Monday, October 15, 2012

The Play--Cal vs. Stanford 1982--Mystery Fan 'X'

Here is an article I think you Northern California-Educated Light Workers may enjoy.

It turns out that there is a Mystery Fan, called Fan 'X', who was there when the refs called the play, and gave an early signal to the field 'arms up', that the play was good and there was a Touchdown.

Thirty years have passed, and no one has been able to identify this mystery person.

I was there at the field, and I saw 'The Play' with my own eyes. The energy of elation, to disappointment (Stanford winning) to shocked disbelief of sheer joy (Cal Victory!) was one of the strongest 'channelings' I have ever experienced in my life. My energetic system was jacked up for quite some time.

I think that Fan 'X' is St. Germain.

He comes around from time to time. Apparently He is the one that told everyone to sign the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. He is in the back of the Two Dollar Bill, on like a step or riser, and wearing a cap.

Don't you think the two look the same? Fan 'X' and the guy on the Two Dollar Bill? The facial feature resemblance is striking.

I have scanned this into the page here:

And here is the Wiki link to the two dollar bill:$2_reverse-high.jpg

I think St. Germain likes to be where the action is!


Reiki Doc