Friday, October 26, 2012

Funeral For a Friend: Day 2

Today I did mediumship with the widows.

Mrs. Snap was not home, so I left a message saying how much I enjoyed meeting her and taking care of Mr. Snap.

The widow of Dennis was at home, with a friend, and another friend was screening calls. I asked if she could leave a message for me, but once the widow heard I was on the line,  the widow reached for the phone.

I had positioned myself outside in the sun. I knew the emotions were going to flow through me. I am an empath as well as a medium. She shared tearfully the events leading to the eventual hypotension and code blue. She was present the entire time of his death.

One of her tearful yet profound comments was her overhearing a 'tall blonde somebody asking somebody if they were going to go to the code', walking past the widow-to-be slumped on the floor next to the wall with a friend supporting her. 'That was MY HUSBAND's code, not THE code! Did she not see me there, slumped on the floor, understanding everything that was going on? That is the one takeaway message from all of this!' (It probably was a medical student on their clerkship, and did not  understand the big picture of it all.)

He had gone to Nordstrom's and bought her a new bottle of her favorite perfume as an anniversary gift. It was on the way to a doctor's appointment that the accident happened. It was on their twentieth anniversary that he passed.

I cut in during her confession of guilt--You know how I am 'different'? You know, right? If I had a message for you from Dennis would you want it?

Immediately, she said, 'yes'.

I explained to her that Dennis had come to me earlier with this message, but I waited for the time that was right. It was what I wrote in Day 1--get this message to my wife. NOW. I am okay. I didn't feel a thing--I had no pain. I will be guiding and protecting you.

I also got new information. A sign. Ask her for any sign she wants.
She was mentioning an anniversary gift that was spinning like crazy, and she wanted to think it was him, but she wasn't sure.
Yes. It is. Of course. He will give any sign that you want, to help you believe. Just think it.

Then, this is the part as a medium that broke my heart. She asked me, 'will you please give a message to him?'
I said of course, but I knew full well that all she had to do was think it or say it, and Dennis would know right away. She just is so in third-dimensional illusion of Duality, that she thinks only I can talk both ways. In truth, the deceased can always 'hear' and 'listen' but it is the 'living' who can't 'hear' what the deceased has to say. A medium usually spends most of their time receiving messages for the family, not the other way around for the deceased.

What surprised me is that she wanted to share with others what I had done for her and for Dennis. I said, 'Charge nurse is okay. I have done this with her mother for her.' We decided that I would be referred to as 'a close friend' and that she could share with whoever she wished, thus keeping my respect professionally and personally intact for those in our circle who are not into 'woo woo' subjects.

That is all for today. Mediumship 107--applied spirituality. There is no lecture or test for this course. Only a reader in this blog format.


Reiki Doc