Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Enlightened Code Blue

The ability to speak with the dead does not 'turn off' or go away. Here is a story from what happened the other day at work.

I was at the computer in the operating room in L & D, entering the orders for the epidural I had just placed. This mom was going fast, and I had to be quick. My adrenaline gets pumped in those situations, and I was just starting to wind down.

Doctor, don't you hear them calling you on the overhead page to CCU for the Code STEMI? Anesthesia to CCU? The ward clerk said, poking her head in the door.

I guess I'll just run then! Popping up and heading toward the stairs.

Take your doesn't matter. Said a male voice out of the blue. It was the patient.

I arrived and it did not look good. Very serious, with poor hemodynamics and even worse pallor with blue tinge. I squeezed up to the head of the bed, my back to the wall. The RT was getting my intubating equipment ready, and I called out what size I wanted, 7.5 ETT sound okay to you? And I want a MAC 3 blade! I said, scanning the area for suction to be available just in case I needed it.

I pulled off the backboard from the head of the bed. My back was to the wall and the bed frame was digging into the middle of my thighs.
There isn't much room. Would you like us to move the bed? RT asked as I was holding the mask and helping the patient and other RT ventilate.
I am okay. Let's go for it! I replied.
The patient was looking up at me, eye to eye, and I knew this might be the last. Chubby, my task would not be simple. I invoked CKR.

What drugs do you want? The nurses asked.
What is the K (K is the symbol for potassium)? I asked, if it is like five or higher this is going to MAKE them code!
It is 4.1
Okay, I want Etomidate and Sux.
How much of each?
I said with confidence, Ten cc's of Etomidate and five cc's of Sux. When RT is ready with the tube you can give it I.v. Push whenever you want.
RT pipes up, I am ready, and gives me the equipment, laryngoscope blade open, light on, to the left of the patient's head.

I start talking to the patient, who is looking at me still, Sir, it is going to be okay. I am going to help you breathe. You are going to go to sleep for a little while as I put the tube in. We are going to take the work of breathing off of you so the rest can get better. I sensed consent from their eyes.

The circulation was slower than usual. When I tried to look, there was reaction. I had to wait a little more for them to be out. Just as I thought, a horrible view, more of a guess really, with RT pushing the way I asked on the larynx just to help me see. It was more by experience and feel, with confirmation from RT for how it felt under the hand as the tube entered the windpipe.

It feels good! RT exclaimed. I saw mist in the tube, good chest rise, and felt the cuff in the sternal notch. RT shaking, opened the foil wrap on the end-tidal CO2 detection device, connected it to the tube, and we all held our breath as we waited for the color change. Blue. YELLOW! Placement was good!

The vitals were not improved, and as the team worked, I went to write my note. I focused on Reiki in the situation, and gave Happy Trails to help guide the soul at this critical time.

The patient let me know he was younger, happier, and wanting to go. He held my arm tight, in spirit, as I typed. I found Mother Mary, in white, and I brought him to Her, saying, You go with her.

He left happily. As I finished my note the patient started to code. The ER Doc came in, the main doc was driving in for the patient. I could sense the patient going in and out of the body, trying to decide which way to go.

We have a pulse, a weak one. Stop chest compressions, the ER Doc said to the team.

I left. I saw the patient's doctor going up the stairs. All the nurses on L & D and postpartum wanted to know what happened.

It's not good. I said quietly, and looked down. The Code Blue alarm went off again. To the same room.

If only they knew the entire story! I feel tremendous peace and joy at having been able to assist the way Spirit asked.


Reiki Doc