Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mediumship with Mr. Snap

I am writing to you tonight because I want to talk to you about all your messages. They are beautiful, and I want to add to them with my own message for the populace and the Galactic Free Press.

I am with you.
I am on your side.
I fought the fight for the right with a career in the military, and I saw FIRST HAND (gestures to his eyes) HOW VERY MESSED UP IT WAS.
I am no Cobra, and not the Drake. But I am empowered in spirit. When I met you I saw 'one who is concerned, one who really cares about others, and I am very ill--the death and dying kind of sick.' I knew that in an instant when I went through your aura at the front desk when I rolled in for you to take me to the Operating Room, or OR as you call it.

(strokes my hair and looks me in the eyes)
Everything happens for the best. That goes for me (taps his chest), that goes for you (gestures), and for all 'the happy listeners' (readers--gesturing with a sweeping motion from left to right). Everything happens for the Justice and the pleasure on High, on the Galactic Central Sun or God as you call it.

I saw them (the extraterrestrials) three times down at headquarters, walking around like the movie Men In Black. I wasn't supposed to say anything. Not to them. Not to you. I had high clearance. But I will say it, the were SMART. Smarter than a lot of those you will ever meet, and I hear it that 'those are just average'. And for all of your intelligence (points to head), there is nothing to compare to the wisdom of the heart. THAT is what they were lacking. That was the greys, the reptilians and I wanted to run away, but I knew they could read my mind so I would control what I'd be thinking when I was around them. I'd always have a pretty girl who was not my wife (in order to protect her) and I'd be banging them and pleasuring 'it'. Just like when you are 'pumping away, your mind is blank' and so I went to there the entire time in my head whenever  I was with them so they could have nothing on me. I was smart! Very wise!

I got out of the service, I retired, and I had a very good life.

I saw how hard you worked on me. I'm sorry. It took a lot of your life force out of you to intubate me. I am sorry there was so much radiation to my face for that back of tongue lesion. I had no idea it frankly was that dangerous. Next time say no outright, 'you are crazy to book that case!' and then go home and rest. I would have died no matter what, and it would have been a lot less expensive. Call my wife when you have the time. Say 'I'm sorry you lost Mr. Snap' and let her do the rest. After about five minutes say, 'I have to go, duty calls!'. That's what always worked for me.

Mr. Snap