Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KV and the Mexican Standoff

Kona Village is a resort that is in an old fishing village on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii. I went there one time before the Tsunami of 3/11 swept much of it away. This resort was a favorite of Steve Jobs. He had vacation there every year.

Kona Village is an all-expenses paid establishment. You are greeted with a Mai Tai by 'Auntie' who is a hostess and general contact person for the resort. You are told to park your car in the lot, which is kind of 'hidden' by very tall fencing of bamboo. At this point, 'Uncle' takes you, your luggage, and your family in a golf cart to your 'Hale' or 'house'. Our Hale was M6, short for Maori, and was built in classic Maori style. We had a view of the oceanfront hales, could hear the ocean, and had a'a lava flows to the back. There were palm trees and tropical bushes all around.

There was no cell phone, television, or telephone allowed in Kona Village.

All the roads were dirt roads.

The Shack had all the activities you could want to do, and they were for free. We would kayak, turn around and snorkel, and just play in the sand near (but not touching) the Honu-turtles.

Meals were at specific times. They took reservations, but you did not need them. The fancy restaurant Samoa needed them, and I never went. But it was oceanfront dining, out in the breeze, and all you had to pay for at the end was tips, and alcohol.

Activities such as Paniolo night were planned, with a barbecue and music that was 'country' style.

When my son got cut badly on the a'a, it was Uncle Jim who tended to his wound, right away, and told me how to get to the Emergency Room in Kona.

In Kona Village, it is family. No matter how famous, or not-so-famous, you are treated for who you are. The staff are that amazing. There was an actor there celebrating his tenth anniversary, and our kids played together.

The rooms were clean, but not fancy, and you wrote notes on the clipboard to ask the maid for more sodas to be put in the fridge.

There were no locks on the doors. It was that safe.

They have the only luau where the state department allows the pig to be cooked in a genuine imu oven. I spoke with chef as they uncovered it. I saw the thermometer in the meat.

All of this paradise is available for $750 a night.

Well, what if you can't afford $750 a night? Does that mean the Holiday Inn or Howard Johnson's for you?

It might. That depends on your Vibration.

Currently, there is a Mexican Standoff with both parties pointing guns at each other, not trusting the other to drop their gun first. It is between the Rich and the Poor in the Unites States. And it is being displayed in the Presidential Election. The Rich don't want their money taken. And the Poor don't want their subsidies and support cut. People are voting their wallets under the thin disguise of 'politics'.

Has anyone voted for the common good? I did. In 2008. I voted for Obama because I did not want riots, or further, for the African Americans to be crushed in Spirit. Did I stand to lose by his being elected? Yes. And the tax cuts are due to expire soon, and I will pay enough money to finance a small country by then.

It is time to ask yourselves, how much money do you NEED?

Seriously. Not 'to be rich', not 'to keep up with the Joneses', which is fed by advertising in our culture. But how much do you need to enjoy life?

At Kona Village, you could shop at the gift store. That was extra. You could buy from a vendor selling something that they made out at a table. That was extra too. But for your basic needs of fun and for vacation, everything was included.

What is stopping us from having Kona Village throughout the world today? The Mexican Standoff. The Gimme as perceived by the rich. The fear of 'not having enough'. What if there was a 'switch' that changed 'The Gimme' to 'The Give You'?

Rich people, wouldn't you feel better at night knowing that nobody was so poor they had to die of a tooth infection, and waste millions of dollars in intensive care in the process of doing so? Wouldn't you like to have them go to the dentist when the tooth hurt in the first place? It would be cost effective. I think if you had a guarantee that no one would be allowed to abuse the system, wouldn't you take it?

Poor people, you know who you are--I was raised in a bad part of town--how do you feel when you find someone worse off than you and help them out? Doesn't that make you feel 'rich'? I do when I share my clothing and household items with the women's shelter nearby. We get to enjoy them both.

Now my mother, she can't stand the Obamas. She says, 'can you believe she is talking like she scrubbed floors and cleaned toilets as she worked growing up? That's not what the neighbor said.' I can't get 'into' either one of the 'opponents' myself. I see the person who is holding the puppet strings over their heads, and I don't want to mess with that.

Your choice is respected. I have no plan to share who I am voting for this time. But, you have to ask, 'am I voting for what is best for me' (The Gimme) or  'am I voting for what is best for the whole (The Give You)'? This concept deserves some thought. I suspect when our level of Consciousness rises so that the answer to this question is clear, we shall change to a Kona Village-type society, where money is obsolete, and Love is the Universal Law. That is when we are going to see ourselves some extraterrestrials.

Sometimes I wonder if the ET's are not in a 'standoff' of sorts with us, waiting for us to clear ourselves of our harmful thought patterns and habits that would be toxic to them because they are so low in Vibration? With us thinking 'they will hurt us' when in fact like the europeans going to america, with their diseases, that we are most likely to hurt them?


Reiki Doc