Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Open Letter To The Newly Awakened

Dear Fellow Traveller:

Welcome to this Journey of the Light. You are in the process of waking up from a long sleep, the Illusion of Life which you had agreed to experience for the betterment of your heart.

All is not what it seems. Here are ten simple steps to let yourself know that  you are truly on the correct path. The Spiritual Progress that you make is allowed at your own pace, this is 'self-study', and you will have forever if you wish to be completing them.

1) You shall notice an inexplicable connection to Light

2) You shall experience changes in friendship based on a common Light Level--you will attract those into your life who are of a Higher Vibration, and release those who are of a Lower Vibration.

3) As you Learn you shall experience this 'Step Up' process repeatedly.

4) You will start wanting to have Healthier Pastimes, Diet, and Exercise.

5) Your connection to Gaia and her Living Creatures will take on a new depth.

6) In your Mind you will begin to Question, your Heart shall become an important detector of Truth (what is Right for you shall 'resonate' strongly with you).

7) Others will become drawn to you for your Light. Unfortunately, some from a Lower Vibration might find it uncomfortable to be near a Newly Awakened One, and will go.

8) Your Heart will begin to 'pick up' on the intent of others, just by being in their Auric Field, and Presence. This is normal as you begin to experience this.  Normal in every way.

9) You will be the recipient of Telepathic Messages, from the skies, from your cousins the insects, and the creatures throughout Gaia. They are the animals and the angels, who are on the same 'frequency' as your Newly Awakened State. (It will feel like a 'hunch' or 'knowing Truth' when Telepathic Messages come in, only like a 'hunch on steroid'. It is powerful and may startle you at first.)

10) You shall begin to experience how your Thoughts Manifest. You are going to have to play with this one for a while to 'get the hang of it'. As a start, when bad thoughts come, simply 'pluck them out' of you mind as if you were in meditation and a thought passed by on 'the grocery list'. 
Ignore what you don't want to experience in the flesh, and focus on that which will make you experience joy in all ways.

This information is channeled from a Higher Source for you at this time. My task is to share 'what can be anticipated' as the Energy rises for Ascension, which is very close but I am not sure exactly when it is about to begin.

For example, here is my Spiritual Path:

*I was born to 'open' parents, young modern couple, through my Mother I got some Irish DNA
(this lineage has the psychic 'gift' or 'the sight' in it).

*My family was very close to nature. Farmers, who worked the tree orchard back in Italy.

*This love of Nature was fostered so I would pick it up by osmosis: I was raised with a garden, a yard, animals, horses, and camping in the Wild.

*Lifelines of 'questioning authority' were encouraged: a subscription to MAD Magazine, the Enquirer, and making fun of 'company people' at the dinner table was 'the family way'. Heck, we used to cheer for the monsters when the angry mob was attacking them in Late Night Movies with Seymour and Elvira!

*My family was not religious, but I was. I was allowed to spend as much time as desired in church, at Youth Groups with my friends, in Campus Life Ministry Activites, in Bible Study (even if it meant at six a.m. before school), and at Mass. It felt like Home for me to do these things.

*In 1990 I read the book Medjugorge by Wayne Weible. It changed my life forever. Mother Mary is non-denominational. He was a Lutheran, and she called to him while he was watching a video on Medjugorge.

*In my medical training, I clung to Her and the Church. Where else was I to go? I would frequent the Chapel at the VA, all Hallow's Church, St. Bridgid's Church, Mary Star of the Sea, Our Mother of Confidence, and the local Newman Hall.

*I reached the 'end' of my old 'pattern' while running on spiritual fumes. I went to a well-known and well-respected medium, Tim Braun. I 'came out' as a psychic that day. He sent me to psychic development classes, 'just take four to get to know the basics on how it works'.

*I loved Psychic Development Classes! I participated in Circle (group 'psychic training'), classes, and took all the Reiki and Karuna Reiki I could. (I wanted to stay at this level forever!)

*Spirit kicked me out of 'the nest'. Scheduling made it impossible to stay at the last level. Slowly, intuition guided me to activities such as blogging. I still kept my ties to my friends online.

*My psychic skills strengthened and my Vibration increased at exponential rates.

*This blog is 'taking off', with a slope that is 'straight up' on the stats since April. (In my opinion this reflects Consciousness Levels in general, as Light is increasing on the planet, hence the Letter to You)

*I am working in Partnership with Spirit, Experiencing 'Telepathy on Steroids' if you will. I have been in a Light Box Healing Chamber, and aboard Ship. My body has signs from each Portal that is opening--right now for the 10-10 portal there is tingling all over, in waves--not unlike a Reiki Attunement, but it can go on for days!

The Ascension Process is slow, or at least, the ramping up of energy leading up to it. Things that help to assimilate the Higher Frequencies are:

rest and sleep
immersion in salt water, even in a bath with sea salt crystals thrown in
pure intake of foods with high vibration (no pesticides, no chemicals, no preservatives, low on meat-and only free range/grass fed if you do. I find Hawaii water very helpful.)
Nature and 'grounding' with the bare feet contacting Earth, not cement.
Sunlight, at lease ten minutes with no sunscreen a day
Avoid loud noises-amplified sound
Avoid the news, especially if it makes you amp up or fearful or worried
Abstain from alcohol. If one must take, try wine of a good quality for it has a higher vibration.
Physical Activity
Loving Sexual Activity--not the 'player' kind
Looking at the stars at night
Taking care of your pets and your garden or bringing flowers into the home (they are on High Vibration already)
Spending time with your Family. They are in your life for a reason.
Doing a kindness which cannot be repaid.
Visiting the sick, the aged, and the dying. Your kindness will help both of you.
Following your heart, and listening to it. (avoid psychics, and the expense--soon you shall 'open' and have your own 'connection' to source. That being said, it is fine to hang out with psychic friends).
If you ARE a working psychic, do not fear, new challenges and work shall arrive to you--you shall not be left 'high and dry'. For example, as a Guide you will be unsurpassed in skills on psychic development!

All of this was channeled. It is for the best to keep arising in you.


Reiki Doc