, mushrooms, and dark meat on turkey.

That being said, do what is right for you and allow them to do what is right for them
Peace is a very important part of the Ascension Process. I have heard that 'All children are going to ascend, and so are their parents'. That thought gives me comfort. It also makes sense, because their little energetic systems are fresh, pure, clean, and innocent. They are the leaders of tomorrow, I think to myself. They are here to show us 'the Way'. They shall remember...

As a parent, I have noticed tension due to the natural differences in Vibration between all family members. This is to be handled with discretion and Highest Love and Acceptance of everyone's right to choose. Mealtimes are important for the family. They promote bonding, which is something that lasts across many lifetimes! Keep this in perspective. And do your best to follow the needs of YOUR body in preparation for the Ascension Process. Your body knows what to do. Take your 'inner guidance', and do not let peer pressure 'guilt' you into doing anything else.

I cooked tacos for the family and gladly ate my two rolls of sushi.  Everyone got what they wanted, and was happy to eat.


Reiki Doc